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A WALK-OVER.      

Before a St. Kilda man had touched the ball,  

Jackson, well shepherded by Gavin, had kicked Essendon's first goal, and immediately after the   ball was bounced again St. Kilda rushed it down, and Blackwood, from a free kick, scored. This was St. Kilda's first and last score, and thence   forward Essendon took the game in hand. So much was this so that after half-time Stuckey sent     his backs forward, and give his forwards a rest     in the defences. Essendon won by 11 goals 19 behinds to 1 goal, and were never troubled. The       scorers were:—Jackson (3), Larkin (3), Rainey,    

Officer, Kinnear, and Cleghorn. Kendall umpired       the game, and though Essendon praised him for       his umpiring St. Kilda to a man were so sore about it that their secretary and some of the committee informed me they intend to bring the matter before the league. In such a one-sided       game it is hard to say who played well, but   Rainey (half-forward and following), Wright     (centre), M. Collins and Officer (forward),   Hastings (wing), Larkin (forward and roving),     Jackson (following and forward), Barry (half-     back and following), were the best for Essendon,     who were without Forbes and Anderson. St. Kilda had a weak team, Hogan, Rutherford,     Dando, Shaw, McGregor, T. Blake, and Brown     being absent. H. Smith, on the wing, had been beating Groves until, in the second quarter, he was hurt, and had to retire. The best players   on the side were—Minahan (following and for-        

ward), J. Smith (ruck), Mathews (back), McKay (ruck and back), and Hefter, a new recruit from   the cyclists' ranks (back).