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The •Peterborough Soldiers' Memo rial 'Hospital, which was •opened by the Chief Secretary (Mr. J. G. Bice) is claimed by the committee to be the most modern in the Stale. It is at; the soulh-wesi corner of the town, on 16

acres of Ir.'/id, 1,800 ft. above sea | level, -and commands a view for miles j

in almost any direction. For 30 years the residents of the district have tried to establish a suitable hospital in Pet erborough, but <they were not success ful until in 1913 a committee unde> the chairmanship of Dr. C. Lowlher Clarke obtained a definite promise of •assistance from the Government and raised over £500. Owiag to the war the scheme was allowed to lie dormant. In 1918 Dr. Arthur Goode took up the matter, and rapid strides were made towards the achievement of the ambition   tion.

About £18,000 has been expended on the erection of the present struc ture. As it is a memorial of the sol- diers from this district who fought in the "Great War it will be a useful and a lasting tribute to their memory.

The building is of stone, rough coated with e.emen'', with broad veran dahs round every portion. It consists of four blocks, with the kitchen and .service block in the centre and con nected with covered ways to the main

building,_ isolation block, and nurses' quarters. The walls have , rounded corners at ceilings arid skirtings, there by leaving no harbors ror dust. Wide door windows open on (o the veran dah from every room. A feature is the ventilation scheme, the whole, struc ture being fnigh, bright, and freely ventilated from all quarters. An up-to date electric light and powe!' service has been installed- throughout, the current being drawn from two mains. Hot-and cold water service is supplied to all parts of,the building. There arc live bath rooms and a septic tank. A well has been sunk, the water being excellent, and it is connected with a 20,000 gallon lank for irrigation pur eposes, and a 2,000 gallon - tank for

sluicing in the hospital. It is so arrang ed that it can be used in cases of em ergency {o augment the rainwater stored, or to supply Uie hospital. The rainwater service is supplied from a 50,000 gallon underground tank. In (he main building is a well-lighted operating block, consisting of theatre, preparation room, and sterilising room. An auxiliary gas plant is attached for emergency lighting of the operati-ag theatre and to provide heati for the sterilising apparatus. There are specially prepared linolite floors in that block and the isolation block. In con venient parts of the hospital -there are

numerous large linen cioscts and store cupboards. Provision has been rnacic for 4wo large wards, two small wards, and four single-bed wards, in addition to the isolation block of .four wards. The kitchen block consists of large, airy kitchen, domestics' dining room and bedrooms, and a well-ventilated cellar and pantry. The water from the kitchen is run into a patent grease :'rap and is filtered before finally pass i.ig out of the trap for irrigation pur poses. That trap does away with Hies and the gen civil nuisance' of waste water. Attached to the kitchen block is a well-fitted laundry, with a dupv.v cate water" service and all convenienc

es. The nurses' quarters are up-to-dat^ consisting of sitting-dining room, large •bedrooms, and all conveniences. The mortuary block and other buildings art ■on suitable positions.

All the beds in the hospital are Pa tent hospital beds on wheels, with ad justable back rests. Each is provided with a patent bed-table on wheels, and white enamel locker. All the furni ture is of white enamel. The whiteness is relieved with bright-colored rngs. The floors are of stained and polished Australian oak. Special care was taken in the selection of the crockery and cutlery with a. view to serving dainty jnd appetising meals. An English x-ray plant has ben installed at a cost or 5:500 by =the generosity of the Red Cross Society, with the aid of the Government subsidy. A multostat had been added, providing every form of eleelrje -current used In medical treatment. A laboratory has been in cluded, and is fitted to allow of all bacteriological work being done in the


The grounds have been laid out with great care and are pleasing to l*ie eye. They have been beautified sole ly by the- voluntary efforts of various

members of the .committee, under the. direction of Dr Goode, and are a cre dit to the workers. In the 'front of the main entrance is an extensive lawn, on the north-east corner of which stands a machine-gun, presented to Peter borough as a war memorial. There are a .large orchard, of two-years growth, vegetable gardens, ornamen tal trees, and flower plots, all of which are Irrigated from pipes and stand ards. It is the desire of the com mittee to raise-all 'its own farm pro duce, and lucerne" patches are making wonderful headway. There are cow sheds, poultry runs, duck nonds, and haystacks. A kiosk ifor patients and a smoker's den has been presented to the committee, the former 'being- on the west, and the latter on the east I


A light hand arid a flexible .wrist

are common; essentials Of a ,stf5cess--'< ■f.ul'professionalmeat? carver.