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Macarthur Matters. (From a Cor respondent) On Friday night, about 10 o'clock, one of Mrs J. Kilderry's girls was bitten Dy a snake. She was lying on the kitchen floor trying to find a cool spot, when (being in the dark) she felt something near her. Thinking it was the cat, she put out her hand to push it away, and was bitten by the snake on the finger. After tying the finger, lacerating it, and washing it in Condy's fluid, the mother brought her daughter with all possible haste to the local doctor, who atttended to the little girl, and she is now getting on splendidly. Last week seven of our local boys en listed and left here for Broadmeadows. One of the number (J. Wall) could not pass the doctor at Hamilton, out the others got through, viz., Jack Pitman, J. Bingham, N. Hammett, L. Salt, J. Flustler, N. McKenzie. Messrs A.. S. Drew and S. R. Carty motored them to Hamilton in two cars, and quite a num ber of the townspeople were present to see them off. Mr F. L. Hume addressed them briefly before they got into the cars in front of the hall on what they would be likely to go through, and wished them bon voyage and Godspeed. Not a few of the lady folks used their handkerchiefs, and as the cars drew off one of the number sang " It's a long way to Tipperary," while the crowd gave 3ringng cheers. Itis also rumored here that Ted. Neild joined with some boys from Penshurt, and has gone to Broad meadows, but the wise say " I ha' ma doots." The locally-manufactured boring plant is at work in the district, and is said to be doing splendid work. Three or four deep bores have been put down satis factorily, and the proprietors-Messrs A. Parfrey and C. Harman-are to be commended for their skill. The present state of the weather should be by no means disheartening to them, for it was over the century in the shade here on Saturday, and Sunday was doing its best to get even with it. Grass is getting very scarce in this locality. The roads are almost eaten out by the roots by travelling stock, and the townspeople will have in the near future to put the green spectacles on the milk ing cows, that is if they can be so easily deceived. Some are fairly cunning. One person in the township had one in the kitchen on Saturday ; perhaps it was looking for a cool place.