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AUTJUMN STYLES. Auttumn has really commenced, ac cording to the calender. The new shade, which is eithel deep parma violet or eminence purple, is seen or all sides, .especially in hats and veils. Felt, straw, linen and satin hats in this tone give ;a touch of autumn tc our: white and other light frocks. In the shop windows are the autumn materials, and it would seem as it the chief novelty in the way of dress is the idea of combining two ma terials THE NEW SKIRTS. In the new/tailor-made skirts, the straight falling line from the waist to the hem is the newest cut for skirts; in some cases with simulated pleats at the back, apparently main tained by four or. five buttons and overlapping panels; This fashion is pretty as well as being practical. Skirts as the days grow cooler will also be worn a trifle longer, to just below the ankles, and the very curtailed ungrateful skirt- of thin summer material, which had a most unpleasant way of showing the nether limbs to view, will by nice women be altogether avoided. Lat terly there has been too much license allowed with regard to skirt styles, especially in the case 9f young girls. A MILLINER' FORECAST. Hats in soft plush, velvet, silk beaver and panne will be greatly worn as the days lengthen, made in some instances entirely in the one fabric, but arranged in other cases withdraped velvet crowns, and linish ed on one side'in Elizabethan fashion with a cluster of small ostrich tips. The feathers soften the outline and gdh to the becoming e'fect. Some times on these picture hats fur and feathers are mixed, but this needs to be done cleverly, or those hats will be top heavy. Broad sash ribbons, in contrasts of color will be very generally usedj for morning wear and for ordinary occa sions generally. In fact, these rib bon-trimmed hats promise- to rank with the ready-to-wear felt 6hats, and will be just as popular. Close-fitting toques have been pre pared in endless variety, and display some of the most exquisite colors possible to imagine. THE RETURN OF THE VEIL. The approach of autumn usually coincides with the return of the fashion for wearing veils, There was a time when the veil was not per mitted to extend further that the tip of the nose. Ever since the vogue ceased we have had trouble with the arrangement of our veils, although last season's practice of letting the bordered veil hang loose ly round the chin was a simple war out of the difficulty. This season, however, the loose-fitting veil is not in evidence, so some means of gettinv and keeping it taut and trim has to be found. One plan is to gather it in the middle, both at the top and bottom edge, on fine round elastic. About four inches gathered is usually enough. If elastic is not at hand. ordinary thread may, of course, be used, though it will not "give" to the exact needs of the hat brim as does elastic. Another method is to run very nar row baby ribbon along each edge and by means of it draw up the top and bottom as required to fit the hat and effertive, is not to be recommended to the chin. This plan, tnough very those who like to put on their hats quickly. Still, it is much preferable to the extravagant method which consists of twisting the superfluous fullness into a knot under the chin. With large brimmed hats the neatest effects are obtained by tying the veil on the top of the crown. But in the case of the new lace veils the fashionable way. is to pin the extra fulness up just behind the ears, either with plain or fancy safety pins of the tiny "lace" kind. There are several kinds of veil fasteners now available, costing about one shilling. Most of them consist of a piece of elastic and two clips, either plain or fancy, which hold the veil neatly in position. THINGS WE WANT TO KNOW. Old gold brocade lined with blue satin and trimmed with skunk fur makes a lovely combination. Towels should not used when they are brand new. .After being launder ed several times they lose their stifl ness. The newest wrietlet' watches are oblong- in shape, thus fitting more comfortably to the wrist. Most of them are in platinum. The monocle is the latest craze of the woman of fashion. Some of the newest' coats show quite remarkabid shortness, ending in round scallops just below the waist line. On a coat of this de scription purple silk pipings empha sised a black silk dress, tne skirt of which was draped over a purple silk underskirt. A triangulan' hat iof purple felt, set oilff with ta black mount, was the natural accessory to this gown. Instead of the old stvyle of sewing stock collars on to the blouse neck, procure four patent las Steners, fix the spring side to the blouse collar and the stud part to the stock-collar. By this means they ran be taken off for washing with very little trouble. When having a skirt made which I do not wish to have lined throughout I always have the front panel lined, as this prevents the skirt from "bag ging" at the knees. To renew a skirt that has lost its gmartness through this "bagging" brush it well and place it flat on a skirt board apd iron it until dry beneath a damp cloth. Take care the cloth- is not lint'. Sometimes after wearino a blouse for some time you find thestitching of the sleeves give way on account of the armhole stretching. To prevent this, stitch a piece of tape round when the sleeve is put in, and you will find it will keep firm. A shoe or boot lace will never come undone if tied in the followine way : -Begin as usual, then fold the lace and complete the process by passing a loop over twice instead of once, and pull the lace tight. The QUeen, when Prineess of Wales, made large sums of money at bazaare by charg ing people for instruction in this