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Haybox Cookery

Hay box cookery is cooking, in stored heat, so the box must be airtight, otherwise the heat es capes and the box is useless. TO MAKE A HAY BOX choose a strong, well made box, free from cracks, at least eight inches larger than saucepan or cans to be used in hay box. Do not use iron sauce pans. The fitting lid should be well fastened or weighed down.

The box. including the lid, should be lined with layers of newspapers or old felt, containers placed in, stuffed with hay or newspaper balls, and covered with one or two cushions filled with hay and made to fit. When contain ers are removed, a nest is left into which saucepans are returned each time. RULES FOR HAY BOX COOKERY 1. All food must be at boiling point and in heated utensils when placed in box. 2. The utensils must have tightly fitting lids 3. Do not uncover the foods until ready to be moved from the box. 4. Foods take about four times the length of the usual time to cook. 5. Foods may be reheated if necessary before serving. 6. For very large joints of meat or any food taking a very long time to cook, remove from box at the end of four hours and bring to boil again before returning to box to finish cooking.