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Shipping Intelligence.     GEELONG. ARRIVED. Jan 19-Stebonheath, ship, 1014 tons, John Sargeant, master, from London. Passengers— Dr. and Mrs Kilgour and family, Mr Crosbey, Mr Sankey, Mr and Mrs Porter and family, and 364 Government immigrants. Dalgety, Gore and Co., agents. .Lucy, schooner, fron Melrourne. CLEARED OUT. Jan. 19-Helen, schooner, 40 tons, L. Gibson, master, tor Lnutinceston, in hIollst, no passengers. -Roalist, schooner, 142 tons, J. Harris, masteir, i:r Svdey, . Passengers-Mr and Mrs .Robert " ?on: Thrne, Sparkes & Co, agents. Jln. 19--Sen Belle; for Launceston. Per foyalast-42 bgs shnct, Thorne, Sparks , Co. IMPORTS     Per Stebonheath— 6 cases £30,000 specie, Union Bank; 1368 deals, 16 bales, 1 barrel, 25 barrels nuts, 6 bales corks, 50 crates, 1 case, 6 cases pianos, Order; 24 crates, 2 tierces, 4 cases, 6 bales, 7 trunks, 11 matted pkgs, 25 cases, Dalgety, Gore and Co; 30 casks brandy, 73 do gin, Griffin; 15 cases, Swanston, Willis and Co; 120 cases wine, 4 bales slops and rugs, 3 casks hams, 235 casks beer, Timms Wilson and Co; 30 brls 15 carrotls & 100 bxs raisins, R. & P Turtbull; 3 cases books, Westgarth, Ross and Co; 10 cases Poulton; 2 do Gill, Fowler and Co; 3 do Drysdale and Newcomhe; 2 cases, 1 cask, Robertson; 1 case, Swanston Willis and Co; 2 cases cabinet work, 9 bundles spades, 4 cases, 1 bundle, Reed and Co; 3 cases, Little; 2 crates, Adams and Cartwright; 4 bales, Thorne, Sparkes and Co; 46 cases, Lyall Bawtree and Co., 24 crates 2 hhds, W Blair ; 6 puncheons 7 bundles 1 case, Richard Parker; 24 trunks boots and shoes, T W Allen. - Per Lucy-Sundry free goods.