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INCREASE TO £20,000.

The Commonwealth Constitution Act provides that Hie s dary of HIL Governor Genetal of Australia is to be £10 000 a yent Recentlv, howevei, the Secretary of Stite foi the Colonies drew the atten -ion of the Governments of the states to the fact that till such time ns the federal capitil «as built the Governor General would ime to maintain two residences one at Sydney and the othoi at Melbourne This was evidently not contemplated when the I-deiation Convention fixed Hie Bilary at £10 000, und it was asked, as that sum would bo lnsuflioiont foi Hie requirements of Lord Hopetoun jn maintaining the two establishments, that the colonial should combine m providing £10,000 additional to bring the salary up to 620,000, so that the extia expense of maintaining a Govern ment house at Sydney and one at Mel bourne might he met bj the slitea, and not come nut of Hie private iniprnc of the Governor General It was suggested that the states should make up the giant of £10 000 on the population basis Hie New South Wales Parliament ii few days ago passed a bill authoijsing Hint state to cop tribute it* share- ¿1,000-to the giant Sir Geoige lurnei Ins teceived a cable inessige fiom Mi Chamberí un drawing his attention to the notion of New South Willes, und requesting the Government to introduce a bill in the Victorian Legisla turc voting i.3,000 towards the giant, winch will be out contribution Hie Pre micr has accordinglj drafted the bill, and it vvas reid n first time in the _egi_lntiv_ Asscmbly last night, and will be do tit with

to day


HOI'l 10UN

At the South Melbourne Council ) ipt night, it wis unanimously lgrced on the motion of Councilloi Hiragnanutli -e conded hy Councilloi Palmoi, that the town ilerK foivuird a Icttei to Told Hope loun Anstrulin'» Gnvornoi Generil, con giutiilaliiig linn on his nfc irrivnl, and le

btoi ltion to health

COLAC, Wednesday

I o dav the Colnc Shire Council sent the following telegrnin to the Governor («cue rill - Hie Colac Slnie Council now sitting heiutily eongratilintes von upon vom le tin II to Aiistialia as Govcinoi Generil ' 1 he following reply was riceivcd dm jug tin

aitcinoon -

His 1 xccllcncy the Govcinoi Goucinl desires to return Ins heul) thanks to the nil 11 o of Colac foi theil lund congintulu tiomj-1. Wallington, private sinetaiy '

G1 1 LONG, Wedncsda)

Hie ninyoi (Councilloi Carr), on behalf nf Hie I own Council sent u telegram to His Lxcellencv the Governor Geneial, con grululuting lum upon his assumption of Dillie, and expressing the hope that Hie i-stmutiou to pcifcci licilth of I oui and I tidy Hopetoun ivould lie speedy His L_ cellency sent the following teleginni in

reply -

Io His Woislnp Councilloi Cull -I beg to thank youl woislnp und the Gee long lo«n Council most sincerely foi Vom coiigiatnltttons an 1 good wishes foi 1 udv Hopetoun and niyselt -Hopetoun,

Govcinoi Geneial "

WAKKA« UL, Wcdneadij

At i public meeting convened by the jue sident of the Wniiagul shire (Cotiiicilloi 1) M Neil) and held last night nt tlio .ilme hull, it was icsohcd to orginlse a iiionatci picnic und pi occisión foi the tlul drcu of (lie shuo to tclcbratc (be iiiiugut i tion of the Austialiiii Commonvveilth on Januiiij 1 Hie he id teithers ot the valions state sthools throughout Die di» tritt huit bien milled to cooperate, mil the Wiuiugul hlure Council han mtutritcd its willingness lo suliseiibe to the funds up

to JU'O

Ain «rins Mi.niiNQs

SYDNEY, Wednesday

Mr lioid states that is the ense in which he is engifccd heie will latt lon^ei than he anticipated, it will be imppssihle foi lum to «peale at Hendigo to morrow night and at Kef-iing on i"riqni, as announced lliese cngngcinents will, (licreforo, liavo lo be 1 oelponcd till iftci (lie fîovv Yeai

HIL ll-Dl.liAf, 1.LLC1I0NS

Mr Clunie« Serireuiit, of Waiiagul, an iioiinces hy ndvertisement that ho »iii be a landulntc foi the I i-cnnto

Prit III, Wednesdu.

A dciuitatton vmiled on the Minister of

Railways lo day, and asl ed that fin passes over the «hole of the Weat Aiistiallun niilwiijs be grunted to intending cindj

dates foi the 1 cdcral Parliament Hie Alini-tei promised to comply with Hi re quest


¡S\ DNI. Y, Wednesduj

Sp John loirest and Mi .T W Hackett leave liemiintlc to monow for ÍMdnej by the R Al S Rome Owing to the gi eat demand for iccommndatmn on tho mail boats nnd inteicolonial -te-miera, min) in tcndjng visitois to the Commonwoaltli cele blutions hate had to forego the tup


In logan! to the visit of Vuitoiian tioops to "v liney foi the Commonwealth celchi ( lions, Iho Defence department has dotoi mined on the following tinvcllmir allow ípee« to Die non cnmimssinned nlllceis and pinn of the militia and volunteers -Oom juin, .oigojiit inijors und cnloui sei

giants, ¡i/H and free rations, sergiants, 5/ and fiee rations, coi ponds, 4/0 and nee ntions, privates, trumpeters, and buglns, 4/ und frío i itions 'Iho othci ofliceis nie to have the illa« mees laid down foi their lcspeitivc run-,-, i|nd the Victniinn tioops ícturnod fiom ¡South Africa will locoivo nt the into of then picscnt ISoiith Afinan

pa) _


WKLLINGION, Wtilnesdaj

Hie Ooinmonwcalth contingent of (11 Hoopers and the Southland Hand Pipers, to the iiumboi of 21, leave bl the Government stoamci 'lutimekai to monow cloning


AT.I.L ULT, Wednesdi)

'Iho Piomlci (Mi llnldei), sulqeit tp tho nppioval of the Ailmiinl, has ofleied to allow 11 A| C S Pioteetoi, now letuining fiom penlee in Chinería wiitom. to ionium at Svdnev to take nuit in the s.dnoj cole Inatlnns 111 eoiinc-llon with the Common wealth