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I Viotohia.

News has been received of the appoint- ment of Baron Ungern Sternberg as Consul for Russia in Melbourne, The Baron recently rotircd from the Russian Army with the rank of general, and he is expected to arrive in Melbourne at the end of the present month.

The Chief Justice has been called upon at the instance of tho Law Institute, to deal with chargea of misconduct against solicitors in regaid to mouey mattera, His Honor suspended DeCourcy Ii eland, of Horsham, for one year, aud struck Robert Knox Onuo off the roll of solicitors. The third charge was agaiust T. M. B. Pnillips, who having paid ovor money and costs for which he bad not accouulcd, wits suspended for three months.

A Supreme Court order has been mude op pointing Mr. R, E. Jucomb official liqui- dator of the City of Melbourne Bank.

Judge Molesworth has given judgment in the Insolvency Couit on the npplicaliou of C. B. Fisher for an unconditional dischurgo, his debts totalling £1,477,915. The Judge said that Mr. Fisher appeared to have been Insolvent for several years past, and he should have tiled his schedule when he found he was unable to pay his debts, Instead of carrying on till he had no assets whatever for unsecured creditors. The application was refused.

The rovenue of the colony for the last month was £495,400, being £32,992 less than in August last year.

Sir Edward Braddon, Premier of Tas- mania, has reported to Mr. Turnor, Premier of Victoria, approving of the suggestion that tho Victorian Parliament shall take the load ¡n dealing with the Federal Enabling Bill.

Mr. Kingston, the South Australian Premier, han also replied stating that the South Australian Government did not intend waiting for Viotoña, but proposed to puah on with its own bill if early action on the part of New South Wales could not be arranged.

New Sodtii Wales.

The dispute between the Now South Wales Cricket Association and the trustees of the Sydney cricket Rround, as to tho right of the trustees to let the ground for any sport other than cricket during the dieltet season, has been fought out before the Minister of Lands. The trustees, in justification of their attitude, explained that ¡n return for tho outlay of £73,000 on the oval, only £4,770 had been re- ceived from cricket outside of English matches, the latter having yielded £8,309, while other sports furnished leceipts total- ling £15,344. The Minister of Landa eaid tho trustees wero justified ia catering for sports other than ciickct, tis long ob they did not do so to the injury of tha Cricket


The placo where tho s.s. Catterthun Bank has been located, and the wrcok is found to lie in 29 fathoms of water. A diver was sent down 25 fathoms, who reported that ho could see tho ship, but that it was quito im- possible for bim to reach it.

Auother outrage is reported as haviug been ccmmittoú by tribes who inhabit tho Now Hobridos. The victim this -time was Francois Roan, one of the oldest and most respected French tradon, H» visited fort

Aubry, Santo, on a trading expedition, and was treacherously shot A number of Rossi's companions wcro severely injured

The Premier bos delivered Ina budget spoeoh in tho Assembly He sud the Government intoudid to adhoio m every

derail to their direct taxati n proposals * Ho estimated tho surplus teveuuo for the year 1895 b at £181,000

A largo number of proprietors of double ovout shops have been fined in uniouuts ranging f i oin £10 to £5 for laying doublts aud vvurned that any repetition of thooûuico vvjiild lead to ituprisanmont without option

ot fino

In the Legislative Council Mi PigHOtt moved that the statement made by tho Pro micr at u public meeting in July that the Council was a rotten und corrupt llonso is scandalous aud f ilso, and that » copy of tho resolution bo prosentitl lo His I \collouc\ the Governor The motion waa earned

The dead body of a country gul, named Jessie Amoila JSirholls, has boeu found iu a docompoaed stuto m a box near Woolloomoo loo Bal It is believed tint deceased met her death by reason of an illegal operation perfonned ou 1er by a maa named Slieti lan, a " modicil specialist ' hhen lan, and others charged with being acccssones after the fact, have been arrested

Mrs Willis, of Alma Plains, aged 25 years, has been found murdered iu her house with a largo gunshot vvouiil in hex neck Samuel Willis, 1 tisband of tho diceased, a man of 40 years to whom suspicion points as tho murderer, and who for two yeais has shown signs of insanity, has committod suicido bj bingil g

In tho Assembly bix petitions have been presen ed lu fivour of tho ötato Advances


Tho Ministor of Agriculture is awittinf, a conmunicitiou from tho Victorian Miuistor in respect to oxhibiting preduce iu London, aud is v illiug lo co opeiat

lu dobato ou tho budget Mr Glynu BUgaostcd au increaso of duty on unmauu fiietured tobacco from Is 7d to 2s 9d par lb, winch «oui I îealisc £1S 009, and tho substitution of au all rouud increase of laud tax to Id iu the £1 for the present pro presen o system, which ivoul 1 j mid £29,000, aud a rcductiou of tho lueotni ta\ exemptions from £200 to £100 yielding £17,000 lie alao prop s d the lbolilion of free odueatlou thus a n lug £27,000 making u total of about £87 COO lu older to save tho Civil Sorvieo from re Iuotions, an 1 to próvido for nuoting tho public deb pay mont of £00,000 duo this year Hie debato

was adjourned


Mr Justice Harding has died at the buprenio Court building

An i nprossiv o soeno was enacted when the Judicial Bench and the legal profession mot to pa\ tho last solemn duty to his memory Tho 1 till Court sat m Chambei in mourn

ing and the Judges iu lieu of btnto robes wore whito bands Lloquont references ware nuide by the Bench to the memory of


It is probablo that Mr Justice Cooper will be recalled from tho Noith to fill the place of deceased, and that tho North Judgeahip will be offeied to Sir Jas A Garrick or tho Hou A J Thynne

A public meeting has declared in favour of holding an International Lxlubilion at Brisbaue no\t yeir

At the monthly meeting of tho Chamber of Co nmcreo a lett i was received fiom tliu London Chamber of Goinincrco, drawing attention to tho great depreciation in the v ulue of In le, tho c luso being the present system of binuding cuttle, aud nug gostiug that smaller brands might bo plarcd ou a less valuable paît of tho Inda, or a dis tractive marl, be matin on the horn or hoof

iho Chamber of Commerce has paBScd the following resolution which is to bo tendered to the Governor - 'lhat the members of tho Brisbane Chamber of Com morea sincerely régi et to hear of tho dopar ture from Queensland of Sir Houry Wylie Norman, and no v record their profound respect for His Lxccllency aa a faithful servant of tho Empire, and thor warm regald for tho Governor asa oitizsn and


?\\ lst AurniLU

Chief Justice Onslow, administrator of Government, has received a cable message from Sir William Robinson m London to tho effect that he has rcsigued tho position of Goveinorof tho colony

Turopeau bnsl rangers aro bohI to be about in the vicinity of Mount Margaret Numerous aborigmala have 1 ecu massacred One of the murderers waa recoL,uued as ' Soldier, formerly resident of Albury

Arrangements havo been concluded be

tween Mesara Iliiddart, Ptrltcr, _ Co and Ihu Uni u Sic unship Co for terminating the prcettt rui »ma fires and freights

Hie half year of tho L-olouial Bank of No v Zealand has deed, and it is stated that as soon as the balaree sheet has been arranged Lcgotlutions will prob i bly be commenced v\ iib tho Bank of New Z"aland for amalgamation or purchase

The Banking Bill passe I through com nutt"o iu tho Houso of Representatives after tn all night sitting the debite at time!, beirg exceedingly acrimonious Tho only material t mendment mhb that of worda in the elau«o giving tho Bank of New Zealand the light to purchase tho business oi an} other Lank Tho committee deciding that Puliameut shuuld hut o the ncht and opportunity of vetoing any such

I arrangement

A new clauso was added providing that no directois of tho Bank of New Zealand, or member of the Bank of New Zealand Kstatea Company Board, or of tho Realisa- tion Board, should bo allowed an overdraft. Tho House canicd the third reading by 33

to 21 votes.

Tho report of the committee appointed to inquire iuto the Bank of Now Zealand Bauk Estates Co. and its relation towards Now

Zealand hua been read in tho House of Repre-

sentatives, The commitccc recommends separation of tho Bank from the instates Co., that the Now Zealand properties of tho company bo sold to realUe, that a Board ha appointed, and that the Board issue bonds for £2,734,000, benring 3J per cent, interest, that any deficiency on theso bouda shall bo guaranteed by the colony ; that £500,000 uncalled resorve lia- bility of bank shareholders be called in ; and that the first charge on annual profits beyond x50,000 bs payment of interest on

such call.