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Royal Commission on Mining Industry. — Attention is directed -to an advertisement in this issue in which persons desirous of supplying

information to or ot giving evi dence .before the Commission are requested to communica.te with the secretary to the commission, Mines Department, Kalgoorlie.. Boy Soout Movement. — The com mittee in control of the Boy Scout movement on the goldfields held a meeting yesterday afternoon for tne purpose of 'taking into consideration the best way in which to recognise the services of Mr. O. Lloyd 'Blox some in connection Avith the Scout organisation. Mr. Bloxsome is leaving Kalgooriie at an early date in order to take up his duties as employers' representative on the State Arbitration Court.

Sturt Meadows. — A writer in the 'Daily News' says.; The Sturt Meadows cattle station, near Dio rite King, about twenty miles north of Leonora, which has recently been purchased bv Mr. Hawker, of South Australia, was originally se-   lected by Mr. Henry Manuel, now of Yalgoo, and the late Mr. Samuel Phillips. It consists of about one million acres of pastoral country, which takes in the old pub at   Doyle's Well. It is the intention of Mr. Hawker to make Sturt Mea dows a sheep proposition. The recent owners of the property were Messrs. Kennedy, Brougham, and Cropper, the latter of whom was for many years secretary of the Kal goorlie Race Club, and. is now in control of the affairs at Rand wick, as secretary of the A-.J.O. Ths sensational Little Wonder mine, which, during' the 90' s, was sold ' by Outmore, Gardiner, and their two mates to Lord Fingall, for £80,000 and an interest, is in the vicinity of Sturt Meadows homestead.

At St. George's Presfoyteirian .Church, Bouilder City, a special men's ise-ryice will be held on Sun day evening. The service will he conducted by the young- men of the church. The singing of all well known ibymnis and anthems will be assisted by an orchestra. This spe cial effort is being made to secure the attendance of an additional 200 men. Ladies are also cordially invited. The -address will be given by Braniwp.ll F. B. Saunders ou tliR subject, 'Have you ever met your self T ' |

Motor Cyclists; Obligations.— The ; amended regulations under the Traffic Act. are of a stringent nature in respect o{ motor cyclists. They are warned by advertisement else-, where iu this issue of their liability , to prosecution if they are detected riding at- a speed dangerous to the public ; riding with more than one passenger; not having proper tail | lamps attached to their machines at j night time; not bavins an efficient; silencer attached to the vehicle in j manner prescribed by the regula- : tions. ' i

Volunteer Fire Brigade Team. Nine members of the Kellaberrin Yolunteer Fire Brigade, a body that has won the State championship honours, two . in succession, passed through Kalgoorlie by the i trans-Australian railway system last j night. . They are on their way to Warrnambool to compete in the an nual Victorian Fire Brigades' De monstration. Three _y.ears ago they , took pa.rt in the demonstration atj Bendigo. Captain Davies has charge of the team — a li'kelv looking ?lot oLiellows. Or. H. W. David I son, goldfields representative on the W.A. District Fire Brigades' Board, met them on the Kalgoorlie station i platform last night and wished them SUCCES.

Builders of W.A— The Chan cellor of the 'University of W.A., Dr. Saw, M.L.C., has selected the following as the 15 men whose work stands out above all others as the makers of W.A. :— Sir James Stirl ing and Sir William Robinson, Governors of the State before the advent of responsible Government; Lord Forrest, explorer and states man ; William Padbury and m Sir William Loton, pioneers in agricul tural and pastoral industries, mer chants and philanthropists; Artniu* Bayley (discoverer of Oool gardie) ; Pat. Han nan, discoverer of Kalgoorlie; Alex. Forrest, ex plorer and civic administrator ; Anthony Hordern, promoter of Great Southern railways ; Edward Keane, promoter of Midland rail way ; C. Y. O'Connor, engineer for Fremantle Harbour and Coolgardie Water Scheme ; Frank Wilson, statesman:; Bishop Hate, founder of secondary education ; Sir Cyril Jackson, reformer of elementai-y education ; Sir Winthrop Hackett, philanthropist, first Chancellor ot University and newspaper proprie tor. The Perth 'Daily News' states that to the majority of colo nists his omission of the name of Captain Roe from his selection will doubtless be a surprise. He was W-A.'s first explorer and Sur veyor-General, from the day Cap tain Roe landed with Governor ?Stirling at Fremantle by the Par melia in 1829, until he passed out during the SO's. Outside of his explloratory usefulness, which be stowed upon him the unique dis tinction of 'Father of Australian Exploration,' Captain Roe's work concerning education and research, and as founder of the Public Li brary and the Museum, should place his name very high indeed in the niche of makers of all that has proved edifving and useful to the people of {Western Australia, for j whom he worked so laboriously i during his long and eventful life. |