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Family Notices

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Announcements under this heading must be authorised by the name and address of the sender, and are inserted at a charge of Two Shillings and Sixpence each, when not exceeding five lines. Over five lines, sixpence per line. Death announcements In which a Funeral Announcement Is made are charged for as If the Death and Funeral were separate announcements, namely —the minimum charge of 2/6 and 3/9 respectively. In Memoriam and Death Announcements containing reference to more than one deceased are charged 2/6 each for each deceased mentioned as if they were distinct and separate advertisements. Engagement and Approaching Marriages and Marriage Notices require the sig nature of both parties concerned. dfrlTHS ATKINS. — On September..- 3, at Henley Private Hospital to Mavis, wife of A. E. Atkins — a daughter. AUHL. — On September 3, at Kingston. 8.E., Hospital, to Eva and Ian — a son Thanking Dr. Joy Seager and staff AYLIFFE (nee Gilmorei.— On Septem ber 3, at Calvary Hospital, to Hilda and Bill — a son. Thanking Dr Flaum, sis ters and nursing staff. ATKINSON (nee Trenerryi. — On Sep tember 8, at Unley Private Hospital, to Bobbie, wife of Lieut. J. Atkinson — a son (premature). Lived one hour. Thanking Dr. Steele Scott, matron and staff. AFFOED (nee Langford). — On Septem. ber 8, to Marie and Dean— a son. BAIGENT (nee Davisl. — On September 9, at Queen Victoria Hospital, to Edna and Ron — a son (Frank Ronald). BANWELL (nee O'Halloranl.— On Sep tember 5, at Wolverton Private Hospital, Semaphore, to Margaret and Rex — a son. BATTY (nee Le-Bis). — On September 9, at Henley Beach Private Hospital, to Yvonne and Max — a son (Raymond Max well). BIELBY. — On September 9, to Dorothy, wife of Set. George A. Bielby (A.I.F.. abroad) — a daughter. Thanking Dr. P. Rodriquez and staff of Unley Private Hospital. BRANDON.— On V.P. Day, August IS, to Cpl. Mrs. Maurice Brandon, Warwick. Queensland — a son (Richard Leonard). BARTHOLOMEW. — On Sept. 2, at S.M. Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bar tholomew — a bonny son (Colin Adrian) Both well. Grateful thanks to Dr Heddle and hospital staff. BOEHM (nee Friend). — On Sept. 3, at Angaston District Hospital, to Mary and Ronald — a daughter. Both well. Thank ing Dr. Drever, matron. Sister Doddridge end staff. BROWN (nee Moulei. — On Sept 3, at Sisters L. and M. Lewis's Hospital, Ken sington ter.. to Shirley and Laurie (ex A.I.F) — a son (Phillip Laurence). Thank Ing Dr. Hussey and nursing staff. BAKER (nee Birkinl.— On September 2, at Hindmarsh Maternity Hospital, to Gwen and Tom — a son iBremon Thomas). Thanking Dr. Everard. Matron Sturm end staff. s BALDWIN -nee Fennl.— On September 4, at Ashford Hospital, to Dorothy and Roy — a son (Vernon Roy) Both well No visitors for seven days. ? BLACK (nee Feenane). — On September 5, at Park Terrace Private Hospital, to Laurie, wife of F/Sgt. L. G. Black -R.A.A.F.) — a son (Roger Grant). BOWMAN (nee Francis).— On Septem ber 4, at Orroroo District Hospital, to Audrey and Rex, 'Pine View.' Tarcowie — a daughter (Audrey Faye). BROCK. — On August 28, at Waikene District Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Brock — a son. Both well. BURGESS (nee Jones). — On August 31, to Kelva and Gordon — a bonny daugh ter. Thanking Dr Halloran and staff at Rowan Hospital. BALLARD (nee Goodall).— On Septem ber 6, at D.B.N.S. Hospital, Tailem Bend, to Molly and Malve. of Coomandook — a son (Ross Graham). BARTLETT (nee Iron). — On September S, at Calvary Hospital, to Bruce and Jean it daughter (Margaret Anne) BURGAN (nee Sobey). — On August 25, at Port Pirie Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Burgan — a son (Trevor John). Thanking attending doctor and nursing ataff. 0 BUSSENSCHUTT (nee Daniel).— On Sept. 5, at Koonawarra Private Hospital, Kadina, to Thelma and Ron— a daughter (Christine Ann). Thanking Dr Raises and hospital staff. BATTERSBY mef Kennedy). — On Sep tember 7, at Whyalla Hospital, to Thelma and Len — a son (Wayne George) Both well. BLENKIRON (nee Bills).— On Septem ber 5, at Lameroo Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Blenkiron — a bonny son (David Angas). Thanking Dr. Cock and nursing etaff. CASHMAN. — On September 10, at Mc Bride Hospital, to Kaih and Howard — a son. Thanking Dr Ronald Verco and hospital staff. CABMAN (nee Wilson) — On September 8. at Calvary, to Joan and Ivan (R.A.A.F.. Pacific) — a daughter (Wendy Joan). CORNISH. — On August 28, at Gume racha S.M. Hospital, to Da! and Vi — a son Both well. CURNOW.— On September 4, at St. Ives, to the wife of Robert N. Curnow, R.A.A.F. — a daughter (Jenifer Ann). Thanking Dr. Shafer. Sister Horsnell and staff. CHAPMAN. — On September 4, at Hutt Street Private Hospital, to the wife of Major W. G. Chapman — a son. CULLEN. — On September 8, at Calvary Hospital, to Dorrie and Ed — a daughter. CONNOLLY (nee Guy).— On Septem ber 4, at Memorial Hospital, to Faith, wife of W. R. Connolly— a daughter. COOK (nee Iverson).— On August 31, ?t Mt. Barker Hospital, to Iris and Tom — a daughter. CORNELIUS (nee Hodgklson).— On September 5. at South Glen, to Ross and Gwen— a daughter (Vlckl). Thanking Dr. Henderickson and staff. CRYER (nee Gillespie).— on August 28, at Wendouree, to Olive and Max — a eon (Dennis Morris Francis). Thanking Dr. Leditschke and hospital staff. CALLARD (nee Munckton). — On Sept. 3. at Denlliquin. N.S.W., to Ivy, wife of FJt.-Sgt. Owen Callard. of Henley Beach — a daughter (Lesley Bell), CHRISTOFIS -nee Mulconrayh— At Ft. Pirie Maternity Hospital, to Eileen and ^ Chris— a daughter (Judith Lorraine). Both well. Thaking attending doctor and nurses. COCK.— On 8ept. 6, at Calvary Hos pital, to Bronnle. wife of Flt.-Lt. H. Ed ward Cock — a daughter. CBAGO (nee Boyce).— On Sept. 1, at Sister Lewis's, Kensington, to Dulcie and Ray— a daughter (Beverly Roslyn). Thanking Dr. Symone, Sister Lewis and hospital staff. CULLENEY — On Sept. 5, at Hutt St. Private Hospital, to Norah wife of H. M. Culleney — a son. DATSON. — On September 9, at Hind marsh, to Frank and Jean — a daughter. (Stillborn). No visitors. ' DUHRING (nee Ida Ferguson). — On September 10, at Park Terrace Private Hospital, to Id a and Jim — a daughter (Rosalie Joy). Thanking Dr. Stockbrldge end hospital stiff. DUFFIELD— On September 8, to Alison and Basil, of Stirling West — a daughter DERMODY (nee Faulkner). — On A«g 29, at Kapunda Hospital, to Betty and Jack— a son - Peter Francis). Both well Thanking Dr. Rlddell and hospital staff. DAVIES.— On September 1, at Cal wary, to Capt. and Mrs. v. L. Da vies— ? son. DUNCAN. — On September 6, to Jean wife of James p. Duncan — a son. EASTON (Q. Shearing).— On Septem ber 7, at Henley Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Easton, of Glencoe East — a daughter (Lorraine Shirley). A little sister for Wayne. SpeciaJ thanks to Dr. R. G. Burnard. and sister of Henley Hos pitRl. ELLEWAY (nee Trebllcock). — On August 31, at the Cowcll Hospital, to Elsie, wife of Norris Elieway, 'Hill View.' Elbow Hill — a son (Rodney Francis). FAIRLIE (nee Woollacott).— On August 24, at Unley Private Hospital, to Will and Joy— a daughter (Judieth Noell. Thank Ing Dr. Steel Scott, Matron Smith and ataff. i

BIRTHS FURNER.— On August 27. at St. David's Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. RusseH Furner, 116 Glister street, Sublaco W. Aust. — a daughter (Rose mary). FISHER-— At the C.E.P. Hospital. Wu dinna, to Syl and Reg — a daughter (Pau line Anne). Special thanks to Dr. Tru dinger, Sister Cleland and staff for kind attention FISHEB (nee Hamlester). — On August 28, at Berri Hospital, to Lyda and Bill —a daughter (Margaret Ann). Both we!). SpeciaJ thanks to Dr. Hayes and hospital staff. FRANCIS i nee Spencer).— On Sept 6. at Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, to Eunice and Alb — a son tJohn William) Thanking Dr. Hunter and staff FARR (nee Patersorj.— On September 9. at Sister Lewis's, to Chaplain and Mrs. A. P. Farr — t daughter (Coralie Frances). FARQUHAR (nee Collett).— On Septem ber 7, at Rowan Private Hospital, to Allan and Nancy — a bonny daughter ? Sandra E.'einel GRAY. — On September 1, at Penola, to Joyce and Curtis— a daughter -Maxine Kaye). GREENSLADE. — On September 7, at the Riverton Hospital, to Jean and Lionel — a daughter (Beverley Jean) GREEN. — On September 3, at the Lobethal Hospital, to Les and Hilda— a son Thanking Dr. Jungfer and hospital staff. GATES (nee Parsiow).— On September M, at South Glen Private Hospital, Glenelg, to Mt and Mrs. Ken Gates — a son (John Maxwell). GREEN (nee Crocker).— On September 8, at Quambi Hospital, to Alice and Jack, A.I.F., Queensland— a daughter (Shirley May). Thanking D- Leditschke. Matron Vaughan and staff. HILL -nee Hood).— On September 10. at St. Ives, to Shirley and Gordon (A.I.F.. abroad)— a daughter Both well. HOLLITT (nee Dot Markali).— On August 19, at Birmingham, to Dot, wife of W.O. Bert HoIlUt R.A.A.F.. England— a daughter (Stillborn I HUCKEL inee Hill).— At St. Ives Hos pital, to Florence and Bob — a son (David Robert). Special thanks Dr. Burnard and hospital itoff. HAMPEL tuee ftohrlach/.— On Sep ember 5. at Tanunda Private Hospital, to Sylvia and Max — a bonny daughter. Spe cial thanks to Dr. Hoopmann. Sister Schmidt and staff. HARRIS (nee Riebe).— on September 1, at Berri Hospital, to Lou, wife of E. C. Harris, of Monash— a son (Robert Clif ton), Both well. Thanking Dr. Hayes and staff. HELGESON (nee Osborne).— On Au gust 28, at Queen Victoria Hospital, to Roma and Charlie — twin daughters (pre mature, one stillborn) (Rhonda. Phyl lis). HENDERSON. — On September 3, at St. Ive's Private Hospital, to C-ladys and Bob iTed) — a %on (William Robert). Thank Ing Dr. Burnard. Sister Horsnell, and staff. HATWELL.— At Henley Private Hos pital, on Sept. 5, to Betty wife of Mil ton — a daughter. HITCH (nee Smee). — On Sept. 4, at Henley Private Hospital, to Maud and Roy — a daughter (Elizabeth Ann), fcesae rian). Both well. Thanking Dr. Nairn and hospital staff. ' No visitors 7 days. HODGEMAN. — On August 31, at Edin burgh. Scotland, to the wife of F/O. Bob P. Hodgeman — a son. (By cable.) HODSON (nee Obst).— On September I. at Berri Hospital, to Phyllis and Jack — a bonny daughter. HARTWELL (nee Michelmore). — on August 31, at Onley Private Hospital, to Frank and Hazel — a son (David Gordon) Thanking Dr. White and staff. HALLIDAY.— On August 25. at Mei oourne. to Catherine, wife of Sgt. E. M. (Ted) Halliday. R.A.A.F.— a daughter (Lynette Jean). HOOPER. — On September 1, at Burra. to Dorothy and Howard — a son. HUTTON.— At WoJverton, Semaphore, September 6. to Audrey, wife of Geo. S. Button — a son (Robin George). No visi tors till 14th. HURN ? On Aug 28, at Angaston Hos pital, to Vi, wife of Lacey Hum, of Keyneton— a daughter (Dianne Morton). HOAD. — On September 1, at the Lobe thal Hospital, to Ethel and Joe— a bonny son. Thanking Dr. Jungfer and hospital staff. HUNTER ? On September 9, at Rowan Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hunter — a son (George Lawrence). IFOULD (nee Shapteri. — On September 9. at Memorial Hospital, to Jim, R.A.A.F., Pacific, and Barbara — a daughter (Paquita Jeanne) No visitors till 16th. JACKA (nee Buderick). — On September 8. at Clare, to Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Jacka ? a son (Hilton Richard). Thanking Dr. Drew, Matron Patulla and staff. JENNINGS (nee Lewis).— On Sunday, at Memorial, to Gordon and Joyce — a son (Gordon Leigh). Both well. .Thanks to Dr. Parkhoufe and staff. JESSUP (nee Anita Perry).— On Sep tember 8. at Memorial Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Jessup — a daughter (Coralie Ann). No visitors until 15th. JONES -nee Nellie Vidai).— On Sept 1, at Koonawarra Private Hospital. Kadina, to Max and Nell— a son (Alan Robert). Both well. Thanking Dr. Raises and hospital staff. KIEKSE.— On Sept. 8, at Berklea Pri vate Hospital, to Margaret Christina (Peggy) and Jack— a sister (Dianne Mar %aret- tor Johnnie. Both weJl KEENE.— On September 10. at Memo rial Hospital, Mr. and Mrs W. J. Keene announce the birth of a son. KIMBER (nee Betty Wright).— On September 9, at McBrlde Maternity Hos pital, to Capt. and Mrs. W R. Kimber— a ton (Brenton William). LING.— On September 7, at Lameroo to Neta, wife of G. W. Ling, Karoonda— a daughter (Jennifer Marlene). Thanking Dr. Oock. matron and hospital staff. LOCKETT (nee Bierworth).— On Sep 'e»»ber «. at Quambi, to Dorrie and Walley— a son (John Alfred Lewis), Both well Thanking Dr. K. M. Texler and hospital staff. LOVELOCK (nee Munro).— On Septem ber 7, at Barmera Hospital, to Melva and Lance— a daughter (Lois Nell). LEE.— On September 8. to wife of Cpl. LANGMAN.— On Sept. 3. to Mr. and Mrs. R j Langman, of Flndon crescent, Kew, Victoria — a son. LOCK (nee Dunkley).— On Septanber i, at Queen Victoria Hospital, to Savis and Era— a daughter. Thanking Doctors Wurm and Hunter and staff. LINDEBLAD (nee Bourke).— On August ?kn&ffi)r. ^ E'een-a daU8hter LOWE (nee Coombes). — On September «,? at Queen's Home, to Joan, wife of Allen — a daughter (premature) Sandra Eileen. Thanking members of staff. MALONE.— On September 2, at Nara coorte Hospital, .to Con. wife of Ivan Malone— a son. MacCUSPIE — Oh September 1. at South Glen, to Isa, wffe of Cpl. Neil. R.A.A.F.. Amberley — a daughter MARSH.— on September 6. at Hlnd marsh Memorial Hospital, to Joyce and Jack — a son. MARTIN. — On September 6 at the Murray Bridge Soldiers' Memorial Hos. pital to -Mr. and Mrs. p a. Martin— a son ( Brian Desmond) MATTHEWS (nee Downs).— On Sep tember 6 at Memorial Hospital, to Marion . Marlon? laude~B dau8hter (Christine MILES (tiee Delaney).— At Onley Pri vate Hospital, September 7, to Heather ™d i£rt'i£r~£, s.on fDavld Arthur), rhanking Dr Fleming. MINES.— On September 6. at Hind marsh Memorial Hospital, to Mollie and Fred— a son (Roger Lynton). Thanking Or. Crosby and nursing sisters. MURPHY (nee Cameron).— At St. Anne s, Cheltenham, to Joyce and Frank —a daughter (Wendy Joy). Both well, rhanking Drs L. and J. Dunstone and nospital staff. No visitors for seven days. MALE (nee Matthews).— On September ). at Hindmarsh Hospital, to Mary and 3ernie (ex A.I.F.l— a daughter (Brenda 3hirley). Thanking Dr. McKnnzle. matron wd nursing staff for kind attention,

BIRTHS MANNION (nee Leahy).— On September 5, at Calvary Hospital, to Pat and Frank — a daughter. Both well. Thanking Dr. Leditschke and nursing sisters. MARTEN ? On Sept. 5, at Petone, to Margaret and Em— a daughter (Lorraine Margaret). Thanking Dr. Everard and nursing staff. McDONALD ineeKuchel). — On Septem ber 3, at S.M. Hospital. Murray Bridge, to Ivy and Roy — a daughter (Fay .. Lyneltei. Thanking Dr Heddle and staff McNICHOLL wee Joyce Barns).— On September 8. at Memorial Hospital, to Sq-Ldr. M. D.. R.A.A.F.. Pacific, and Mrs. McNicholl — a daughter. No visitors until 15th. MILDWATERS (nee Wilton).— On Sep tember 7. at Koonawarra Hospital, Ka dina, to Feronia and Eric — a son (James Cailawayi Thanking Dr. Raises and staff. MILSOM. — On Septembei 11. to Julie And Norm — a daughtei (Helen). Thank ingJJr Clayton and Mrs. Sounders. No I'isiTors 10 days MURLEY. — On September 9. at Sisters L. and M. Lewis's Private Hospital, to Dawn and George (A.I.F.) — a son. Spe cial thanks to Dr. Adams ? and nursing «tafi. MURRAY mee Arboit). — On Septembei 8, at Sister Pope's Hospital, to May and Tom— a son i Adrian Thomas) Special thanks to attending doctor and staff NELSON — On September 10, at Cal vary Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. G Nelson —a daughter (Gail Elizabeth). Both well. NORRIS (nee Beattiei.— On September 9, at Ailce Springs Hospital, to SusJe and Collin— a son (William John). Both veil. NASH inee Taylor).— on September b, at TS.M. Hospital. Bordertown, to Grace, wife of Hurtle K. Nash (A.I.F., ret.)— a son (Geoffrey Wayne) Thanking Dr Collins and staff. NEVILLE (nee Rogers). — On Septem ber 5. at Calvary Hospital, to Spen and Maisie — a daughter. Both well. NORMAN.— On September 3, at cal vary, to Mr and Mrs. Leo. Norman — a son (Peter Ross). Thanking Dr K Glastonburv and hospital staff. OMOND -nee Morgan). — On August 9, at Broken Hill Hospital, to Nance and Bob— a bonny daughter (Marlene Fay). O'BRIEN — On September 6, at Mc Bride's. to Mr. and Mrs. Brian O'Brien — a son. Special thanks to Dr. Prest and hospital staff. OSBORNE (nee Wood). — On September 4, at the MemortaJ, to Joan and Eric — a daughtei (Geraldine Kaye). Both well. Thanking Dr West and hospital staff O'SHAUGHNESSY.— On August 29. at Hindmarsh Maternity Hospital, to Mr and Mrs. H. O'Shaughnessy — a son (Allan Herbert). Special thanks to Dr Drew matron and staff. PILCHER.— On September 4, at Wol verton.' to Reva and Ray — a daughter (Anne Denise). Thanking Dr. St. John Poole. Sister Parkes and staff. PATERSON (nee Hickey). — On Septem ber 5, at Calvary Hospital, to Pat and Lionel — a son (Darryl John). Thanking Dr. H. Hurst and hospital staff. PASCOE (nee Ellis).— On September 5, at Calvary Hospital, to Pat and John — a son (John Mason). PANNAN (nee Linke).— On Sept. 7, at Koonawarra Hospital. Kadina, to Frieda and Doug (A.I.F., New Guinea) — a daughter (Glenys Alice). Thanking Dr. liaises, Matron Spry and staff. PERRY (nee Traeger).—On Sunday,     Sept. 9, at Kapunda Hospital, to Myrtle Dorreen, wife of Bernie (A.I.F.) — a daughter (Patricia Shirley). Special thanks to Dr. Riddle, matron and nursing staff. PRIMER. — On September 9, at Calvary Hospital, to Nita and Reg — a daughter (Maxinc Berenice). FENDER (nee Strawbridge). — On Sep tember 5. at Wolverton Hospital, to Nita, wife of Alex (R.A.N.l— a son (Brian). Both well. Special thanks to Dr. Bollen. Sister Parkes and nursing staff. PRIOR (nee Edwardsen). — On Septem ber 4, at Berri Hospital, to Nancy and Prank — twin sons. ThankinE Dr. Hayes, matron and staff. PANNELL (nee Betty Waters).— On September 7, at Queen's Home, to Betty, wife of Arthur (late A.I.F.)— a son (Arthur John). Thanking Dr. Joynt, Matron and staff. "Border Watch." Mt. Gambier, please copy. PAYNE. — On September 2, at Payne ham Private Hospital, to Blanche May Payne — a daughter (Pauline Joan). Thanking Dr. W. L. Smith, sisters and staff. POMMERS.— on August 27, at S.M Hospital, Mount Barker, to May and John — a son (Ronald William). Speical thanks to Dr. Auricht and hospital staff POTTER. — At Southern Yorke Penin sula Hospital, Yorketown, to Lieut, and Mrs. R. A. Potter— a son (Robert John). PRICE (nee Heath). — On September 7, at Memorial Hospital, to Mary, wife of Stewart Price — a daughter. PALMER ? On September 3, to Iris and Jim (R.A.A.F. i — a daughter (Denise Marion). Thanking staff, Queen Victoria Hospital. PHILLIPS (neeDohnt). — On September 8. at Henley Private Hospital, to Rene and Cyril, late of 2nd A.I.F. — a daughter (Kay Gwenyth) Thanking Dr. Glaston bury and staff. POLLARD ? To Stan and Edna — a daughter (Heather Agnes). POWELL. — On September 10, at Henley Beach Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Powell — a son (Michael Arthur). Both well. Thanking Dr. Chandler and staff. QUINN (nee Sellars). — On September 6, St. Ives Private Hospital, to Sylvia, wife of Lindsay — a daughter. Special thanks to Dr. Glastonbury, matron and staff. RICHARDSON (nee Walter).— On Au gust 6, at C.E.P. Hospital. Wudinna, to Mr. and Mrs. C G. Richardson, Cootra— a dauRhter (Gwenneth Elaine). RAYMOND. — On Sept. 7, at S.M. Hos pital, Peterborough, to Gwen and Harold —a daughter (Heather Mary). RENSHAW. — On September 4, to Sheila and Roy, at Queen Victoria Hospital — a son (Geoffry Norman). Both well. Thank ing staff. RICE. — On September 3, at Mt. Barker Memorial Hospital, to Joyce, wife of Sgt J. W. Rice (A.I.F.), Nalrne — a son. Both well Thanking Dr Rosenbaum and hospital staff. RETALLACK inee O'Brien).— On Sep tember 2, at McBride Hospital, to Mavis and Maurice, of Lower Light — a son. Thanking Dr. Boucaut and nursing staff. SNOW (nee Maddern). — On September 2, at Memorial Hospital, to Cynthia, wife of Sgt. George Snow — a daughter. SCHULTZ (nee Edltn Button).— To Mr and Mrs. J. A. Schultz, on September 1, at St. John's. Prospect — a daughter. Thank Ing Dr. West and staff. SPENCER ? On September 1, at Cal vary, to Mr. and Mrs H. Spencer. BlaiT Athol — a daughter. SAWTELL. — On September 3, si Hutt Street Private Hospital, to Thora, wife of Maxwell j. Sawtell— a daughter. SIVIOUR.— To Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Siviour, of Port Neill — a bonny son (Roger Howard). Thanking Dr Wib berly and hospital staff. SMITH (nee Gilson). — On August 31. at the Port wakefield Hospital, to Rose and Bob (R.A.A.F.)— a daughter (Heather Joyce). Thanking Dr. Joske. Matron and hospital staff. SMITH ? on August 31, to Gwenvth. wife of Gavin Viner Smith — a son. SAPWELL (nee Joy),.— To Mavis, wife of Capt. Robert 'Sap well. Port Lincoln— a son (Graham Robert). SANDOW (nee Meyer). — On September 10. at the Blvth Hospital, to Elsie end Rex — a son. SATTERLEY (nee Clark). — On Septem ber 2, at Port Lincoln Hospital, to Rose and Stan — a daughter (Marilyn Betty). SHEPPARD (nee Ann McLean). — On September 5. at Petone, to Ann and Keith — a son. Anthony Donald (Tony). Thank ing attending doctoV and hospital staff STORER — On September 5, at Lynette Private Hospital, to Jene and George — a son. Thanking Dr. H. H. E. Russell and hospital staff. SCOTT — on September 8, at Mal vern Private Hospital, to Nella and CUve — a son (Kevin John). Both well. No visitors for seven days. SCRAGG (nee Rogers). — On Sept. 7, at Stirling District Hospital, to Barbara and Ron (A.I.F., rtd.)— a son (Brian Ran dell). Special thanks to Dr. Reid and hos pital stall.

BIRTHS SCOW (nee Perry).— On September 10, at Memorial Hospital, to Audrey and Ken (R.A.A.F.)— a daughter (Margaret Anne I. SPILLEB. — On September 8. to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. p. Spiller — a son. SIMS (nee Nell Thompson). — On Sept. 7, at Memorial Hospital, to L. O. Sim? (L.A.C., R.A.A.F) and Mrs. Sims— a son Thanking Dr. Parkhouse, hospital staff. SLATER (nee Murton).— On August 22. at Tumby Bay Hospital, to Lola, wife of Luban David Slater, of Cummins — a son Both well. SMITH inee Ruth Duncan). — On Sep tember 4, at Margaret Coles' Hospital, Melbourne, to the wife or Colin D. Smith —a son. STOCKER (nee Hall).— On Sept. 10, at Calvary Hospital, to Bob and Jean — a son (Robert Charles). Thanking sin cerely Dr. P. W Rice and nursing staff TICKELL. — On Sept. S, at Quambi South terrace, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Tickell - a son (Kevin George). Thanking Dr Fleming, Matron Vaughan and staff THEOBALD (nee Matthews). — On September 2, at 'Ashford.' to Bill and Ede— a son (Ian William) Both well TURNER mee Hobbal.— On Septem oer 8. at Calvarv. to Katb and Don — » daughter TONKIN inee Raei. — On September 6. at Calvary, to Nancy and Ray-^-a daugh ter iKathryn Mary). TONKIN (nee Smoker i. — on Septem oer 4, at Lobethal Hospital, to Shirley and Ron (A.I.F.)— a daughter (Ann Chris tine). Special thanks to Dr. Jungfer, Matron Russell. Sister Penhall. and staff WACHTEL. — on September 3, at Mount P-asant District Hospital, to Sylvia and Laurie — a son. Thanking Dr. Cowling and hospital staff. WARREN inee Angel). — On September 5, at Wolverton Hospital, to Verna and Len— a daughter. Thankine Dr. BoJIen and hospital staff WHITTERS (nee Watt). — On Septem ber 5, at Rowan, to Joyce, wife of Gordon (R.A.A.F.)— a daughter (Jillian Cath erine. Thanking Dr. Wall and hospital staff. WORDEN. — On September 2, at North ern Hospital, to Blanche and Jack — a son Thankine Dr Dunstan, sisters' and nurs ing staff. WEINERT (nee Msngelsdorf ).— On Sep. teraber 4. at the Lobethal Hospital, to Vic and Sylvia— a daughter. Thankine Dr. Jungfer and hospital staff. WHELLUM (nee Whitehead) .— On Sep tember 1 at Hutt Street Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. I. Whellum— a son (John Winston). WRIGHT (nee Laurel Jones). — O» August 25, at Ren mark District Hospital, to Laurel and Len— twins (premature) boy and girl. Girl lived 10 hours. Thank ing Dr. Harris and hospital staff. WALKER (nee O'Loughlinj. — On Sep tember 6, at Calvary, to Barbara and Gus — a son (Augustine Haydon). Both well Thanking Dr. Rice and hospital staff. WILLIAMS. — On September 7, at Cal vary Hospital, to Mary, wife of S/Sgt. H J. Williams— a son. Both well. Thank ing Dr. Mulrhead. sisters and staff. WISE (nee Edgar). — On September 7, 'St. Ives,' to May and Ray— a son (Robert Raymond). Both well. Thank ins Dr. Hurst and hospital staff. WALKOM. — On September 10, at Unley Private Hospital, to Hilda and Colin (Dick), Napoleon Hotel, Birdwood — a 'daughter (Maxine Margaret). Both well. Special thanks to Dr. Goode and hospital staff. WARNER. — On Sept. 6, at Hindmarsh Maternity Hospital, to Laurel and Len — a bonny daughter (Carol Evelyn I. Thanking Dr. Cherry and hospital staff. WARNER. — On Sept. 6, at Quambi Hos ptal, to Cath and Dick — a daughter (Ellen Muriel). Thanking Dr. Everard. Matron Vaughan anr staff. WEYMOUTH (nee Rosa Hausler).— On September 9, at Pinnaroo Soldiers' Memo, rial Hospital, to the wife of Ronald A Weymourh (R.A.N.) — a son (John). WUNDKE. — On Sept. 6, at the Freelin? Hospital, to the wife of J. R. Wundke. of Stockport — a son. WUTTKE. — On September 6, at Cnley Private Hospital, to Gwenda and Lance— a girl (stillborn). No visitors for six days WALTER. — Od September 9, at Park Terrace Private Hospital, to Katherine. wife of Lewis Walter — a son. ZEUGOFSGE. — On September 5, at Ens Private Hospital, Edwardstown. to Hilda and Jack, of Woodland Park — a son (Martin Frederick) MARRIAGES ANESBURY —JEFFS. —The marriage of Rita, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffs, Jamestown, to Colin, youngest son of Mrs. D. E. Anesbury, Norwood, was celebrated at Jamestown Methodist Church on August 25, by Rev. Noske. BAGSHAW — KRAFT. — The marriage of Betty Natalie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Kraft, of Alice Springs, to Kenneth James, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Bagshaw, of Maylands, S. Aus., was solemnised on August 26, 1945, at Alice Springs by the Rev. K. Partridge. COOK —CASLING. —The marriage of     Joyce Jean, only daughter of Mr. and   Mrs. S. H. Casling, Mitcham, to Ernest Peter, younger son of the late Major and Mrs. A. E. Cook, of Largs Bay, was solemnised on August 25, at St. Columba's Church of England. CLARKE —THOMPSON. —The marriage of Helena Margaret, second daughter of Mrs. H. and the late Mr. J. Thompson, of Birkenhead, to Sub-Lieut. Jacques Stan ley, son of Mr. H. B. and the late Mrs. Clarke, of Gourock, Scotland, was sol emnised at the Mission to Seamen's Chapel, Port Melbourne, on Sept. 1. DAVIS —BEAUMONT. —The marriage     was solemnised on Saturday, September 1, at 5.30 p.m., of Lorna Yvonne, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Brook, of Woodville Park, to Charles Herbert, second son of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Davis, of Ethelton (late of Royal Park), at the Methodist Manse, South terrace, Ade laide. HURFORD —HASE. —The marriage of     Ida E., only child of Mr. and Mrs. B. Hase, of Exeter, to Clement A., eldest son of Mr. W. Hurford, Goolwa, was solemnised at Pirie Street Meth. Church on Sept. 7. KAESLER —DRABSCH. —The marriage     of Gwendoline M., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Drabsch, to Ernst K.,   second son of Mr. C. A. and the late Mrs. Kaesler, of Loxton, was solemnised at the Loxton St. Peter's Lutheran Church on September 5. McKENZIE —McRAE. — The marriage   of Phillis, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. McRae, of Adelaide, to Pte. Edward Donald, second son of Mr. and Mrs. F. McKenzie, of Murray Bridge, was solemnised at Holy Trinity Church on August   29, 1945. PAYNE —BENNETT. —The marriage of Joan, only child of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Bennett, of Glenelg, to Stan, second son of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Payne, of High gate, was solemnised on September 1 at Moseley street Methodist Church, Glenelg. RUSBY —JOHNSTON. —The marriage     of Mavis T., elder daughter of Mr. J. B. Johnston, N.S.W., and the late Mrs. S. A., to Royce L., twin son of Mr. and Mrs. F.   Rusby, Gawler, was celebrated at Pirie St. Methodist Church on September 8, at 4 p.m., and reception at Arcadia. APPROACHING MARRIAGES FRAHN— SCHULZ — The marriage of Ida A., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Frahn, of Mannum, to Ernst C., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Schulz, of Long Flat, will be solemnised in Zion Lutheran Church, Mannum, on Saturday, Septem- ber 15, at 6 p.m HARTWIG — SCHMIDT. — The mar -iage of Lila, youngest daughter of Mr. tfrs. T. H_ Hartwig. of Eden Valley, to 3ert, youngest son of Mr. -Mrs. C. G. Schmidt, of Low Bank, will be solemnised it St Peter's Church. Eden Valley, Sep ember 19. at 7 p.m. ENGAGEMENTS AIKIN — DUTSCHKE.— The engage, nent is announced of Minueua (Netta), 'ounger daughter of Mrs. E. A. Bowen if Wayville, end the late Mr. w C. kikln. of Broken Hill, to Carl, eldest son -f Mr. and Mtt, 9. P. Dutechke. ol Gaw er.

ENGAGEMENTS CANSDALE — FBISBY ? The ' engage ment Is aunounced of Aileen, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Cansdale, of Wayvllle, to Jack, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Frlsby of Clarendon ' CURNOW— BURFORD.— The engage ment is announced of Rae, only daughter of Mr.-Mrs. W Curnow, of Paskevllle, to Leonard (R.A.A.F.). eldest son of Mr. Mrs. C. Burtord, 5 Prospect terrace. DEMPSEY — HAYES.— The engagement Is announced of Mary Imelda, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J Dempsey, 55 Robsart street. Parkstde. to John Leo, only son of Mr and Mrs. W M. Hayes, 83 Florence street. Port Pirie. DUNSTAN— ROBERTS.— The engage ment is announced of Lois Joyce, only daughter of Mr and Mrs. W E. Dun stan, Brunswick. Victoria, to Jack Gra ham, third son of Mr and Mrs M H. Roberts. Balaklava. DEANE— LOBES.— The engagement Is announced of Lieut. Joyce (A.A.N.S.), second daughter of Mr and Mrs. W H. Deane, of Meadows, S.A.. to Lance-Cpl. Allen, second son of Mr. and Mrs F. W. Lores, of Asbgrove. Brisbane. (Both A.I.F., Borneo.) EMERY— GOULD — The engagement is announced of Jean, elder daughter of Mrs. A. Cousens, of Broken Hill, to Alan, youngest son of Mr. and the late Mrs. J. Gould, of Largs. FORREST— REINKE.— Mr. and Mrs.   J. W Forrest, 'Rayville,' South Hum mocks, announce the engagement of their youngest daughter Una Betty, to Richard (Snow-. younger sod of Mr. and Mrs' E. H. Reinke. 'Glenora.' Hoyle ton. HARRISON— WITTSCHEIBE.— The en sagement is announced of Winnifred Anne, youngest daughter of Mrs. C. A. Wilkinson and the late Mr. P Harrison, to Fred, the only son of Mr and Mrs. J Wittscheibe. of Port Pirie. JAMIESON— HOOD ? The engagement is announced of Evelyne, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Jamieson, of Ethel ton, to Renfrey, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs T Hood, of Mt. Cooper. West Coast. JAEGER — NEIDECK.— The engage ment is announced of Lydia Vera, young est daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Jaeger, or Keswick, to Benjamin Alfred date A.i.F.), fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Neideck. of Hope Forest. KOCH— HAGE. — The engagement is announced of Linda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H O Koch, Rowland Flat, to Den nis, youngest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. A. Hage, of Tanunda. KUHN— SEARLE— The engagement Is announced of Myra, third daughter of Mr and Mrs. C. Kuhn, of Merree, to George (ret.), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G E. Searle, of Quorn. S.A. MARSTON— BLEANEY.— Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Marston, of Mintaro, wish to an nounce the engagement of their twin ?* daughter Beryl to Cpl. Ron«ld Bleaney (A.I.F), youngest son of Mrs and the late Mr. Bleaney, of Wayville. MARSHMAN— MOORE.— The engage ment is announced of Joyce iCpl., W.A.A.A.F.), younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W J. Marshman. Owen, South Australia, to Cpl. H. L. Moore, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L Moore. Hamilton, Mass. U.S.A. MORRIS— EDWARDS— The engage ment is announced of Heather Margaret, , only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Morris, Cuming street. Mile End, to Nor man William, youngest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. N. J. Edwards, Port Augusta. MOORE— KELLY ? The engagement is announced of Maureen, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Moore, of Alice Springs, to Desmond Kelly (soldier A.I.F.). of Dandenong. Victoria. O'BRIEN— POWER. — The engagement is announced of Kathleen, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs P. P. O'Brien, of Nuriootpa, to Laurence, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. E F. Power, of Freeling. O'DONNELL— CLARK.— The engage ment is announced of Molly, only daugh ter of Mr and Mrs. J. D. O'Donnell. of Naracoorte (formerly Ellison), to Mal colm T., elder son of Mrs. F. Byrne and the late Mr. J Clark, of Auburn. Sth. Aust. OAKLEY— WATSON.— The engagement Is announced of Audrey F., only daughter of Mr.-Mrs. W G. Oakley, of McLaren Vale, to Allan, younger son of Mr.-Mrs. H. J. Watson, Mount Compass. PHILLIPS— BOWMAN.— The engage ment is announced of Hazel M.. eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Phillips, East Moonta. to Kevin T. (R.A.A.F., Pacific), only son of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Bowman. Kadina. STARK — LOIZEAC— The engagement Is announced of Doreen Francis, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Stark, of ?Solomontown, to George (A.M.F.), only son of Mr.-Mrs. J. M. Loizeau. Port Pirie West. SMITH — HIGHETT. — The engagement is announced of AJice Evelyn, third . daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G Smith, Wyrallah, Lisirrore, N.S.W., to Sgt. Mur ray, third son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hinhett. Murray Bridge. STILLER—HIGHETT. — The engage ment Is announced of Rita Mavis (W.R.A.N.). only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Stiller. to Douglas f A.I.F.), younger son of Mr. and Mrs. W Hjghett, both of Murray Bridge. WHITEHEAD— TUOHY.— The engage ment is announced of Jean Olive, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Whitehead. of Glencoe West, to Ross Albert (A.I.F.), second son of Mr. and Mrs T. Tuohy. of Port Pirie. WELCH— BARWICK.— The engagement is announced of Kathleen (A.W.A.S.), younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Welch, of dareirront. Western Australia, to George (A.I.F.), youngest son of Mrs. E, M. and the late Mr. F. C. Barwlck, of Port Lincoln. South Australia. WHAIT — HEGARTY. — The engagement is announced of Margaret Joan (Topsy), youngest daughter of Mrs. and the iBte Mr. D Whait, of Port Lincoln, to John Kavanagh, second son of Mr. and Mrs. M J Hegarty. ol Port Lincoln DEATHS ANDERSON. — On September 10 at * private hospital, Eva Marian, eldest daughter of the late»W. J. and M. C. Anderson, of 45 Salisbury street North Onley. and loving sister of Alice. Nell, Edith and- Alfred (deceased). ATKINSON. — On Septembei 6 at Cra fers. Selina, beloved wife of Leonard Atkinson, and loving mother of Nancy. ALEXANDER — On September 8 at Adelaide, Angela Smith Alexander late ™,?t*f*}ie avenue- st- Peters, widow of LllJah»Alexander A«ed 79 years Rest- ? ing BRADY.— on September 4, at Adelaide, John James Brady, of Echunga aged 81 years. ReouJescai in pace BUSSENSCHUTT.— on September 5, at a private hospital. Kadina. Annie M .be oved wife of John H. Bussenschutt, and ovlng mother of Lester, May. Gren. Hilda. Roy (deceased) Lloyd, Malvern. Ron and Audrey, aged 67 years. At rest BALFOUR-OGILVY.— On September 8, at Renmark, in his 69th year, Harry Lort Spencer, beloved husband of Jane. BOSS.— on September 7, at the Chil dren's Hospital, Jennifer Diana dearly loved baby daughter of Clarence Roy and Nellie Ann Maud Boss, aged 7-4 months. BRADSHAW.—On Sept. 9, at hospital,     John, beloved husband of the late Ada Bradshaw, and loving father of Norman and Clarice, also Leslie and Bernice (de- ceased), in his 81st year. No flowers, by request. BENNETT.— On September 10, at her residence, 14 O'Halloran street Adelaide, imma Maud, loved wife of the late John Hancock Bennett Aged 77 years Rest ing. (Continued on Next Page)

DEATHS, IN MEMORIAMS AND RETURN THANKS (Continued from previous page.) DEATHS BROWN.— On September 10, at hos pital, Lionel Edward, beloved husband of the late Henrietta Brown, late of Queens town, and loving father of Lionel, Fred, Bon and Vera. Agefl 73 years. At rest. BURTON.— On September 11, at Mount Bryan, John William, beloved husband of the late Emily Burton, leaving five sons and four daughters to mourn their sad loss. Aged 89 years. BUTLEB — On September 11 (sud denly), at his residence, 14a Phillis street. Maylands, Frederick Ernest, be loved husband of Mabel Olive Butler; loving lather of Doris, Jim, Howard and Giff (B.A.A.F.). loved father-in-law of Dorothy, and grandfather of Dean and I»n. Aged 65 years. COMLEY.— On September 6. at her residence, Somerton, Edith Maude, dearly loved and devoted grandmother of Shirley, Margaret and John Waller. Sadly missed. CORNISH. — On September 11 (sud denly), at her residence. 54 Eaton street, Malvern. Edith Mary, dearly beloved eldest daughter ol the late Mr. and Mrs. James Cornish (late of Stansburv, Y.P.), and loved sister or Philip, James, Bessie - (Mrs. Nanklvelli. aged 73 years. At rest. COSGROVE.— On September 11, at at. Joseph's Convent. Kensington Sister Mary Laurencia (Bridget Cosgrove). Aged 83 years. Bequiescat in pace. COONEY.— On September 5, at her residence, u Maria street Thebarton, Rachel, beloved wife of thfc late James Cooney. aged 78 years. At rest. COMLEY — on September 6, at her residence. 32 Scarborough street, Somer ton, Edith Maud, the dearly beloved wife of ,p.r«nk William Comley. and loving mother of Eleatha. Gladys. Robert. Nancy CULLEN.— On September 9 {suddenly!, at his late residence, 201 Melbourne St., Lower North Adelaide. Francis Patrick (Curly), dearly beloved husband of Eliza beth and loving father or Maureen, Shirley and Patricia. Aged 56 yeare. Kequiescat in pace. DELANTY.— On September 4. John Delanty. dear friend of Mr. and Mrs. A. Daw son, late of Broken Hill Aged 8J years. R.l.p. ^* DEWHCRST.— On September 1 at Car neton, Richard, dearly beloved husband of Martha Ann, and lo/ing father of Allan. Olive and Ivy. Aged 86 years. L*avmg 16 grandchildren, nine great grandchildren. '? ^^'S^n-T011 September S. at her home, Parilla (suddenly), Maude, beloved wife or Richard and loving mother of Jim. Henry (A.I.F.). Jack (AMP New C?»}e*-- M--»y. Peg and Pat (deceased^ aged 63 years, in God's care DAYORES — On September 9 at a private hospital, Margaret, dearly beloved wife or Martin Davoren, of 22 Rowell crescent. West Oroydon, and loving mother of May, Norah, Hannah Kath leen. Winifred and Martin. A*ed 69 years. Requiescat in pace DAWSON.— on September 10 at a military hospital, Adelaide, Eric James, beloved husband of Delia Mary Dawson, of Robe, and loving father of Ron. Daisy and Erica. Aged 42 years. 0E BROYN.— Sgt.-Major W. G. De Bruyn (Bill!, dearly beloved and de voted husband of Nancy (nee Byrne), killed through plane crash over Borneo, delivering food and medical supplies to P°W- He has flown ?« a higher sphere, but his love and memories liveth for ever in my heart. 0OBIE.— On September 9. at hospital, Henrietta Winnie Doble. of Bundey street, Magill. dearly beloved wife of the late Thomas Alexander Doble, and lov ing mother of VioJet (Mrs. Stanyer) May (Mrs. Williams), Winnie (Mrs. Maho ney). Alec. Malcolm, Alfred (A.I.F.), antf Perc. (A.I.F.), m her 70th year. Re united. DOOLAN. — On September 9 (suddenly), at Naracoorte. John, dearly loved brother of Mabel (Mrs. W. Parkyn). of 117 Junc tion rd.. Rosewater. EDWARDS.— On September 5, at the Lorton District Hospital. Herbert John beloved second son of Mrs. A. Edwards of Noora, and the late Mr. Herbert John Edwards, and loved brother or Alice May John and George. Aged 49 years.' Re quiescat in pace. EDGECOMBE. — On September 8 at Adelaide. Edwin, the beloved husband of Theresa Edgecombe, of 22 Clarke st. Nor wood. Aged 73 years. EVANS.— On April 1. at Perth. W.A., ' John, fifth son or Jole and C. Evans and brother of Mary and Charlie. ELMS. — On September 5, Margaret Jane, beloved widow of Arthur Ellis, late of 9 MacNicol ter.. Rosewater, and loved mother of Muriel. Fanny, Maude, Olive and Stan, also Tom, Herbert. Fred, Harold (deceased). Aged 87 years. At rest. FETTKE.— On September 5, at Ade- laide, Martha Louise, beloved wife of the late Ernst Wilhelm Fettke, and loving mother of Selma, Alma, Elsie, Alwyne, and Bert. Aged 70 years. At rest. FORD — On September 11, at hospital, William Edward, third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ford, loved uncle of Keith (A.I.F., N.G.I. Pauline and Mar garet. Age-J 65 years. FISHER. — On September 5, at her resi dence. 14 Torrens St., West Hilton. Annie Elisa, dearly beloved wife of Henry Fisher and loved mother of Frank. Harry and Gladys. Aged 68 year* Peacefully sleeping. FKEDERIKSON.— On September 6, at hospital, Hermond Aksel Frederikson. late of NO. 21 Nile street. Port Adelaide. dear friend of Mr and Mrs Mallinson Aged 67 vears. FAULKNER. — On September 8, at his residence, 54 King William rd.. Hyde Park, John Basil Faulkner, late 9th tight Horse, A.I.F,, loved husband of Margaret Mary Faulkner. Aged 53 years. Requiescat In pace. GRAY. — On September 4. Loo. beloved wife of J. H. Gray, of 10 Molesworth street. North Adelaide (late of Lowaldlel. and loving mother of Alison and John. GRAY.— On September 5, at a private hospital, Edith, dearly beloved wife of Alfred Dennis Gray, ot Berrl, and loved mother of Lily. Rest after suffering. GLYNN.— On Sept. 4, at Kybybollte. Margaret Mary, beloved wife of the late Patrick Glynn. Aged 81 years. R.I.P. GBADY.— On September 6. at 24 Car rlngton st., Adelaide, Ellen Mary, loved wife of Christopher James Orady, of Tar. cowie. Aged 60 years. Leaving two sons and two daughters. Requiescat in pace. GADKEAE.— On September 7, at his residence, 24 Wells street. Stepney, George Bertram, beloved husband of Alice Maud Gadkear. and loving father of Gwen and H-vrold. aged 60 years. GODDEN. — On September 9. at her re sidence, 26 Hampton 6treet. Hawthorn, Frances Elizabeth, the dearly beloved wife of the late John Henry Godden and loving mother of Jessie (Mrs. Wunnen berg), Harry, Adelaide (Mrs. Townsend). Charlie (Jim). May (Mrs. Holmesby). Bill, and Irene (Mrs. Walter), in her 91st year. HEATHFIELD. — On September 4, at Adelaide (suddenly), Frederick Charles, the beloved husband of Amelia Mary Heathfleld. of 11 Elizabeth street, Plymp ton. and lovtnp father of Ronald, seed 46 years. HEATHFIELD ? On SeDtember 4, at ' Adelaide (suddenly), Frederick Charles, beloved son of late J. and L. A. Heath fleld and loving brother of George. Ag. Len, Arth, Vine (deceased*, and Marg. Aged 47 years. At rest. HEWTON.— On September 6, at Yorfce town Hospital. Margaret Christine, be loved infant daughter of Louis and Ann. Aged three months. Requiescat in pace. HOLLAND.— On September 7. at bis residence. 75 Russell street, Yatala, Ed ward Houghton. husband of the late Annie Holland, and loving father of Lot tie. William and Dora. Aged 81 years. HOPKINS, Michael Augustine (Gush— On September 3. at his residence. 14 Ada street, Goodwood (formerly 374 TJnley road) dearly loved husband of Elizabeth Hopkins, and loved father of Violet (Mrs. j Coulson), Lulu (Mrs. R. Wbyte), Ivy (Mrs W. coulson) and son Harry, aged G7 years. Sweet rest.

DEATHS HILL. — On September i-, at Melbourne, Clement, beloved husband of the late Florence Hill, and father of Lesley and Brenda. HALL. — On September 11, at Fullarton, Cecil William, the dearly loved husband of Beatrice Lundy Hall, of 16 Osmond St., Adelaide, and loving father of Elaine and Betty. Aged 54 years. R.I.P. HYDE.— On September 10 (suddenly), at his residence. 203 West Beach road, Richmond, Alfred John, beloved husband of Ethel Hyde, loved father of Winnie, Les, and Mavis. Aged 71 years. HABT. — On September 8, at the Port Pirie Hospital, Sarah Jane Hart, relict of George Hart, and beloved mother ot H. S. and C. J. Hart, of Port Plrie, Mercie (Mrs. R. Johns, of Linden Park), and Blanche (Mrs. A. H. Mesecke, of Port Pirie). aged 80 years. HATDON. — On September 7, at the Soldiers' Memorial Hospital. Balaclava, Lawrence B. Haydon, of Hoyleton. Aged 78 years. R.I.P. HICKS.— On September 7 (suddenly), at a private hospital, Glenelg, Clarence, dearly beloved husband of Isabel Hicks, of 1 Austral terrace, Morphettville, and loving son of William May Hicks. HANLEY. — On September 9, at his late residence, 35 Richmond av., Colonel Light Gardens, Claude, the dearly beloved hus band of Ethel Mary Hanley, and loving father of Edna (Mrs. Carter) and Elate (Mrs. Allan). Aged 58 years. A patient sufferer at rest. JOLLY. — On September 6, at the Wallaroo Hospital, Arthur Albert, dearly beloved husband of Mary Catherine Jolly, and loving father of Frank, Bill, Mary, Annie, Arthur. George, Cassy Jim and Chriss Late of Georgetown. Aged 82 years. R.I.P. JONES.— On September 7. at her resi dence, 104 Park terrace. North TJnley, Amelia Jane, loved wife of the late Charles William Jones, and loving mother of Mrs. p. W. Ottaway. of Wayville, and C. Gor don Jones, of Croydon, aged 84 years. JONES. — On September 10, at his resi dence. 18 New Main rd., Torrens Park, Allen, the dearly loved husband of Fthoda Louise Jones. Aged 77 years. JORDAN. —On September 9, at the   residence of her daughter, Mrs. Caudle, 8 Salisbury crescent, Reade Park, Rosetta Ann, the dearly beloved wife of the late Alfred Atkinson Jordan, and loving mother of Dorothy, Charles and Dick. JAFFREY. — On September 4, William, fourth son of the late John S. Jeffrey . of Payneham, and brother of Henry Jaffrey. of Malvern. and Mrs Partridge, of Sydney. KIRBY. — On September 7, Albert Wil liam Kirby (late ot Edithburg). beloved husband of Helen Kirby, 79 West terrace, Adelaide, aged 64 years. At rest. KAYE. — on September 5, at Sydney. George Kaye, late of 264 Angas St.. Ade ! iaide. A patient sufferer. Dear friend of I L. Downes. Age 57. KILLMIER, Henry.— On September 5, at Bailarat (late of Bordertown), aged 87 years. Sweet rest. — Inserted by his youngest brother Albert. Glenelg. KNAPP. — On September 7, a hospital, Caroline, dearly beloved wife of Richard Knapp, of Macclesfleld, and loving mother of Elizabeth. Charles, Edith, William, Mabel, Alice, Margaret (deceased), John. Emily and Richard Aged 81 years. KING. — On September 9, at Adelaide; William, beloved nusbana of Harriet Eliza King, ol BoJIen St.. Challa Gardens, leav ing three sons and three daughters. Aged 75 3'ears. KURIL. — On September 8, at his resi dence. Albert St., Warragul. Victoria, Jona than Charles, beloved husband of Fannie and loving father of Irene and Reg. late of Wandearah. Aged 70 years. LOWER. — On September 9. Mary Lower, ot 53 George St., Clarence Park. Aged 73 years. LEWIS. — On September 11. at a private hospital, Harry Lewis, of 22 WalkerviUe terrace, Gilberton, late of Terminus Hotel. North terrace, beloved husband of Annie Agnec, and father ol Nellie. At rest. LOWER. — On September 9, Harry Lower, of 53 George St.. Clarence Park. Aged 73 years. McCABE.— On September 11, Patrick McCabe, beloved husband of the late Ethel May McCabe, of 221 Halifax street, Adelaide, and loving father of Mona, Frank, Vin, Ethel, Nell, Morris, Edward, Patricia and Margaret. Aged 80 years. Requiescat in pace. MADDIGAN.— On September 4, at Amckland, N.Z., William, beloved husband of Elizabeth Maddigan, and loving father of Jean. Lorn a and Eileen. Aged 62 years. R.I.P. MATTHEWS.— On September 5, at hos, pital, Sarah Matthews, of weller St.. -Goodwood Park, beloved wife of the iate Jsmes Thomas Matthews, and loved mother of Charles, of Waikerie, also Sybil and Will (deceased). Aged 82 years. MAHOHEY.— On September 7, at St. Joseph's Convent, Kensington, Margaret Mahonty (Sister Mary Francis de Sales). Aged 74 years. Requiescat in pace. MAY. — On September 7, at a private hospital, 'William Herbert, the beloved husband of Annie Jane May, of Gray street, Plympton, and loving father of Alf. George and Allan (A.I.PJ, brother of Edie, Carrie, Florrie, Ethel, also George and Jim (both Boulder, W.A.. de ceased). Aged 65 years. MORRIS.— On September 6, at his re sidence, Kingscote, K.I., Hugh Allan, dearly loved husband of Alice Gertrude Morris. At rest. MILLS. — On September 6, at a private hospital, Rosannah Jane, the dearly be loved wife of the late Samuel Mills, of 5 Buller street. Prospect, and loving mother of Gwen, aged 82 years. MUTTER ? on September 9, at the Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Balaklava, Henry, beloved husband of the late Martha Mutter. Aged 92 years, MOREY. — On September 10, Ellen Morey, loved wife of the late Sidney Edgar Morey. of 37 Orchard av.. Everard Park. Aged 71 years. NEVILLE. — On September 8. at Ade laide, Annie Alexandra, beloved wife of the late Bernard Neville, of 77 Edward street, Norwood, and loving mother of Addie and Agnes. At rest. O'LOCGHLBf.— On September 3. at her late residence, 36 Beulah road, Norwood, Annie O'LoughUn, dearly loved wife of the late Thomas Joseph O'LoughUn. for merly of Meadows, loving mother of Elizabeth, Louisa (Mrs. Merry), Maud, May (Mrs. Wellington) and Eileen; also Edith (Mrs. Altschwager) and Thomas deceased, aged 83 years. Requiescat in pace, ORMOND. — On September 5, at Ade laide, Arthur Bell, dearly beloved husband of Amelia Ormond. of 7 George street. Goodwood Park, aged 81 years. O'MALLEY.— On September 7, at Mount Barker, Evelyn, dearly beloved wife of Patrick James O'Malley, and beloved mother of Jack and Hazel, aged 66 years. Requiescat in pace. OLD.— On September 9, at Streaky Bay Hospital, in her 80th year, Marie, reiict of Harry old, loved mother of- Herbert and Tessa, and loving grand mother of Lorls and Geoffrey. A pa tient sufferer at rest. ? O'LEARY. — on September 10. at Ade laide, Michael Joseph- O'Leary. Aged 75 years. Requiescat in pace. PARTRIDGE.— On September 4, at Syd ney, Julia Partridge, beloved mother cf May, Chatswood, Sydney, and Roy, Peterborough. Aged 93 years. PBEBSS.— On September 7, *t her resi dence, Elizabeth street, Murray Bridge, Ida Lydia Emma, dearly beloved wife of the late Johann Paul Preuss, and loving mother of Gustav. OUMe, Berthold, Hulda. Reinhold. Linda. Blondine, Elsa and Wll helm. lit her 78th year Peacefully sleep PERBIN. — On September 7, at Subiaco, W.A., Roland Edgecumbe, loving brother of Inez (Mrs. Norm Walton), of West Croydon, fond brother-in-law of Norm, and uncle of Geoffrey. At rest. PACKER,— On September 9 (suddenly), at their residence, Gawler Blocks, Judith Kay, beloved infant daughter of Dudley and Elsie Packer, aged 7 weeks. Only lent. RORKE.— On August 31. at No. 12 Bent street, Moonee Ponds, Mollie, beloved daughter of the late Rev. Edward and Cella Rorke, and loving sister of Mrs. J. A. Barber, Mrs. W. M. Pullar, and Mrs, T. L. Pulton, and Nonle. (Privately cremated, September 1).

DEATHS POLLARD. — On September 9 (sud denly), at his late residence, 13 Fussell place, Alberton, William Henry, dearly beloved husband of Mary Catherine Pol lard, late of Bundaleer, and loving rath«r of Jessie, Stanley, Jean, Grace, Joyce, Kath, Jim (A.I.F.) , and Gordon, aged 70 years. POYSDEN. — On September 10, at the Blyth Hospital, John William Rowland, beloved husband of Gladyr, and lovia*' daddy or Elizabeth; Aged 35 years. PADLL.— On August 30, Edward John, beloved husband of Ethel H. Hate Bnley and Norwood), and father of Allan, Syd ney. Aged 82 years. BUNDLE. — On September 5, at private hospital. Semaphore,- Hilda Beatrice, dearly beloved wife of Arthur George Rundle, of No. 33 Sandweli street, Peter head, and loving mother of Ret*. Mar Jorle, May and Joan, Colin and Erie (R.A.A.F., Borneo), aged 64 years. ?AWNSLEY.— on Thursday, September 6. Alice BmeJine. loved wife or J. W. Rawnsley of St. Anne's pi., Parkside, mother of F. W.. F. 3.. H. C. and Bon (sons), Olive (deceased), and Jean (daughters), 19 grandchildren and one great-grandson. Aged 72 years. Rest. BOD&IQUEZ. — On September 3, at Port Augusta Hospital, Margaret (Wendy) only dearly beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rodriquez, and loving sister of Ron, aged 19 years 10 months. Peacefully ? sleeping. RICHARDS. — On September 8 (sud denly), at his residence, 8 John street, Burnside. Frederick Edwin, beloved hus band of Jessie Catherine Richards, and roving father of Ethel (Mrs. Perry), Stan, and Eva (Mrs. Neville). Aged 85 years. SALTMARSH.— On September 5. Cyril George Saltmarsh, late of 267, Payneham road, Royston Park, dearly beloved hus band of Gladys and loving father of Robyn and Glenys. SCUTCHINGS.— On September 3, at a private hospital, Eliza Ann 6cutchings (formerly Booth), loved mother of Floss, Alf and Lil, also of Eva and Vera (de ceased); aged 79 years. SPURLING.— On September 5, at Mur ray Bridge. William, dearly beloved hus band of Charlotte Spurting and loving father of Will (deceased), Elsie, Irene, Sid (deceased i, Frank. Amy, Gus and Ivy. in his 79th year. Sadly missed. STJTTER.— On September 5, at his late residence, No. 105 Long street. Queens town, Alexander Sutter, relict of Eliza beth Sutter, and loving father of Leon, aged 63 years. SMITH. — On September 6, at his resi dence, 367 Glen Osmond road. Glen Os mond, William John, dearly beloved bus band of Ruby Alice Smith, and loving father of Bill and Elsie (Mrs. Loudonl, aged 60 years. In God's care. SMITH.— On September 6, at Adelaide, Laud Septimus, beloved and loving hus band of Jessie, Elizabeth Smith, of No. 2 Fisher street, Norwood, . loving father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of Godfrey, Sydney, Jessie, Syd (deceased |, Doreen. Lorraine, Leslie, Joy and Jenni fer. Resting. Aged 79 years. SPRY.— on September 9, at Wagln. Nicholas Ernest, iate Mandorah Station, W.A., beloved brother of Bina, May, Bruce, Stan and Gordon. Aged 56 years. SMJTH — On September 5, at Ade laide, Martha M. Smith, late of 41 Park street, Hackney, loving mother of Robert Smith, of 45 California street. Nails worth. Aged 73 years. STOYEL.— On September 6, at Ade laide, Emily, dearly beloved wife of the late James Stuart Stoyel, of 409 Glen Osmond road, Glen Osmond, late of Long wood, and loving mother of Marion (Mrs. Fowler) and Lyn .(Mrs. Moritzj, aged 62 years. Resting. STBUGNELL.— On August 17, VX9I103 Captain Perclval G. Strugnell (A.I.F.), aged 30 years, accidentally drowned, Bou gainvlUe. Beloved husband of May, Ta unda. SHCRVEN.— On September 7 (sud denly), Alice Maud, dearly beloved wife of Harold, and darling mother of Alice, Gladys and Harold (A.I.F. abroad), and loving nanna of Ronnie, Brenda. Mar garet and Valerie. Rest, our darling. SLEEMAN.— On September 8. at Ade laide, John, dearly beloved husband of Florence Sleeman, and father of Freer and LIU, late of Broken Hill, aged 63 year*. At rest. SOBELS ? On September 6, at ? a pri vate hospital. Alice Bertha Sobels. of 35 Cremorne street, Fullarton, eldest daugh ter of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Sobels, and loving sister of Minnie, May and Julius. STIDIFORD. — On September 11, at Barmera. William Charles, beloved hus band of Eliza Ann. Aged 74 years. At rest. SURMAN.— On September 6, at the Port Augusta Hospital, Philip Langley, be loved husband of the late Margaret Ann Surman. and loving father ot Charlie, Bert. Nora. Lol. Alice; Len, Blanche, Harold (deceased). Aged 84 years. SAMPSON. — On September 4, at Port Plrie (suddenly (, Percy, husband of the late Olive Sampson, and, father of Jack (deceased). Dorothy, 'Connie and Ethel. Aged 65 years. SATCHELL.— On September 10, at Burra Hospital, William Edward, be loved husband of the late Mrs. Ellen Amelia Satchell, and loving father of three sons and three daughters. Aged 84 years. SCHCLZ. — On September 6, at the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. W. Schubert). Auguste Pauline Schulz. aged 80 years. At rest. TAYLOR. — On September 6. at hospi tal. John Dunn, of 23 Second St., Bromp ton, beloved husband of Irene. Aged 43 years. TRAYLEN. — On September 6. at a private hospital, Catherine S. L., beloved wife of the late David Traylen, and lov ing mother of Geeda (England). Kath. (Mrs. Kenyon), Davina (Mrs. McDowell). Jim, Rita (Mrs. Howland) and Thora (Mrs. Snowden). Aged 66 years. TBREDGOLD. — On Thursday. Septem ber 6, at private hospital, Joslln, Love day Carter, dearly beloved wife of Frede rick Charles Thredgold, of Galga, and loving mother of Alvin. Norman - A.I.F.). Netta. Betty, and Kevin, aged 63 years. Peacefully sleeping. TONKIN. — On Septemper 8, at Glen elg, Elizabeth, dearly loved wife of the late George Tonkin, late of Mount Barker and Murray Bridge, and loving mother of Jack (Port Lincoln) and Eileen (de ceased). Aged 74 years. Requiescat In pace. TECHRITZ.— On August 20. at private hospital, Ivanboe, Victoria. George Wil liam, late Fisher street. Norwood, and recently of Melbourne, dearly loved father of Addle (Mrs. E. Maloney, 5 First avenue, Cheltenham, S.A.), and father-in-law of Edward. Aged 85 years. R.I.P. WADEW1TZ.— On September 9. at a . private hospital, Hilda May, the dearly beloved wife ot Km A. Wadewiti, of 80 West Beach road, Keswlck, and loving mother of Douglass, aged 51 years. WELSH.— On- September 6, at Chil dren's Hospital, N.A.. Anthony Walter, beloved infant son of Walls and Hazel (Kinsman), of 46 Second St., Salisbury, and darling brother of Robyn. Aged 15 months. A little sufferer at rest. R.I.P. WADDELL. — On September 1, at Burra Hospital. Marianne', dearly loved mother of Jean. Freda and Audrey. A patient sufferer at rest. Age 65 years. WILLIAMS. — On September 6, at Ade laide (suddenly). Edmund James. jsbe of Edward St.. Blackwood, and York Cham bers. City, devoted and beloved husband of Kathleen Mabel Williams, eldest son of the late Mr. J. W. Williams, of Port Adelaide and Balhannah. At rest. WATSON.— On September 9. at a pri vate hospital, Walter Alan Watson, of 344 South terrace. Adelaide. YOUNG.— At Tumby Bay, Mrs. George Young, sen., dearly loved friend of Bob bie. Thv win be done. DIED ON ACTIVE SERVICE 'At the going down of die sun and in the morning we will remember them.' HANUN, L./Cpl. Leonard George (Forbes), dearly loved only son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanlin, Watson avenue, Toorak Gardens, who is believed to have lost his life In a torpedoed Japanese P.O.W. transport is th« Pacific o» Sep tember 12, 1944,

DIED ON ACTIVE SERVICE HARVEY, SX2B936.— Pte. D. J. Harvey, killed In action, September 9. 1943.— Ever remembered by Us ]-al, Alec and family. MAHAB.— 417590 FIt/S«t. Maurice John Mahar, reported missing, sow presumed killed, August 30, 1944, second son of Mrs. and the late Mr. T. H. Mahar. of Mtnlaton. B.A. HEROES OF THE EMPIRE 'At the coins down of the sun and tn the morning we will remember them.' CLARK. — In loving memory of Wally, killed in action, September 12, 1943.— Inserted by Dolly, Don, family, Caralue. DYER. — With loving memories of our dear brother and Uncle Frank, killed in action, September 10, 1943. He died that we might live. — Always remembered by Jeane, George and Wally, Pt. Pirie. DYER. — In ioving memory of Frank, killed is action, New Guinea. September 10. 1942. God's greatest gift: Remem brance. — Inserted by Daphne. KING. — In loving memory of Pte. H. G. King, killed in action September 4, 1943, New Guinea. Greater love hath no man. — Inserted by Ada, Clem and Teddy. ROLTON. — In loving memory of our dear husband and daddy, who was killed in action, N.G., September 14, 1943. Not a day do we forget you, in our hearts you are always near; we, wDio love you, sadly miss you, as it dawns another year.— Always remembered by his loving wife and children, Desmond, Heather and David. BOLTON. — In loving memory of our ' dear son and brother-in-law, Sy£.. killed in action, N.G.. September 14, 1943. God's garden must be beautiful, for He always picks the best. His smiling face and loving ways will linger with us all our days; always so cheerful, loving and kind, beautiful memories to leave behind. Suddenly taken, but loved in life, honored In death. — Inserted by father and mother-in-law and brothers-in-law. VOIGT, Cpl. R. E., VX134587.— In lov ing memory of cousin Ern, who died of wounds July 24, 1945, at Bougainville. We hoped for his safe return, and longed to clasp his hand, but God has postponed that meeting to a better land.— Always remembered by his. cousins of Geranium Plains. IN MEMORIAM BAYNES. — In loving memory of our dear husband and father, William Joseph Baynes. who passed away at Jamestown. September 7. 1944. BEVEN. — In loving memory of our dear 'mother, passed away September 12, 1943. Things have changed in many ways, but one thin* changes never: the memory of those happy days, when we were all together. — Inserted by her lov ing son, daughter-in-law, and grand daughter, Fred, Irene and Betty. COLMAN. — In loving memory of our daughter Roma, who passed away Sep tember 14, 1942. Not gone from memory, not gone from love, but gone to our Father's home above. Rest in the Saviour, sweetly rest, they miss you most who loved you best. — Sweetly remem bered by mother, father, sisters, bro-thers. COLMAN.— In sad but loving memory of our dear niece Roma, who departed this life September 14, 1942. Not a day do we forget you, in our hearts you are always near; we, who loved you, sadly miss you as it dawns another sad year. — Ever remembered by Elva, Tom, and Irene. COLMAN. — In loving memory of dear Roma, passed away Sept. 14, 1942. Things may change in many ways, But one thing changes never;   Memories of those happy days When we were all together. — Ever remembered by Auntie Eva, Uncle Frank Fellenberg and children, of Nurlootpa. 'JOB. — In memory of our dear wife, mother, and grandmother, passed away September 9, 1944, at Pinnaroo. It's Just a year since that sad day When our dear mother was called away. God took her home, It was His will. Forget her, no, we never will; She now awaits for us above. Resting in the Saviour's love. Sweet are the hopes that again we shall meet. Kneeling together at- Jesus' feet. — Lovingly remembered by her husband-, daughter, six sods, and fourteen grand children.

IN MEMORIAM JOB.— In loving memoir «f our daar mother and grandmother, who paaaed away on September 9. 1944. This is the day of remembrance. The day we shall never forget, Of one we shall always remember When the rest of the world forgets. — Inserted by her loving eon Lindsay. Linda, James and Myrtle. KEMP. — In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away Sept. 11, 1042. The month of September Is here again, the saddest month of the year. No pen can write, no words can tell, how much we miss you, dear ? Inserted by her lov ing daughter Eileen, son-in-law Perc©, grandchildren Brian and Gloria. McLEOD. — In loving memory of Jean, who passed away at Alice Springs on Sep tember 12', 1942. Memories drift back to happy bygone days we spent together. — Inserted by her loving auntie Girlie But ler and family, Oodnadatta. POLDEN. — A token of love and memory to our dear mothac, who passed away September 8, 1939. Time drifts on and shadows fall, our memories of mother outlast them, all. — Ever remembered tir Rene, Daisy, Arthur and Reuben. SCHMITT. — In loving memory of dear mother, passed away September 6, 1944. Hearts that loved you never for get.— Inserted by Olga, Allan and grand children.* SCHMITT. — In loving memory of my dear mother.- passed away September 6, 1944. A thought for today, a memory for ever. — Inserted by her loving son Phil. STEINBOKNER.— In loving memory ol our dear friend, who passed away Sep tember, 1943. Loving friend, kind and true, how we miss you. — By her friends, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Schiller, Perponda, TRELOAR — In loving memory of out dear brother and fcrother-ln-law, Allan. accidentally killed on September 8. 1941. — Lovingly remembered by Mabel and Jack. WARNER. — In loving memory of dad, who passed away September 15. 1942, a.i Balaki'aya. No matter what the years may bring, ioving memories will always cling.— Ever remembered by son Lloyd and daughter-in-law Ida. RETURN THANKS NAPIER. — The sons and daughters of the late Mary Ann Napier (late of Para chilna) wish to convey their sincere thanks to relatives and friends for cards, letters, telegrams and floral tributes in the sad loss of their dear mother. BUCKLEr.— Mrs. L. E. Buckley and family wish to thank relatives and friends for telegrams, letters, cards and personal expressions of eympatby in the sad loss of her dear husband and their father. Will all please accept this as our personal thanks? ? . MRS. C. Reynolds and family wish to thank all kind friends and relatives for letters, cards and personal expres sions of sympathy in their recent sad be reavement. They especially thank the Rev. Father Kain, Mrs. Liddy, F. Lyonl and V. Chaplin, and Mr. Linkson. ? BOWLER. — The sister and brothers of the late Peter Bowler wish to sincerely thank all relatives and friends for let ters, cards, telegrams and personal ex pressions of sympathy, especially thank ing Revs. Father Vincent, Shiel, Father Barry, Catholic Young Men's Society, sisters of the Good Samaritan. Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Flaherty. Mr. and Mrs. J. Kelly, Georgetown, and Mr. and Mrs. M. Bentley