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ARIUVED.-Julv 27. .

Oonah, s.a., 1,700 tens, H. Bennison, from Sydney 23rd uwt, ni» Eden 2.5th inst Pas- sengers- Saloon : Mesdames Ward, Young, McNaught," Abbott j Miss Thompson ; Messrs. Johnson, Julius, Kundle, Fishur, Roborteon, ^Keston ("2),. Shoobridge, Pitt, Giblin ; with 4 steoragc. Agents-T.8.N. Co.

Coptic, R.M.S.S (White Star linor), 4,-WS tons, Goo. Burton, R.N.R., commander, from London Uth tilt., Plymouth Kith ult, Tunorittu 21st tilt, Capo Town 8th inst Pas ?encore for Hobart - First Saloon : Dr. Taylor Downie, Mr. Alfred Jeff, Mr. A. G. Prudon, Mr. mid Mrs. J. B. Spedding, Mr., Mrs., and Miss Westgarth, Miss Ferguson, Mr. E. E. Burgess, Mr. C. C. Webster. Mr. P. O'Brien. Second saloon: Mr. G. A. Boyeo, Misses Minnio and Nollio Chcssells, Mrs. Dickinson, Miss Oxley, Dr. and Mrs. Hobt. Smith, Air. W. Smith, Misses M. and K. Smith, Masters li, C, and A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Smith, Miss Smith, Master Smith, Miss E. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Win. Sidmati, Master John Sidman Miss Sulman, Master George Sidman, Misses Jessie and Mabel Sidman, Master Leonard Sidmau, Miss Nollio Sidman, Mr. Tate. Third Saloon : Mr. J. Bond, Misses Chester, Cummings (2) ; Messrs. W. Dempsey, J. Kirwan, Morrow, J. J. O'Donoghuo, Miss Pike, Mr. and Mrs. J. Uamsay, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fagan, Masters J., P., and B. Focan, Miss A. Fagan, Mr. John Whelton, Miss Mary Walsh, Air. John Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. John Wnrdmaii, Master Wardman, Miss Wardman, Miss Julia Whelton, Messrs. Fred. Watts, Edward Reynolds, Mrs. J. A. Scott, Miss R. M. Scott, Master James Scott, Miss Juno Scott, Master John Scott, Mrs. E. M. Sims, Mr. W. Smitheran, Mr. and Mrs. Tcniswood, Misses Edith and Kate Teniswood ; Messrs. Richard Vine, Harvey, T. T. tiarbut. For Now Zealand ports First saloou : Mr. H. Bulstrode, Rev. H. A. Bromley, Rev. F. T. Bergh, Nurse Butcher, Lord and Lady Alfred Spencer Churchill, Mr. L. Chawnor. Mr. W. P. "Douglas, Miss Hooper, Mr. W. M. Jenkins,

Miss Maxwell, Mrs. W. R. Shakospaar,, Mr.' R. H. Shakespoar, Lieut W. S. Stan- hope, Mr. Yardlev : and 83 second and third saloon. Purser, Mr. W. J. Rae. Medical .officer. Dr. F. W. Humphrey. Agents Alex. McUregor and Co. ¡

Elderslie, s.a. (Turnbull, Martin, and Oo.'s line),-1,801 tons, J. Cuthbert, from London May 2ö, Los Palmas. Protnant'e, 15th inst., -Albany 21st inst Passengers, for Hobart Saloon : Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Cook and family, and'12 in the forocabin. For Laun- ceston-Saloon: Mr. Kernan. Agents-Alex. .McGregor and Co. _"._"" "