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Five Inches of Rain at Erlistoun. —Mr. Alex Porter stated yesterday that five inches of rain had been recorded at Erlistoun in the past few days. South Province Biennial Election. —Advice has been received by the returning officer for the South Pro- vince that the writs were issued yesterday for the Legislative Coun- cil South Province biennial elec- tion, to be held in May.Nomina-    

tions will close at noon on Monday, April 16.. Appreciation of Hospitality.— The Kalgoorlie Roads Board last night decided to send to the Esperance Roads Board a letter, conveying their appreciation of the hospitality extended to delegates to the recent Conference of Local Governing Bodies at Esperance. Broke a Window. — Early last evening a stone was thrown through one of the windows at. the temporary bar at the Home from Home Hotel, Kalgoorlie. A 'phone message was sent to the Kalgoarlie police, who were soon on the scene and effected an arrest. The man arrested has been charged with being of un- sound mind. Inquest Adjourned.— Evidence of identification was given by Clarence

ceased, at the opening o.f the inquest in the Boulder Police Court yester day morning into the death of Per-   cival Lowe (25), single, of Hopkins street, Boulder, who died in the   Kalgoorlie Hospital on Saturday   afternoon last from injuries received in an accident at the mill of the Associated mine on Wednesday, March 28, when his left arm and   shoulder were terribly mutilated in   | the conveyor belt. The inquest was   .opened be|fore the Acting 'Coroner   I Mr. W. F. Coath, and a jury, and   i adjourned.   ; Chrysanthemum Show.— The Kal-   rgoorlie chrysanthemum show will be   | held in the Kalgoorlie Town Hall   ? on Wednesdav and Thursday, May    

\Q and 10. The show will be opened I by the Mayoress of Kalgoorlie, I Mrs E. E. Brimage, at 3 p.m., on : Wednesday, May 9. A silver cup, j dc-nated by the Wesley Guild, will ; be presented to the competitor gain- ! ing the most points in the chrysan- j themum section. This- cup may be j won outright by any competitor ; wiho gains the highest number of   i points in any two chrysanthemum ! shows. In the rose section a silver   cup, donated by Mr. W. H. Pearce,   will 'be presented to_ the competitor  

gating me most, points m the rose   section. Such cup anay be won out-   right by the competitor who gains the highest number of points in, any   two chrysanthemum shows.   District Traffic— At the meeting   of the Kalgoorlie Roads Board last   night the assistant traffic inspector,   Mr. H. !B. Harrop, reported' for the- previous fortnight as follows :— "I have noticed a fair percentage of motor vehicles' without the necessary   tail lights at night time. Warnings      

seem to be of no avail' and proceed- ings will be taken against offenders   in the- future. Horse trainers are   observing the notice given regarding   using1 the. footpaths around the Foundry cricket ground. Three persons were brought before the court and fined for driving un-   licensed motor vehicles, and two ?other similar cases are pending. Two accidents occurred, one between a motor car' and motor cycle in Wil- son street, resulting in a broken leg to the rider of the cycle, and the other o.n Boulder road between a motor car and a push cycle, for tunately without serious injury. I

have received complaints regarding 'speeding along Wilson street, and a strict look-out will be kept for these offenders.' Insurance for Travellers.— Whe- ther or not some delegates of the local governing bodies, who travel led by car to attend the conference at Esperance recently, had a parti cularly scaring ride, it is hard to say, but the fact remains that dur ing the conference one member ask ed if it were possible_ for travelling members to be covered by an insur ance policy. Resulting from persist ent discussion, it was decided to ob tain advice on the point from the insurance companies.

'A Rose By Any Other Name.'— The Kalgoorlie Roads Board last evening received a letter, from the Commissioner of Main Roads, stating that the Greenmo.unt Roads Board had suggested that the r^oad from Midland Junction to Kalgoor lie be called the /'Great Eastern Highway/' The Commissioner asked the board to suggest a name. The chairman remarked that, whatever j the road was called, it would not alter the condition of it. After dis cussion the Kalgoorlie Board de cided to suggest the name of the 'Great Eastern Goldfields High way.' 'We'll get bogged on it, what ever they call it,' one member com mented. Norseman Water Supply.— Norse- man depends to a great extent on two dams for its water supply. Since the resumption of mining activity in the district the salt water pumped fro.m the mines has made its way to the dams and rendered the water useless for domestic purposes. The matter was referred , to by Mr. H-ayes (Dun das), at the Conference of. Local Governing Bodies at Es perance recently, who moved that the conference stress the necessity to the Minister of cleaning out the No. 2 dam at Norseman and ensur ing a proper reservation around it. If the dam was filled now, he said, the water would be practically use less. The motion was carried. Institute of Mining Surveyors.— The annual meeting /of the Insti

tute ot Mining Surveyors was '-held at the Chamber of Mines, Egan street, Kalgoorlie, on Saturday, March 31, at 8 p.m. Mr. V. H. R ? Murray was unanimously elected president for the ensuing term and Mr. R. (Banks vice-president. It was decided to again donate, three prizes each of the value of two guineas to be awarded to the best student in the mining, metallurgy, and engineering courses at the Kal goorlie School of Mines for 1934. Officers elected for 1934 were: —

i- resident, v. a. ±i,. Murray; vice president,' R. Banks; treasurer, Edgar Crutchett ; council, Messrs. Paton, E. B. Mundle, Munro, Ter rell, E. A. Crutchett; secretary, R. de Passey ; auditors, Messrs. R. Banks and E. A. Crutchett. ?Fresh- -'Air/ League Home.— In the nearly 30 years of its existence the j Goldfields Fresh Air League has sent ' more than .10,000 children, boys and I girls, away from the goldfields for a I holiday at Bunbury, where they have j been quartered in the league's' home. ! Owing to the suitability of Espe- ! ranee- as a holiday resort, and its i nearness to the srold fields nprVp.asi- i

tating less travelling and super vision, it has been proposed that the league establish its home in Esperance. At the recent Confer ence of Local Governing . Bodies at Esperance the secretary of the Espe rance Roads Board, Mr. H. Sims, in formed the members that the local body had already requested the Government to grant a suitable block of land on the sea front, for the purpose of the league. This action was endorsed by the con ference. Wet Weather Continues.— The first real ray of sunshine for nearly a week was seen yesterday for .a brief snarp -mcf Kofnva -.-.-,1,4 j^ir

Although the rain on Thursday night and yesterday morning did not amount to much more than a light drizzle, 29 points were regis tered for the 24 hours ended at 8 1 | a.m. Early yesterday- (morning a ; fine fog-like mist draped the build j ings m the town and lay like a i mantle over the surrounding dis i trict. The total registration since the beginning of the month is 294 points. Many roads around Kal goorlie and Boulder, particularly north and south, are practically impassable, and motor traffic has been suspended. Although a rain bow on the southern skyline yester day led .,, some people to the old !

, u^.viuuiuiuua ucucl uiictL biia ram ; was at an end, present indications | do not favour a ibreak in the week I of phenomenal rainy weather. The j forecast for to-day predicts clear ( ing showers over the goldfields and 1 south to south-west winds. The I wind has been driving the rain from j the south-east for. the past several i days and while it remains in that j direction the prospect of the , weather clearing up yet is remote, The Esperance District.— Speaking of the Esperance district during the visit of the Conference of Local Governing Bodies at Easter, Mr. E Nulsen, M.L.A., said that the whole question of farming in the mallee district was one to be re-considered, and there must be a considerable writing down of liabilities so that the farmers could be placed on a substantial financial footing. The mallee, he said, was not a wheat growing district, but was suitable to mixed farming. It could be worked that way to the utmost value. He thought that the Coolgardie to Es perance road should be as well made as others had been in the State, and so ensure good travelling between Kalgoorlie. and Esperance, particularly with the completion of the new jetty and the possibility of opening up trade competition with the Coanmonwealth trans-Australian line. _ Such competition .should re sult in a considerable saving with goods from the East landed at Es perance and then railed direct to the goldfields. He- had been told, that a Kalgoorlie merchant had saved £300 on 300 tons of merchan dise. Even with only 100 tons there would be a considerable saving. Mr. Nulsen referred to the suitability of the Dundas-Esperance district for the production of vegetables, fruit, honey and meat, and with the proper development of road facilities those too should find a gqld.nel.ds market., foe

said, was likely to increase in popu larity as the summer resort of the goldfields. If the liberal excursion concessions between Kalgoorlie and Esperance were extended to, Perth, he thought that the round trip — Kal- goorlie, Perth., Esperance, Kalgoor lie — would prove profitable to the Government and interesting to the goldfields people. Speaking of the present rail travel, although much

improved, Mr. Nulsen thought that a good deal of delay could be elimi nated arid a few hours Saved. This would be advantageous to gold fielders taking a week-end trip to Esperance, as a few hours saved might determine them to travel by rail rather than by road. Roads Board Items.— At the meet ing of the Kalgoorlie Roads Board last night, on the motion of Mr. Sheed, it was decided to instruct the works coxnmittee to inspect Mines road and submit an estimate of the PHfif r\'¥ vrtnAn rlifinninnf if TVF v» TT nil

brought up the subject of street lighting, stating that on Sunday and Monday nights last the street lights were not on. Although the agreement with the Power Corpora tion permitted the lights to be off on moonlight nights, there was. a moon on the two nights mentioned, but it was obscured by heavy clouds. The board decided to take the mat ter up with Mr. Marmion. Mr. Cad lolo referred to the bad state of the road in front of the Fimiston Hotel,

ana was miormed that tins would be attended to upon completion of other works in hand. The accumu lation of 'storm water/on Boulder road, in front of Millars' Timber and Trading Co.'s premises, was re ferred to, and the matter was left in the hands of :tlie works committee to inspect and report. Sustenance Workers at Esper ance.— Complaints, regarding, the employment of sustenance workers in Esperance were made at the Easter Conference of Local Governing Bodies at Esperance. It was stated that the sustenance men were brought, from Perth and were re- \ placed by fresh batches' to the total

exclusion oi the local unemployed. A motion by Mr. Hearne ' (Esper ! ance)^th&jbs a,* protest ^ against this practice be 'made -and that the Gov- ' eminent be asked to employ local men whether married or 'single, when dealing with work in the dis trict, was carried- Mr. Nulsen, ! M.L.A.. stated that although he] sympathised with the attitudVof the ; conference, he ? wished to point out! that. Mr. Kennealiy . hi'd the most i difficult job' of any Minister, and the present practice -vas not under

taken wir-nout aue cons: aeration, in j the Minister's scheme' the ( whole i I State -was treated as one district, ! and these men had a chance of em- i ployment in any part. If a hard j and fast rule were adopted that ; only local men were to be employed j in their own district, the- uacin- i ployed of Esperance, where little i work was being done, might hardly participate in relief schemes else where. That, .was the ??justification, of the scheme. Personally, however, j he was in favour of at 'east some of ! the local men being employed. Mv. ! Hearne made an impassioned appeal i for the single unemployed workers. He said it was a terrible state of affairs that their own kith and km were starving in their own district while men were being brought 500 miles to do the work which should be theirs. Kalgoorlie Local Court. — The R.M., Mr. E- McGinn, who sat in the Kalgoorlie Local Court yester day, dealt with the list of Local i Court actions as follows : — Judgment Summonses: F. J. Monaghan v. H. Bradford, £412/8; warrant extend ed till next court. J. A. Hicks v. C. Wilson, £8 1/4 ; adjourned sine

uie. -j. jLi;ceg v. m. i^rceg, £,^ J.//3 ; adjourned till next court. J. 'A. Hicks and Co. v. H, Crompton, £7 19/3 ; adjourned sine die. * Ascot (Aust.) Pty, Ltd., v. E. G. Hunt, £47 18/6; warrant to issue for next court. E. Heenan v. R. E. Goode, £22 ; adjourned sine die. S. L. Percy v. Ahearn, £10 3/4 ; . order

£34 8/6 ; adjourned sine die. I. Yurisich v. T. Viskich, £103 16/10; war ant to issue for next court. Lay and Reidy v. Ivy, £ll 4/11 ; warrant to issue for next court. C. and H. Locke v. I. Frost, £7 13/4 ; warrant to issue for next court. Lay and Reidy v. Hartley, £l 3/6 ; adjourned till next court. G. Reidy v. E. Goode, £5 1/6 ; order made. K. A. Burton v. W. King, £ll 12/7 ; war warrant to issue for next court. Lay and Reidy v. C, Scherini, £l 15/10. Dunne and Co. v. B. de Campi, £4 1/4 ; order made. Cox Bros. (Aust.), Ltd., v. Green, £6 7/4 ; order made ? T. J. Watt v. J. B. Bell. £54 16/4; order made. Cox Bros. (Aust.), Ltd., v. S. Wright, £2 10/2; order made. R. W. Kemp v. Gouge, £ll 9/7 ; ad journed till next court. H. L. Pol kinghorne v. P. Clarke, £16 5/9; ad journed sine die. Garnishee Sum mouses : Sava Lulich v. I. Hago.vich and W.A.G. Firewood Co., £3 2/8; order made for payment out. p' Dunne and Co. v. Juna Khan and Boulder Racing Club, £1 19/4 ; order made for payment- out. W. Barker x. Hicks and Turner. Stewart and Crudace, £66 13/4 ; order made abso lute. Recovery of Possession : S. L. LeBoydre v. J. Shelton ; adjourned till next cour/L. Defended Plaints: -T. J. Larcombc v. J. Phillips, £25 12/9 ; adjourned sine die. Mrs. M. T. .Murphv v. M. McMahqn, £10 7/7 ; adjourned till next court. The following passengers left the goldfields by the Perth express last night:— Messrs. Liddell. PJayton and Hicks; Mesdamb.-Playton and Mc Cauley, and Miss, vMcCauley. »