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The case of snake bite reported yesterday           has ended fatally, the little girl Dudley   dying this morning at 10 o'clock. She       passed a fairly good night, and hopes were      

entertained of her ultimate recovery, but               this morning at 7 o'clock she took a turn     for the worse, and gradually sank and died   at the time stated. The immediate cause of       death was paralysis of the spine, brought   on through snake-bite. She was not natu     rally a strong girl. It appears that when she was bitten she had a parcel in her     arms, and must have trod on the snake.    

She stated that it turned on her a second   time but she ran away.    

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and a meeting to cilliHt tho issistnnti» ol the finmois in the ninller is to be held

dunn}!; the month The Railway tlepnit

intuí is also to be appronthtd, with a A'ievV lo the KiantiiiK of a silo on which to fleet the piopostd building.

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