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Tlie Ii quest held concerning the death of \ W Harris, the well known l-nghslt profesional cjclist, showed tliat the fatality was not dut us was nt first supposed, to the buckling of the um of his machine, but to Ids touching the hick wheel of mother rider in the race, und being thus upset The funeril of the dceeised was ii re markable demonstration ' Sporting life, j.i->t to hand In the English ni iii, sajs of it - Hie streets of Leicester were lined hy 00 000 people while the cortege piascd, and the pcene wa«, mont impressive U the gru\c the officiating ckrgv mm refcired to loung ilirriss long anil honour able tarier on the pith and to ids tripiculh sudden deith speiking words or priific of tin vuuth H conduit and c\prc-*ion-t of comfort to the herein ed rclntioii* I LU tater s noblet citi/uu-. lune in ni time to time been hououied bj tin ir town-mien with puhlii funtnl« but it wis kit for th!« voting cyclist to fuinirb n reeird in this lespttt winch will not Mon lie LLlip ed The coffin tf polished oal with bri*"* mountings ton t lined tht simple in*-criptio.i \lbert Walter Mian Harri* died \p ii 21 1SJ7 agc d it \eirs Manv wn Uli1* and otiitr floral tribute** weit tontnhuted b\ rein tites and friends

Sporting J ife MVS - * It would take an -uneman to »-a> cvactlv how much (Jor\ ittithcs to tht font of riding down the hteps of the Cipitnl ut Wallington \n American conteinnorm devotes i column to an account of the accomplishment of the died bv a ruin who de tended tht steps on the west front, wlut'i have not been ridden down before \s i matter of fict, tht; wen. not riddui down on thifl occisión f i tin udtr and his mac lune galberai suth i uioimntuin that thev hhot over tin lut tliglit without touching n ¡step and hnded in i heap on tin* lloor One is inclined to isk where the nnult t is \nvlod> cm full down stum m the iompaiii of i otk I p t> dite however onh in Vinci it in his been f< nlisn tnout,b to take on the ti<k deliltriUlv lb u is unt timed, ami it is not believed that Ids record will meit niinj I'TKUllts *' _