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Vagrancy Charge. — Colin William Duvale, of Northaxn (18), was yester- day arrested by Detective Triat and charged with vagrancy. Stole Box of Chocolates.— Mathew O'Brien pleaded guilty before Messrs. Alex. Porter and C. B. Elliot, J:s.P., in the Kalgoorlie Police Court yesterday, to a charge

that he on Tuesday, April 3, stole       a box of chocolates valued at 4/6, the property of Ruby Wynne, pro- prietress of the Peter Pan Tea- rooms, Hannan street, Kalgoorlie. O'Brien was bound over in a bond of £5 and a surety of like amount to be of good behaviour for six months, in default 30 days' im- prisonment. Fined £5.— In the Kalgoorlie Police Court yesterday, before Messrs. Alex. Porter and C. B. Elliot, J's.P., George O'Neill, who was arrested by Constable Smith on a charge of disorderly conduct by using obscene language in Han- nan street on March 31 last, pleaded guilty and was fined £5, in default 15 days' imprisonment. Seven days were allowed in which to pay. Parkeston Robbery.— In the early hours of yesterday morning the general store at Parkeston was broken into and groceries and clothing to the value of approxi- mately £10 were stolen. Entrance was effected by forcing the side door of the shop. The detectives are in- vestigating. Arrested on Warrant. — On a pro- visional warrant from Northam, De- tective T. Triat and Constable T. Penn arrested George Enoch. Mc- Donald, alias McKenzie, alias Mears, alias Watson, alias Knocks McDonald (19), yesterday afternoon and charged him with having stolen at Northam articles, of clothing to the value of £3 10/, the property of Stanley Ha-lley Major. The accused will appear in the Kalgoorlie Police Co.urt this morning.

Tobacconist's Shop Burgled. — Early o.n Monday morning thieves entered the premises of Mr. W. Scheele's tobacconist's shop in Han- nan street. Four packets of cigar- ettes were stolen. The thieves were disturbed at work, for a box of cigarettes, which they had dropped in their flight, was found in the back- yard. On Tuesday night the night patrol surprised intruders on pre- mises at the Carlton Cafe, the yard of which opens on to, Mr. Scheele's premises, but nothing was stolen. Car Hits a Pole. — At about 9 o'clock last night a motor car, driven by Socrates Nikellys, miner, of Piesse street, Boulder, crashed into a pole along Brookman street, Kalgoorlie. As a result of the acci- dent, L. McCorkie, a passenger in the car, was admitted to the Kal- goorlie Hospital, suffering from a cut above the forehead, and detain- ed for treatment. It is reported that the lights on the car, which was hired, suddenly went out, while it was being driven along Brookman street, and, getting out of control, it skidded in the mud by the side of the road and hit a post. The wind- screen was shattered by the impact and McConkie was injured by the broken glass. Unsettled Weather.— The early rains which have fallen over the goldfields during the past fortnight have resulted in a total registration of 225 points up till late last night. Following upon a particularly hot dfy summer, _ the rain is very wel come and will benefit the district considerably. It is not known whether the rains have extended far north, where they are urgently need- ed, but the depression seems gene- ral. After. a good downpour earlier in the week, the rain set in yester- day morning and continued steadily almost all day. It was still raining late last night and the gauge read- ing for the day was 55 points. The forecast for to-day predicts generally unsettled weather throughout the State, with further rains, and there is an excellent prospect of a further good rainfall before the weather breaks. First Conference at Esperance. — Another milestone along the road of progress of the goldiields and Esperance districts is the inclusion of the Esperance and Dundas Roads Boards in the Conference of Local Governing Bodies. As a mark of appreciation of the newly-affiliated bodies, the conference was held at Esperance, at Easter. The Confer- ence of Local Governing Bodies was inaugurated about 27 years ago and, with two brief intervals, con- tinued as the authoritative voice of the goldfields. Now its power has extended to include the Esperance and Dundas districts. Some of the achievements claimed by the confer- ence is the establishment of the Eastern Goldfields High School, the Government Abattoirs, considerable assistance in obtaining reduced water rates for the mines on the Golden Mile during the depression years, having formed the nucleus of the gold bonus committee, and a steadfast interest in Fresh. Air   League and hospital matters.  

Hospital Milk. — Tenders for the supply of milk to the Kalgoorlie Hospital closed on March 15, with the Tender Board for a six or 12 months' contract, from April 1, but no information as to the successful tenderer is yet available. In a let- ter dated March 14, which was read at the meeting of the Kalgoorlie Council on Tuesday night, the Minister for Public Health, Mr. S. W. Munsie, replying to a request from the council for certain infor- mation regarding the milk supplies to the district hospital, stated that it was difficult to give an exact quantity of imilk t'hat maye have had to be destroyed. No milk had been found unfit for use on delivery, but on occasions, milk which had been re-heated a second time, on the second day after delivery, had been found to ,be unfit for use, four pints on. one occasion, and 12 and 20 pints on other occasions. The last men tioned had been due to the stoppage of the train on March 10 last, owing to the wash a ways. The present   Perth price under a three_months   contract was l/'5, plus carting, etc., bringing the price up to 1/8|. The local tender for a 12 months' contract was 1/9. or for a'' six months's con- tract 1/10 . Only one tender had

been received. It was a common practice, the letter went on, for the hospital to use a certain amount of condensed milk ordered by the various doctors. The use of con- densed milk had not varied before or since the purchase of milk from Perth. Lighting Lanes. — Following upon complaints regarding the unlighted condition of the Hannan and Egan streets lanes, the last meeting of the works committee of the Kal- goorlie Council recommended to the meeting of the council on Tuesday night that a light be installed in the centre of each section of these lanes, between Porter and Wilson streets. Considerable discussion ensued, resulting in a decision to light the lanes as suggested, pro- viding permission was granted by certain private owners of buildings to have the necessary poles erected and brackets fastened to the build- ings in the six principal sections concerned. A Warning. — It has lately come to the knowledge of an organisation in Boulder that its name has been used in connection wiith alleged bogus raffles. It is stated that since De- cember last year two such raffles have been conducted. The tickets have been sold at sixpence each by persons going from door to door, and the articles to be raffled were aprons and cushion covers. The last drawing was to have taken place at the end of last month. The secre- tary of the organisation has been approached by individuals seeking information regarding the raffle, and tickets have been handed to him. As he has no knowledge of these raffles he warns the public to ignore them unless their authenticity is known.   (Bitumenising Bourke street Inter- section. — Replying to the Kalgoorlie Council's request that the work of bitumenising the Bourke street in- tersection be put in hand, the Kal- goorlie Trawmay Company stated, in a letter read at the meeting of the Kalgoorlie Council on Tuesday evening, that, as they intended re-

laying the line to Lamington and had gone as far as Collins street and were likely to be soon re-laying the remainder of the line, it would be useless beginning the bitumen dressing at present. As soon as the line had been re-laid they would con- fer with the supervisor of works for the council regarding the council's future requirements. Driving Under the Influence Charge. — Following a collision be- tween a tram car . and motor car at the corner of North terrace and Lane street, Boulder, at 7.10 o'clock last evening, William Foote (56) was arrested and charged at the Kal- goorlie Police Station Jby Sergeant White and Constable Williams with having driven while under the in- fluence of intoxicating liquor, and with having driven in. a manner dangerous to the public. It is re- ported that the motor car, driven by Foote, was travelling east along North terrace when a tram car, pro- ceeding to Boulder, appoached the street. The motor car continued in an easterly direction and crashed into the side of the tram, damag- ing the front step. The front of the car was badly damaged, and the front wheel broken off. A pas- senger travelled in the car with Foote, but no one was injured. The accused will appear in the Kalgoor- lie Police Court this morning. Coolgardie-Midland Junction   Highway.— Whether or not the road from Coolgardie to Midland Junction should be graced with the term highway was a discussion raised at the meeting of the Kal- goorlie Council on Tuestday night, by a letter to the council from, the Commissioner of Roads. The Great Eastern Highway, was -a name sug- gested, but as the road did not ex- tend beyond the boundaries of Mid- land Junction and Coolgardie, the name was deemed to be hardly ap- plicable. Cr. Hunt asked if the road from Coolgardie to South- ern Cross had been declared a main road, but no information was avail- able on the point. The councillor contended that that portion of the road was in a deplorable state of repair. Roads in the .South-West   and agricultural areas, he said, were in excellent condition, as well they might, £100 being spent on them to every £1 spent on this par- ticular section of roadway, com- paratively speaking. After further discussion, on the motion of Cr. Bennit, the suggestion of the Commissioner, that the Coolgardie Midland Junction road be known as a highway, was agreed to. Goldfields/ Allotments. —During the depression years of the gold- fields, when land-owners were ob- liged to hand in their title deeds to the Water Supply Department, on the promise of exemption if such were done, they did not an- ticipate the president revival in min- ing and the recovered value of their blocks. Many of these people are now absent from the goldfields and have not bothered to resume posses- sion. The present demand for blocks induced the Government to bring down a bill of re-vestment in the Crown for the ultimate pur-   pose of again offering the blocks for sale. The Act, however, provides that owners may recover their   title deeds if application is made before the date of the Act coming into force by proclamation, pre- sumably in May this year. It is ascertained that the application will merely constitute thge payment+.            

of the water rates due. After the proclamation of the Act, it will not be possible for the owners of blocks to recover their lots except by pur- chase. This information was gleaned from the meeting of the Kalgoorlie Council on Tuesday evening.