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Edward Small, of Asher, Small and Rogers, the producer of "The Cohens and the Kellys" and "McFadden's Flats," now present his latest, "The Gorilla." adapted from the famous stage play of the same name written by Ralph Spence. "The Gorilla" is considered the weirdest of the mys-

tery stories. This film will be screened tonight at the Austral Theatre.

"The Gorilla" is the hilarious and hysterical mystery comedy in which Charlie Murray, with Fred Kelsey,

combine to form a new screen team.

And one must not forget the gorilla himself. There is where Charlie Mur- ray and his pathos and comedy come in. It's comedy for the audience to see   him playing around cliffs, housetops, cellars, etc., with a nine foot, four hundred pound ape man but as for Murray, let the pathos speak for-itself. Murray and Kelsey have the roles   of the two dumb detectives. Mulligan and Garrity, whose greatest problem is to keep together. The gorilla is a whole melodrama in himself. His huge bulk and tremendous size pre sent a ferocious aspect. A four hun- dred pound gorilla is menace enough for any picture.    

Pola Negri, the beautiful emotional star, will be seen in 'The Woman on Trial," a Paramount picture filled with pathos and superb acting.

"The Gorilla" will get you! and grip you! the way it has gripped other screen audiences in all parts of the world. See this picture at Austral Theatre tonight.