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OEELONG LABOR MARKET. Saturday, 7th July. Whilst employment is daily becomln more arCe, the number of the ntilued Itigt npceao mno, sn onste ing the continued hISh price of

distress inust exist amongst tile working classes; As an example of the present state of the labor market we may remark that on ~ednesday last, in addition to a great nmany whose names were not entered, we registered above 10 male applicants (married and single), besides 11 femnale domestits. Of the latter about 20 were from Ireland, and the others oere English and Sctcs, and out of the ea tire number of applicantts only about halfa dozen were provided with employment, and moreover that day is only a speclmen of what tdle labor market hIss bcen for the last week or two. W"e need scarcely add that we can supply ser vants of every description, and seamen without delay. Tile cnguegemcnts during the week have been too few to justify us in diloing more than to give the last week's quotations as under, and to add that we lhave no doubt lower rates would, in many instances, be accepted, if offered. '?TIVri IATtOts--Married couples, without ta:mily, for town work, per annum, £65 to £80; Marrled couples, for home stations, per annum, £60 to £75. larried couples for shephlerding one flock, £45 to £55. Married couples to take two flocks, £0O to 180, per annum, Mlarried couples, for farm work, per annum, £70 to £O0. Shepherds per annum £40 to£45. Hutkeepers,do, £30 to £35 per annum. Bullock drivers, for the road, 30s to 40s per week. Bullock drivers for firms or stations, 25s to 30s per week. General farm servants, 20s to 25s per week. Ploughmen, 25s to 30s per week. Gardeners, 25s per week. Bush carpenters, 30Os to 40s per week. Cutting and trussing hay; 10s per ton. Carters for town or roads, 25o to s35s per week. Grooms, £10 to .10 per annum. Cooks for hotels, 30s to GOs per week, Vaiters for do, 25s to 35s. Generally usefil servants, 20s to 25s per week. The weekly rations consist of 12 lbs meat, 10 lbs flour, 21b sugar, and f lb tea. ,VrTeouT RATIOnS House carpenters, 10s to 12s per day. slasons. 1Osa ser day Bricklayers, ls to 12 1er day. Plasterers, 10s to 12s per day. IBlackmitls, 12s to 15s per day. Stonebreakers, 5s to Gs per cubic yard. Qunrrymen, 10s to 14s per day. Porters, 10s per day. Carters, £3 to £3 10s per week. Labourcrs for the roads &c, Os to lisper day. Brickmakers, 30s to 35s per thousand. Fencers, %s Perrod three rail fence. Hay cutting and trussing, 30s per ton, SzAMEn-?-Ablc seamen for IndiaU Callao, andhome £5 10s to £6 10s permontl. Do Coasting, £?5 to £6 per month. Slates, *8 to *9 per month, Cooks and stewards. i6 to s per month. F??ALE SERVANst sNursemads, £15S to £18 per annum. Housemaids, £20 to £22 per annum, Cooks, £25 to £30 per annum. Laun dresses and Cooks, L25 to L30 per annum. General house servants, L20 to L25 per annum, JAMEs HE -DY & CO.