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Family Notices

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tin order to piard against imposition »ntl es ol

Hirtl Î Marriages and Deaths must be autlicnll

rated by some respectable person in Melbourne

to en ure ti cir insertion ]


HICKFORD.--On the 3rd July, at Sydney road,

I r ii v irk ti o »lie of 1 rt Icnek 1 humas Uli

ford M I ti, 11 ot a son


EAGAR—McCULLOCH.— On the 9th July, at

Colombo, Ceylon, Colonel H. A. Eagar, Royal           Irish Rifles, to Helen Mary, second daughter of         the Hon. Wm. McCulloch, of Woodlands. (By    


EVANS—HEDSTROM. -On the 23rd June, at the        

Armadale Wesleyan Church, by the Rev J. J.     Brown, assisted by the Rev. Wm. Gardner,           Alfred James, third son of the late George Evans,   of North Melbourne, to Elsie, youngest daughter  

of Captain N. S. Hedstrom, of Fiji. No cards.

LONG—BARKER. -On the 3rd July, at St. Paul's                

(I nil Hal V i '-oUh Wale I» tie Itei I II Vritrnig MV I rt brick lone | ul In rio I lei I r third on if V hurl Lo is loit, ( lirait ri Wiltshire tupian I 1 lan" ( I iinlrrlJin Childers linker i! le 1 dil (.Wir nt j I muli Harktr lud ti ulm »tau sthool

Whttl ia  

TURNER—ALGER - On the 2nd June, at Brighton,      

by the Rev. J. Rickard, Alfred E. Turner, youngest son of Alfred Turner, of Marriage-road,     Brighton, to Alice, eldest daughter of the late T.           T. Alger of Jersey, Channel Isles.      


CHARRETT.--On the 10th July, at his mother's    

residence, 21 Stanhope-street west, Malvern, Wil-       liam Grant, eldest beloved son of M. J. and the       late T. H. Charrett, aged 25 years. At Rest.

DISHER.--On the 9th July, at her parents' resi-      

dence, Locksley, Rosedale, Marguerite Hagenauer (Daisy), only daughter of Henry and Mary Disher, and granddaughter of Rev. F. A.  

Hagenauer, aged 9 years.    

DRYNAN. - On the 10th July, at Sydney, of septi-

caemia, nurse Mary Vera Drynan, of the St. Kilda Trained Nurses' Home. Faithful unto  


DYRING.-On the 10th July, at Tallangatta, re    

sult of gun accident, henry Tallangatta Tietcker     (Talley), youngest son of the late Waldemar Thorwaldt Dyring, late of Tallangatta, and Mary   Dyring, of Morrah-street, Parkville, aged 12 years    

11 months.  

FARLOW.--On the 10th July, at the Commercial  

II nk Coburg hcith Rothcrttooil tin. leloied onli son of (,corgc Robert all 1 \nnic Mervna h arion aged 4 }cars last lurthda,

HEATHERSHAW.--On the 11th July, at his late        

icsldcnce Roseneath Toronna road Maliern (f rmcrl} of Natal bouth Vlrlt i) \\ Minni onl} 1 rothcr of the l.ei II Heathershan, of last


ORME.--On the 6th July, at Coolgardie, Western    

Australia of t>pliold Uobcrt Knot }oungcst son of the late rrancis Miox Orme, I" M

ROGERS.--On the 3rd July, at her residence, Main  

street Bairnsdale Jane Mido» of the late John Hegers Count} Sligo, Ireland In her 6Sth } car

TAIT. --On the 10th July, at his residence, No. 132

Roden-street, West Melbourne, Robert, the dearly       beloved husband of lsabella Tait, aged 72 years.

TREVENA - On the 11th July, at 36 Budd street,

Collingwood, Alice Maud, the dearly beloved     second youngest daughter of Richard and Grace Trevena, aged 26 years and 11 months. A jutient sufferer (rone to rest

WALSH.--On the 11th July, at his late residence,      

S}tlcnhatn Hotel, corner of I hzabcth and Hèlent streets North Richmond Sltiliail Wai h aged na

}cir« Bil'


EDWARDS.--In loving memory of my dear friend,    

Mrs Miza 1 dinrds uho died at her rcsidure Moir street nienfcrrlc 11th Jul}, 1S0U (In

sertcd t) II AC)

GREENWOOD.--In loving memory of our dearly    

beloved fatl cr lohn IHHilci Green» m 1 i\ho died at Castlemaine on 12th lull 1S92 C ma 1 ut not forgotten (In'erlcd !>} his lol ine

ti ildren )

Jl N\ i \ -In loving memnri of our dcir motlier

Man lane lentci, who died on the 12th lull lMW (HW I C F J )

M'HSU Vf I -In loving memory of mi dear bus

1 ard lame* Marshall who dei arted tins life lui» 1" 1S03. (.one but not forgotten (In sertcd bv his sorrowing wife and children )

ORR. — In memory of my dear father, who

died at Prahran, on 8th July 1884. Arrived in   Melbourne in January, 1840. The dead in Christ   shall rise first. (Inserted by his eldest daughter,  

J. Rule.)

ft I.V..-In lovirg ind afïeeiionate remembrance

of ni) darling lol Vgustils wlodied it High street Amiadllo on Ptli lull ISO1 Sleeping

till lesus conies (Inserted 1} his affectionate I


'¡.t - i. - lilt i di ~Ar* i MM TOOI

J- 1TB to sineerel} THVNk thtir nnnv (ninds for the kiel leiten lilcgritns llonl tnl utes

»nd mini acts of kmdnus ittorded thtin in ti eir

recent sad bcrcivcinent


ni VTIHRSTIVW-T'c Vriends of the late

«II I MM lit VTIIMtSIIVU are re'pectfulli iriiteil to follón lils remains to the place of inter ment In the St hilda Cemcter}

The funeral Is appointed lo lease hi* late resl tlince Roseneath Tooronga road I ist Maliern To morrow (TucMh}, nth inat ) at 2 o cloik

V I IIVÏROUD, Undertaker Tel 17 Wind

sor 1 xclnnge

TAIT. --The Friends of the late Mr. ROBERT   TAIT are respectfully invited to follow his   remains to the place of interment, in the Mel-

bourne General Cemetery.  

The funeral is appointed to leave his late resi-  

dence, No. 132 Roden-street, West Melbourne,     THIS DAY (Monday, 12th July), at 3 o'clock.

THOMAS HENRY ALLISON, Undertaker and     Embalmer, 181 Elgin-street, Carlton; Derby-street,           Collingwood; and 307 Victoria-street, West Mel-   bourne, near Errol-street. Telephone No. 1182    

riMIl rrlcndi of the Into Mr MICK VU, WAI Sll ... .'V'l'cit'ull) iniited to folio» lils remains t ti ilacc of lutirmcnt, tin. Mtlbourne (.eneral

II luneral »ill lemo lila late residence Suleti luilltilel corner of I-Hail cth mid Hegent street« North Hichniond Tomoiro» (Tucsila), Uth luh.

l'J ) at quarter to 3 o rlotl '

i "iIINmAUJ,S0N Undertaker and 1 mbilmer

ira 0Eí,°-í'miwun s road, Richmond Kb

phones 1003 and 1105

rr""r'!,^.r,1hc I rtoawl-. of the lite Mrs h» t,i ."",»' i110^11"*^ «i- resiHttfulli

tntrl to folio» her run lins to the i lae if Uliman, in the- Rt hlldi Unitter}

?ni funeral Is appointed to lean the residence ii hi r son In a» Mr W \ n-illn iiqiiu ?, .-r . i

Mun. 1HISIUV (Mond," uVü/^V.'.V

«d Maliern ni 1 Vv n Isor Ixihin,.