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BENDIGO. The Advertiser supplies the following items of local intelligence. SPRING RACE MEETING.-A meeting was held on the 17th instant to establish a perma- nent Spring Race Meeting in the district. A letter was read from the acting Colonial Secre- tary announcing that his Excellency the Lieut. Governor had been pleased to allow a grant of 343 acress 3 rods 30 perches for the purpose of a race-course, park, and place of public amuse- ment, the land in question to be vested in the hands of trustees, a portion of whom would be appointed by the government, and the remainder elected by the public. A committee were accor- dingly elected to carry out the objects of the meeting, and the sum of £214 7s. was collected in the room to defray the expenses attendant on the meeting, which was fixed to take place on the third Tuesday in October. TOWN CLOCK.--Some time ago there was some sort of talk of the establishment of a public index of the progress of the common enemy, somewheree in the vicinity of the new bridge at View Point, which has been happily completed, and concerning which there was in times gone by, a similar amount of agitation; surely if we have gained the bridge we are not to lose tlhe clock. We hereby give notice, that we shall agitate for that same. SANDHURST EXHIBITION.-The Committee   of the Local Exhibition have determined to accept the tender of Mr Walker, to place the building for the Exhibition on the ground granted as a site for the Mechanics' Institute, at the cost of £700; Mr Walker being under forfeiture of £50 for every day beyond the 5th Sept., and £100 per diem for each day after the 7th, in case of non-fulfilment of contract. The   following gentlemen have guaranteed payment to Mr Walker for the building:-Mr Panton,   Drs Allison, Tierney, Roche, and Messrs. Wilkinison. Haverfield, and E. N. Emmett. Mr Vallentine's resignation of the office of hon. Treasurer, in consequence of being unable to devote his time to meetings, &c., was accepted, with thanks to that gentleman for his services. Mr Wilkinson has accepted of the vacant office. EAGLE HAWK WHITE HILLS.--From inquiries which we have lately made with regard to these hills, we understnd that many people are doing uncommonly well, and that they are getting gold in no insignificant quantities in five-foot sinking. QUARTZ-CRUSHING.-We have every reason to believe, from rumors which have reached our ears, that several quartz-crushing machines will shortly be established on this field. All the quartz miners with whom we have conversed are anxious for their speedy arrival.  

e C~ _ T a new feature in our S? ?lhich hour attention has been lately lilge"' The heavy gold found in the upper o^tled field, led us to urge the diggers ,ortion. the heads of Bendigo. The Maxlen olook to t l ad some other lately discovered l 'rt di v ed that we were right in doing hllies a p oles which have been sunk but T lie -o l some of them fiom being too verbottoers from tie want of ways and et, tie lower parts of Bendigo, now lead .eant, 1ine that the diggers must go down :etre i 'l tose "who preach the waning of e re, most egregiously mistaken min their ie re ar pteitalred to say that this is . in ? s? ree? infancy B ndg IldIs ST55-- t-On Friday, (18th) Bonutgo IIsit? d with a heavy thunder storm, the r t evisitts of which, in various parts of itffer•et -- a n1d instances of the extra his ' :ri " t..f. this climate. At Sand-; rtinarye lighlni.g ut vivid, the thunder loud nrst peted l'd t rain for some quarter of lour fell fast. At Milkmaid's Flat, light n irl tl.hdeC , cc.omnnimtied by threateling d, ut little rain fell ; wlile in the ERagle o ui, t clu of iil'der were heard, two inl lak fourclapof nedi l overhead, and tae distanmce, .ot"e ie tillh, the third clap ,e towartended with a hmilstolim unprecedented tine attenly, at least so far as the oldest resi n the aln ll. Tihe hailstones were from a ,ertnr to 1Ialf an inch in thickness, and fell 1'i hart, ," many of the diggers expecting to ie their tents smnashed with them. On thaw She quantity of water was so great as to fill She= Ihols itn "tli ^ lly (quite a God-send to t inlbilonts), ol one fir lady having filled tub with frozen lumps, obtained a quantity Cfuorrai, M~,l i'o- Tis gentleman, who .. .,.in nmonest us for some days, left

as been staying sitsug" .' re for r elllosrne yesterdva. We understand bat his visit here was for no more definite use than to take a look at this district and -police force. It is to be hoped that Captain Ia'hon has stayed here long enough to see he necessity of returning our detective police their former position. GoLDEN UrL,''.-A reeof has been opened at Le head of Golden Gully, which has already elded a good deal of gold from the surface. Ye hope to be able in a short time to give a avourable report of its progress. Another one as also beon opened about the midd:e of the ailly, which presents a somewhat extraordinary appearance. Ont inspection one would imagine that the miners were employed in the excavation 0fsomo gigantic ruins. The face of a remark sbly well-built wall, having about the same in clination as the wall of a fortr-ss, composed of enormous sized stones, has been laid bare. Some idea of the size of the blocks may be ob tained from the facet that many of them can only beremoved by blasting, (;old has not yet beetn struck, and we are rather inclined to think that the reef has been opened on the wrong side. LONG GULLY RnEF.-This dyke, which we stated in a late publication to appear to be the same as that at the head of Tipperary Gully oras out from ta late insl ei:t i to be totally' distinct from it. We have taken the trouble to trace it for some distance, and we must admit that we were mistaken at first with regard to its course. On reference to Mr Panton's chart for the diggings, which by the way we think the Bendigonians should request him to get pub. lished, we find our present impression con firmed. The public will, we hope, pardon any slight errors of this kind on our part, which are attributable rather to our enthusiasm than care lessness on this really important subject. PruDnLIht MACHtINES.-An old acquaintance, who has a puddling machine near Golden.square, informs us that, after paying all expenses, he is clearing from £50 to £66 per week. As there is room, as he says, for hundreds more, he wishes this made public. His machine is worked by one horse. We are informed that those driven by windmills are also paying hand lomely.