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NATHALIA, Tuesday.

A large and representative meeting to protest agumnt tho Rev G Gladstone's sermons waa held in the public hall to- night, people fiom idl pints of the Goul- burn Valle} attending.. Mr T. H Tuizo vins voted to the chair

Mi I C Vanstavorcn moved

"Hint in the opinion of this meeting the «dinoun delivered in the Church of England at Nathalia bv the Rev O. Gladstone aia sliuidcious, untruthful, and altogether uncalled foi, ami me cul

ciliated to do an undeserved injinv to tho

iel utntion-of our town and distucl We theicfou esprcss oui unquilified disgust, disapprobation, and «hhoiicnce to such a gross abuse of his privileges us a cleigy

niiin "

It was tlie duty of every man who lind any lespect or feeling foi woman to eiltet a strong protcnt uguimt the iemurks of Mr, Gladstone i he} weie a disgrace, as ho lind in hut seimon» spued ncithet tho living noi the demi, painting the phce ni nothing but a den of infunn J lion bene- fit societies lind nlao been .H»nilcd Atem thev to be thus hinndid b} tim mun? (A t oiee- Ko ' )

Mr John Koxbuigli seconded the icsolu tiou I'eihups lins mun was getting too puhhciti He (Mr l!o\buigli) lind itttudid Ins elim cb, he «as soil} to siy, but aftei listening to one oi Ins sonnons he hail left Ml Gladstone li til slundcictl then wives and then daughters, until it lins time mlion tvus tnken Ile had his doubts about an} lad} fnciul hiving sup ulled the infoi mutton to the picnchci, as he stated J hose who lind dnughteis and tiitcs were hiving them held up it« vt in tun», mid he hoped that militan pimtth melit would be metid out to the olicndoi

Ml G J( Deere uUclidcd on bchnlf of the lesideuts of M unghmi to lonvcj their HViiipnthicH to the meeting, and trusted lint some rood would lcsult fiom tina nigc incctuic. Ile also spol>a to the mo


Ml tV M'Oormick, as n icsident of the tonn, piolestcd ngiiuist the inuniiei in which Mi (Iludstouo lind issuiletl their iiomnnl ind Vvcinl itlcmpts lind pie tioiish been mnde to lcniovc Mi Glad- stone pnoi to tlioM- mci mons, hut without »nu ess Nott lint viele idurtisid tlitou"'lioul Vustinlattia-in 1 ict, thioiyu nul the whole woild-im a pinte «hete nothing but wantonness was i mu mt It the} could not get the llishop to (kal with him-( V tout- Iloiscuhip lum1 ) then let the picketing pi nalpie he adopted. Whole the gi cut mistake lind been ninda lins in ('mintinant mt, these seimon» Iii at-

tendance nt chinch

Councillor 1 liington, m spcnl mg to tho motion said tint he attended with _, imn und sorrow As a hnslnnd uni lather, he entiled i piotest against such disgiact fid tomlin.t on the put ot u iluc)

nan If his cloth did not piotcct linn, there wns not a man amongst them ti ho would not know what to do J he onlv re dicss the} hid, Imwciei, tin» ni the li nuls of the Bishop iluMiig been intunntcli te qiinintcdvvitliEoiiic of the depuitcil pu ons who lind been slnndcicd, he could dm} tho stutements mnde Ile held in Ins Ininti a lcttei from one toiing no nun's fatliii mid mother, m windi thev c\picssed then pim nt seeing snell a statement ns appealed m the juc », as thin dniigliter lind not pissdl mi) horn this life m the win doiuibctl Ile (the spenlct) kcenlv felt for them Mi

Gladstone b iimuks nbout then ttucs and d tughlcrs mnde Ins blood boil II tint could nut e,et the ledics tliet rciiuirctl lioin the bil boil thin thev must Itoteott the ehmeh Dctcumncd punishment must be inelcd out to the olli ntlci

Councillm 111 oom said lu li til rome ten miles to attend this meeting, us tin it|rc sciititivc of tho Kotupna distiitt Iii itould cudolso the leiuaiks of llic ] lentnis sealers Mi Gladstone had se mil tlist ti then dist! ict, anti entlcavouicd to licuado tin m to the lowest possible deuce J ii Ins (usl .selliiun.i he hail nut kcpl Gi the ti litli

With lefciciiK to tin dentils lioin dunk, as descnbid li} the pencher, thev viele lus, to si} the le ist of them One mut who w is hinted to linte died fiom think w is at the ptcbint time living on l'lulhp


Ali M'l.illtnd nlso s| ol e ns nn old rcii

tient If Mr Gladstone's stattinuiG tint lu? Jiifonnntion vins suppltid bv i Hdv fnend waa Hue, then lui eonipuny vins uti} tliuiK hut the best

Mi TG lum, ns one who nttrndctl tho Mnsons' hill with his wife, challenged Mr Gladstone lo piovi his station nts If lie bud his dues bo should he pubhelv lim se

whipped It »as ei it unit time tint such a mun should be i emoted fiom tins titi


Scnioi constable Ilnitshorn stntctl Hint he li id bien in the sel vin foi the lnst ii viuis nnd lim in« been stationed m sein il ilisliicts lie multi hi} (lint minc oithrh uni well eoliilntli ti citi/dis lie li ni not seen than in .Nathalia De I neu of no stn h tiling ns ila (1 hi Alt Glid-toni m his iceeiit scimons und he prolistcd thnt then women folk should he elis til as

ti unions

Mi I 1' llorín sind thal he lind been ' scotched" out of Hu elim eli bt Ali Glid stone bv stall mellis he lind ni ide m Ins pullut 12 months ago His ci lulltet Mil-» nothing bhoil oi le iliilnlou« nml vi is de ingntoi v, not onlt to Hu elintih in wini li he «us in, bul lo the whole township nnd ilisttiet Ile Unsted that nicnsiiics would be adopted to lum him lenuili I

All 1' J! Kallinda st lied tittil lie Ind been to a meit iiunibei of hulls m tile dis ti iel, and lind ncvei seen uti} iiupiopncty ott in nt nn) time

Ali '1 K' MunU etidotsed the picviotw sten) ers runnihs Ile ihnllen|,cil Ali. Gladstone to prove Ins statements

'Hie motion was caiiied uniinimoiisl)


N V'J HALT \, lucsdav

^ome fiftv mcnihcis of the Church of Fnglum! met subsequently to luke «hat steps vuic nceessiry to have the Hcv Mi Gladstone icinovid. It was decided to | upaie a petition for sigiiutiiie tluouijiout the ilistnct, to bo presented to the Ihshop nt ¡is emlv ti dnto ns possible Couneilhu Fliington moved

Hint littcfs from tins meeting ho sent to the fainihcs attnd ed, kvmputlus lng with Hum m the ii munni mid sliui d(lons biittimonls ciiiulutitl about them, wliith mc «hollv tvilhout foundation

'Jins wns seconded h} Mi 11 Al Alimtr and can ud , ,

It was decided that conies of the resolu- tions be suit to Ali Gladstone, ns tho meeting did not wish to tuite nnv undue nd I inn tilge of lum


K VI 1V1 S

\t a meeting of tim local biunih of tho Austinlinii Klines Association, held to- night, the following usolution was ¡ar-

mit -

' I hat tins bl am h solomnli piotosb niunust the diKiiiiiiiRiii«, asseiturns mude uuiinsl the loud burnell of tin A \ \ hi the Rev Mi Gludstoni. incumbí ¡it ot llolv 'limitv tlimch, Nuthnlin, with iç giiltl to tin minimi hull leientlv lulu, mid pnituuluili ugnmst the fnlsc and dis (.iiueliil chainetci given to the wonieii oí Kutlinlin and ilistnct "_