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Poultry for Christmas. I000 PAIRS OF VICTORY CHICKENS. -0 No development could have possibly happened more calculated to stimulate interest in the appeal of Inspector Thomas for 1ooo pairs of poultry for the sick and wounded heroes now ly ing in the Caulfield and other military hospitals near Melbourne, than the thrilling news received from the the other side of the world, which has been responsible for the great demon strations of thankfulness and rejoicing throughout Australia and the whole domain of our wide flung and victo rious Empire. Amidst all the outward semblances of popular jubilation, 1however, we mourn and honor those who have gone and sympathise with and honor those who, although spared to return to their native land, are nevertheless paying the price of their patriotism in physical suffering, shell-shocked nerves, and scarred and maimed bodies. Today they lie on beds of pain because of what they have under gone for us and the whole human family. 'It is for these men that I appeal," states the inspector, "and, I confidently ask all who can 'help to care for them, to do so." With the sounds of victory--the most momentous victory ever recorded in the annals of Time-still ringing in our ears, a victory towards which these heroic souls have contributed in an appreciable degree, there should be no necessity to emphasise this appeal for poultry for providing Christmas dinnctae for thooc chivalrouS and Sell sacrificing patriots. The opportunity should rather be eagerly availed of as an occasion for forwarding a practical *thank-offering to these gallant and illustrious invalids who have helped to save Australia for the Australians and preserve the freedom of the world. \'Birds of Peace," in short, should be spontaneously forthcoming from all parts of the Port Fairy district, and in such quantities as shall be coimmensu rate with the humanitarian object to be served'. 0ooo pairs are wanted by the end of this month. But this is not nearly enough when we are dealing with Christmas fare for thousands of suff crers, to say nothing of the many cot" cases which require special diet, and for which the \'arrnambool In spectorate has made itself responsible for fully two months. We can surely double the quantity asked for on this memorable occasion. Let the figure therefore' be' 2000 pairs of "Victory chickens!" ' Complete arrangements have been made for the receipt and dispatch of the poultry to Government Cool Stores. Centres for collecting have been establishpd at each school, and the dispatch centres aret Cobden, Timboon, Curdic's, Pcnshurst, Macar thur, Port Fairy, Mortlake, Terang, lAllansford, Koroit, Garvoc and Warr nambool. The period for collection is the month of November, Accounts owing to Dr Maraden must be settled by the 20th instant.