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{We cannot undertake to publish all letters whioh reach us, even when entirely unobjectionable. The number Is so large that we can only print a selection. This must be accepted as the explanation of the non appearance of letters. We cannot return manu script*.] ' Thomas Marshall,' Australian Plains. — Tbe in formation ie contained in tbe Acts and Regula tions of the Education Department, price 64. ' Argument,' Willunea. — 1. Another executor can not be appointed. 2. No. 'Hough Bcsbmas.' — Your communication cannot nfvncDii Avnanf aa n.n ar1rr£.»HeomAnt:

-Constant Reader.' Broken Hill —One-third to tbe husbini and two-thirds to tbe children. ' Yosgala. '— A patentee can sue a person who In fringes his tetters patent, whether the article be made by the person for his own use or for site. 'An Asxiods Ose.' — By settlement duly regis tered. 'J.R.W./'Sberinga. — If tbe half cost) exceed £20 the neighbor has five years within which to pay the same. 'A Lovek of Fair IJMrraufa.'— Too personal, especially with so name attached. *? A Working Man,' Ooalts.— It is contrary to our rule to review court cases as Js done in your letter. ' Anxioos ' — You probably signed an order for the book, and II so, will have to pay. ' Albkrton.'— Yes ; one-halt the value of the fenoe at tbe time of demand. ?'Jack.' J.mestown. — 'Practical Vegetarian Bscipes,' by Forward, prlc=, la. 'tV.H.' Bcsewater. — Ice through coDneotion from Adelaide to Port Augusta was completed on May 2?, 1882, on whioh date tbe line between Orroroo and Quorn was opened, tbus joining the lines from Ade laide to Orroroo and Quorn to Port Augusta. ?? Argument.' — We have never teen the application of grease recommended, but the matter could be easily settled by experimenting. 'N. C. Laurknsen,' Grange, writing with reference tohawken' lioenses, cays:— «'I think it bard for a working man to have to pay 10s. in evety township in the colony. It la a pity a nan cannot follow his tailing and supply the people with fi h and other commodities without having to pay for tbe privilege cf so doing.' ' Enquirer,' Protpeet— A week's notice would be sufficient, but sooner than have any trouble, it would be better to give two weeks. ' Okk Who Wants to Know,' Carrieion. — If false evid nee were RiveD, the witness may be prosecuted for perjury. ?? PicKBRiKo Iiamb,' Port Atigugta West1, writes :— 'In your notice with reference to the late Pilot Ben Germein you state that tbe boat Ben Germein shoved off in to the John Ormerod was an indifferent one. I wish to correct that statement. The boat was a thoroughly good sea boat, a five-oared whaleboat, belonging to the Government. I am positive, as I was one of the crew on that occasion.' ' IKTEOBsTED,' LMlrB.— YtB. 'Cbobipa.'— 1. Will be. 2. Are. ' W. S. Lambert,' CalliogtOD.—We oacnot. ' Ekqcibeb.'— Tfle Duke of Edinburgh visited South Australia twice. He arrived on bis first visit on October 2a, 1867, and on the second on February IS, 1S69. 'Uakhbr.' — It would affect the water. Why not use a water pan of crockery or earthenware? 'K.L.,' Murnpeowie.— The Great Eastern steam ship -was 692 fc long, $S ft. beam, €0 ft. deep. Bet weight was 12,000 tons, her coal earning capacity 11,379 tons, and burthen 24,000 tons. *'W. a.,' Gumbowle. — Your fowls reem in a bad way. WCatdojou feed them on? Are they fed tegu larly? Give those that have oiarrhoea three or four d.-ops of chlorodyse in a leaspoonful of water twice a day till cured; feed tparintrly on sof t lood. Those with distended orcps should be treated as follows :— Pour a little warm water down the throat and gently knead tbe crop until it becomes soft, then give a desoertepoonf ul of salad oil. If not relieved repeat tbe treatment. Feed sparingly. ' Anxious.' — The will may be written by tbe person making tbe sune, and abeqaest of snonty may be ex pressed either In words or figures. The witnesses ( wo) need nob add their addressee, and a witness may net ss executor. ?? Qubet,' Alma — 1 The property would have to be transmitted to A'e executor, and by h'm traus lerred to B prior to ealo. 2. The ccet ol transferring, iaoludlng fees, would be about £t 2i. ' Wagbe,' Frewtilla.— 1 and 2. Where an accident i»pp-ns entirely without default on the part of an in dividual or blame imputable to fcim, he will not, uo lessby fo ceof some express statutory responsible for the Injury occasioned thereby. ' Esqciesb.' Prosptoc. — Yes. 'Ex-CeAiitiiAK.'— Yea, if he is eitlsfied that the balar ce-sheet is correot 'Aksiocs,' M«yUnde. — You can claim damages to tbe exitnt. of the iDJury received. . ' Wager,' Spaiding. — The answer to both questions is no. ' Ntw Cacu,' Maclarea Vale.— 1 K the bounduics can be properly defined a survey wcu'.d no'- be neces sary. 2. Yes, the letter being an agreement to leasa. *' Aldbsset,' Care.— A» soon as tbe buds of the horns appear in a oalf or can be touod, necare »u ordi Dary eiiokof fresh caustio potash. After moistening the h?rn buds with water rub the exposed born w4h tae end oi tbe stick of potash. It requires but a siSsht application to kill the yonng horn, and the operation is said to caueo very little pain. . ' Subscoibbr,' Greens Piaina West. — A useful soap can be made by boiling 7 ib. ot washlog soda and 7 lb. of lime in 6 gallons of water for about hail an hour. When cold pour off the olean water or lye. Tben add : $ lb cf fat and Ji lb. of reeln, and boil about four 'houra. Test it by psuring a little on a plate or dish. Wb»n it acquires t*-e proper^eetltf -soappour out the whole mass Into a tight box of a shape that it can be cut into bats when cooL It can ba cat with a string or ihla.wire,-- ?.????-. ? - - 'R.S.'-1. JUany antidot?s tor snake bite nave been lecominSneefl, but the efficacy of any particular one bta opt. been absolutory verified. The surgical treatment is ttftie a ligature very tiirhtiysorhewheie between the*it**nd the heart, with the view of pre vcctiog the.cntiy ot the virus into the circulation. The place is Ihen caulerited aqd ilquor potassi or per-, m&nganlte oT po'ash is injected or applied to the p cefcure. 2. Choose fine linn cabbages, trim off rhi outside leaves, quarter tbe oabaage, take out ihe larce stalk, slice the quarters into a cullinder, and spiiukle a little salt between the layers ; put a little fcalt, loi much will spol the color; let it remain in the cylinder till next day, bhake it well that all the brine may run cfi ; putit in jars, cover it with a hot picfele composed cf black pepper and all'Dlce, of each an ounce, ginger pounded, borteradieh Eliced, atid Bait, of each half an ounce to every quai t of vinrgar ; t*o capsicums may be addel to a quart, or cne drachm of cayenne. ' E B.T.,' Saddiswortb. — To make pound cake take 1 lb. butter, 1J lb. flour, 1 Ib. ponn ed loaf fugar, I lb. cunant3, « effga. 2 oz. caDdied peel. \ oz. citron, Joz. 6»eet aSmonds; *bm liked, a little pounded mace. Work the but'er to a cre.-m, dredge in tbe flour, add the sugar, oarrants, candied peel (which should be -ut into neat slice*), and tbo alruonda (ivbich ehould b blanched acd ct.opp;d) and mix all these well together ; whLk tbe ecfrc, and let them be thoroughly blended with tbe dry ingredients. Beat ilie cake well for iO cinutes, and put ie into a round tin lit ed at the bottom and sides with a atrip of white buttered pacer. Bake it from one and a half fo two lours, and let the oven be well healel wlun rho cake ia firet put in, as if ?his is cot the oase the currants will all tiuk to tbe bottom. To make this preparation light the yolks and whites of (he eggs shou'd b? bravea teparately and add.d separately to tbe ctter ingreoients. A jot ot w ce is sometimes added to tbe mixture, bur, Uiia ia scarcely i eceea^ry, as the cake will be foucrt quite ttoh enough without it Tbu correspondent wants a recipe for makiog sultana cake. *? Subscriber,-' Gawir — The fc ad of a mastiff should ba siaetive, with a bro -d and flat forehead ; eiV fmali acd wholly por.dci t, lying oloee to 'he cbeak; eyes small, but mild aid intelligent; f;co Bnorr, with a bquare muzz;e ; taeth level ; neck mu« cu'ar ; 4joJj very large, with detp ai.d wide ' he&t and poivtrfulloin ; 1 jr^s'rai^ht, with .riatbone ; ftetiound aodcioae. Coattbort and tail fine, with a slight inoica tion cf r -ughness. Color, fa* a, with bla^k muzzle ; n »t to this c men briodle, tben red, and someUmes aa admixture of white, but ihis it not dt-firaWe. Heuhtfroin 29 to 31 in. in ihe dog ; sluta 2cr3 in. low=r. Weich-. 121 to 130 lb. The railway rezeint* up to September 27 amounted to £199,003 15s. Ga., a« compared with £211,914 X8?.7d. received daring the coirespjndiug period last year. . From July 1 io September 23 the Custom? receipts were ilg^e'JS 0s. Id., as apaiibst £134.922 l«s. 8d. last year. The deorfase in ths case of the railway revenue amounts to £12(o4l 3a. Id., and in tbe case ol the Customs to £5,224 1&. 7d. ? - ?