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9 SHIPPIJŽ\t. ItILWAY LINE OE STEALMERS TO B IELBOLURN'E.n arod aMLter Mond, Lte 5Lth Icot tthe SIeiway eamrts wcil Larte toHM he " sl Z . ...........E ............... I am. D t:JC\N ItOYLS............... -2 pm. Slnr~i us r·,-· Y r.?ulbnurt~e - IcZ Z ..................... 4 pst Il DUNCAN HYLE ....t..... Ey oder ¢f he Bord ofI[ r BAerS. WILL0.0a BRYRA. See. STHE new screw steamer, Wotoot boerdo, . H~. SuitSon Sf adr, rill lrOe the Whorf. WdS bournet, for terto 0err .Sndlo. - o TI'A.SD0TY -t 5001': an0 the Wirr. ?-tr:, re or ?eUbou;re, oa TESDAY atrd PI SIN. WEDRS & PAREERO. STEAM 1TO TELOUSRNE. HE fast and favouIrite Pat1CE SLBRET, , * cort,, , 'it inr e to -uo from the ?u?n'r Wmrf, ?e~aoore, erory Itondey. Wrhlrr·., .ctrrd~r,-. ELEtVEN o'ok-ck, an.- ft'ert ('eOC"? t a:h t Teto" hdyr o T r 0Li, u . RALEIGH, TlHO/AbS & Co., ' GeelonC. ST0AM TO MELROUR". . THE fvourite ClydIe-built S Pad!e Steromer SHA DON, John An ' *? dercn, Comm.lde?. will tore the S.rD, at On o'dnrt. po . ptr..liy, rc-~n - It:oio oe hstome hOUrer , trnna? d0y. thuo biorfoe :r,:?nzer, wrer? h:uineL? hG?.?' It dt-hr end t ?,em? T0XSOY?, AP.,BICEk CO, Lhttle Molp-ai,oo?? .W;e'ti.• trrrtlar th~o~r.oioo .y=?-- ?? SttoL\-ON STE3LEE, reaorn?l from elhoumre e.ery tonoay, Wedneidsy, z..l Fr-dy the ,aoe bour. TFHOdPoON ItADRIC Sc CO., A~rent. ~Yi \ TEAM to and from GEELONG o'do rh ,:er PICC A.LBERT1. ft. Los-tton. COmm.der, ea-e. O.boag ,eroy Tut.- ca-, iurtr. tln d ba trdry. ttd tie uoor t.woo R-mer RM*ADaLE. 1.T EA .H FtolA.CoESmTOdr,. oety hood?.t Wtdoefay, ao d Fricay, at alertn o'~. ock EAER .? HNDON " Foure ttMoln yM.... 126 F rooabo ................................ 0 R ? I'lH. "rrOMA-. o C r, gttoto for the Pot're Alhrt; ,E NXDY ' JRE- ??ICo, Caon trO,Agent o the BthdJbare. S- ? AL to LATUNCESTON.L lt e epteeIedil eSow oeautip -. S oL OYAL rBEPHLL D, leo Sooe,,.tett t~eth ? aforLece@ on ftre th. t ath, ,d r th of erry monlth. • bfW&.'STt.N'. WIlLIS A aTmPBEIE. ooto ___ Q EAMEEt SHANDON~-M- m Lt k tertioo of To-re b0 Silino a-' P Reauctioa of FrchloL--toe tr lIe oe rsdfully inoored tHe dime t.o -t ilf of the oh .e r 2e0l fr 3Clatroh. o torrd oa one toU De-AO oroe 'el ct pomo.h Sltrdes, fotrdr. adIhourda.r.odrrog from Meltmzme Whorlterry uon oy. W eoioy. la, Fr ld·-at samre hoor. FPeigl.t[l..?r tO. . Ts O1?1O00. IEADRIrCK, and CO., Aete. Lire oro lath Loo. l S. 'OR ADELMUDE.--To. sa2il L~ 5.7 RIDAY,. O . 1 lo.t, the t* talin ll ooboa or • . .. .. V?L'%I E D HELEICAR. For irra'st md paesee hrla 1 Ceptain .eihobo, o boar d, or to - eRIrPITHS, PF?131000 A C., LI. lopotels Eas. Cdeenoaed BPteS i "Lie o Aut·rallat SLNDO . Tapabn. e ?grranln?em :........ ?A Fnr a a.'. . .lo ..... I'Doaeoll Oib eaCbleo . 00. aL? e T obPt OLi·Pr Lea?(rlOw) .... "r 14i0 LMann[nzl Cheampion of tbe?lnoew) 320 YreaoI or? el taIneo (nro) .... 24n0 otdoer I T em ....... 10 i Ehoh?thb Horirn (new) .I-40-t Jant-a Bonnire J an (newS er dot c llppers.......... lR Y DUCrJOy Srm? r (e spw)........ 2s0 OIttoid ArteI or lrr ftrot-ta n ,p-orhlp.. tail Ltioe £ rnt. o ,oo_. itad fcre odeta?e, Geltton, Melboorne and Pydnrt. *tesre os!-t ore er.otrrord by the ttroO teildr of the day, nliod l y f? 'Kayo Boston, tnd Sel of .tereoen. Poreo desruir of lrioo tIr fri".? out to thee roitolt, f EnS'ul. Irelatd. tctlanoi, and Wo?Rk-. n rn,'te y0O0O-cT for Sooern rthe onLo weil-lkrooe Hnr of parert ,hipo. rwbith tore otle the qtckloo pur;tos to tme olonies: grd they rty cirtlatee oyten reinz Ja;ned by teirit-oado ttero wthioe sen o mo<Os frm the L~me of DmILC.T Th ie?mndt, Prrroryr-e, er11i lhte? A 1?. or___ r___: ;Sriohcu k IIM.T EsE tO, f. -, 0 ..?_t Co.oir, r. they ae acmt hded eag 0;dr oler;0tlcO ttOerr.ol:T rho hlte ofe the Srr·or tcrt tf oor euar, ,, pp ottr ato p, cl oe remi r orfuch the undortaoe g-a4., wil rani dn~f? uln t2eir 4-en? 1n BE4LaLd, ;:J ':e krLro. ThlC lone hrr osnpord o !t?r-er of ?i-e.?r Sit.r t- toho orn to·oer it'?h? 10rTISI, WILnSlOdP e= in I.ced L-'?, af~r rthe -,?. ?r: :"l ?f :'a? k CO.,,o olrLk~r.-:btt.e -e~i Ycurce: or ts 7. RAtrrP~. i?,-;+-,re ?*-i;ot?. O0 LONDON DIRECTe--To ?-~?? in Fe(rro~y, the reli knlnor A I ~ akooh-ouio ship boI.'DEat.Eate bEq. ED,9 ComP~rller. having al her cuiro e4t--'= -e, ill hoW¢ qtllok eetra'ch. T h1 t ,te, 00 t otcrtmOJiaoayt for Iese 1r.0 mrl-to , IttrotI tafs o -iml of tgie. 7.r roE rohorao eoe opr t ey to theS. ? L Ca.,OGecohL d ? rorr.e. ~Io Arolipore b.o-e CAE0onO .O.O1 J- kow n lyrfe bril? frt-·oi? h~qll ISSIBELLA. 00,0 t S-t. TOy. Wo o,- 'mmoetir wiIo bolt:1r, oiat: tie slsL JtYa.h rteooy n.ra9 IL' .u .Iote pa-mr.-gr ftoe •ha ? ,teporcge Otoodrl. a Otrtet iron rare r er ro. e lotr t-e of o.r.oee or orelh of irteI ooy trthr .g 7j.ON oNo DIRECT.--'a CtJ~o Cet 5orbdard lteool .e fPo lt lrlper bS.f-ooue toE HObi t) a~nn...o?,n B. ?ly. ern- ar.?rr wil? ?.i UrOlrooo l on o ie l?rr h rb-ry. " O:- twe.L Or.lo it oger srhip ht - o eno r-erm =v,<i n.% rr4 f fltte u, wltb every c?,,v~nlnce O dtt rot for ts oro noesto-? oo!y olited to pr00 m?.lae-alrmrgnum.t ·i c~ly • IirmP~e4 numter SO1ioe 0n0,0e . Per t reoo io S dr. uruJeo e 1I0.0c41St .000y to tioE.Y DU.S.R.. D. 3do Tblrtaros,..2trto 01no0 DIDSCT.- reebhrtted Ei?¢kwini L ne of Pge?c~.?. TO rad[ n?lely 95,h ffanulrT the 111i? tullt sip? ANGLE-<EY, bcltmgll~to MskoF.. Gri..?, of B a~rklltl, A hillrt,?n 13 LTI e he • Torrco (,the ¢f tle tS .mhr Cranle, aId e?sto tall ,?rnolions for ts ~r-ds-?;en e Z'n.- ,,ci for i?-iou~ne~s an,/ c~mfot; anl pr-_ ti~tr clrr gx4 utnllr? A ?LSeen pi? to t.? Gt CLh¢ .?eca? L:L,* tlird. Clsin puza·?e .... EO gulne? Third. czbm ....,..U do - Cl, t an ezPI'Q-,n? ?.UTn. t'J ren:.,ht nf Gold or Fgsrzgo, Ciy.Ian ut acn~oe+- 't, az'dd?:[a? ?,n~ apply to tl ~R.N'R DU.%'SFORD.

SHIIPPLNG FOR London Direct.-To sailposi tirely fromx M?Ilbusne, ont 10m Fea The mtaoslt ret c1i?por l?lp, J.tolI EILL, 1200 ?r a re'jwr. A&Oi)ao! Cmio.ol.. Eq., Comman d.r. will omplete ier lIroln at *,e:ooo on lst Feb rum.oiatrredatonce 1t Hototu.' fy, to re oira er sell ad pornors.,. H1rac1 o 000l0a0, for p.Ountert of hrrhm only Ort etCo will hoe rak~n, 10ltcj, ted ethe wi:t horo an el, oriel tOj toot ,n. .Pr frlght atid carry aFpliatlion mst be DICTSOI. .ILCIRI.?. .dl Co, M.lhourne; cr t o IIOLIES. WHFBTL. tcl Co.. {otlono po.\Tj'OR LONDON DIRECT.--To sail ln I Thotb.-uoR.- -Tbe wel rknowr fa-t · -0.hnl A I -hlp .boy B)?iNOoTO. lot4 tons l.ter, Joln Sarent. Cooomander. Hos osOp~ei- sc T todotmon for rt!e pt o.n gob. b.r pfio ot:, or ya·tr~e or 0rrc-I.t Or'OO 0 IoLOETY. IIOIBOTOS. - CO. . Tjj OR LIVERPOOL DIRECT, dell . wrin: eoolioo ldoor Llveoolr at ?.hi?Ikr'? opdemn. t o til on t 17th Jitovy.--Tho sple?ti! new ere ship. CO~r~yk'1J. I id tons r-tcr?a W. Coooerlo.. Crraomnder. is nlo io Hobioo'soo .Soy a boi re dt.oteood r oc, wtIft p r. s od and Itol-c jo wE' re tiree lop tOren h?.q4u e L Ey other hi:p in Lteo h hrSeur e p?op !sD tt eret uaord tobo?n?, s *leor oo an f ifait dongs aore o letd we ro vb.thie 'oawortrn p be ~looueootrl`o lr ys r ;·L~r~Qr Tsor ord yspooo ooow eoufo lotn- h sk kn d c;ta in ti e erar .......i .4O Die tto eo. . fde . dra ..i. ? Intprer'-?idte ........... ........... ° pn e tortclI tr-?eon oertnp,sl 1t, rhI, yed ovr00 :tt nt100 will bo psid ho etite0.111 001 Oo~f.-4t of o trelghtoub, t?ooa oth'r Informlon. o th o err~r c p rip apd fse d n hesl3d neceit n Vdh?otxoe; otto y.o.fTtr s - ot, Gterle. toCK L anot-f?, .'1toan e omm bert, oal toei -1. L FOR 8 C AL ETY~ the K tch wooL leogoro sod wmo o Loloe at wlot p-?rooo gold. d ancrr. 7h1. no le skIp wre bou thy b010,0s L 'dr y, cf or s. tn.frrhea t i S A l Le, il or he har schoereod bthit ii .l of. cliopor. 0he is th1 1rr00 c0i0p-0, rhi th-t.rre tr?oi robontt If wat -r doe is d?-h. i .1 fetlonl. and 4' I efe beam. t abojrir, amp'ea jta o f psslay-ene pro.meoad In the ope. air. -e foe oo -rtd otrfne or cn?rtcion uore o dereo. of SIe.?t ]?L?, t o tr lcula, et to mite erl the f& ta Sbil ·t?,?.,at .hnwn by her' iltndleled ran on th? p:o'.e outof 4t? llrs i treney-folr hours, oo - it io 0 ld-t+otiyo totdc c.ItoErZO thd p3ass~o to klo- 1 ard o .ttTt-nr C dys.. I The uetmmalusins for FyuI n oroer nt t sor-odc! hy the b~t tLer. of coma som?2? *'?e dyr~~,_ joetpriet diolr.o so!in, ld?Oiet b n, Ot$:o tnol Lab , omoo od a smokt nt room on derk. The aer-t,-on, o Si thiotrtfet log. foeteen oir and utrrtol uoralf i teets hih. The roe tooA n oF ty fe: Icnr. T hoe to.' ttr[stet it toe trit styl- of ortl h a ttew IO eoofort i C ~ ei?ee. Tho 0t o o ios ire ic.o ell I YtbOd. r1 :ilrted bl o larb e rtide porto, adlT fdr A libntal tI l p1ri odd; the o ulia.y dc?ttAnLo is ;trls/d mt t byL e ohbsd Et?cIhcobo; soefi-' at ~tffof attorEd. ts attobOed. "h-ere.rd ad itererdoate cbin hccmmodestioe eo ta, ?mfot ertrno0d. lofty. t·tott. tool. cecll eloned. and stortgbluy teet.lotaf?bpy to perti.. A- LAnod Ro T p OADn.cTed re srpplidcrLh i gooe tole. oed t-wnd ttenaad t c In - eediot. pmo.ja_ hteelre o I tsp0!y ofithebest ooo uroi.. She- ship is tt',ed with ir.on took, coeuyoz ot omple ol DEpt of R IC rwate ho tto u e f te teLe asoco-otsa o mlch er for be e oIf toe ebio' patloecr. A tFIIi]ol rtOntcLO mpsni., the tip., isM-f eectiosa • altono for th. sotoMoMat ef the To ? copd re ou0t Mie by the Chemt'oe of the Pso. aod t010 un0o000s055 to ooital .xcrs.rtol ofl Oothforon Ocottrdei to Cootolo 7.e.sodo bh hi. p5 t exc, for hi, Otod oo.d g(CotEmotlyoeltomoLtLooe bso h Iot edit. peeswee qalek ood tiomancb:. jtciooO.5-ogsd~Jhytotloroeeptoo The p?optic~or o this blne, deomoe the nert-Ity no , focter m txit for the gbi rate cf eo a i,.ostee bltbeeto ehttewl 00 ttgot hame cesood to ceder. It sos setm.oeoiotecuse ilhs Obep olzfo fomt " h Be Lsmr-- "" scD? ahi?,...... f~s - eedoh........ £ -In eflOf prem.eeo tt?·l orden to eilth" For 0crch or pootc. tnd s~t of etine, si·0F? WILLIS. lElhtiY, sd C. 73 Phedttlisdeect; | MACKAY so[d BLERoBo ol f t Comees. l ~ _ goctret raet; noodP. UUB015 Hytt-otoM e E~dIeee FORs rSALE, the Ketch SB toce certiste~r. Teot elo't Its o welt ibt. ? ighth l ngg de is to eqoire ooeaownet to her qouitles. j1e ts wel l orm ~ A 'n sidI,ns, , &c, and fcreadyJ or deiireryat a day's otit . ilaLshe okewo to ke_ spreor to ary iLgblr oo ? tok Apply to C.k W. SMITH. !Brelooz. I jogot. 1014 Sforoheol-srce F'OR SALE, the A 1 sdxooner O Too.?. e oeo¢?orooent. (latel trorld feto fho.. derl. She s well found in e~ory rooe.? orrte?o oto Irorlo~ ton 101.0 dirootO f ot oi, sadlrooll odoto dboeoolo:-- tr-ler. fT ?rteetl toy 10 lopoPe l 00 th? a lof booelt -hiof, cheb"n soe nta l.t AO'jly ho C. A W. SlIrTf. tItrt O~rooctr. tledo loetoo. crflj WR-LRE.--B.LLASTi 0000~ o ; Ord~. W- rau?azlo --oo -wiadofoe so?ottooda tco for .eor. re0m00n0.or hooriet Cow.. e? p. leon. at 1 ea.1 C?ilot 0t.0030. Blrti Hook ? 1-71c..t.OT eSottlO'S $ItIfilIoG o?--FtCE. . FITCHETT, Vioooro Lioht orbetL K&roH ?T SQCAR£, OGK tLO lG. Beoo toptle?;d t th?e shortet .totlee. TENDERS. B"UNIN'YONG and Ballrat Roa?L Tender w. O bw ?.-c-re~t ,ntl :,re o'olok ks T.eodoe 3001 ioc.uto, rc o nz:nr otd mairott-eine frl-Le mtlotho to 47 chthns of Petltld d,.eIIrN BloIt-. t0n0 0 tb too ,t tlto Cet- t?L ?4 Bod osHre. Littre oeurle.soot Ifto:: or ?Eo? "oglooc' OR., Goe-r to tol totoreel oT~tr. for SolloetO eo no ? t"si Oarto d.dprbtoiad. o ths Plto, fT'.? ?oorl wrtlno: tocrrttor sotep the towesftor oy tondor. B ALLARAT ROAD.--Ten rs wi be re-I o~tedv tofi n eloeo o*e~dro 00 f rily. the 10th Irrlnrt. ror tho e?onttoc Ofr 4 o0 ptto ortbe t-ooe .loet.o t? E r1 thl?l ber. irt ore roo nols t the s soieo?ti m e ? be ee it the e, so th me O ct: utl Rot., food. Me:bo cie atO Oielectg. Teeee to he cneore4 '-letlor for Maottctrre. Beltorttt ood." t od frrworpd pretold trod sooreesed t?o 0100 Prosedert of th. oer troot Bott etr, 'foeltorne.' The lowotlor s.y teeder cot anecnttly ororp ad. TENDER for BRICFK.S.-Wte, a Forty to nite frr~m ta:rn to forty tmot?,d hrle? it ttotrouleoore Scbool lioto. Wolt.r It oteoientr Os4 cool wl. be 1o ,nd. Aroly by Cto tht C t oot coo or tie ooolfcorre .bchotl. 0o the ozes of tr Ololo'a 'tote. trrt' of Cielo too Ktooieito-oree'. tholoog. TO CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. TOLL tiOlliP. I.D bA??I AT O'YA1.0 fORD ADD T 9 FD --Tenorto rillb re retIt oIntllt II o'cloe oe Ptloay. t e insrer. fort e hretaot ,! i Tort GCY, l;it?, Lnd Penc~oz, near Fya.?d pirt, d teo Poaote tor. ia d8lerdoret rt0 th.e dltt[, d 5t30010000000~n to be 0000 t ·Lth·OHodld~fooloott ,ode. boof.O eolor. Ic.Oel rddtedo Tentcdr cf Prtm.t Fo0 (Or , Eit" Fnod., n. myfte} Toit eoUt..".ore to ore aqlot po-od to "The Prertl of lb CCcoootl Hood 0?o?EOLdi l- I o?et e s The boawoet 0.0dm st wesoenily solcjled dr~osiOf I5o0y Wok. lAM

BUSINESS NOTICES AC.GEOCY IO LONDON.--Ihe nnten-?ione Acs hurr nztxl jola osy wlth hne b anro erM. a.. LLOYID to t., tny coitmiositn tith which they my he favIour from Gtelhon., elbour e, or Vlct?na genrtally. C te. 0J Birleno, Ct.y. 0o.. SO:!. iS00. t-. T. LT.OYIO. AGRICULTURAL LAND of the otest doEription, sitna:o on the B7a.reot 0lil. to he tola n qlo tnt- to o s0uit Purchtrs. Aply WILLIOM C.tHttItN. Mlotnt M100.. Olt. 0th A HAPPY NEW YEAR !--The S~Ecriberha In Y ishing thir friendt h nd m * tor,-, • H ppy .New Year. hzto thottO theot moot oO?dtty or t h It liberal pltroot orod o. port doo:o LOo pUt ttoolet montbh. otd taoe ohil otnootunlo? to omotto them thot they ei'l do lhe:r eoto to eotoon oootiooaoo of t0e They havte never pmfol :o oI. theirood at an Abootojo Soottolo , ut tan ·re to ?ier e io tlyel h"vo oot dLtd up to otrr.- rytio.o td t ,l, 0Good Aode:e at Far Prolo. What we c?0r0er1d fair pnc last year would oe oooof:rrritedth; a.d ,he sub:ribohsave notlott s:t-t of ?i mat mtdanotoly fAt. siI .1.9 3 lH Rto Imp0r0 ro or Stitoo tnd ot r0-0 Mootitetnroeo Doso.-Oultoo o. tni oooartl Woorkst~otol Wh oo od Ilototo 0i.-eto o~p-tor e ALBION SAW ILLS, Litte ryero-stlr~t SAWIG oboe to tose moo r., ot to .ot aotl e GRI.I G ofreoy d orl):'L,-- ur, e.o. COtrtnO oo- tdo acot.O OATO toot MAIZO Otootd. ACCOUNT EOOKS and STATIONERY Lodoo.-E~ootsoo cot drr..o 4m10 guto oos Jo? eot.,--do oo do Day loo kt-t o do Iloud In holf mooh out0 ted flohd It a oreto tteolc td y ottoi!ti oateto; the LSOnT h0.e in,!eo? catto.h, on o Eto and bmptoo i ttotr?!o.; tho A CCeO uot eryt troi t, o theB int. ev Itdr lhbt. fR.ot 0o0it.- ? ertt. tootnt. o potu e. hoadt .t lro y 10, q t .to oo oo T Mooerooats otoeoeers~. L ootheo, ?m htt e t o! bo0o, tot oil ttottd.t ot t'otonery t.p l? no ao.o, by TOI0t S PATEOS, ON, oth:t .dd htotb -5 S0r0,. 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BUSINESS NOTICES. LETTS DI.RY', SJ35,-Just arrive 1: rs~ca. TitiOU?I.I fill, oWN Sr l:Qner. Son-bso:-street, Ge*Iong. PlINTIili. 'LbZZIG, P.APR0 4NGINt. Ac., Ae "-ACITOSH A-o THOMPSON be- most J cudly to Info? th?e pua:ic of 9t*Iang ma :as vicin:y.t btbhey -lhrw commaeiocd hs~unl$ ib t. forc lhne. in 0~epcroniunc tuiblb( I? o Uoloi ?o. 61u MIcor 03350?. WaLTr. I.. .olT. op.p, by prnlopt ottcr'ou to bu.lcr nio lt.roe ehrgtj ad tlh drint toIyo of woarkh.op, IS .b·~la co cf hiS polnmblc. MaCItNr.l THIOYPSON. 3. u.?4T. l.,i i the Uatio~ of tab bWPC to thtir exto:oini Strck - Pa.,oernio1, Oht Ua rblet nr Acitt Sc., Ac. Omriatabl ad attlnod glia Oil. 7Onbs Co!our%, Mrosihon &i., Ac. W_:wbl.!ne ted ReOAl. TOTICE.--The ANNUAL GENERAL MOTTICENJ ot Su ?tleib to the t?hl?n nr. ry rc ide.irytO t of losyun a ? he hM at tGee.a lOcg Alumbly loo. oppcof the Adrcrt2ar Oo1 0tap trS et, u TLIUSrDatY S4, tto Inl haf put Reo'lock p.m. (jTICEo.--T Reol.-Tec tone o op-s. - WprtuRi cf 8D amk ~e , ho ocind hi. ,* .bihmo-, and beg to ho toth ou t nmhoto, t:o Su.Il that hn t? rcdloin d he charge io, t ivty t31o tO. cr nlOht (tor echS corb.). Soi th?. dno. and Sedfo r . TuuXo. GIchaN. ,ccc Saor. rar, duu.inl-t-nmt. Oeclocr. Do emfe I, lo TOTICE o maPit l--Tan o sceoffe r SO .. ,a A rnchic 00 hki.oc, rnivcd from iy-n--tcoct -' Ko?-iia-?zd . e?the Sar nrt~.qo. . S-ith ?Ccvecnhr. 1550. N EW GROCERY AND PROVISION B t? 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