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FASHIONS FOR JANUARY. (Prom tile New Monthly Belle Assemblee.) CARInni.;E Dness - Fawn-coloured moire robe; the cordage made quite high, and tight to the shape. Sleeves rathller more than half length, tight at the top, moderately wide at the turn of the elbow, and tinished by a fall of black lace. Muslin under-sleeves ter.. minated by a umanchette bouillonnee. A single deep flounce of black lace encircles the skirt. Violet velvet chapeau; a round orect shape; the exterior decorated with a black lace drapery; the interior with rose panaches placed on eachl side, and light fawn colored brides. Manteauc Russe, of green velvet, lined wvith green satin; it is a pelisse of rather less than a three-quarter length, with hanging sleeves cut ie the pelisse ; it is made quite "up to the throat, with a round pelerine of sable fur of moderate size, anl has a standing collar close romnd the throt; a band of sable descends from the pelerine down each front, and another of triple the breadth encircles the border. The bottoms of the sleeves are trimmed to correspond. Sable muff. PcnLsc PROIEsNADE DRESS.-LilaC satin robe; corsage Amasone, and tight sleeves a three-quarter length, over cambric ones of a small bishop forn. Black-satin capote, a drawn shape; the crown of the helm t form, is trimmed with a fall of black lace, beneath vwhich a knot of black velvet ribbon is placed on the side, and encircled by a double row of black lace; a bind of stamped velvet at the edge finishes the ornaments of the exterior. Thie barolet is very full, and rather. deeper than they are in general; the interior is de corated with clusters of small flowers of a deep shade of red, without foliage, and lightly intermingled with blond lace; brides of one of the new winter .ribbons. Violet velvet mantle lined with satin to correspond; it is not quite a three-quarter -length, is made quite high, with a large peterine, small tailing collar and long wide sleeves. The pelerine, very deep at the back, is sloped as it rises to the waist, so as to fall easily over the bend of the arm. The front is closed from the throat to the waist by brandebourgs. The entire of the-pelisse is bordered by rouleau of the same material. EvExIso DRss--Black velvet robe; cor sage JXontespan, cutvery low, and descending a little in the centre of the breast, displaying the chemisette, which is cut low and round; a drapery of three folds encircles the top of the corsage, and surmounts two falls of black lace, whilch entirely covers the very short tight sleeves; the bottom of the corsage is deeply pointed in front and mnoderately so ct the back. The hIairdisposed in braids in front, and a full knot at the back, is decorated with a small bl ck lace lappet on which a wreath of roses panaches is laid; it isdisposed in tufts at the ends, and a single rown of flowvers in the centre. The bouquet of the bosom is also of roses panaches. DINNERs DEss.-Robe of brown reps im perial; the corsageti. ht to the shape, high at the back, and opening -en V to the centreof the breast but so moderately at scarcely to show a lace chemisette; a row of laca stands up all round. It is nearly covered by a velvet pelerine of the same color, rounded at the back, desending to the waist and cut out on the shoulder so as to have the effect of a man cheron; the fronts, fitting close to the shape, descend below the waist in rounded points. Sleeves of a three-quarter length, and of an easy wridth, finished by velvet cuffs andti black lace rufflles, the pelerine is also trimmed with black lace. A very deep biaisof brown velvet encircles the skirt; it is surmounted by three moderately deep flounces of black lace, The hair, disposed in full bands, is decorated with a black lace lappet, placed far back, and at tached on the head at each side by tufts of roses panaches, the end on the right side droops on tie shoulder, Black lace mittens,