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Tuesday,'.July 9, 1898.

- oaf39*763.

The phenomenal expansion of the trade o£ Port JPirie, it.*. lapid growth ill population, and its far-reaching interests r demanded better . Press representation than it has had in the: past.; Hence, the rise of the Recorder

on the ashes of the Advocate and Standard, papers which served their turni and we hopo. did something to

advancc the interests of the town

(during the; period of their existence. AVe don't intend to herald the. ad vent of The Becobder by; blowinsf our own bogie, nor; with apologies for the imperfections which are always more or less apparent in, a fii-st: issue. The paper is before t he people, and they: must form their own opinions con cerning it. Orielly, we may state that it- is our intention to make the Recorder a paper not only.for Port Pirie, but for the; large and import ant- agricultural area known as the Jfortb-West. Negotiations are in progress by means.of which we hope to.have trustworthy. correspondents in every .to*vn this side of Petersburg, so that our readers may be kept-in touch with the various parts of tho district, the interests of which are more-or. less identical with those of Port Pirie. It will be our endeavour to serve tho district by giving publicity to the events transpiring in it, reporting its meetings, and faithfully advocating iis interests.

In politics the IIgcokder will be Liberal, but not revolutionary nor taddy. Ilist-ory teaches that reforms to be lasting must be gradual. Our social, systems are far from perfect. There • arc wrongs that call loudly for redress, but the panac'.a for the ills which oppress the mass of humanity is not to be found in rush or violent legislation, which would disrupt present organizations -and probably bring in their train evils un dreamt of by their well-meaning but impetuous advocates. South Aus tralia's' future depends almost wholly upon the settlement of the : land within her borders suited for agri culture by a comfortable, contented yeomanry, and to this end The

Recorder will bend its efforts to secure the repurchase at- a valuation of some of the rich - now , in the hands of the squatters. The opening up of the Booyoolie and

NVillowie estates would be of incalculable benefit to this part of the colony, and wo hbr.e before long that steps will be; taken to effect this object. II. is by such means only that we can hope to re tain in our midst the sturdy sons of our agriculturists.

- Before closing, we should like to thank onr leading business men Tor the generous support they have ac corded, us in the matter of advertis ing, and trust that t h« - bread thus cast upon the waters will return, to tlicm before many days. We have gone to considerable expense in im porting front England the moit: im proved printing machinery, and,

without boasting, wo think Port. Pirieans can now fairly claim to have one of tho best-equipped provincial newspaper' and printing offices in the colonies. Before a great period has elapsed we hope they will able to lay claim to having one of the best-conducted and most influential country newspapers. '