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    ALLPORT, John Roberts (1867-1901), son of Curzon ALLPORT and Annie HUSTON.

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Family Notices

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APPELDORFF. - On July 10, 1901, at Bis- marck, tho wife of William Appeldorff:

a son.

COLBECK. -On July 7,1901, at Wentworth

street, the wife of Albert C. W. Col beck: a daughter.

CLARKE. -On July 2, 1901, at Queens-

town, Tasmania, the wife of Huntley I. Clarke: a son.

McRAE. - On July 14, at "Hartfield,"

Bothwell, the wife of Farquhar McRae:

of a son.

KAY. - On July 4, at 13 Bonnington-road,

the wife of Albert Kay: a daughter. SHIRLEY. -On Juno 24, 1901, at "Kilkenny House," Macquarie-street, the wife of Harry P. Shirley: a son.

WILSON. - On July 8, 1901, at Davenport

street, Glebe, the wife of Albert J. Wil- son: a daughter."


GRAHAM-LAVELL. - On June 29, at the

residence of the officiating minister, Arthur-street, by the Rev. Isaac H. Palfreymau, Henry Graham to Rose Lavell, both of Hobart, by license.

KNIGHT-WEBSTER. - On Eastor Monday,

April 8, 1901, at Chalmers Manse, Bath urst-Btrect, by the Rev. J. S. Buntine, James, fifth son of Joseph Knight, late of Kyneton, Victoria, to Annie Kerr, youngest daughter of William Webster,

of Middleton, Tasmania.

McGINNES-FUGE. - On July 6, at St.

George's Church, by the Rev. Canon Banks Smith, Henry, youngest son of the late John McGinnes, formerly Chief District Constable at Bothwell and

Franklin, to Emily Mabel (Moy), fourth daughter of Captain John Fuge, Ho


SCHWAN-PUNSHON. -On June 5, 1901, at

the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. Wil- son, Gustav Henry, third son of A. W.

Sehwan, coachbuildcr, to Alice Maud, second daughter of C. H. Punshon,

both of Hobart.

SHAW-THORNE. - On June 22, 1991, at

St. John's Church. Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, by the Rev. G. A. Carver, Robert, fourth son of the late Joseph Shaw, of Bothwell, Tasmania, to Annie, only daughter of Edwin Thorne, of Bag-

dad, Tasmania.

WORBEY-GURNEY. - On May 29, 1901,    

at Kingston Church, parish of Portsea, County of Southampton, Portsmouth, England, by the Rev. E. P. Luard, Wil-  

liam George Gurney to Alice Birdie Worbey, eldest daughter of Alexandra Worbey, of Hobart.

WRIGHT-HOWARD. - On? June 5, 1901, at

the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. J. S. Buntine, Robert, the fourth son of George Wright, Evandale, to Laurene Estelle (Laurie), fourth daughter , of the late Henry Howard,


WARD-MOORE. - On June 5, 1901, at    

Tabernacle, Elizabeth-street, by Pastor J. Blaikie, Albert Ernest, second son of the late Charles F. Ward, of Vic- toria, to Bertha A., second daughter of the late Richard Moore, of Providence Valley, Hobart.


ABBOTT. - On Thursday, July 4, 1901, at

Moonah, William Robert, fourth son of Captain T. E. Abbott, in the 39th year

of his age.

ALLPORT. - In Cape Colony, John Ro-

berts Allport, second son of the late Curzon Allport, aged 34 years. (By


BEECROFT. -On Friday, July 5, 1901, at

his residence, 171 Melville-street, Wil- liam, the beloved husband of Kate Bee- croft, in the 56th year of his age.

BROWNE. -On July 12, 1901, at her resi-

dence, Aijgusta-street, Lansdowne-cres cent, Hannah, widow of the late James Browne, and only daughter of the late Henry Budd, of Hobart, in the '13rd year of her age.

BURGESS. - On July 15, 1901, at her

father's residence. Westmeath, Gros- venor-street, Sandy Bay, Beatrice M., beloved daughter of Murray Burgess. BYERS. - On July 15, at his parents' resi-

dence, Tunnack, James Richard, eldest son of James Byers, jun., aged 9 years

and 4 months.

CONNOLLY. -On July 13, 1901, at New

Town, Margery Aloysia Belle, second dearly beloved daughter of James and I the late Lily Connolly, aged 7 years. I Cole.-At her son's residence, Oatlands,

Sophia, the relict of the late Edward Cole, in her 74th year.

CRESWELL. -On July 11, 1901, at the Gene-

ral Hospital, Hobart, George Thomas Creswell, after a long and painful ill- ness, aged 54-years.

CRUMP. - On Wednesday, Julv 17, 1901, at

his parentdfc^residence, 16o Liverpool street, Frederick Jennings, infant son of T. J. and G. A. Crump, aged 10


DUFFY. -On July 10, at her residence,

Evandale, Margaret, beloved wife of James Duffy, and third daughter of Mr. John Smith, of "Millbrook, Kempton, aged 41 years.

ELLSTON. - On July 9, at the General Hos-

pital, after a short but painful illness, Victor Herbert, beloved son of Henry and Susan Ellston, aged l8 years.

EVANS. -On June 29. 1901, at Premay-

dena, Tasman's Peninsula, Caroline Evans, in her 84th year.

GORRINGE. -On July 16, 1901, at his

mother's residence, Kempton, Cecil John Gorrlnge, M.B., C.M., sixth son of the late Thonia.« Qorringe, of Green Ponds, in his 31st year.

HUNT. - On July 14, 1901, at Sorell, Henry Hunt, aged 90 years.

McALLEN. - On July 9. at No. 7 Liver-

pool-street, Thomas Charles, eldest son of Charles and Marcella McAllen, aged 10 years 'and 8 months.

McMURRAY. - On May 13, at London, An-

nie, wife of James McMurray.

McCAULEY. - On July 8, 1901, at Mel ' bourne, Victoria, Bernard, second eld-

est son of the late Hugh and Mary McCauley, in the 41st year of his age. MOORE. - On Sunday, July 14, 1901, at

his residence, 136 Hill-street, LanB downe-creacent, James, the dearly be- loved husband of Eliza Moore, aged 50


MUNDAY. - On Saturday, July 13. 1901, at

her late residence, Brighton Junction, Eliza, the dearly beloved wife of John Munday, in the 83rd year of her age. PEARSON. - On July 12, 1901. at his late

residence, 76 Argyle-street, William Pearson, aged 78 years, a very old re-

sident of Hobart.

SHOOBRIDGE. - On July 6, at Bushy Park

Ebenezer Shoobridge, aged 82 years Simmonds_On Sunday, July 7, 1901. at

the General Hospital, William Sim- monds, in the 79th year of his age. TAYLOR. - On July 11, B01, at the Gene-

ral Hospital, Hobart, John Francis, youngest son of Margaret and the late Robert Taylor, aged 29 years.

WALCH. - On Friday, July 12, 1901, at Ho-

bart, Mary Ann Walch, in. the 70th year of her age.

WARD. - On July 3, at the residence of

his parents, 182 Bathurst-street, Frank Gideon Ward, youngest son of Francis and J. H. Ward, aged 19 years. ,