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    twin daughters born to Joan (nee Gluis) and Murray Morley Wellington

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Family Notices

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Announcements under this heading must be authorised by the name and address of the sender, and are inserted at a charge of Two Shillings and Sixpence each, when not exceeding five lines. Over five lines, sixpence per line. Death Announcements In which a Funeral announcement is .made are charged for as if Death and Funeral were separate announcements, namely — the minimum charge of 2/6 and 3/6 respectively. In Memoriam and Death Announcements containing reference to more than one deceased are charged 2/6 for each deceased mentioned as if they were distinct and separate advertisements. Engagements and Approaching Marriages and Marriage notices Tequire the signa ture of both parties concerned. BIRTHS AIRD.— On March 4, at Unley Private Hospital, tp Beryl and Eon— a son iGra ham Ronald). ASSENDER (nee Love).— On March 11, ai S.M. Hospital, Mount Barker, to Joyce and Max — a son (Graham Max well). Both well. Special thanks to Dr. Downing and staff. ADDISON.— To Kath and Bruce, at Calvary, March 9 — a daughter. AXFORD (nee Fletcher).— On March 3,   at Bute Memorial Hospital, to Joyce and Horrie — a daughter (Beverley Gladys). Thanking Dr. James, Sister Chilton and staff. ALLEN (nee Baillie).— On March 4, at Hindmarsh Maternity Hospital, to Daphne and Ron — a son (Darryl John). Thank ing ail in attendance. BADMAN (nee Harrison). — On March 3, at Clare Hospital, to Gwen and Wes — a son (Dennis Wesley). Thanking all in attendance. BARTHOLOMAEUS (nee Stiller).— On March 5, at Angaston District Hospital, to the wife of Edgar H. Bartholomaeus — a son. BARTLETT (nee Pearce). — At Memo rial Hospital, on March 6, to Hilda and Frank — a son. BARTSCH.— On February 28, at the Berri Hospital, to Amanda and Ron — a daughter (Juleene Ann). Thanking Dr. Hayes and hospital staff. BELL (nee Killmier).— on March 7, at Unley Private Hospital, to Lorna, wife of W. Robert C. Bell — a daughter. BOWLEY (nee Strickland). — On March 9, at Quambi, to Joyce and Cliff — a daughter (Denise joy). Thanking all in attendance. BROOKS (nee Giles).— At Q.V.M.H., to Heather and Gordon — a son (Peter Martin). BROMLEY (nee Dienhoff). — On March 11, at the Emergency Hospital, Mile End, to Pat and Rick — a son (Deane Leslie). Both well. BURTON (nee Durdin). — On March 6, at Monreith, to Laurel and Max — a son Uan Robert). Thanking Dr. Lowes and hospital staff. BRILL (nee Wilmot).— On March 6, at Emergency Maternity Hospital, Mile End, to Daphne and John — a son (Kenneth John). Both well. Thanking Dr. Clay ton and nursing staff. BROWN — On March 4, at Loxton Hospital, to Burnice and Gordon — a daughter. Both well. Thanking Dr. Samuel and hospital staff. BUTTFIELD. — On March 3, at Memo rial Hospital, to Valma, wife of Murray Buttfield — a daughter (Julie). BAIN. — On March 2, at Hutchinsan Hospital, to Iris, wife of N. M. Bain— a daughter. Thanking Dr. Dawes and staff. BARTER. — On March 3, at Naracoorte, to Jean, wife of F. C. Barter — a daugh ter (Alison Warwick). BENNETT (nee Langton). — On March 6, at Memorial Hospital, to Beryl, wife of Dr. Donald Bennett; — a daughter (Julienne Anne). Thanks of appre ciation to Dr. Ronald Verco and hospi tal staff. BERKIN (nee Siviour). — On March 3, at Narracoorte District Hospital, to Jean and Keith — a son (Geoffrey Wayne). Both well. BIDGOOD (nee Nelson). — On March 3, at Hindmarsh Hospital, to Nell and Harold — a son (Douglas Henry). Thank ing Dr. Lyons and Sister Home and staff. No visitors for 7 days. BROADBRIDGE (nee Salmon).— At South Glen, March 5, to Barbara, wife of Richard — a son (Robert Bronte). Special thanks to Dr. Don Steele and Sis ter Heffernan. BRUSE (nee J. Tuit). — On February 18, at the Mater Hospital, Waratah, N.S.W., to the wife of F. W. Bruse ? a son (Paul Anthony). BLACK (nee Jarrett). — On February 27. at Henley Private Hospital to Val and Bill— a son (Stephen William) Thank ing Dr. Peters and hospital staff. BLACKLEY (nee Bowden). — On Febru ary 27, at McBride's, to Margaret and Laurie — a daughter (Jenese Lauraine). BOSCENCE (nee Watkinson). — On March 5, at Park terrace Private Hospital, to the wife of Dr. Bruce Boscence — a son (Ian Bruce). No visitors for 7 days BONYTHON (nee Harris). — On March 4, at Rowan Private Hospital, to Nancy and Alf — a daughter (Geraldine Trezna). Thanking Dr. Wall and hospital staff. No visitors for five days. BREWER. — On March 2, at Gumeracha S.M. Hospital, to Helen, wife of L. C. Brewer, — a son. BAMPTON.— On March 7, at Henley Beach Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bampton, of Woodville — a son (prema ture), Paul Richard. BANNAN.— On March 4. at D.B.N.S. Hospital Tailem Bend, to Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Bannan— a daughter (Gloria Joan). BENZ. — On March 8, at Q.V.M.H., to Rudy and Phyl— a . son (Christopher Julien). Both well. Thanks to Dr. Joynt and staff. BLUCHER. — On March 7, at Auburn District Hospital, to the wife of Syd Blucher — a son. Thanking Dr. Finey, Sisters Ford and Williams. BOWDEN (nee Milly Winter, ex A.W.A.S).— On March S, to Ken and Mill, 72 Railway St.. Cottesloe, Western Aus tralia — a eon. Both well. CHARLESWORTn (nee Brown). — On March 7, at Northern Hospital, to Phyl and Mart — a son. Grateful thanks to Drs. Gault and Clarke, Sister O'Brien and staff. CLAYTON.— At Sister Alksne Private Maternity Home, to Jean, wife of H. V. Clayton, Commissioner Telegraphist, R.A.N.R. — a daughter. Special thanks to Sister Alksne and Dr. Chandler. COTTON (nee Haskett). — On March 4 at Monreith, to Phyl and Ron — a son (Dennis Raymond). Both welL Thank ing Dr. Lower and hospital staff. COOK. — On March 8, at Rowan, to Irene and Harry, Montrose av., Norwood — a son (Albert John). Both well. Thanking Drs. Adams and Wall, Sister Curtis and staff. COOMBE (nee McKell). — On March 7, at Memorial Hospital, to Joyce and Mac ? a son. Both well. No visitors seven days. COOMBE. — At the Northern Hospital, to Audrey and Jim — a daughter. CAMPBELL (Vivian).— To Fay and Colin, on March 5, at Emergency Hos pital, Mile End— a son (Kerry Gordon). Thanking all in attendance. CARR. — On March 7, at Rowan, to Kath and Jack, of Kensington Park — twin daughters. Thanking Dr. Symons, Sister Curtis and staff. CATHCART.— On March 6, at Mon reith. to Shirl and Elton — a daughter (Gail) . Both well. Thanking Dr. Hussey and staff. CAVE (nee Chandler) .—On March 1, to Audrey and Gordon — a son (Donald Gordon). CLARKE. — On February 27, at Mc Bride's, to Bonnie and Harold — a son (Paul Anthony). Thanking Dr. Goddard end staff. CHRISTOPHERSON (nee Barwick). — On March 6, at Quambi, to Jean and Bill — a daughter (Gloria Annette). Thanking Dr. Scutt and staff. COOPER (nee Boscence). — At 'Rowan,' March 2, to Edna and George — a son (Terence George). Both well. Thanking Dr. Adams, matron and hospital staff. CONRICK (nee Bolton-Smith). — On March 3, at Broken Hill Hospital, to Nancy and Colin — a daughter (Margaret Louise) .

BIRTHS CONSTABLE. — On March 1, at Why alla, to Maud and Victor — a daughter (Hellen Joy). CBOTHERS (nee Davles). — On March 5, at Memorial Hospital, to Myra and Ted, of Underbool — a son (Howard George). CURTIS. — On March 4, at Park Ter race Private Hospital, to Irene and Hugh — a daughter. No visitors seven days. CHAPMAN (nee Bray). — On March 5. al South Glen, to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Chapman — a son (Douglas Keith). Spe cial thanks to Dr. M. E. Goode and sis ters in attendance. CLEMENT.— On March 8, at Malvern Private Hospital, to Kath. and Eric— a son. Thanking Dr. Russell, matron and CAMERON (nee Gainer).— To Nancy enc5. Jim, at Broken Hill Hospital; on March 11— a daughter (Heather Lyriette). CASTLE.— On March 6, at S.M. Hospl t»J, Mount Barker, to Mary and Gil — a son. COLE (nee Semmler).— At the Tweed ? District Hospital, Murwillumbah, N.S.W., on March 8, to Kathleen and Colin — a son (Graehm Colin). DONOVAN.— Emergency Hosptal, to Val and Reg— a daughter (stillborn). DATSON (nee Knuckey). — On March 5. to Phil and Myrt — a son (Neville John). Both well. Special thanks to Dr. Rowe and nursing staff, Port Plrie. DUFFIELD. — On March 6, at Koona warra Hospital, Kadina, to Beth and Geoff — a son (Trevor Leigh). Special thanks to Dr. Raises, Sister Crosby and staff. DOCKING ? On March 3, at Calvary, to Joyce and Claude— a daughter (Pat ricia Lenane). Thanking Dr. Goode and sisters. DINGLE (nee Argent). — On February 4, at Whyalla Hospital, to- Nell and Harcourt — a daughter (Bonita Kay). Both well. DOYLE (nee Muirhead). — On March 3, at Quambi, to Betty and Dan — a daugh ter (Christine). Grateful thanks to Dr. Charles Duguid. Matron Vaughan and hospital staff. DAWSON (nee Willmer).— On March 6. at Quambi, to Gladys and Arthur — a daughter. Thanking Dr. Scutt and hos pital staff. DAVIS. — At Naracoorte, on March 3, to Dulcie and Walter — a son (John Cameron). Thanking Dr. Laurie, Sister Moar and staff. DURDIN (nee Hopkins).— On March 3, at private hospital, Kadina, to Margery and Lindsay — a son. ENGELHABDT.— On March 4, at South Glen Hospital, to Betty and Ross — a son. Thanking Dr. Kelly. FYFE (nee Strutt). — On March 5, at Q.V.M.H.. to Wai and Les — a son (Alister Ross). Both well. EATHER (nee Ramm). — At Mt. Gam bier Hospital, on February 22, to Noel and Clare — a son (Malcolm Noel). Thanking Drs. Willis and Nicholls and hospital staff. EVANS (nee Munro). — At Whyalla, on February 26, to Helen, wife of Trevor A. Evans — a daughter (Christine Margaret). Both well. Thanking Dr. Fox and attend ing staff. ERIKSEN (nee Triggs). — To Rewa and Theo — a son (Paul Theodore). FAIRWEATHEBR— To Joan, wife of Jack, at McBride's Hospital, on March 7 — a son (Brian Stewart). Many thanks to all. FOODY (nee Harris). — On February 28, at Quambi, to Marj. and Em. — a daughter (Brenda Winnifred). Both well. Thanking Dr. Brummit and hospital staff. FILMER. — At Ardrossan Hospital, Feb. 26, to Millie and Bob — a son. GRAHAM (nee Emmerton). — On March 8, at Monreitn Private Hospital, to Norma and Jack — a son (Alan Robert). Thank ing Dr. Hussey and hospital staff. No visitors for seven days. ' GREAVES (nee Crawford).— Enid and Wally wish to announce the arrival of their son (Boyd Francis) on March 7. Thanking Dr. Drew and' Calvary staff. GILL. — On March 9, at Northern Hos pital, to Nona, wife of R. D. Gill — a son. GOODFELLOW (nee Cook) .—On March 9, at Calvary, to Lois and John — a son (stillborn). No visitors for three days. GOODWIN (nee McDonald). — At New castle, N.S.W., on March 9, to Brenda, wife of Howard Goodwin (Grange, S.A.) — a daughter. GILL (nee Williams). — On March 10, at Bute Hospital, to Valda and Max — a bonny son. Thanking Dr. James, Matron Chilton and staff. GROPLER (nee Woods). — On March 6, at Kapunda Hospital, to Margaret, wife of Ivan D. Gropler — a daughter (Su zanne) . Thanking Dr. Riddell and hospi tal staff. HAMILTON.-»-On March 9, to Gida, wife of B. W. Hamilton — a son. HENNIGAN (nee Gardner). — On March 10, at St. John's, to Bob and Elaine (Audrey) — a son (John Robert). Grate ful thanks to Dr. Baudinet. Sisters Catt, Gazard and staff. HISKEY ? On February 22 at Murat Bay District Hospital, Ceduna, to Clare and Tom — a daughter (Elizabeth Mar garet) . HOSKING (nee Whittaker). — On March 7, at Ardrossan Hospital, to Dorothy and Jeffrey (Shine) — a daughter (Jennifer Anne). Thanking Drs. Simons and bos pita] staff. HOLNESS. — Oh March 7. at Snow town Hospital, to Flo and Ross — a son (Eric Douglas). Thanking Dr. Miller, Sister Bamford and staff. HUDSON (nee Mildred Vaughan). — On March 7, at Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. W, Hudson, of Wiluna, and 153 Adelaide terrace, Perth — a daughter. HALLIDAY (nee Dix).— On March 7, at Monreith., to Mar], and Ray — a daugh ter (Marilyn Ann). Lived only 40 min utes. Thanking Dr. Hussey and hospital staff. HELPS. — On March 7. at Henley Pri vate Hospital, to Marj. and Ben — a daughter Both well. No visitors seven days. HEAD. — On March 3, at McBride's, to Beryl and Alfred — a daughter. Thanking Dr. Goode and nursing staff. HOWARD (nee Harris).— On March 5, at Wolverton, to Sylvia and Jim — a son (Ian Frederick). Both well. Thank ing all in attendance. HORNE (nee Gelder). — On February 23, at Queen Victoria Hospital, to Jean and Alex — a son (Alexander Leslie). Thank ing Dr. Davey and hospital staff. HEIGHT.— On March 6, at Quambi, to Kath and Bill— a son (William Leslie). Both well. Thanking Dr. Leditschke and staff. HANCOCK. — On March 11, at Memo rial Hospital, to Norm and Norma — a son (Barry). Thanking all who attended. HORNER (nee Reynolds). — On March 8, at TJnley Private Hospital, to Beth and Doug. — a son (John Douglas). Thanking Dr. Kidd, Matron Smith, and staff. HOLDSWORTH.— On February 28, at Monreith Hospital, to Winifred, wife of L. C. Holdsworth, of Coromandel Valley — a daughter (premature). HORE (nee Manley).— On March 7, at Kindmansh Maternity Hospital, to Dulcie and Wally — a son (Wayne Robert). Thanking Dr. Burnard and hospital staff. ISKOV. — On February 26. at Clare and District Hospital, to Daphne and Laur ence — a daughter (Gail Suzanne). JARRETT (nee Harris). — On March 6, at Northern Hospital, to Dorothy and Bill— a son (Alan William). JAMES.-— On March 1, to Eileen, wife of G. E. James — a son (Gregory Leigh ton). JURY (nee Watts). — On March 9 at Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Mt. Barker, to Daisy and Fred — twins (Christine Mary and Morris Kingsley). Thanking Dr. Rosenbaum and hospital staff. JOHNSTON (nee Hutchins). — On March 7, at Barmera Hospital, to Iris and Bob, Railway Station House — a daughter (Dawn Iris). Both well. Thank ing all in attendance. KOCH (nee Peck). — On March 4, at Angaston District Hospital, to Cordula and Victor — a son. KEMP. — On February 27, at Gumer acha S.M. Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Kemp — a son (Daniel Charles, Danny). Thanking Dr. Strattman and staff.

BIRTHS KENNY (nee McGahan).— On March 8, at 8.M. Hospital, Riverton, to Josephine and Dennis — a daughter (Marlene Jose phine). Special thanks to Dr. Mallen, sisters and staff. KASSULKE (nee Fritsch).— On March 8, at Lady 'Weigels Hospital, Barmera, to Ethel, wife of Norm Kassulke — a daughter (Maureen Elizabeth). Special thanks to Dr. Sargeant, Matron Feel wood and nursing staff. KIDMAN. — On March 7, at Naracoorte. to the wife of W. T. Kidman — a son. KUCHEL. — On February 27, at &.M.H. Murray Bridge, to Mary and Stan Kuchel, of Mypolonga — a daughter. LENGNICK. — On March 4, at McBrlde Hospital, to Vera and Reg — a: daughter. LANE (nee Painter). — on February 27, at Snowtown, to Sheila and Jim — a son (Robert William). Thanking Dr. Mil ler and hospital staff.   LAWSON (nee Rothe). — On March 5, at Berklea Private Hospital — to Veema and Allan — a daughter (Raelene Beth). Thanking Dr. Verco, matron and staff. LOCK (nee /Adams). — On March 4, at Ardrossan, ' to Doris and Alec — a son. Thanking Drs. Simons and staff of Ard rossan District Hospital. LAMPERT (nee Alderson). — On March 4, at Stirling Hospital, to Ann and Nor man — a daughter (Valerie Dianne)- LAFFEY (nee Ward).— On March 10, at Stirling West Hospital, to May and Kevin — a daughter (Denise Joy). Thank ing Dr. Reid and hospital staff. MACK. — At Monreith, on March 7, to Bevan and Vivian — a son (Trevor Hugh). Thanking Dr. Hallett and hospital staff. MARTIN.— On March 7, at 'Mildon,' Glen Huntly. Vic, to Bernice and David — a son. MAY — At South Glen, March 8, to Lorna and Jim — a son (Anthony James). McCORMACK (nee Rees). — On March 10, at the Unley Private Hospital, to Margaret and .Jim — a daughter (Susan Margaret). Both well. MYERS.— On March 9 at Northern Hospital, to Myra and Dean — a son (Peter Kent). Thanking Dr. H. A. Goode and hospital staff. MAHONEY (nee Manuel). — On March 3, at Terowie Hospital, to Evelyn and Kevin — a daughter. Thanking Dr. Davis and Sister Schmidt. McFARLANE.— On March 7, at Quambi, to Linda, wife of H. McFarlane, of Glan dore — a daughter (Susan Elizabeth). Both well. Thanking Dr. Scutt and staff. MAY (nee Rossiterj. — To Mavis, wife of Clem, at Northern Hospital, March 3 — a daughter. McCARTHY (nee Ladner). — At Mel bourne, on Feb. 28, to Joan and Mac — a daughter. Both well. ' MESECKE ? On March 4, at Glad stone, to Florrie and Ted, of Peter borough — a daughter. MILLS (nee Ettridge).— On March 5, at Q.V.M.H., to Marie and Colin — a daughter (Denise Marie). Thanking all in attendance. MAITLAND (nee Thacker). — On March 7, at. Memorial Hospital, Adelaide, to Anne and Geoff — a son (John Douglas). Thanking Dr. Ross arid staff. MARGITICH (nee Hannant).— On March 6, at Q.V.M.H., to Vera and Dick (Bluey) — a son (Barry Dean). Thanking all in attendance. McKENNA (nee Jean Read). — On MaTch 6. at Memorial Hospital, North Adelaide, to Jean, wife of John McKenna, Port Moresby — a son. MOLE (nee Dunk). — On March 4, at the Memorial Hospital, to Yvonne and Alan — a son (James Verrinder). Both well. -Thanking Dr. Ronald Verco and hospital staff. MOORE (nee Meagher). — On March 6. at Calvary Hospital, to Rita and Kevin — a son (Christopher Paul). No visitore for five days. Both well. MUCKRAY. — On February 25, at Ren mark Hospital, to Claire and Gordon — a son (Ian Gordon). Thanking Dr. Wilson and hospital staff. MUDGE (nee Lang). — On March 6, at 212 Ellesmere terrace, Millswood Estate, to Ida and Ton* — a daughter (Judie Elizabeth Ann), premature. Strictly no visitors. Grateful thanks to my friend, Nurse Crowell, and Dr. Bowering. MORTON (nee Madsen). — On February 28, at Seskinore, South Camberwell. Vic, to Marj and Bill — a daughter (Joan Christina). Both well. MANUEL (nee Schutz). — On February 20, at S.M. Hospital, Murray Bridge to Cora and Clyde — a son (John Edwin)! McDONALD (nee Hastings). — On March 3, at the Crystal Brook Hospital, to Edna and Jim — a daughter. Both well. McLEAN. — On March 3, at Berklea Pri vate Hospital, to Laurel and Stuart — a son (Donald Stuart). Both well. McHUGH (nee Knappj. — On March 10, at Mount Morgan, Queensland, to Dorothy (Dusty) and Norm — a son, Patrick Norman Alan (Pat). Both well. Thanking all in attendance. NIEJALKE (nee Austen). — On Febru ary 20, at Pinnaroo S.M. Hospital, to Rita and Bill — a son (Jeffrey Niel). Thanking Dr. Wilkinson and hospital staff. NOACK (nee Schubert). — On March 5, at the Hutchinson Hospital, to Iris and Ralph — a son (Richard John). Both well. NIEASS. — On March 9. at Hindmarsh Memorial Hospital, to Vira and Burt — a son. NEUMANN (nee Rathjen). — On March 9, at the Mount Pleasant Hospital, to Max and Dawn — a daughter. Special thanks to Dr. Cowling, Sister Lahne and hospital staff. O'LOUGHLIN.— On March 8, at South Glen Hospital, Glenelg, to Pat and John — a daughter. O'BRIEN. — On March 3, at Whyalla, to Freda, wife of M. M. O'Brien — a son. Thanking Dr. Zimmett and hospital staff. PORTER. — On March 6, at Memorial Hospital, to Bob and Vi— -a daughter. PEARCE (nee Rowntree). — On February 26, at Koonawarra Hospital, Kadina, to Lucy and Len — a daughter (Lennette Ilma). Thanks to Dr. Tamblyn and staff. PEARSON. — On February 27, to Edna and Les — a daughter (Susan Lesley). PHILLIPS (nee Kuchel). — On Feb ruary 26. at Booleroo Centre Hospital, to Cec and Laurel — a daughter (Jeanette Marie). Thanking all in attendance. PRICE. — To Lillian and Harry, on Feb ruary 28, at Q.V.M.H. — a son (Thomas Frederick). PBIDEAUX (nee Blackmore). — On March 4, to Mavis and John — a daugh ter (Lynette Sandra). Thanking Dr. Byrne and staff of Hindmarsh Memorial Hospital. PALTRIDGE - At Burra Burra Hospi tal, on March 5, to Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Paltridge — a son. PANNELL (nee Donovan). — On March 7 at Sister Pope's Hospital, Port Pirie, to Joan and Kevin — twins, boy and girl (Anthony James and. Ruth Ann). Spe cial thanks to attending doctor and sis ters. PETERSEN (nee Betty Harvey). — On March 5. at Armadale Memorial Hospi   tal, W.A., to Betty and Clarrie — a daugh ter (Wendy Kaye). PAVIER (nee Fisher). — On February 11, at T.M.H., Bordertbwn, to Marjorie and Lloyd — a daughter (Bronwyn Mary). Sincere thanks to Dr. Krantz and staff. PHILLIPS (nee Winter). — On March 4, at Salisbury District Hospital, to Valda and Ron — a daughter (Lynette Kay). Thanking Dr. Hunter and hospital staff. PACKER (nee Arthur). — On March 7, at Hindmarsh Memorial Hospital, to Doris and Bill — a daughter (Dianne Helen). Broken Hill papers please copy. PATRIKEOS (nee Dalby). — On Febru ary 4, at Darwin Hospital, to Mavis and George — a son (Steven George) . PAXMAN (nee Blyth).— On February 24, at Melbourne, to Lana and Jim — a daughter (Raylene Kaye-. Premature, lived nine hours. PEARCE.— At Park Terrace Private Hospital, on March 8, to Phyl and Ross — a son (Roger Grant). Both well. PEARCE (nee Unsworth). — On March 8. at Park Terrace Private Hospital, to Win and Hedley — a son (Phillip Leslie). PAHL. — On March 2, at Tbyne Memo rial Hospital, Millicent, to .Joyce and ' Dick — a daughter (Dianne Kaye). Thank ing Dr. Salts, matron and staff. RICHARDSON (nee MacKay). — On March 9. at Park Terrace Private Hos pital, to Betty and Allen — a son (Neil Allen). Thanking Dr. Jolly, matron and hospital staff. . _ , u .

BIRTHS RYAN — On March 10, at Berkeley Hospital, Prospect, to Jim and Jess — a ' son. Special thanks to Dr. West and staff. ROWE.— At Memorial Hospital. North Adelaide, to Joan and Jack — a daughter (Marylyn Joy). Special thanks to Dr. Hornabrook and nursing sisters. BOWE (nee Arnold).— On March 1, to Ora and Mervine— a son (Michael Arnold John). Thanking Dr. Fox and staff, Whyalla Hospital. RANKINE (nee Burfleld).— On March 9, at Park Terrace Maternity Hospital, to Dora and Lionel (Jack) — a daughter (Christine Olive), stillborn. Thanking Dr. Jolly, Matron and hospital staff. READ (nee Carr). — On March J, at South Glen, to Dot and Max— a son (Jeff rey Maxwell). Special thanks to Dr. Hendrickson and hospital staff. ROBERTS. — On March 6, to Mr. and Mm. Fred Roberts, Woodville — a son (Peter Alexander). STEPHEN (nee Patricia White).— On February 16, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Stephen, of Roma, Queensland — a daughter (Pauline Margaret), premature. SIEBERT. — On March 5, at the Loxton District Hospital, to Elsa and Ern — a daughter (Gloria Fay). Both well. Thank ing Dr. Samuel, Matron Axford and hos pital staff. SCHULTZ (nee Nelson). — On March 6, at Q.V.M.H., to Freda and Otto — a son. Both well. Thanking staff and also Dr. Alpers. SEAMAN (nee Trezlse).— On March 9, at Blackwood Private Hospital, to Laurel and Frank, of McLaren Vale — a son (Barry Francis). Both well. SEIBOTH (nee E. Mickan).—On March     7, at the Angaston Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Ben. Seiboth, of Eden Valley — a son (Reginald James). Special thanks to Dr.   Nicholls, matron and hospital staff. SHADGETT. — At Malvern Private Hos pital, to Pauline, wife of Dudley Shad gett — a son. SCHUTZ. — At Lameroo, to Elva and Eric — God's gift of a darling baby son (Ronald Eric). Thanking all in attend SIMONS (nee Vallis).— On March 7, at S.M.H., Mount Barker, to Florence and Tom — a daughter (Veronica Florence). Both well. Thanking Dr. Downing and STEINWEDEL. — On March 9, at Unley Private Hospital, to Gladys and Norman — a daughter (Janice Dianne). Thank ing Dr. Burden and hospital . staff. No visitors for seven days. STEWART. — On March 11, at McBrlde Maternity Hospital, a daughter (Ann Cecilia) was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stewart, of Toorak East. SUNMAN (nee Meers). — On March 9, at Calvary, to Win and Colin — a daugh ter. Thanking Dr. Wurnr and hospital staff. SEMMENS ? On March 9, at Port Augusta Hospital, to Con and Ern, of Tarcoola — a son (Rodney Trent). Thank ing Dr. Thompson and nursing staff. SHARRAD. — On March 10, at the Sol diers' Memorial Hospital, Pinnaroo, ? to Joyce and clem — a daughter (Karen Lyn ley). Both well. Special thanks to Dr. Wilkinson, Matron Sellick Sister Tren grove and hospital staff. STAPLETON (nee Molly Smith).— On March 8 — a son. Both well. STEWARD (nee Beiler). — On March 9, at Memorial, to Gwenda and Harrold ? the gift of a daughter (Judith Ann). STUART (nee Whait). — On February 25, at Whyalla Hospital, to the wife of James H. Stuart — a daughter, Margaret Anne. Special thanks to Dr. Zimmett, Sister Walters and staff. SYKES.— At Q.V.M.H., March 9, to Peg and Bill — a son. Special thanks to Dr. Joynt and staff. SYMONS (nee McCard). — On Feb ruary 23, at Q.V.M.H., to Shirley and Ted — a son (Edward James). Special thanks to doctors and hospital staff. SALTER (nee Burke). — On March 6,   at Henley Private, to Dorrie and Kev. ? a bonny son (Robert John). Thanking all in attendance. No visitors for seven days. SANDLAND (nee Senior). — On Febru ary 25, at Wolverton Hospital, to Mary and Jack— a daughter (Sharon Ann). Thanking Dr. MacKenzie. Sister Parks and hospital staff. - SCUDDS (nee Moore). — To Corinne and Mick — a bonny baby son (Barry John), on March 5. Thanking Dr. Hunter and staff at Salisbury Hospital. SELFE (nee Wright).— At Henley Pri vate Hospital, March 3, to Jessie and Arthur — a son (Anthony John). Both well. Thanking all in attendance. STUBING (nee Woon). — On March 4, at Port Pirie Hospital, to Mary and Darryll — a son (Craig). STREETER.— On February 24, at Port Augusta Hospital, to Mary and Dudley— a daughter. Thanking Dr. Thompson and hospital staff. SORRELL (nee Mabel Pilcher).— To Mr. and Mrs. John Sorrell, Glengowrie — a daughter (Tania Christine). Spe cial thanks to Quambi staff and Drs. Prest and Ross. SORENSEN (nee Coates).— On March 1, at ?Q.V.M.H., tn Lons and Ern — a daugh ter (Valda Ann). Thanking all in atten dance. SCHOENBEBG. — On Feb. 28, at the Auburn District Hospital, to Harry and . Myrtle — a son. SOLOMONS.— On March 5. at Mem orial Hcspital, to Tasma and Douglas— a daughter (Vyninka). Thanking Dr. Ronald Verco and hospital staff. SUTTON (nee Anderson). — On March 1, at Balaklava Soldiers' Memorial Hosoi tal. to Bryan and Edna — a son (Rodney Keith). Both well. Thanking Dr. Short and nursing staff. TAYLOR — On March 5, to Helen, wife of Trevor R. Taylor — a son. TERRELL (nee Barnett). — On March 3, at Waikerle, to June and Watty— a daughter. TRENWITH (nee Mills).— On March 4. at Malvern Private Hospital, to Doris and Max — a daughter. Thanking Dr. Russell, Sisiter Forsythe and nursing staff. No visitors 7 days. TERRELL (nee Brooks). — On March 6, at Hindmarsh Maternity Hospital, to Betty and Allan — a daughter (prema ture, lived 12 hours). Thanking Dr. Chandler and all those in attendance. TURNER (nee Bristow). — On March 3, at Monreith Hospital, to Thelma, wife of David Turner — a sen (Brian John) TODD. — On February 19. at Queens cliff, Victoria, to Betty, wife of David— a daughter. TOLE (nee Hewitson). — On February 16, at Q.V.M. Hospital, Launceston, Tas mania, to Daphne and Eddie, of Targa — a son (Jorin Edwin). THOMSON (ree Schultz).— On March 10, at Memorial Hospital, to Lillias and Don — a son (William Donald). THOMPSON (nee Carey).— On March 10, at Whyalla, to Joan and Hal ? a son (Dale). Both well. TWIGDEN (nee Glasson). — On March 8, at Blyth District Hospital, to Beryl and Arthur — a daughter (Janette). URWIN. — On March 8. at Hindmarsh Maternity Hospital, to Max and Kath — a daughter (Valerie Lorraine) (. Thanking Dr. Lyons and staff. VIRGIN (nee Dodson). — On March 9, at Ena Private Hospital, to Audrey and Norm — a daughter (Beverly Kaye). Grateful thanks to Sister Read and Mrs. Taylor. VEALL (nee Stringer).— On March 1, at the Port Broughton Hospital, to Molly and Noel — a son. Thanking Dr. Brook man, Sister Cliff and staff. VEALL (nee Stringer). — To Molly and Noel, at Port Broughton, on March 1, a bonny son. Special thanks to Dr. Brook man. Sister Cliff and staff. WUNDKE. —On March 8, at Blyth Dis trict Hospital, to Mavis and Arthur —a   daughter. Thanking Dr. Crosbie and hos pital staff. WELLINGTON. —At Memorial on March   3, to Joan and Murray —twin daughters.   WHITTLE.— On March 7, at Calvary Hospital, to the wife of R. C. Whittle, 71 Blight street, Croydon —a son (Ste   phen Damien). Both well. WILKINS. —On March 2, at Jamestown   Hospital, to Ray and Phillis, of Blinman —a daughter (Lynette Anne). Both well.   WADE (nee May). —On March 4, at   Hindmarsh Hospital, to Shirley and Les —a daughter (Lynette Ann). Thanking   Dr. Peach and hospital staff. WILLMOTT. —On March 4, at Whyalla, to Gwen and Mervin —a son. Thanklng   all in attendance.

BIRTHS WOODHOUSE (nee Hopkins).— On i March 4, at Balaklava S.M. Hospital, to Rae and Dick — a son (Murray Allan). Thanking Dr. Joske and staff. WILLMOTT (nee Rodgers).— On March 3, at Whyalla Hospital, to Gwen and Merv — a son (Geoffrey Dean). Thank ing Dr. Wallace and hospital staff. WRIGHT. — On March 4, to Mrs. A. E. Wright — a son. Thanking Dr. R. L. Smith and Sister Sloan. Both well. WALLACE (nee Wright).— On March 10, at Wolverton, to Mary and Boss — a. son. No visitors for .7 days. WARD (nee Guscott).— On March 8, at Peterborough S.M. Hospital, to Moi- reen and Bruce— a daughter. Both well. WBIGHT.— On March 9, at Rowan Pri vate Hospital, to Doris and Cliff — a daughter. Both well. Thanking Dr. Adams and hospital staff. WALTERS (nee Burgoyne) .— On March 10. at Memorial, to Rene and Arnold — a son. Special thanks to Dr. Haste and hospital staff. Visitors after seven days. WILSON.— On March 6, at Port Lin coln, to Ruth and Murray, of Warundah — a daughter. ' , WILSON.— On March 9, at Unley Pri vate Hospital, to Betty and Brian— a daughter. Both well. No visitors six 8YOUDE (nee Harvey).— On March 2 at Northern Hospital, to Joyce and Bill —a son (Peter William). Both well. ZIMMERMANN (nee Young). — On March 2, at Berri District Hospital, to Thelma and Les — a son (Robert Wil- liam). Thanking all in attendance. MARRIAGES CASEY— WHITSTONE.— The marriage of Kathleen A., eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Casey, of Camden, to, Robert, second son of Mrs. M. and the late Mr. Whitstone, of Mypolonga. at St. Joseph's Church, on Feb. 15, at Kes wick. DANDIEL— SAMPSON.— The marriage of Muriel B., second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Daniel, of Cleve, to H. George (Wally), third son of Mrs. and the late Mr. J. F. Sampson, of Warramboo, will be solemnised in the Warramboo Metho dist Church on Thursday, March 27, at 6.30 p.m. Relatives and friends cor dially invited to ceremony and after wards at Warramboo Institute. FENWICK — DUTTON. — The marriage of Alice Irene elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Dutton. of Aldgate, to Thomas, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Fenwick, of Lameroo, was solemnised quietly on February 19, by Rev. F. H. B. Dillon i at the Church of the Ascension, Aldgate. JANSSAN— RALLA.— The marriage of Shirley Yvonne, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Janssan, of Beulah Park, to Joseph, youngest son of Mrs. J- Ralla and the late Mr. J. Ralla, formerly of Morgan, was solemnised at St. Johns Churcli, Colac, Victoria, by the Rev. John Hall, on March 4. KITSON — THEISINGER. — The mar riage of Constance M., elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Theisinger, of Alber ton, to Michael T., second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Kitson, of Hilton, was celebrated at Mount Carmel, Alberton, or Saturday, February 22. MORRISON — CASE.— The marriage of Esma, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Morrison, of Broken Hill, to Alexan der A., fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Case, of Crystal Brook, formerly of Laura, was solemnised at the Cathedral, Broken Hill, on February 26, by Rev. Father T. W. Brady. STRATFORD— BARNETT.— The mar riage of Joyce Mavis, eldest daughter of Mrs. G. Stratford, of West Richmond, to Douglas Robert, second son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Barnett, of Montacute, was solemnised at Pirie Street Methodist Church, on March 8. STANLEY— WEBB.— The marriage of Gwenneth M.. second daughter of Mr. and lute Mrs. D. L. Stanley, late Black Springs, to Ambrose G., youngest son late Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Webb, Warramboo, was solem nised at St. Bede's Church of England, Semaphore, on Feb. 27. Rev. M. P. Cowle officiated. SILVER WEDDINGS NEIDECK — COOPER. — Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Neideck, of Waikerie, wish to an nounce the 25th anniversary of their marriage, solemnised at Narracorte Methodist Church. March 15, 1922, by the Rev. A. E. G. Johnson. APPROACHING MARRIAGES MARSHALL - TOMLEY. - The marriage of Mabel Jean, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Marshall, of Coonalpyn, to David Ronald (ex-R.A.N.), only son of Mrs. I. G. Tomley and the late Mr. D. R. Tomley, Cockatoo Valley, will be solemnised at Scots Presbyterian Church, North terrace, on Saturday, March 22, at 2 pm. RUSSELL— POST.— The marriage of Gwen, elder daughter of Mr. S. H. Rus sell, of West st., Torrensville, and the late Mrs. Ruesell, to Syd, fifth son- of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Post, of Prospect, will ? be solemnised in St. Francis Xavier's Ctthedral on Sat., March 15, at 6 p.m. ENGAGEMENTS AGARS — ZIPPEL. — The engagement is announced of Lois J., eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Agars, Wirrulla, to Lyndsay Douglas, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Zippel, Streaky Bay. BROOK — PEARCE. — The engagement is announced of Dorothy G., eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. w. M. Brook, 'Emeroo Stn.,' via Pt. Augusta, to Wil liam S.. eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. J. Pearce. of Quorn. BRAUNACK— LIEBICH.— The engage ment has been announced of Doris S., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Braunack, of near Tanunda, to C. Walter, second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Liebich, of 'Rolandia,' Rowland Flat. BURGESS— DUNNING ? The engage ment is announced of Betty, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Burgess, of Kent Town, to Wilver, only son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dunning, Port pirie. ?BUZZA— LYDEAMORE.— The engage ment is announced of Kath. youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Buzza, Peterborough to Charles, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Tjydeamore, of Port Pirie. BROWN— BLENKIRON.— The engage ment is announced of Doreen, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Brown, of Birkenhead, to Lorry, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Blenkiron, of Lameroo. BROWN— REHM.— The engagement is announced of Adeline, youngest daughter of Mr. F. J. Rehm and late Mrs. Rehm, of Adelaide, to Newton, eldest son of Mrs. C. A. Brown and the late Mr. Brown, of Macksville, N.S.W. CLEAVE— COAD.— The engagement Is announced of G. Beryl, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Cleave, Mangalo, via Cowell, to David R., ex-R.A.A.F., only son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Coad, Second avenue, Sefton Park, Adelaide. CONNELLY — BURNS. — The engage ment is announced of Josie, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Connelly, of Paraka, to Eric, only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Burns, of Mile' End. DULDIG— GREAVES.— The engagement is announced of Viola Joyce, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Duldig, to William Charles, only son of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Greaves, both of Willaston. DAWKINS— WEDDELL.— The engage ment is announced of Lola Irene, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Dawkins, Coogee, N.S.W., to Wing Commander James Weddell, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Weddell, Reade Park, Ade laide ELDER — SHRUBSOLE, — The engage- ment is announced of Lilian, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Elder, of Salisbury, to Stanley, eldest son of Mrs. M. J. Mathys, of Salisbury. (Continued on next page).

ENGAGEMENTS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAMS, AND RETURN THANKS (Continued from. Previous Page) ENGAGEMENTS EDWARDS — BAWDEN.— The engage ment is announced of Judith Mary, yonger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Edwards, Kensington Park, to Leonard Chauvel (Val), only son of Mr. and. Mrs. H. L. Bawden. Port Lincoln. FARMER— SCOTT. — The engagement Is anounced of Joan, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Farmer, Naracoorte. to Ronald Gordon Scott, only son of Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Scott, Orroroo. FORBES— SCHMIDT.— The engagement is announced of Cherie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Forbes, of Orroroo, to Ross Edmund, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schmidt, of Willowle. GORDON — GERTAU. — Tile engagement Ik announced of Madge L., second daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Gordon, to Reginald F., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Gertau, both of Clare. HARFOBD — ELLIOTT. — The engage ment is announced of Barbara, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Harford, of Glossop, to W. B. Elliott, third son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Elliott, of Cleve, West Coast. HUTCHINSON— EAMES.— The engage ment is anounced of Bessie, only child of Mr. S. and late Mrs. Hutchinson, of Marama, to Harry, second son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Eaxnes. Melbourne. HUTCHESSON— MORRIS. — The en gagement is announced of Marjorie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hutches son, of Fort Adelaide, to Desmond Mor ris, of Semaphore, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Morris, of Whyalla. HITCHEN— NUGENT. — The engage ment is announced of Marjorie Gladys, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A W. Hitchen, Coonamble, N.S.W., to John Joseph, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Nugent, of Port Augusta, S.A. HALKETT — PAGE. — The engagement is announced of Joan Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Halkett, of spalding, to John David, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Page, of Spalding. INNES — CATFORD. — The engagement is announced of Beth- Lorraine, only daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. C. Y. Innes, of Booleroo Centre, to Murray, younger son of Mr. and the late Mrs. F. E. Cat ford, of Appila. JONES — THOMPSON. — The engage ment is announced of Doris Edna, eldest daughter of Mr. A. W. Jones. Wilchata Station, Carrieton, to Lancelot J. G., only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Thomp son, Kent street. Hawthorn. MULLINEUX — SPEHR. — The engage ment is announced of Thora Vyonne, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Mullineux, of Perth, Western Australia, to Leon Harry, only son of Mrs. and the late Mr. H. fl. Spehr, of Virginia, Sth. Australia. N McCORQUODALE — DANIEL. — On March 9 the engagement was announced of Marjory S., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. McCorquodale, Port Augusta, to Reginald C, youngest son of Mrs. B. and the late Mr G. Daniel, Melton, Y.P. McEWIN— JAMIESON ? The engage ment is announced of J. P. Ruth, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. McEwin Calton Hill, Blyth, to Reginald James, second son of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Jamie son, of Prospect. MARRETT — THREDGOLD. — The en gagement is announced of Jean, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Mar rett, of Wanbi, to Kevin, youngest son of Mr. and the late Mrs. F. C. Thred gold, of Galga. MATTHEWS— McEVOY.— The engage ment is announced of Melva. younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Matthews, of West Croydon, to Joe, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. McEvoy, of Minnipa, West Coast. MORGAN — LUCAS. — The engagement is announced of Gwendoline Rhoda el dest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Morgan, of Balaklava, to Colin Stanley, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Lucas of Croydon. NAUGHTON— O'SHEA.— The engage ment is announced of Audrey C, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. j. Naugh ? ton, Bowmans, South Australia, to Harold J. (ex A.I.F.), third son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. O'Shea. Murrumburrah, N.S.W. MUIRHEAD — NELSON. — The engage ment is announced of Evelyn Fay, only child of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Muirhead of Evandale, to Donald William, only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Nelson, of Marles ton. NICHOLLS — BERGMANN. _ The en   gagement is announced of Doreen M., younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Nicholls, to Niel L., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. W. Bergmann, both of Ceduna. NANKERVIS— RUNDLE.— The engage ment is announced of Betty, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Nankervis, to Colin Howard, younger son of Mr. c. E. Rundle and the late Mrs. Rundle, both of Kulpara. *? NEESON— BURCHETT.— The engage ment is announced of Valda, the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burchett of Whyalla, to Eric Sydney, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Neeson, of Wollongong, N.S.W. PASCOE— FOWLER. — The engagement Is announced of Shirley Margaret, younger daughter 9! Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pascoe of Woodville, to John Malin. elder son of Mr. Ernest Fowler, Auckland, New Zea land. PERRY — BOSHER. — The engagement Is announced of Betty, younger daughter of Mr. A. C. Perry and the late Mrs. A. C. Perry, Pt, Vincent, to Arthur, only son of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Bosher, Nails worth. QUINLAN — McROSTIE The engage   ment is announced of Phyllis Veronica, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Quinlan, Devon Park, to Robert James, ex A.I.F., fourth son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Arthur McRostie, of Millicent RADFORD— VICTORSEN— The engage ment is announced of Patricia May, sec ond daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. S Rad ford, Belair, to William, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Victorsen, Black wood. STEER — AGARS.— The engagement Is announced of Gwenda Muriel, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. j. Steer, to Percival, son of Mr. and the late Mrs. T. D. Agars, both of Wilkawatt. SCHULZ— REICHSTEIN.— The engage ment is announced of Jean M., eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Schulz, to Donald A., fifth son of Mr/ and Mrs. O. F. Reichstein, both of Galga. THREDGOLD — WINTER. — The engage ment is announced of Hazel, daughter of Mrs. and Mr. J. Thredgold, to James, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Winter, both of Kingston, S.E. VOGLER — GRAETZ. — The engagement is announced of Wilma, elder daughter of Mrs. A. Vogler, of 76 Abingdon street, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, to Victor, younger son of Mr. and Mrs H A. Graetz. of Sedan. WHEATON— CARTLEDGE. — The en gagement is announced of Alma Ruth, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Wheaton, Snowtown, to Roy Gordon, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. G, Cart ledge, Launceston. WARD — STEWART. — The engagement is announced of Helen, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. G. Ward, to Nor man, youngest son of Mr. and the late Mrs. F. Stewart, both of Milang. WHITE — CROSER. — The engagement is announced of Ronda, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. White, Port Ade laide, to Lindsey, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Croser, Bridgewater (late of Al berton). WILSON— POSSINGHAM.— The en gagement is announced of Una C, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wilson, of Mt. Gambler, to Allan P., second son of Mr, and Mrs. S. T. J. Possingham, of Houghton. DEATHS ASHWOOD.— On March 5, at Whyalla, Amy Elizabeth, beloved wife of the late John Ashwood. late of Copley, and loving mother of John, of Iron Knob. Aged 91 years. At rest.

DEATHS ALTUS.— On March 6 (suddenly), at his residence, Lameroo, Gustav Albert, be loved husband of Jessie and father of Dorothy, Vera, Murray, Jean and Daphne. Aged 63 years. . ALLEN.- -On March 7. at his resi dence, 5 Cuthbert avenue, Mitcbam, John Archibald, the dearly beloved hue band of Ada Allen, and loving father of Charlie. Edith (Mrs. F. Johnson), Les lie, Lawrence, Nella (Mrs. C. Scott), and the late Margaret (Mrs. G. Brooks). Aged 73 years. Rest after weariness. ANDERSON.— On March 8, at Roya: Adelaide Hospital, Jane, widow of George Anderson, late of- Henley Beach road, Fulham, and loving mother of George, mother-in-law of Doll, and grandmother of Joan. Aged 86 years and 10 month'. ATKINS. — On March 6, at Gciolwa, Herbert Henry, loving husband of Lillian Maude Atkins and loving fa the) of Alva, Olive, Susan, Eva, Nora and Tom (deceased). Aged 66 years. AHRENS. — On March 10, at Angaston (suddenly), Johann Friedrich, beloved hus band of Martha Ahrens and loving father of Fred and Gus. Aged 64 years. ARTHUR.— On March 8, at Adelaide. Robert Davidson, the dearly beloved hus band of . the late Rosalie Arthur, of 22 Blyth street, Parkside. Aged 68 years. Peacefully ? sleeping. BRISTOW ? On March 1, at Jamestown Hospital (suddenly), Cliff, Joved eldest son of H. and R. Bristow, Spalding. Aged 43 years. Sadly missed, v ' BROWN.— On March 5, at Adelaide, James (Jim) Brown, late of Strathalbyn, loved brother of the late William, Thomas, John, and Margaret (Mrs. Botten). Aged 88 years. BARTLETT. — On March 7, at Kadina, Mary Ann, widow of Francis J. Bartlett and loving. mother of Bert. Aged 79 years. BATEMAN.— On March 5, at Calvary Hospital, Rose Mary, dearly beloved wife of late William Ayre Bateman, loving mother of Lydia and Mary. R.I.P. BAX. — On March 7, at Adelaide, Elizabeth Jane, loved wife of the late Charles Forbes Bax, Mount Pleasant, and loving mother of Albert, John, Jess (Mrs. E. H. Lihou), also Murray, Ben, George and Alex (deceased). Aged 87 years. At rest. BUTLER — On February 27, at Mildura. John Edward (Ted), late of Hawker, loved brother of Sarah (Mrs. McKenna), William George (of T3urra), Elizabeth Jane (Bessie), and Emily Ethel (dec). Aged 68 years and 7 months. BAKER. — On March 8, at hospital, William George Baker, of Payneham, widower of Alice Caroline and loving father of George. Aged 84 years. Rest ing. BAWDEN.— On March 6, at Miniaton Hospital. Thomas William, son of the late Hrgh and Honner Bawden (late of Maitland), brother of George, Ann, Huglue. Charlie (all dec.), John, Grace and Jim survive. Aged 73 years. BEATTON. — On March 8, at his resi dence, 133 Port road, Woodville Richard David Bower Beatton (late of Port Augusta), eldest son of the late James and Frances Beatton, brother of Irene £.nd Stuart and the late Maud, Nell, Fanny, Clair, and Ken. Aged 73 years. BUCKLEY. — On February 26, at Wigan, England, Thomas, beloved young est brother of Elizabeth (Mrs. Morris). RXP. BAX.— On March 7, at Adelaide Hospi tal, Elizabeth Jane, dearly beloved sister of Mary (Mrs. Preiss), Martha (Mrs. Peters), Edith (Mrs. Lahne), and brothers Jack and Dick, and deceased, George. Kit, Alf, Bolt. In her 88th. year. At rest. W.A. papers please copy. BEER. — On March 11, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. E. Weber, 149 Marion road, Richmond, Adelaide, widow of Bruno H. Beer, leaving five sons and four daughters. Aged 89 years. BEST. — On March 10, at a private hos pital, Robert Shepherd Best, beloved hus band of the late Amy Florence, and lov-' ing father of Leslie Robert Best, 33 Phillips street, Southwark. In his 89th year. At rest. CURRY. — On March 6, at Adelaide, John Stewart, of Hindley 4»reet, Ade laide, loving father of Shirley (Mrs. D. M. Sutherland). Aged 70 years. At rest. COLLINS.— On March 4, at 83 Pros pect road, Geelong, Adeline C. Collins, wife of the late W. G. Collins, mother of Mrs. G. D. Vines. COCKBURN.— On March 6, at her residence, 104 Rose terrace. Wayville, May Elder Cockburn. the dearly beloved wife of the late Charles Samuel and loving mother of Harry, Esma, 1/orna and Glen. COLEMAN — On March 6, Frances Har riet, widow of John Edward Coleman, of Glenelg, and loving mother of Jean and of Clifford (deceased). Aged 59 years. COX — On February 22, at Morgan, Joseph Walter, late 1st A.I.F. Aged 63. Late Enfield S.A. At rest. CALLER.^-On March 8, at his resi dence, 'Mosman,' 84 Frederick street, Welland, Giles (Jack), beloved husband of Louisa and loving father of Arthur, Charles, Harry, Fred, Eleanor (Mrs. John Hodge), and Doris (Mrs. Arthur Robinson). Aged 86 years. At rest. CARTER. — On March 9, at the Wal laroo Hospital, Eva, beloved wife of Wil liam George Carter, and loving mother of May, Harry, William Lorna, Phyllis and Joy. Aged 57 years. At rest. CHESTERMAN. — On March 8, at a pri vate hospital, Alice Margaret, widow of Herbert Chesterman, late of Croydon, and loving mother of Howard, Frank, Wal ter, Laurie and Ernest. Aged 85 years. CLARK. — On March 10. at hospital (result of accident), Brian John, dearly beloved youngest eon of Mrs. Florence and the late Mr. Job Clark, late of Broken Hill and 2 Tapley's Hill road. New Queenstown, and loving brother of Rjta, Mavis, May and Alf. Aged 16 years. COOK. — On March 8, In Melbourne, Arthur Lionel, beloved second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Cook. Mt. Barker. Aged 60 years. Result of accident. UEEGAN. — On March. 3. Elizabeth Mar garet, loved wife of the late Frederick Alfred Deegan, of 30 Avenue road, High gate. Aged 73 years. Requiescat in pace. DICKESON.— On March 4. at Adelaide Hospital, Blanche, loving mother of Horace, daughter-in-law Jean, grandson Herbie. Resting. DIENER.— On March 5, at her resi dence, 64 Augusta street, Helmsdale, Jane, widow of William Diener. in her 92nd year. DOWLER. — On March 1, in Melbourne, William, loved brother of George Dowler, Adelaide. DEAYES. — On March 8, at hospital, Florence Mavina May, beloved wife of Frank Deaves. Aged 56 years. Peace fully resting. DRABSCH. — On March 9 (result of ac cident), Peter, beloved elder son of R. A. (Mick) and Mabel Drabsch, of Hen ley Beach Toad, Lockleys, and loving brother of Margaret and Michael. Aged 1« years. DELDERFIELD.— On March 8, at Ade laide, Sarah Ann Delderfield, of 10 Weaver avenue, Richmond, beloved mother of Jim, Eric, and Betty. In her 65th year. EDWARDS.— On March 8, Colin George Edwards, passed away at Royal Adelaide Hospital, beloved husband of Betty Elenora Edwards and loving father of Robert and Geoffrey, late of Port Augusta. Peacefully sleeping. EVANS. — On March 5, at private hos pital, Ethel Maud, beloved wife of the late David Evans, and loving sister of Mrs. J. H. Lambert, Mrs. H. B. Horton. Mrs. A. W. Gordon, and Mr. J. A. Matthew. Aged 67 years. A patient suf ferer at rest. GOODENOUGH.— On March 8, Albert Ronald (Mick), dearly beloved husband of Hannah Joyce Goodenough and loving father of Beverly and David. Aged 31 years.' GOWLING. — On March 9. at hie resi dence, 11 Jamieson street, Alberton, Alfred Edward, loved husband of Phoebe and loving father of Reg, Eric (deceased), Murray and Eileen. Aged 76 years. Resting. GOWLING.— On March 9. at his resi dence, 11 Jamieson street, Alberton, Alfred Edward, beloved husband of Phoebe, and loving father of Reg, Eric (deed.). Murray and Eileen, Aged 76 years. Resting.

DEATHS GEIER. — On March 9 (suddenly). Ernst Rudolph, loved husband of Tda Mary (deceased), and loving father of Ida, Frieda, Ella, Elsa and Bruno. GUERIN. — On March 11; at Calvary Hospital, Lucy, loved wife of Thomas Francis Guerin, of Salisbury, and loved only sister of Mary Hogan. Requiescat in pace. HAUSLER. — On March 5, at the Eudunda Hospital, Ernsteine C. Matilda, beloved wife of Ernest Daniel Hausler, of Morgan, leaving four sons and two daughters to mourn their sad loss. Aged 73 years. HEASLIP. — On February 19, at warr nambool, Victoria (suddenly), Clive, dear friend and cousin o£ Gwen Dayman, 5 Prospect road, Prospect. Aged 49 years. HAMER. — On March 6. at his residence, Turramurra, Sydney. New South Wales, Maurice B., youngest son of the late Henry and Martha Hamer. HULBERT. — On February 25, at Laun ceston, Tas. (result of accident), Dossie, dearly beloved wife of Jack. Inserted by sister-in-law Winnie. ' HARVEY. — On March 6, Ernest Har vey (52 years in the mail branch of G.P.O., Adelaide), dearly beloved hus band of Lillian Annie Harvey, and loving lather of Vera (Mrs. Milford), Alvin, and Leslie (deceased). Aged 69 years. HAWKINGS. — On March 6, at a pri vate hospital, Albert Edward, dearly be loved husband of Annie Grace Isabel Hawkings, of 52 Watson avenue, Rose Park (formerly of Somerset, England). Aged 83 years. HARMER. — On March 9, at her resi dence, Ella Winifred Annie -Wi:-nie), dearly beloved wife of Norman Jchn, mother of Nora, Evelyn and Eric. At HOLMAN.— On March 8, at hospital, Edith Amy, beloved wife of Stanley Rowe Holman, of Strathalbyn. HANN ? On March 10, at his residence, 8 Marlborough road, Westbourne Park, Albert Ernest, beloved husband of Rose Hann, loving father of Max and Betty, and father-in-law of Molly and Les. in his 59th year. HOWLEi'T. — On March 10, at hospi tal, Phillip John, beloved husband of Am brosine Adelia Howlett, Holder parade, Marino, and loving father of Eva and Phil. Aged 72 years. INGRAM. — On March 11, at hospital, Louisa Isabella (formerly of Moonta), be loved wife of James Wallace Ingram, and loving mother of Charles (Tasmania), Evelyn (Mrs. Batten), Violet (Mrs. Clark), Marjorie (Mrs. Stuart), and Wil liam (dec). Aged 77 years. At rest. JUNGFER.— On March 9, at Adelaide, Herbert Carl Jungfer, of Berri. Aged 5?- years. KROPINYERI. — On March 8, at the Children's Hospital, Ivy Loretta, lored baby daughter of Jean and Harold Kropinjerir^Aged 6 'A months. KEANE.— On March 10, Agnes Madge Keane, of -35 South terrace, Adelaide, be loved wife of the late John Joseph- Keane. Aged 69 years. Requiescat in pace. LEWIS — On March 6, at a private hospital, Sylvia E. A., the dearly be loved wife of John Newman Lewis, of Cherry Gardens and the loving mother of Ken, Dorothy, Allan, Ruby (Mrs. C. Smart), Roy and Hilda. Aged 57 years. LOVERIDGE — On March 5, at hospi tal (suddenly), Winifred Avis, beloved elder daughter of the late W. H. Love ridge, and loving sister of VI, Clarry and Eustace. LUSCOMBE.— On March 7, at the Moonta Jubilee Hospital, Aurelia, relict of John Luscombe, and loving mother of Tom. Aged 78 years. LAMONT. — On March 7, at 20 Parr street, Largs Bay, Elaine Margaret, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic John (Jack) Lament. Aged 25 years. At rest. McCARRALL.— On March 4, at Ade laide, Margaret, beloved elder daughter of Mrs. McCarrall, of Dunoon, Scotland. Aged 24 years. Requiescat in pace. McINERNEY. — On March 5. Joseph Mclnerney, fourth son of the late Joseph and Mary Mclnerney (late of Freeling). Aged 70 years. Requiescat in pace. MONTEN. — On March 6, at Children's Hospital, Gwenda Elaine, loved baby daughter of George and Jean Monten. Aged ten days. MAYNE. — On March 6, Sydney (sud denly), Gladstone (Dick), loving brother, of Edgar, Arthur, Harry, Eva (Mrs. L. Ligertwood). MACKENZIE.— On March 9, Norma Jean, dearly beloved wife' of Edward MacKenzie, of Cross stTeet, Brighton. Aged 37. Requiescat in pace. MEYER. — On March 8, at a private hospital, Elise Mina (Elite), only child of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Meyer, late of Glenholme, Glen Osmond. MORGAN.— pOn March 9, at her home Warrow station, Coulta, Agnes Flora, loved wife of Llewelyn Morgan. Aged 51 years. MANSELL. — On March 4 (suddenly), at Adelaide, Harold, eldest son of the late Benjamin and Alice Mansell (late Peterborough), brother of Myrtle, Ina and Stella, Court and Les (deed.). Aged 63 years. ?; MAU. — On March 8, at Barmera Dis trict Hospital, Florence May, loving mother of Peter, Heather, Mark,- Fran- cis and Betty. Aged 37 years. MAYFIELD.— On March 11, at a pri vate hospital, Adelaide, Collins Hirst, second son of the late Thomas William and Emily Mayfield, late of Inman Val ley, and brother of Howard (deceased), Bern., Fred, Oscar and Wallace. MITCHELL (nee Burtt). — On March 4. at Nhill Hospital, Victoria, Effie Emma, dearly loved wife of the late Frederick Mitchell, loving mother of Muriel, Arch, Gilbert, Sylvia, Cecil and Phlllis, also eldest daughter of Mary and the late Thomas Burtt, loving sister of Cave, Fred and Mabel. Peace, perfect peace. MORGAN (nee Bowman). Port Augusta. — On March 9, at Warrow Station, Coulta (suddenly), Agnes Flora, beloved sister of Grace and Dick. MILSTEAD. — On March^t, at Dartmoor, Vic, Elizabeth Milstead, late of Anzac Highway, Morphettville, and Port McDon nell. Aged 82 years. NICOL. — On March 10, at his residence, 254 Greenhill road, Burnside, Henry Lloyd Snaith, the beloved husband of Annie Elwin Kicol. Aged 75 years. (Sud denly.) O'NEILL.— On March 1, at Loxton Hos pital, after a brief illness, John O'Neill. Aged 88 years. OSTERMANN.— On March 6, at Ta nunda (suddenly), Rudolf Ernst Oster mann, beloved husband of Maria Helene Ostermann. Aged 63 years. O'DONNELL. — On March 8, Leo Michael, husband of the late Iva O'Don nell, late of Hindmarsh, and loving father of Nancy, Mickey and Ron. Aged 51 years. Requiescat in pace. POPE.— On March 7, at 105 North ter race, Kensington Gardens. Sarah Ann, beloved wife of Henry Pope and loving mother of Raymond, Barton and Harley. In her 80th year. PAYNTEB. — On March 3. at Broken Hill, Joseph, loved youngest brother of Edith, Olivia, and Ethel, late of Moonta. PENDLE. — On March 5, in Renmark District Hospital, James, loved husband of the late Eliza and loving father of James (dec), Lily, Grace, Walter, Ivy, Eva (dec), Keith (dec), and Katey. Aged 83 years. PARKER.— On March 9. at Barmera Hospital, Dora Lillian, the dearly be loved sister of the Rev. H. L. Parker, of Unley, and the Rev. S. W. Parker, of Barmera. He giveth His beloved sleep. PARKER. — On March 10, at Adelaide, Sydney Charles barker, late of Exeter. Aged 57 years. At rest. PRIOR. — On March 11, at her late resi dence, 22 Hardy street, Goodwood Park, Nellie, the beloved wife of Robert Wil liam Prior, and loving mother of Alice . (Mrs. Blunden), Ted .(deceased), Joyce (Mrs. Forrester), and Harold. PESE. — On March 8, at Mannum, Hos pital, Friedrich Wilhelm Theodor (Ted), of Mannum. Aged 71 years. ROBERTS.— On March 4, at 17 Or chard road, Chatswood, N.S.W., William, dearly beloved husband of the late Norah and 'beloved brother of Ellen (Mrs. Goodman, North Wales), Maggie (Mrs. Evans, North Wales), and Lizzie (Mrs. Ahem, Chatswood). Aged 61 years. RYAN. — On February 28, at Adelaide, John Francis, beloved eldest son of the late Thomas and Margaret Ryan, of Marion, and loved brother of Thomas, Anne and William (deceased).

DEATHS REDDEN. — On March 9, at Gumeracha, Moses Samuel, relict of Caroline, late of Cudlee Creek. Aged 82 years. RICE. — On March 10, at Magill, Agnes Rose, beloved wife of the late Thomas Rice, and loving mother of Bill, Jim, Albert. Lou, Mary, Sarah, Joe and Ted. Aged 82 years. A patient sufferer at rest. STENOFF.— On March 4, (result of ac cident), Dennis, the dearly beloved hus band' of Alice Stenoff. of 3 Tondie avenue, Parkside, and loving father of Gladys (Mrs. R. E. Selway) and fond grandpa of Robert. Aged 57 years. SHAXESHAFT. — On March IS. at Adelaide William, the dearly belovsd hus band cf Pearl Shakeshaft, of Norman ville, end loving father of Vera (Mrs. V. Hannalord), Laurence, Keith, Howard, Ellie, Kathleen, , Margery, and Lorna. Aged 6' years. In God's care. SINCLAIE ? On March 8 (suddenly). at 21 Clifford street, Prosepct, Ella, dearly beloved wife of J. D. Sinclair, and loving mother of Doug, and daugh ter of Mrs. E. Stokes. Peacefully sleep ing. SCIIOFIELD.— On March 10. at hospi tal, Ada, dearly beloved wife of the late J. B. Schofield, late of No. 36 Farn ham road, Keswick, and Queenstown, lov ing mother of Eva (Mrs. Hanraban), dear grandma of June and Raymond, and friend of Mr. A. Gooch. Aged 68 years. At rest. STACY. — On March 9, at her residence. 1 Lymington street, Glenelg, Alice Tatham Dean, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. Shepherd Stacy. Aged 77 years. SELWAY.— On March 10. at Adelaide, Thomas Mauger, beloved husband of Emelia Selway, of 26 Seventh avenue, St. Peters, and loving father of Alex, Ern, Doug, Eva (Mrs. Mewett), Rita (Mrs. Wagland). In his 70th year. TRAVERS. — On February 26, at her residence, 91 Bowen street, Broken Hill, Mary, relict of John Travers, loved mother of Myra (Mrs W. S. Cullinan, Peterborough), and -loving grandma of Eileen Sheila and John, great grandma of Christine. R.I.P. TONKIN, Alfred Alan John. — On Thurs day, March 6 (suddenly), on his way home from Adelaide to Barmera, leaving a wife and two daughters. 'In the midst of life we are in death.' TAINSH. — On March 7, at his resi dence, Beaumont road, Beaumont, Wil liam the dearly beloved husband of Bertha Tainsh and loving father of Gladys (Mrs F. Mole), Myra (Mrs. Daley), and the late Clinton. In his 83rd year. TRAEGEB ? On March 10, at a private hospital, Conrad Albert Traeger (late of Cleve), the dearly beloved husband of Florrie Traeger, of 14 Smith-Dorrien street, Galway Estate, and loving father of Selma, Harry, Arthur. Edwin, Linda, Emma, Frieda, Albert, Gladys and the late Oscar. Aged 77 years. At rest. VON BERTOUCH. — On March 9 (sud denly), at Peterborough, Conrad Carl, be loved husband of May and loving father of Ken and Nancy. Aged 56 years and 6 months. VARDON.— On March 7. at hospital, Frederic Henry Vardon (late of Menin gie) beloved husband of Charlotte, and loving father of Charles. Aged 74 years. WERE ? On March 8, at Children's Hospital, Lucille Dawn, dearly loved in fant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Gordoii Were, of 48 Albert street, Pros pect, and darling sister of Lynton. Aged 1 month. WALKER.— On Mafcch 11, Edith Walker, of 20 Baliol street. College Park, the loved mother of Horace, Owen, Harold and ? Reg, fond mother-in-law of Hazel, Eileen. Bell and Else. Aged 72 years. Peacefully sleeping. WEIL.— On March 10, at her late resi dence, 41 Sussex street, Glenelg, Ottelie Sephie Weil, late of Springbank. WHARTON. — On March 10, at her resi dence, 14 Boffa street, Hyde Park, Mary Ruth the dearly beloved wife of Regi nald Hurtle Wharton, and loving mother of Bentley and Aroha (Mrs. H. Riddle). Aged 65 years. At rest. WITHERS. — On March 6, at Port Augusta Hospital, Ernest Thomson, be loved husband of the late Margaret Elizabeth and loving father of Clyde. Aged 65 years. WARNE. — On March 6, at Naracoorte (suddenly), Alexander Percy (Ike), dearly beloved husband of Ruby, May, Warn. Aged 57 years. WILLIS. — On February 25, at Port Pirie Hospital, Bartlett Albert John (Bert), beloved husband of Mary Ann Willis, loving father of Alick, Anne, Ted and Henry. Aged 67. R.I.P. WAINWRIGHT. — On March 10, at Mur Tay Bridge (suddenly), Phylis Muriel, dearly beloved wife of Raymond Loftus Wainwright, of Paradise terminus, and leving mother of Denise and eldest daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sullivan, of Bordertown. Aged 25 years. WILKINS. — On March 11, at bis son's residence, Sandy Creek, Frederick, hus band of the late Kate Wilkins, formerly of 50 William street, Clarence Park. In his 93rd year. At rest. WILSON. — On March 9, Edith Maude Wilson, sister of the late W. A. Wilson, of 44 Tidworth Crescent, Reade Park. In her 84th year. Late of Naracoorte and Mount Barker.

DEATHS WYATT.— On March 11, at his late resi dence, Hamley Bridge, George Wyatt, beloved husband of Margaret Jane, and loving father of five sons and five daugh ters, one son deceased. Aged 79 years. RIP ' 'yeateS. — On March 6, at hospital. Albina Elizabeth, beloved wife of John Clayton Yeates, 56 Elizabeth street, Nor wood, and loving mother of Bob, Conn and Ross. Patience rewarded. IN MEMORIAM BAENSCH. — In loving memory of our dear wife and mother Evelina Meta Baensch, who died on March 12, 1946. Ever remembered. God watched you as you suffered. He knew you had your share, He gently closed your weary eyes, And took you in His care. ? Inserted by her lovine husband an* ^ family. BAENSCH. — In loving memory of our dear friend, Meta, who passed away March 12, 1946. A little token, true and tender, just to show you we remember. And to be together in the same old ?way is our dearest wish today.— Ever remem bered by your friends. Adolph and Hilda Kubcnk. , BUTTON.— In loving memory ol dear mother, passed away March 8, 1943. With tender love and deep regret. We, who loved her, will never forget. ? Lovingly remembered by Annie ana Clarence. , CEOSSMAN.— In loving memory of our dear father, who passed away on March 13, 1945. Loving and kind in all his ways, Upright and just to the end of his days. Sincere and true in heart and mind, What a beautiful rfiemory to leave be hind. ? Always remembered by his daughter and son-in-law, Joyce and Matt, and little granddaughter Jillian. GRIGG. — In loving memory of dear Clive, departed this life Just one year today. Sadly missed. — Inserted by his loving wife and son Lawrie. ?, POLDEN. — In loving memory of our dear father, who passed away March 15, 1942. — Always remembered by Rene, Daisy, Arthnr, and Rueben. RETURN THANKS UAILES. — Mr. S. H. Hailes and family n-'wish to express their appreciation to all relatives and friends for letters, cards, telegrams and beautiful floral tribute* and comforting expressions of sympathy tendered to them at their sad loss of wife and mother. Please accept this as personal expression of gratitude. ? MOEBUS. — Mr. and Mrs. Bert Moebuf wish to sincerely thank all kind friends and relatives for letters, cards, and per sonal expressions of sympathy in tfcei* recent sad loss of their beloved son. Will all please accept this as a personal expression of gratitude?