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THE'-SHOPS. CHRISTTIAS DISPLAYS. Naw. that .the Christmas seas ii so close at hand, the shops in blurra, street. have been made specially ar tractive, speaking volumes for the cn terprise of the business people.. BILSON AND CO. Messrs Bilson and Co. believe iv el fective window' displays, and a visi to this establishment will show hox excellently this has been done. 'Th goods are shown to the best possibli effect., and are only a small indicotior of the wealth of good things ;whicl are to be seen in the various' dcart ments. Bilson's have bouight -i.i stocks of. summer dress 'goods, t.lus lins, delainnes, prinits, ladies' re.t.iy to-wear garments, and inillinery, atl of which may be secured at. greatly reduced prices. by those who attenc the annual Christmas Fair. The de. mand for smart ready-to-wear, gar ments for ladies is increasing every season, .due, ,no doubt, -to %the multi plicity of sizes., which nmaiuficturers now turin out; : and. the showroom ol this establishment is one: of the chiel bargain ., centres. -The- men's and boys' clothing department is: well stocked, and the quantity of: goods is so varied in desigii that .no one" car have any dilliculty.. in getting; their wants satisfied,. no fas tidious they may be. In department a special feature is made of preserves, such as euchred l.:figs, beans and tomatoes, whitebait,, mince meat, India relish, ox tongues, salmor cutlets, &p. The firm has a fine stock of wines and spirits, including( whisky, brandy, muscat, port, bherry, chablis, claret, whilst there is a .large stock of cordials. ' This large warge warehllouse. is stocked with' the annual display, of toys for the children, and there is a splendid assortment of -novelties -in children's motor cars and carriages, imeclanidal i n-toti;. .'dolls'= -lou-Ze boats, stables;. '&c SAM,. JACOBS. .. A?t Ir Sam. Jacobs' prelimises every preparation has bleen made' for. the Christmas trade. There is a .nice assortment of sunshades, laceS, and all that is newest in hlalidwear, in kid and fabric gloves; a pretty show of ribbons, handkerchiefs, and .fancy belts in endless variety. In the showrooml; one is surrounded by the daintiest of muslin costumes, silk blouses, white iress skirts and lustre dust coats. The firm's reputation for dainty ilil linery is more than maintained by the display now bheing made, some very pretty styles in children's mil liiery being a special feature. In the ladies' and children's outfitting de partlment the firm's feputationi is well known. ' The dress counter is also well stocked with the newest of fabrics, and thos'e who wish to.give useful ipresents cannot dto I:etter than visit this department.. In the -cloth ing department everything 4hatoman or boy could possibly require. for the holidays can be procured. Special values are being offered. in panamas. The firm now makes -a specialty of the boot and shoe department,. there being all the latest in 13edggood's lines, Smalley and HIarkness'. pump work in boots and shoes, and Mar shall's welled balmorals. Liliolcunis, carpets, rugs and furnishings are dis ,layed in great variety. MUNRO CAMPBELL. The above establishment, which ?is being carried on in the interests of Mrs Campbell and family, is -being kept abreast of the tiinms for the Chllristmas season, and there is an excellent display of all classes of goods. The stock of summer. dress goods, muslins, delaines,. prints, ladies' ready-to-wear garments, and millinery have been carefully selected. Special attention is given to the grocery department, and there is a' plentiful supply of Christmas delica Gies, which are in much demand. SYDENHAM AND SMITH. Messrs Svdenham and Smith's Polt warth Sto-es will certainly attract considerable attention during the Christmas season. This' firm 'is showing a beautiful assortment' of trimmed millinery, blouses in all the newest silks and .mmuslins, French :ambrics, grafton voilcs; check--and striped zephyrs, navy and white twill prints, and a very large stock of rhildren's straw sailors and panamall: There is a finecassortiienti of new iaic goods for neck and shouilder wear'F also new shapes' in collars"and cuffs. Ladies' belts of 'everry description arc cade a specialty," ' ad.i;aliot~: b -eaten at the prices TTheboys have, sot been forgotten~r ks the fit s iving marvellously good -ilue, :rash, galatea and tweed suite Ae 'ies, hats (straw and? fel. iandkr :hlefs, &c.;: are i'i~grat?.: ofision n tlhe grocery side,:-tl arahge vents have `been miae flobrd'ftl isut alas trade. ce Tlo'w:iiies'd b'oer iges have heei-?wi?lll .chclt, cli tustraliain shiraz i u:Mtr'n pot auseat, sheriyb'iTu drgai iaii srotcr wc isv braindy, c W. E. STEPHINSXt:?s. " as The windows of " tl trise Iofs; case ulrccergikcci atra'imntfldr~ration du sg the past few Ia'ys ,urrt4 . co speak loqucctlv of b cohe rcol Chtmas ,eason. Th :house has been xtoi&kecd irht up to the hilt so 4lit ~t"?h 1?pith ic will lii-e plenty toc? o sef.romh.:i'SF . roceries igh?n.ilttoI lkII bo.orico stan' lard. There is -r? ee rn binie ,ce, ithe tea and etinnr.ts being Irices. Special alioes are being.of eted in ales, 'Waceiisian"?l55i?ctsaSll :he best bhaind ci?g cked Ther te maany de irtaies gitabl-e ofiripr lic partliessuic1 as, prunes, lob ters 5511 hens wafers; @icirimp crystalised :ruits, &c.! --1"- .,' S - In anticilp'tion of tle g roat t of rlsiness at.'tN'tmude rttr. i Parkicisonu is displi ng bis-large tock to behost Iailsanitge ' 'wall. irouogi ttifcfstouiaihiircnt~isriffi u ient to cause the 'visitoi: 'tidit ilgoe:ina ei lamations of: dcligitf' fbk~:f artirles r"ich not only please 'tIcs eye .'tjut lie also essecnitiall usefulteaji leats to b fo nd Christmasno lelties anrd presents aresi 'l)Oiidaili , snd must plcase" thit sfnosit ~ioactinlt lanly of the goods aoel~i xceptionially hoicce, whilst those of i?literary tunrr ,ill find their tastesamply; catered or in tihe magnifieclit collectioni of latest boiks. 'the art caleindars and lhristlmhs ards: furiiiclroliarmicig sou 'emris of thb1 seasdni The eledtro iatedt ware is a ,tetipting lot, andi there are toys "in-' enless variety, rhich are sure .to command a ready 'ate. "Mr :Parlinisoii 5 aim is to. Ca or thioroughly fo6i?r? te piiblic taste hnd requiremeniiitsr,eand icr this .lhe tlas Ieen successfil, as see? ? in ..tll lavisli iispclay of beautiful goitils aipli?opriate or the festive scaisol of the year. MRS MIORRIISON. Attractively decorated showv win lows and shelvgs, loatlctl with nall lanllner of Cliristmas iilts, nrovelties tnd toys, :should make Mrs Morri son's slloi a opiular resort ducring thie Christcmas testi\'al.* Thile stock is of inlinite variety, and hears the stamlr of- newness. Leathler goods 'ft all tdescriptions are dlisplayed. Of Christmnas anil post cardls there is lliless varieity in ncew and choice de slglls. Mrs Mblorrcson moakes it Special tY of fancy work, and 'keeps a well ssorted stockl of all kiinds of ncctdle MISSES JOIANNSEN. 'iancv work is 'lwvars Ian attraction for laties, atld at iliss Jolrali'sen's slhOlp is to lice seci-. soine. heautiful specjreins oii, ccedlework, aniy if whiclh oultl make awelcom.e gift. for the Women folk. Ini fancy work, there are ,many choice articles, ircluding ornaments, leather goods, silverware &cA. E. G. PEGG. " 'll.There is a very attractive display 'o fancy goods, toys, jewellcry, &c., t nIr . G. Pegg 's shop. A spccial featUre hls heen madte of toys, and l)areclts will find a splendidl assort irelt to choose from whllell liurchasi.ngI presents for thel children. Some nice Jc'wellery is .kept -in stock, whilst tlhere is somne nicely got -.up, leather koods, which, wiould make. a. very ilandsome Chirstmias gift. No cx Icnse .has reen spared 'toa bring the htoch5 rigfit up ito -date,- :;.?. =

A'. F. SPENDLOVE;: At Christmas time people generall like to get a new outfit, in whic boots are by no means the least im s portant item. To meet the demani ;Mr Spendlove has brought his stoe - right up to the mark, and claims t give the best of goods at the mos moderate of prices. All Iinds o footwear are kept in stock, so tha the wants of all can be satisfied. G. J. BROWN. - The ironmongery establishment o Mr G. J. Brown is an emporiur where the thrifty housewife can buo a frying pan, a nutmeg grater, or kettle at bedrock price. There ar washtubs, buckets, tinware, enamel ware, brushware and household hard ware, whilst there is a heavy and well-assorted stock of earpenters tools. The firm also has a largc stock of Edison phonographs and re cords, the prices being very reason able. E. B. FAULL, .IMr- Faull has an excellent stock o phonographs and records at all prices to meet the purses of both the rich and poor. The e.p. ware is, also worth inspection. -- . A. MACROW AND SONS. - At this establishment thereiis ,a good show of articles which are -l ways in deihand at Christmasitimid including jewellery, clectrrboplate, sil ver purses, brushes, belts, cpmbs, clocks, etc. The management invitt inspection of the stock. E. FARRELL;, ) :. : MIr I. arrell makes : a specialty of phonographs, of which he lhasi.'a fine stock, .whilst his records include many genms, amongst them being songs by the leading artists of the world. -He is making a special concession' to every' purchaser of a dozen records, it. nature of which will be seen". by referring to o?i adsvertising columns. SMRS" S ''A-. WAL-KER. ,MIrs: Walkeri has catered for the little folk; who at this festive season of the year look forward so eagerly to visits from Santa Claus. There, are -many nice toys, picture books, etc., whilst hose, who are collectors of . picture ie:st cards will "findi many novelties amongst. the large number of. cards o view ... M?r Walker is making:;spe c ' i arraniigements at the bboat sheds for boating parties and anglers, dur ing the holidays. "A. J: HANDLY: Sir A. J.- Hanidley. has. .a well.: as sorted stock, and has no hesitation iin inviting ,,the publicfito inrpect-his line of tea. e h-as had a counter fitted up especially for,iemperance drinks, .ind. invites those,.in need of a cpoling :eoverage to walk inside- to;havietheir thirst satisfied. -Mrs Haundley,,?"is making a feature .of florist's, work, and those il. se'ach':f tlhe latest anl best evarieisie ofil ., ldois should call and itnspect.. '-- Tlio ltest no!tvities in carnations whiclh wer on view: recent-. ly coiinitandie- mu h'lc'atteiitioi, 'ilt there aire other ilats- in stock equal ly as gfood. W. AR.ItINER.. uir Miariner s, apa spleididcstbtk of plants which clannot "fail, to at-. tract attention; a'il, theye :are; -all` suaranteed 'as liing? gthe very'i.bst. He also keeps- a splendid ,assortment of fruit and temperance drinks. m:c Hc has made. ll arrangementss, for-,,tlithe Christmais trafde.. :5 ' A; a, . .ALEXANDER. ? p" i Those who want a nice tobacco b sl as to enjoy a pleasant .smokde sliould pay a visit to Mr Alexander'?'t ?b bacconist shop. -He has' i deMrytlting there whicl'iia ssmoker requires. anl at prices, to-suit. all pock?t?.:'Th stock of fancy :goods' -is patitiiolarlyi good, and coilipares very favorably with anything to Ire seen in' a lMel bourne shop. ailies recqiirij;g toilet articles.l willh.iae t? ace stoculk to make their choice-"fromn R: PjIlYi1ES-Tho At Mir R' Pe. ?ynes lpharnsacy• there is inuch in th¢ t way of toilet a) tiqles; which make vgery- seasonable ,presents. Thoge who .ar' fond of., Pgifniry? i should -ilso see'vli aMtr ,Hynes hbass in stock. :r : i W, THURSFIELD. -ar-; Rw i fi-h sid,0toiend it,? ihas a large stock.'of' pIiotobgraplnc i ;g86s' I which should be itisgeat d'sa fort the holidays.. Thosi fii.e~dof soa perfumes- and otlifer toilet' eI should hi rncy iii - H ,.H W.IEELER., .,a, AiMr,.Wheeler;--chemist has t li-aii eIcol lent;stock o0: perfumery;s,sceiitd 'siafji &c;,-which- shouldclit8 inspi?ttd." by, those wanting2bnytLhiig' in'vttis'imdircff tion.zi lHe aIson estoeclkuda tioog spltd recquisites,-which arenfidch iii doesiainl especially. at-ioliolidy time:sr.:?O .I "M '- EORGIJ'CNIL~fUT: `'itoo' At .tins, season .of.tlhe year raera.. lcatogwn as Mr-Guorge Wsnilht 1s> ui ligneid, sarspiarilla ext-irct fruiti -ehu-u pagne, lemot.?,yrip?,, giclagip, hop ale, giinger tonit~ cblerry i-cer, lithia rater l "r .-.q -? -h! '*I :" , V. ?Z. P-EARSON. M-r tPeuifiol -has anatidaetuvli- . e s psay of" ilofeltidnTsl -irs-fo i?Chli st "s niid NewiYeai- ~'ii lIroidches somief -lid lt oeyf?latest' ?u ito-dater inoVeltifrs nrc shbowmri-frbm t.l e i smodest-barto tflso richanld elegant ;-inl design'i i,?o " work manship's. There is alsbt?i: 'wpleF ii selection: of watbhes; gold i silvet-t,:i metal alid nickel: Th e -wiiiw ruG n t;ains i weilth of gold-star -ijenda!tif~t photo poenddnts set with pdar!a;- sip' plhires, rubies a nd diamonds-' ,-ip: g gold isuff chainis, ,old neckltth le n-ldc links, bracclets set: with all kinifl" 6o precious: stones, gold padlock, :- crifl nid: Nellie Stewart baligl'csnl: - ri>f brooches, crescent, opal and-:li-e-rll;t terfly dlaggerh brooches, loeks 0 :Ms sonic embloms set wiith r,- sesit'ir: il dliailonds, inld hlundreds of' 6Otb~i~ iA1d so a very fine assortnient :-of sui'ieu ware, including silver-itiounted tht'ic idl combs,: mirrors, serviette ri ?.i? - ake: Iaskets, thimbles, ipurses rhlisi h.g.?si .Tlihe -jewellery- estallishmenelt , if iii' II.H- Lewis -Ias mIaLI y jeweller-liy llbr tic?a I?eIe has had ,in view the jsual hi-i~tmastide demand for :prcosei s; and has stocked extensively so :as to be well prepared therefor. -lie has watches and jewellery, consis;ing of photo charms, dress and engage~milt rings, links, bIroochles, muff chaiins in new ldesigns at reduced rates. Hle in vites an inspection of his stock. J. G. JOHNSTONE AND CO. At Messrs J. G. Johnstone and Co.'s furniture' warehouse, the . stock is wef llworth inspecting. All tastes' are catered for. T'here are 'all. varieties iin lamps; vases andl nick nacks, &c. In biedroom furniture there is a wide fieldl to select from; also a healry stock of colonial made ,beds. Bedroom stuites" it- waliut, oak, ash antd all varieties-of-.cess ex pensive and ornamnehtal wo dsoo are to blie hadl. A specially is made of wicker chairs ando settefs. Of car0 pets and linolumis there. is a big sup lily, conlmprisilng carpet squares,:-A minster, Brussels andi tapestry. Or gans aind piia!os are also stocked. Mi. DAVISON AND SONS . "Only the best kIpt-in stock" is the pirinciplle olbserved by M. Davisoi and Sons, tailors, an?d the mnost cur-. sory examinationl of tlhe Christmnas goodls is sullicient to show that there is justification fof ithe existeuce of t-14 rule. Everything is -of high stan-. dird. The suitings are.of ilthe best quality, the suits themselves Iashlion able and well ihadr,s and thIe accesso ries, such as collars, tie e , riight ulip to date,- Here as. every?hiere else staff to woik under high pressulre-., the Christmaas trade is qausing-: the BELYEA AND DUNOON - This firm's staft hass heel busily employed for a long time past con-. plctin8 orders for Christmas. This year the lits. reports trade brisker than ever, and the class of goods':to choose fromn is well tip to city tan ldard. A glance through the estab lishuent ii sufficient to show llthat lli firm has a complete outfittitng stord. R. CLARKE,.',. lThe tailor cannbt' make the muhi; hubuthe uan do much::i regard to his ,-.S-oa .l :P .earance; . ai- . . t,.". -'' • .,? .L ,.. " ' ." .: :< ? ::v?i:! L

Olarkeb strivt -to satisfyr.hls. clients' desires in',this. direction. He has an admirable stock for customers to se lect from, and. the superior article he produces is ensuring for him a liberal patronage. J. E. MARKS. In the production of fashionable at tire, whether for summer or winter wear; Mr J. E. Marks claims that his tailoring establishment has reached a high standard of excellence. The Christmas display serves to confirm the impression, for 'quality is every where apparent. In anticipation of the Christmas trade, Mr Marks has imported a large stock of,all that is new and natty in-Christmas wear, in cluding hats, ties, collars, &c. A. J. MIDDLETON. Mr A. J. Middleton, tailor, has a well-ssorted stock of seasonable goods, and guarantees to make a stylish suit which will look well and wear well, and these requirements are filled at reasonable prices. He has a nice display. in ties in all the latest designs. S -E A. TROTTER. Mr Trotter hais his shop-well stock, ed with -crockery, glassware, fancy goods, toys, &c. The crockery is a well-assorted -lot'- . ' W-^ IE ^ STONE:. -Purity? i? thi? motto of Mr E.: W. Stone, of Murray street ::'Everything about-:: the - premises, is,; spotlessly clean, and the shop itself is like a crystal pilanhce';In the mirrors can be seen the rlection of the stock,'of lol lics oil hiand.d Tliis'includels lollies im ported 'from 'all coiuitries; more es pecially ;English' con'fectionery.' The lollies hire'of the'l most wholesome na tiireand. most. exquisite flavor. Ice cream. and cool drinks are- a'lways welcome in thie; hlot:weather, and.: the ice-cream sold byi: Mr S.tonc, is' bf the purest quality?,.- Es,,fi'odye ais at libertyto: visit-'Lhel eia?-blishiiiitl'a?iir' sample'the goodsifor ithemseies, when they will find Ithati "the proof bf -ofthe confeclipioriy is in the eating.' Be sides the above,,. Mr "tone has . on stock overy requiisite 'required for the smoker also a, large :.ssortmcnt: of post cards, &... ..