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GEELONG. THE DAY.--Wo again draw the attention of the police to this most dangerous spot; scarcely a night passes but some outrage or another is perpetrated on people passing to and from Ashby. On Thorslar night, .h:treen e:ght and nine o'clock, as a man who had just come from 3[elbourne by the steamer was making his way towards Ashby. he was wamr id by two rtdians, one clasping him rounnd the throat ard half Etrranling him, whilst th other rifled his pI:its. ' The vilians as a matter of corse es elped, withount even brino pursued. STEAMER VESTA. - This vessel on her arrival in Fort yestelara afterncon was detained for op wats of 40 mionutes about a cable's length fror thejetry. Thecetention wa.4, on sc-onnt of on of the passengers being robbed whilst on board, of a gold watch, and a five pound note. Serjenrt 3PCuinn and to other constables were dis patehed on board, to apprehend the thief, but aftersearching several individuals no cine was fo?ad, either as to the stolen property or the thief. One man had a life preserver with him, which rho Serjeant or police very properly took charge of for a time. THE VELOCITY - This fine colonial built schooner now hails from the port of Geelong, havinghecome the property of Messrs LRbinson and Co., who intent her exclusively for the Adelaide trade. This is the largest vessel belonging to this part, being 16o tons old nea surement. She was iprchased far £550 and will commence her first voyage onder her pro sent owners on Yo idey next. Ta' Ilalr:srrscr.-'Tho Lieutenint-Governor bas nr.paintl the lierIltl Ofleer of the Port of 1Sie!borno, Thomas Hlunt, to hae a Jlaistrote of the tenitory of V\ictoria. NEW POLICE MAGISTRATE.- The Lieutenant Governor has appointed John Fletcher, Esq., J.P. to be Police Magistrate at Castlemaine; but where Castlemaine is situated we cannot tell. Appointments.-The Lieutenant - Governor has appointed Henry Charles Rawnslev, and John Thomson, E.q., of Melbourne, Assistant   Commissioner of Crown Lands for the Gold workings     at Mount Alexander. PtC?lir's l,?c. +'rS.--+n A.'nnel Licensing :":otin of tstiees of the PI nac, vi:; ice h,:i!ile et the var:,l?os p:rrcear wrlre C mIs 0f .P v .e, .-i'li, nor Ih,.l, l n T,:,?.'la, the 20':h f Alr'il, nt tsOl ve oc'ub,, fir the pIrli ;. of ti:nr ilt, -?iderati,,a ;?.:p in:v;i,?s "',r Pulican's Gener,! L,.cvr -s, c.'.n(, e'i,.;ers W:,ces,, and. 'hod ' Jil??rca , the pror viins .r f it'h Act of ,nnel, 1th ,ie, No. -0. All applic.tinms for I',lir.,,s ,,ldetr t!he st:, Act, ma?t be filed iith th I ?Iri1us cliekrs of Petty Seeniors, on or before TLcsJda, tho 0thb dry of March inrtant.

C.aanrtr.-.1 site has heen tinl upon for township at Caranmut at tMuston's Creek, on the road from flexham t hotho (Grang and BIe! tart. C.n'::lr.s.-- site has lwn fixed upon fur a township at Coun:lhan, at Billides Creek, on the road from Melbourneo to the Granga via Chepstowe. CosTnAcTs rFn TIlE COLOnIAL StERICe. Tenders will be reniv-ed at the Colonial Secre tann'. Olice, until Teslav, the 30th instant, for flrnishing supplies of provisions, fe:l, light, &e., for tho conntr of Normanab an.i the towns of Portland, Port tF.drEiv, and Warnti::hool Cos rr.nscc or Stal. To Foseot CrcEE. - Con?eynanc being required for the Post O~ffco Mails fran and to the undennentinned places for six months, from the 1st of April next, persons disposed to contract for proviling the same, are invited to transmit their offers in writing, to the Chief l'ostmaster, by eerven o'cionk on Tuesday, the 23rd of March, endorsed, f" onders for the Converyanc of Mails from and to Kvneton and Forest Creek Post Oilices, the latter situate at tho junction of Forest Creek and Btarker's Station:'." Cnowr L,?Ds ncETOn Tno SETTLED Dis Trtcts.-The tenders of the undermentioned parties have been accepted for the runs of Crown L.uls specified in connection with their respective names a:dl parment of the first year's rent has been mude ; the occupation of the runs has been anthorised, pendin, the preparation of the leases, and subject to all the conditions and reservations specifiled in ler Majesty's Orders in Council, lhaing reference to tts occupation of Crown Lands, an in the regulations issued in pursrseca thereof :-Messrs George Ar?ytage and Sons.-Name of run, Bunting~lale, No. 1 estimated ares, 14.030 acres estimated grazing capabiiities, 12,000 sheep. Messrs George Ar mnvtage and Sons.-Name cf rui, Buntingdale, No.2 ; estimated area, 11,500 acres ; estimteil grazing capabilities, 9,000 sheep. James BJurke, mroadribb run, Gipps Land.