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Woman Mauled by Shark.


ADELAIDE, Thursday.

Mrs Whyte, wife of Mr. Primrose Whyte, manager of the Wiraminna Station, met with a terrible death at Brighton today, through being mauled by a shark twelve feet long, of the deep-water variety.

She was swimming along about 50 yards from the jetty when shouts were heard by a local resident who was sitting on the jetty. He heard a scream, and on looking round he saw Mrs. Whyte throw both arms in the air and sink beneath the blood stained water. He shinned down a pile, and with another man got into a boat and went to the rescue. The men had no rowlocks, and had to pad dle the boat 70 yards, during which time the woman was dragged under several times. When they reached her the shark had disappeared.

They took her to the shore, and she 'was moiored to a private hospital a few hundred yards away, bul she died before reaching there. Her right leg-was stripped-of flesh from knee to the thigh, and she was badly mutilated about the abdomen and left foot.  

She was formerly Miss Kitty Mc Kully, daughter of the late Rev A. McKully, Anglican minister at Brigh ton. Mrs. Whyle was well known in swimming circles. She was th e first of two women in South Australia to receive the highest diploma of the Royal Life-Saving Society. Her two   children, aged two years and twelve months , respectively, were holidaying with her, and she was expecting her husband any day to take her back to the station. She was very popular   in Brighton, w:here she had been giv ing swimming lessons to children, some of whom were waiting for their daily tuition when the tragedy oc