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Much c\citemouut was aroused in Hobart yostcrday upon tho news roaching the city by telegraph of the total wrock of the Union steamship Co s steamer Grafton at Macquarie Harbour bar, but the general solicitude was allayed when it was asoor tained k fuw hours later that tho passengers

and crew were all safe

The i e-scl was ou her way from Melbourne to Kobari,tiinätralmn.«itlilOpassengers lOOahiep and 200 tons of cargo chiefly merctnudisc Sho left Melbourne at-'30 on saturday aftomoonln fair weather, being duo at Strahan early yester day moruing, and to reach Hobart to day She arrived off tlacquario Harbour baron Sunday night also tho s s Mahinapua, which left Hobart on balurday on her way to Launceston via Strahan Both vessels were lying outside the bar waiting tor tho tide to rise sufllcicnlly to cnablo them to ero«t- Thoro «as a frosh wosterly wind and a moderato sea During the night the Grafton beoumo dis nbled by breaking one of her propellers Finding thal she was ni difticulUes the Mahinapua went to hei assistance stood by her for vomo hour» and this morning got a Uno fastened to her but unfortunately the .hawser Carted and efforts had to bo abandoned

he Giafcon had cast anchor off tho North I Spit, but, she immediately dragged her anchors raD on to tho Spit uud became a total wreck in

a abort time

The passengers wen transferred to the s s Mahinapua early in the morning When the Grafton ran on tho Spit the captain aud crew ivere forced to abandon her but they remained all yesterday on the bcaeh to try to save what they could of the cargo

A telegram recoivod during yestorday after noon stated thal the Grafton struck: on tho bar at 11 ocloek on Sunday night aud lost one of her propellers Ino water broke into the engine room and put the lires ont, and she was only kept afloat by one natertight compart- ment. Both Dasseugu s und crew thereforo ex pericneed i very anxious time of it, but tho former wera soon m ido comfortable on the Mahinapua lu winch tiny «ore taken on to Strahan with their luggage

The b s Grafton was ona of the oldeat steamers afloat in Australian waters, being between 10 and 50 years old She is theroforo an old stager como to grief at last, ard it Is very fortunato that the tecident was not more serious Hei length was 17.1ft, 27ft. Sin. beam, and lift Oin doep engines 500 h p

Captain H A Mornsby was in command of the Grafton, and had associated with him Mr C L Morgan chief ofliccr, Mr J, Paroy, sscond, and Mr J Smith had charge of the


Tho Grafton was of Ml tons She entered the , Hobart \\ ebt Coast-Melbourne trado on Dsoom her 5 1830 she previously Imv ing been employod on the West Coast of Non Zealand in tho Union Co s service.

A telegram was rcecii ed last evening stating that the Grafton is in 8ft. of water about a hundrol yards from lo» water mark. Sho is blovo in under boiler, aft and main compart- ments are full of water, and Capullo Morrisby reports that there i¡> no poasiblo ohance of her being floated.