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Macarthur Matters. A water boring plant that is claimed to secure excellent results, while combining the utmost simpli city and durability of construction has been designed and built by Messrs A. Parfrey and C. J. Har man, two Macarthur residents, whose well-known aptitude for mechanical invention has been fully exemplified in their latest produc tion. The invention is attracting considerable notice locally by the successful trials it has undergone. At a public demonstration the machine, driven by a four-horse power oil engine working a drill weighing nearly 4 cwt., put down a four-inch bore 40 feet, portion of the sinking being through hard flint limestone rock in the incredi bly short space of three hours, in cluding stoppages. The expendi ture of petrol was less than 1 gal lons. The whole of the operations except those of the levers, which were under the control of the opera tor, were carried out by the machine. The design embodies several features as improvements in water boring machinery, notably an ingenious contrivance for the regulation of the speed of the drill. In the trial mentioned the drill was made to strike 70 blows to the minute on hard rock, and yet whilst working at this high rate of speed was practically noiseless, a result that is claimed to be due to its excellent design. All the work ing parts are within a compact strong frame and yet every detail which. may require supervision is instantly accessible. The motor is mounted on the rear end of the frame and securely bolted to it. Including transport arrangements the whole will weigh less than two tons, a size that will be suited for the requirements of the district, as it will be capable of putting down bores to a depth of 200 feet; but the possibilities of the invention are so considerable that the inven tors are certain to develop it for larger work in the future. The plant will be introduced with a view to minimise labor and cheapen the cost of deep well sinking. Patent rights have- been applied for, and as soon as these are granted the patentees will be open to ac- i cept contracts for putting down 1 bores.