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ARRIVED. Saturday. Jims 5.

EURO, 208 tons, Osbotae, from Pott Pirie and Moonta. Bay. Passengers — Messrs. Cohen. Magatey, cabin ; Moody, second cabin ; and 8 steerage. Cargo— 2,380 bags wheat, -i OSPEBY, 39 tons, Leaak, from Parara. r ADONIS, 50 tons, Angelowitch, from Port Wakefield,— 335 bags wheat. ACTIVE, 25 tons, Dalby, from Port Brongh ton. ENDEAVOR, 20 tong, Gateson, from Port WakefieldL

OLAUD HAMILTON, 530 tons, 'W. O. Sin olair, from|Melboorne Jane 3. J. Darwent, Town ; John Newman and Son. Port, agents. Passengers — Messrs. Woolfe, Towers, J. Martin, E. O. Osborn, H. Towers, E. Andrews, Pitcher, Lazarns, Miss O. Wallace, Rosa -- Towers, Miss Kate Douglas, and Mrs. Towers, in the cabin : and 13 in the steerage. WITOH OF THE WAV*, 253 tons, B. Guthrie, from Port Louis April 25. No passengers. In ballast. ALEXANDRA, 898 tons, T. Bulman, from London Marob. 4th, Gravesend 5th. Harrold Brothers, Town and Port, agent*. Passengers — Messrs. Wm. Robinson. Peter Martin, Wm. Wilkinson, Arthur de Warren Lee, Franz Guatav Hase, wife, and child, in the cabin. BENGAL, 323 tons, 3. F. Hummel, from Newcastle May 15. H. Simpson, agent J. L. HALL, 698 tons, Marshal Smith, from . Newcastle May 6. H. SimpBon, agent. SBNBAY, Junb 6. EDITS ALIOS, 40 tone, Cooper, from Salt Creek. YOUNG SURVEYOR, 29 tons, Irvine, from Oyster Bay. SWALLOW, 40 tons, LeRay, from Port Caroline. FLRETWTNG, 55 tons, E. W. Russell, from Port Victor, OBOILIA, 30 tons, Brown, from Parara. ALERT, 45 tons, Morrison, from Port Victor and Yankalilla. — 480 bags bark, 150 do. bran. KANGAROO, 180 tons, C. Poynter, from Wallaroo. H. Evans, Town; J. Formby and Son, Port, agents. Passengers— Mits aitohiags, Messrs. Gurner, Hoskings, Bails, Spence, and VHeaddy,in the cabin; and six in the steerage. Cargo — Sundries. OLiAYMORE, 287 tons, 3. H. Pepper, from Newcastle May 17. John Bickers, agent; PENOLA, 261 tons, F. P. Snewin, from Mel Melbourne, via MacDonneU Bay, Robe, and Kingston. Geo. Young, Town and Port, agents. Passengers— Miss Young, Miss Wright, Mrs. Marsey, Mrs. Marrabel, Messrs. Greayer, Marrabel, Hollowav, Ellery, Jacob, and Oooke, in the cabin ; and 13 in the steerage. AMY, 228 tons, G. Harrison, from Sydney May 20. J. W. Smith, agent. JULIA ANNE, 3?0 tons, A. Baker, from Newcastle May 13. ' John Newman and Son, agent*. Passengers — Mrs. and Master Baker, and Mrs. Welch, in the cabin. ROSS, 40 ten*, Sifoli, from Salt Creek. PHXEBE, -25 tons, Jell;, from Port Wake field.) **^ MARY LEWIS, 15 tons, {Forster, from Port Wakeneld. ALABAMA, 20 tons, Kopff, from Troubridgr. Monday, Junb 7. STAR OF THE MERSEY, 255 tons, Hunter Nicholson, from Newcastle May 17. H. Simpson, agent L4SS OF GAWLER, 224 tons, J. C. Dixon, from Cape Town May 2. Duffield, Town ; Ofaland afid Son, Port, agents. Passengers— Captain Grammont and Mr. Warwick, in the cabin. In ballast. MATHILDA, 10 tons, Tatara, from Fort Wakefield. LOUISE, 29 tons, Anderson, from Willunga. RESOLUTE, 45 ton*, J. MoLeod, frem Kingston. METEOR, 33 tons, Delmont, from Port Wakefield. CAPELLA, 74 tons, Glenn, from MoontaBay and Wallaroo. LURL1NE, 70 tons, Germain, from Port Pirie. —30 bags wheat. BUCK, 20 tons. Spells, from Port WakefieW. j —110 bags wheat, 300 skins, 20 hides, 1 cask -£ tallow. .':.- Tobsday, Joke*. HOMEWOOD, 1,124 ten?, Thomas Pordy, from London February 18. P. Santo and Co., Townand'Port, agents. PassengeTS— Mrs. Putdy and family, lathe cabin ; S. Prosser, Ellz%tieth and Edith Clark, Mary A. Here, CharleR Radford, John Oraddock, Peter Jolly, Ann and Carotins Matthis, Fred. Flowers, Enoch Sum mers, John Bell, George, Sarah, Mary, Elisabeth, George, and Paul Broadhunt, John Baylan, Robert Butler, Robei* Ourran, James. Bridget, and Honoia Crawley, Paul, Mary, Elizabeth, and Paul Evans, Wm. Greenslade, Maria Jacques, John Nolan, John and Pat Byarj, John Saunders, Dan Sullivan, Thomas Walsh, and George Wakeham, in the steerage. HELEN WHITE, 285 tons, John Dalziel, from Newcastle May, 17; H. Simpson, agent. PHILLIS, 230 tons, McEachern, from New* castle May 17. John Bickers, agent. ATHENA, 412 tons, A. Inglis, from New castle May 22. H. Simpson, agent. S-ILOR PRINCE, 40 tons, A. Reid, from gait Creek. Wednesday, June 9, H.M.S. SAPPHO, 894 tons, 120 horse power, three guns, Captain Noel S. Dlgby, from Sydney June 3. Oomple ment — Lieutenants Willonghby E. Still and Frank Hudson ; Navigating Lieutenant — H. S. Penn ; Surgeon — Patrick Kielan ; Paymaster — John Ashton; Sub-Lieutenants Arthur G. Kempe and Fred. Rewpe ; Assistant-Paymaster — Robert May Pearson; Engineers— Thomas WiMimott and Andrew Spalding \ Gunner— Jfdgar J. Mills : Carpenter— James B. May ; Midshipman— W. H. Arnold ; *nd 120 hands. 1 TiUBRA, 167 tons, 'T. W. ILockyer, from p ' _ - Augusta, Port Liccoln, and Edithburgh. tt w. ?%_*, Town ; J. Formby and Son, Port, fzjSL Passengers-Mr., Mrs., and Miss rV»«»M:- **«»»». ^Pottill, Acramau, Kimber, -fl-Twr' McGulre, and Inspector Bee, in rSitSjn- and 24 in the steerage. Oargo— lo to^s copp ?, 20 do, machi_ery, 80 tog, ^AMELIA, 25 t'»^y^ fro™ Port Pirie. DASHING WA.VE, 45 tons, Williamson, fMRARAR JV*«». I)avia» f»mPort Brough ** THUB8DAT; JON« 10. COORONG, 304 tons, J. Dowell, from Mel bourne June 8. Jos. D.vwent, Town; John Newman _nd Sou, Port, agents. Passengers Mesers. Weston and JehnscV Mrs. Green, and twTltaters of St. Joseph, in vie cabin ; and 22 in the steerage. POWLES, 30 tonp, Gelando, from Port ROSE, 42 tons, Siffoli, from Salt Creek. Feiday, Junk 11. LOTUS, 86 tons. Debney, from Port Pine. FLINDERS, 278 tons, A. McCoy, from Melbourne Jtrna 8, Warmambool June 9. John ^ Formby atH Son, agents. Passengers— -Mrs. Anders, Mr*. _?'. Formby Miss Lester, Messrs. Hardy, Sanders, Wriirht, Sutherland, and Phillips in the cabin. ?_'._,.. VICTOR. 70 tons, McLeod, from Port Victor. VET 269 tons, H. Wostbrook, from Hobart Town May 28 O. Jacobs and Sons, Town; Moeatta, Port, agents. Passenger— Mrs. -'Westfcw*, i& the cabin. IMPOBTS. Per AtESAUDBA, from London er J. G. Kamsay and Co.— I caae reaper .ection*, 21 cases Brig W. star mowing tnacbiaes, 60 do. Sam*dson's do., 2 do. YFL P F_rD. and J. Fowler— 1,180 pkijs. For G. Mumme and Co —30 cases. For G. «nd R. Wills and 0o.-4 bales, 21 For Good, Toms, and Co.— 28 pkgs. drapery. For W. O. Bulk and Cc;— 7 cases Bradford's patent mangles, washing machines, wringers, &c For W.T. Flint-54 pkgs. For Donaldson, Andrews, and Sharland— 25 For Peter Gumming and Son— 40. bales. For W. and J. 8torrie-2l cases, 33 bales.

For George Phillips and.Co.— 6 casks and, 1 case hardware, 13 kegs screws, _ casks do. (Nettlefold'a),4pkRS paints, etc. - For James Scott and Sons— 7 cases bedsteads, 2 do. fireirons, 4 do. tools,' 2 do. drawer-knobs, 7 pkgs. spades. For Edward Maud, Gawler-place— 1 tierce, 1 j*r in basket. For Main and Geyer— 7 cases drugs, 3 do. patent medicines. Per GooiiWA, from London— For A. W. Richardson, Mount Barker— 1 bale paper, I dp. wine corks, 2 casks drugs and chemicals, 1 case druggUt's sundries, 3 oases acids. r . Per HOUEWOOD, from London— ForD. and J. Fowler— 390 pkgs. ~F6r~'T. Johnson— 30 trunks women's and children's patent German lasting boots. For Good, Toms, and Co.— 29 pkgs. drapery. For G. and R. Wills *nd Co.— 15 cases, .2 oaakd. . For H. Steinw— 2 cases platedware. . For GeergePhUUps and Co.— 10 pkgs. paints and colors, 33 brls. whitinc, 2 casks locks, 1 case steelyards, 1 do. fishing tackle, 2 cases For James Scott and Sons— 915 bars, 200 bdls. hooplrbD, 8 pkgs. Avery's machines, 10 casks register stoves, 5 do. zinc, 14 do. paints, 5 do. bolts and nuts, 2 do. tools, 6 hhls. oil, 3 do. holloware,10 kega, 8 cases coffin furniture, 8 do. woodware. For W. -T. Flint— 23 cases. For Brown ana Wood— 26 cases, 15 bdls., 47 grindstones. For Jno. Webster and Co.— 16 casks. For F. H. Faulding and Co.— 19 cases, 5 casks, 1 case fluoric add, 5 hhds., lQ-qt.-easksj 1 bag, 1 box. . ?.''?' For A. Simpson and Son— 190 bags tlnplater, 2 cases, 5 tons iron. : For S. Marshall— 2casesColIard and Collard'a pianofortec. ? ' Per Fundebs, from Warmambool— For Smart, Webb, and O».— 70 tons Warr oambool potatoes, 2 tons Warmambool cheese. CLEARED. Saturday. Junb 5. MAY FLOWER, 33 tons, Lambert, for Port Willunga. BRONZEWING, 70 tons, Blanch, for Wal laroo and Port Pirie. RAMBLER, 25 tons, Stuart, for Coffin's Bay. YOUNG CHIEF, 15 tens, McK*y, for Port Wakefield. . ... «? ^ . : . . '!. . ? SAJRAH, 15 toss, HU1, for Port Wake ield. - Monday, Junh 7. MATHILDA, 12 tons, Tainsh, for Port Wakefield. MBTKOR, 35 tons, Delmont, for Port Wake Seld. MAY FLOWER, 33 tons, Simmonds, for Port Wakefield. EOLAIB, 30 tons, John Martin, for Edith jurgh. PH(EBE, 28 tons, Marlingsen, for Port Wakefield. POSTBOY, 70 tons, Morgan, fox Bivoli Bay uad Fort MacDonneU. ROYAL SHEPHERD, 244 tons, Crocker, 'or Fdithburgh, Port Lincoln, and Port AugUBta. Tuesday, Jxjss 8. PENOLA, 261 tons, F. P. Snewin, for Mel bourne, via outports. Passengers — For King iton : Mrs. Banton and seven children, Messni. UCorxis, Seymour, Colley, and Gantry. For Robe : Mr. and Mrs. Savage, and two children, Sf essrs. Savage (2) and HalL For MaoDonnell Say: Misses Sinclair and Brows, Mrs. Weir ind chill, Messrs. Sinclair, McArthur, Gall, EUslem, Harris, T. Oi Shaw, and J. Oondron, n the cabin. For Melbourne : Three in the itoerage. ALD1NGA, 291 ions; MoLean, for Mel ►ourne. Pauengers— Mr. and Mrs. J. F. )dgen, and child, Mr. and Mrs. Ooleman, jieutenant and Mrs. Giles, Mr. and Mrs. -eck, Master Peck, Mrs. -and Miss Pearce, An. Moulton, daughter, and infant, Mrs. Etathweli, Miss Sutherland, Miss Barnett, tfessra. Filgate, W. WiUia^is, J. Byron, -hlfsen, B. Davis. O. F. Jones; 3. Cowan.B. Mita, S. Cross, Hill, B. Davie, J;- South, H. W. and S. Isaac, E. Allen, H. Hughe?, Long nan, A. C. Green, Dumas, in the cabin ; and 16 in the steerage. -: OSPRSY, 39 tonB, LeasVt, for Parara. MORNING STAR, 20 tona, Heritage, for ?ort Wakefield. ACTIVE, 45 tons, Dalby, for McLeod's Bay. CECILIA, 35 tons, Sifoli, for Parara. CREST OF THE WAVE, 65 tons. W. Mor ess, for Port Wakefield. W£SNESDAr, June 9. ELLA GLADST JtNE, 226 tons, J. Walsh, for Luckland. KANGAROO, 180 tons. Poynter, for Wai aroo. RUBY, 25 tons, McKay, for Port Wake ield, ENDEAVOUR, 20 tons, Gateson, for Port »ort Wakefield. LILY, 54 tonB, B. H. Evanp, for Port Mao -onnell. ECLIPSE, 65 tons, R. Arnold, for Moonta ind Wallaroo. YOUNG 8URTEYOR, 2& tons, Irvine, for )yster Bay. ISDITa ALICE, 40 tons, Cooper, for Salt sreek. Thubsday, Junb 10. MARY ANN WILSON, 897 tons, E. Stod lart, for Sydney. EMMA, 173 tons, J. J«£z!son, for Guam. Passenger— Mr«. Jeszlsen. GLBNELG, 63 tons, J. Craigie, for Edith inrgh. ISABEL, 42 tons, McGowan, for Moonta and Vallaroo. ALERT, 45 tons, Morrison, for Port, Victor. DASHING WAVE, 40 tens, Williamson' or Port Wakefield. SWALLOW, 40 tons, LeBay, for Pert Caro ine. SAILOR PRINCE, 40 tons, Reid, for Salt Jreek. FBIDAY, JONS 11, OLAUD HAMILTON, 530 tons, W. O. Sinclair, for Port Darwin via Newcastle. EURO, 208 tons, J. Osborae, for Moonta Jay and Port Pirie. EXPORTS. ALDINGA, for Melbourne — 579 nabea copper, 5. and A. Copper Company ; 1,300 bags flour, V. B, Cave and Co. ; 100 do. wheat screenings, J. L. Meyer and Co. ; I case musical instrn aents, P. Falk and Co. ;. 1 do. apparel, J. Newman and Bon ; 2 horses, R. Filgate ; 19 ases gum, 18 do. drapery, D. and W. Murray ; 4 bales weol, J. M. Sinclair and Son; 22 -kga., S. R, Priostley and Co; ; 7 hhds. eggs, i, Liebeok; 1 do. do., T. Dickerson ; 2 do. do., J. Schmidt. PENOLA, for Melbourne— 45^ tons bark, Vilke and Co. a ? ? ELLA GLADSTONE, for Auckland— 1.448 rs. wheat, W. Duffield and Co. ; 72 cases jam, L Murray and Son ; 2 do. wine, J. Gilbert. MARY ANN WILSON, for Sydney— 275 iftgs malt, 441 do. bran, Morgan, Connor, and Hyde ; 200 do. flour, 150 do. bran, J. and K iutterworth ; 211 do. do., J. Webster and Jo ; 1,046 do. wheat, 520 do. chaff, 1,385 do. ?ran, J. Darling and Son ; 250 do. flour, Verco toothers; 600 do. do., J. Dunn and Co. ; 1,296 [o. do., W. Dnffield and Co. ; 1.890 do. chaff, ,266 do. bran, O. L. Meyer and Co. ; 1,400 tags chaff, 116 bales hay, 2 tons scrap iron, W. i. Cave and Co. ; 34 slabs slate, Brown and rhompson; 100 cases jams. Elder, Smith, and 3d. ; 50 bags plaster of carls. A. TocchL EMMA, for Guam— 850 bags flour, 1,150 do. rheat, 15 casks tallow, J. Stilling and Co. CLAUD HAM ALTON, for Port Darwin— (tores for Port Darwin. MISCELLANEOUS SHIPPING. ; The Alexandra, from London, left on March [, and passed through the Downs on the 6th. ?he east wind, with which a start was made, loon veered to the westward, but on the 9th he pilot was discharged off Plymouth. It tontlnued to blow hard from the west until ;etting away south broueht the ship into; uilder weather, and in 20° north the tradeB rcra fallen In with, but were very light. On . ipril 3rd the vessel crowed th* line in 22' irert, and had a full week of calms before the

__L_^ ? f _ 1 i in n . n i . ? . - ... . .1 - .. southerly trades were 'met On May 5th she' was off the Cape in 41° 40' south, and on com mencing the ran to the eastward heavy weather was fallen in with, and on reaching 44° 40' heavy gales set in. At times the maindeok was full of water, and part -of the bulwark planking was washed away by the sea. The cabins were flooded, but, although the vessel labored heavily, no serious damage was sustained. The Alexandra is a long-draught vessel, but there was a probability of her discharging sun powder, and mooring in harbor on Sunday. The HOMKWdOD is a fine Canadian-built vessel belonging to New Brunswick, and select ing-her to c»rryasBiBted passengers was a good choice. The voyage has been marked by fine weather and light winds, therefore it has been much extended. She left London on February 18, and had light winds down the Channel, but on the third day out she was well clear of the land. The north-east trades were first felt on the 3rd of March, in 28° north, and continued till crossing* the line on the 22nd, in 27° W. Then occurred an interval of calm, after which a north-east wind was again fallen in with, and it continued through -that regioa.usually ocou pled by the south-east trades. On May 1, the Homewood wa* off the Oapevinr40° 54' south, and on the 17th she passed between the Luanda of St. Paul and Amsterdam. Thence toCape Leuwin strong gales prevailed, but on closing in with the land, variable weather set in. It was the morning of the 7th of Jane when Cape Borda was sighted. On Tuesday after noon1 she anchored in. the roads. . . 'H.M.S. Sappho.— It was known that this ship would soon arrive, but she was soarcely expected so soon as Wednesday, when at noon a telegram announced that she had passed the Tarvis. The Harbor Master put off from Jie Semaphore Jetty and steamed awey to meet the vessel. As the launch bore down on the warship, she eased, stopped, and was prettily boarded. The grand old ensign at the peak was a sufficient guarantee of a good reception, and in a few seconds the launch was away and the Harbor-Master in charge of the bridge. The Sappho left Sydney on June 3, and fired up fcr awhile to get clear of the land. She was then favored with a fine breeze, which brought her round in easy time. She got up the steam once more to head up for the Passage, and having passed through in the early morning on Wednesday, leisurely steamed up the gulf, and was boarded~Bbortly after 3 o'clock in the after noon. She looked very grand as she Bteamed

afieaa tO a long Hurta-wesi^ xuii, irmui ww pitched away 'from her 'bows in -long flakes of sparkling foam. - It does- one good to see the Queen's ships sow and then, and however much the writer might have wished to see the Sappho under all sail, it was pleasant to feel her steaming along at full speed. She is one of that class of vessels which are furnished with long taunt mastB and fitnddingsail gear' sufficient to set a crowd of sail when the screw is triced up and the funnel lowered. When she arrived on Wednesday, however, there was no sailing in the matter, for every yard was covered in canvas coat. She is reported in the Navy List to be a vessel- of 120 horsa-power, but -equal, to working up to 736. The gallant vessel turned ahead at 104 revolutions, her best being 109. It was a very pretty spectacle as she neared the bar, her decks teeming with, hands ready to obey in a moment, one hand in each fore chains cheerily singing 'the lead song as the soundings diminished. The full speed never ceased till nearing the Inner bar/ when the proximity of the dredges1 moorings required a

gentle stay, while the ship forged ahead through the cut. As soon as she was clear she went again at full speed, while the hands were engaged trimming the yards by the lifts and braces. Like a thing of life, she threaded away amongst the ships till reaching the deep-water topmost berth she stopped. In about the twinkllng of a "bee's knee" down went the starboard quarter cutter, fully manned, with an officer in charge. The dingy from over the stern followed suit, and in about a quarter less than no time the Sappho was moored head and stern. The trip up the river was a most enjoyable one, the pleasure being- enhanced by the courteous con duct of the officers and the novelty of the ?urroundings. It is'an unpleasant circumstance which brings the Sappho so soon again in our waters; but while here we are assured the public may, with restrictions as to hours, visit and inspect this sample of pur Navy. In externals she is not a beauty, but this has been brought about by the late reconstruction of the Navy. In internal arrangements she is as near perfect as possible. Every corner is as clean &e a pin, and her spars tapering away aloft cany yards and gear in splendid order.' As she lies in the stream she looks quite a picture. The GL3NBLG took up her first tow on Tues day, and after some trouble in manotivreing alongside the Julia Ann in the reads, towed that barque to the port.

GLENELG SHIPPING. ABBIVKD. Jane 10 — COOBOHO, s.s,, John Dowell, from Melbourne. HISOEUiANEOOS. The Fairy was away surly on Thursday orrdng to await the arrival of the Flinders and Coorong. It was late in the afternoon before the latter steamer was sighted. She was boarded at 4 30 p.m. ; her mails being lauded half an hour later, and forwarded to Adelaide. Captain Dowell was evidently highly pleased- that the. other boat had not up to that time been telegraphed from Cape Jervia. BLANOHETOWN SHIPPING. ABBITED. ? Jane 2— KENNEDY, Sunman, from Goolwa for Wentworth. — Sundries. '??? June 3 — Mabanoa, J. Barclay, from Goolwa for Wentworth.— Sundries. . YANKALILLA SHIPPING. ARSIVED. June 6— Bbavo, 207 tons, J. Cuthbert, from Melbourne. In ballast. GOOLWA SHIPPING. ARRIVED June 8 — Jolly Millsb, steamer, and barges Murrumbidgee end Maid of the Murray, T. Johnson, from Bourke, River Darling. Two passengers. In ballast. Same day — Water Lily, schooner, Cremer, from the Coorong. In ballast. BAILED. June 7— CUMBEBOONA, steamer, and barges Livingston and Howlong, W. Barber, for River Murrumbidgee.— 660 bags sugir, 3^0 do. flour, 210 do. salt, 197 do. rice, 50 do. oats, 94 do. potatoes 128 bales woolpacks, 22 casks cement, 2.000 palings, 191 bdls. wire, 49 drums, 6 cases galvanized iron, and a quantity of sun

dries, June 8 — Tyro, steamer, and barge Union. Shetliff, for Hay, River Munumbidgee. Two passengers. Cargo— 1,035 bags flour, 1,200 bdls. wire, 33 bales bay, 10 tons sugar, 55 bags salt, 30 cases jam, 119 bags oats, 30 bales wool packs. 25 casks cement, 12 cases galvanized iron, 7 bags bran and wheat, 26 do. chaff, and a quantity potatoes, fruit, and sundries. ^Jnne9— White Cloud, schooner, Grundy, r Meningie. One passenger, and full cargo tores for settlers. MISCELLANEOUS. The Tyro and Cumberoona with their barges have started for the Murrumbidgee with full carges. The Blanche was loading and expected to start on the 10th inst. for the Darling. The Goolwa and Princess Royal are daily expected from Bourke. The Slip is now occupied by the barge Maid the Murray.