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A novel idea, but. one. with far;Teaching

possibilities is now being put into operation 1 in Victoria, where ,thc Railway Commissioners are fitting up a demonstration strain, for the Department of Agriculture .

The. train will commence running in Oc tober next,, and will be the first demonstra tion train to operate in Australia. It will give the farmer a,n opportunity of discuss ing, practically at. his ,own door, the problems of Lis .vocation. ■

This Better -Farming Train will be com posed of 12 trucks and carriages, containing exhibits of live stock, selected farm produce, dairy fittings and appliances, fodders and fer tilisers,-plans of farm'' buildings, and many other items essential to, a comprehensive agricultural display. Experts are busy fit

ting this train, and make it attractive, as. well" as highly instructive. It will, interest the. farmer's wife and his growing family equally as much as it "will the farmer , him self. ■" " ' V- ' v .... ■

j It will- first travel the dairying districts of [the State, and then, with some alterations

in the exhibits, it will also visit the wheat and. sheep farming and fruit growing centres.


.... At each . stop experts will give concise and. readily understandable ^information. on all farming matters. They will be . on. the train' specially for this purpose. By. this means it is hoped to assist farmers to make their,work in the various branches of agri culture. much more profitable. .To everyone on the land this Better Farming Train should prove a most valuable innovation. : 1

With the Better Farming Train there will also be a carriage specially fitted up for in? struction in domestic affairs—a real practical housewives' section. Expert instructors will be in attendance to advise farmers' wives and daughters in many lines of household


In the past some of these same demon strations have been given occasionally at I agricultural shows, but there, they, have reached too few. people.


• At the ^.ordinary ;Bhow the: time-■vyluch^th^ farmer and his.wife have at their • Ajsposai is m'uch too short to. see everything,. par ticularly if they ^re exhibitors in- any sec tiofi. And the, most go-ahead >families are nearly--always exhibitors. It is : they who make the local show, ' ;

. However,-here on the, Demonstration Traiii there will be little crowding, and the! whole time of tjjose rwho coxne to. see the exhibits will: bse.- given v thereto,. The demonstrations aiid:v-lectiifep -will'. tafce .place'' at. set. hours during ^ the., day: . or evening. - -Everyone .in terested in any particular-section--;v/iil. be? able tp deV(?te his or- her .time solvly to that, if.. tiiey ,so desire, or ;tliey may <xunuue

the ;whole i;pf. the exhibits ~;in due 'course. To the farmer .and'.his -wife, and his boys

: and,, gir)s»M j;he ^.e^^ri}iing Train will

|.prove .the, most,:interesting, and instructive ! demonstration .that lias reached . that par

Jticular di9trict. It is expected., to .Stflft lout [in October, and ^^Istaii.oiiinasters.' ^r.h'ave

full information as , to when anil -where it wilJ call, and ' how long it will* stay;