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LADIES' PASHIONS F03. JUNE. Frost and politics no longer stay the light of fashion, which has resumed her empire, and now appears to us under the host light and refreshing toilettes. Bareges are very much in request; de idedly, this fine tissue, so soft and silky, transparent, and cool, unites all the qlualities for pretty summer dresses; it is at once simple or .elegant, according to the purposes to which it is applied, or to he colours which are chosen.. Dark shades make charming walking dresses; while paler tints form transparent and

light costumes for summer soirees. Tih great advantage of woollen barege ove muslin, is, that it does not 'r tee ver Striped taffetas, with vatiegated grounds are still much in favor. The make of dresses differs very little from that of the spring; always very high fr that of the morning, very low for the evening. Net dresses, spasled witl? gold or silver, are of exquisite elegafle . to show tlhem to the greatest advanage' the under skirt is worn of wvatered ge, de Naples. Wreaths of light flowers are worn, starting from the shoulders, re attaclhing themselves by a bouquet in the centre of the bhoddice, from whence escape two garland, ornamenting the skirt, apld looping it up as high as the knee byatuft of mixed flowers. 'T'he wreaths, a la Yarie Stuart, are in vogue;'they are very hbe coming in isome faces, but less so than flowers at the side to many. *In bonnets, some attempts have eenm made to adopt the Marie Stuart form, hat this eccentric fashion has failed. Bonnets of an open and circular fumnn, closing under the chin, are the prettie.t wear. The ornaments of flowers, ibbhou, or feathers, are placed very lowi at the side The Vie!leuses, in black or white lace ate very graceful. Colored blonds, which last year were so recherche ate this sulmler little worn. M.antles differ little in form; those of taffetas glace are most generally adopted; they are trinim ed with frills of .the -,". pinked. The darkest shades are '..l worn. The long square shawls of tvwhi? cashmere barege are very becoming to uyoung people, andL China crapes very recherche for ladies. Paletots of letorc embroidered muslin, are rather etl vogue but to make amends, the double Spanish umantilla, which so gracefully envelopes the wearer in rich lace, denotes exquisite taste. People already direct their attention to country and sea-side toilettes, which are sipmle and elegant. Mourning dressing gowns obf muslin, trimmed with lace and over white silk; robes of book muslin, over slips of coloured glace silk; natural flowers i, the hair and at the waist; will cer tainly be preferred for their becoming simplicity. It is whispered the straws of Italy, with broad waving brims, trimmed writh a little tuft of simple feathers placed eln choux at the side, will at length resume their vogue. Does there really exist a head dress more suitable to guard against the rays of the sun, encircling ai pro tecting a prety face, than these mnagnifl. cent straws ?