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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. ? , ? ? BIRTHS. : SELLS. — On the 6ft June, at Saltram, denelg, the Wife of Win. B. Sells, of a daughter. KEOTER. — On the 4th June, at Krie-stoeet east, the wif e of H. Eeuter, of a son. Both doing well. COOKE. — On tie 7th June, at Angas-street, Kent - Sown/ the wife of W. Ernest Cooke, of a daughter. TAPLIN.— On the 6th June, at Unley-road, Sew Parfcside, the wifeof C. Eaton Taplin, of adaughter. HAYXES.— On the 6th June, at Chuders-steeefc. VorUi Adelaide, the wHeeJ WiUiamHmie&Saiwin'' FROMEN.— On the 18th May, at Osborne-street,: Hackney, the wife of Ernest H. F. Fromen, of a - daughter. ?? ?'. : ' ;- ----- ? ''Hi' r.t SELLS.-On the 6th Jnne, at Saltram, Glenelff, the . wife of Wm. B. Sells, of a daughter. . ??;??? .---: GtJNNEESEN. ? On the 24th May, at MacMnnOD-: parade, Korth Adelaide, the wife o»f. S. Gunnersen, of adaughter. '? ' ' '??'? ?- HALL.— On the 27th May, at Burtie-street, West,, Eindmarsh, the wife of Nathaniel Hall, of ardaugfcter.: ?- LEWIS.— On the 25th May, at East Glenelgr, .the-' ' wife of John Lewis, of Port Pirie, of a son. BROWN.— On the 30th May, at Hutt-streefc, Ade laide, the wife of B. Bruce Brown, of a daughter. CAMPBELL.— On the 4th Hay, at Boolounda, the irife of Samuel Campbell, of a daughter. McEWIN .— On the 8th June, at Mallee Brae, BIyth, the wife of A. L. McBwin, of a daughter. BISCHOF.— On tie 4th June, the wife of G. W. Bisehbf, nearMaHala, of a daughter. BASEDOW.— On the 5th June, at Caltowie, the frifeof W. BasedoWjOt a daughter. ADAMS.— On the *th June, at Hawker, tie wife of J.T.Adams, of a son. Both doing well. EVANS.— On the 6th May, at' Westbury-street, Hackney, the wife of W. P. £vans, of a daughter. WOODS.— On the 29th ^pril, at Douro Villas, Hanfax^tzeet, Adelaide, the wife of E. J. Woods, of a fl&ughtec ? FANNING.— On the 9th June, at Gilbert-street, ©vingham, the wife of Henry Fanning, of a son. Both doing well. Father delighted. - KAESEHAGEN.— On the 3rd June, at Halifax Street, the wife ot Edward Kaesehagen, jun., of a son. Melbourne papers please copy. KING.— At the Post-Office, Hallett, the wife of S. C. King, postmaster, of a son. . CHAELICK.— On tita 5th June, at Home Cottage, Karlborough-street, Malvern, the wife of William Chariick, oJason.* HANSON.— Oh the 1st June, at Moockra, the wife *f B. Hanson, of a son. Both well. UENABT.— On the 8tSi June, the wife of J. lienart, £-f adaughter. - ? - LAKEMAN.— On the Uth June, at Mabel Cottage, /Sork-Btreet, Kensington, the wife of C. P. Ijaitemati, Df adaughter. * * CHABLTON.— On the 3rd June, at Clare, tile wife Ct-3haries Charlton, of a daughter BAANEBi.— On tile 5th June, at Austral-terrace, Ualvern, the wife of O. A. Baaner, of a son. TEATMAN.— On the 8th June, at Auburn, the wife tfi Dr. Yeatman, of a daughter. GEBMEDJ.— On the 10th June, at Vassal-street, Semaphore, the wife of B. Germein, jun., H.M.C.S., of a daughter. HAWKES.— On the 6th June, at Wallaroo, tile wife ©f -John Hawkes, of a daughter. MILLER.— On the 31st May, at Umberumberka, lie wife of W.A. Miller, of a son. Both doing well. SDTHEBLAND.-^T-On the 12th June, at Tully Hussel, Malvern, the wife of Jno. J. Sutherland, of a daughter. . LATHAM.— On the nth June, at Alfred-street, l?artoide, the wife of George Oncerod 1/nVnnm, of a daughter, stillborn. MARRIAGES. HOWARD— WILLIAMS.— On the 3rd June, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Bev. T. Hill ?mum, Harry, second son of Mr. Alfred Howard, of SSntara. Vineyard, Maclaren Vale, to Hilda, fifth (laughter of Mr. Robert Wuliams, WUlunga. PHILLIPS— HILL.— On the 27th May, at the resi Hdence of the bride's parents, by Bev. Richard Jack . . ?- eon, George, eldest surviving son of Mr. Henry Phillips, Woodchester, to Martha W^rtt, eldest daugh v ter-of Mr. Sydney HIS, Woodchester. TILLETT— WHITE.— On the 27th May, at the     Primitive Methodist Manse, Strathalbyn, by Rev. B.   Jackson, Frederick, eldest son of the late Mr. Thomas Tillett, Callington, to Louisa, youngest daughter of   Mr. Lewis White, Callington.     COLLINS— MEIER.— On the 3rd June, at Draper     .Hemorial Church, by the Bev. James Haslam, Andrew -' ' CoIIms, to Gnezena Meier, both of Adelaide. PERRY— WILSON.— On the 3rd June, at the resi dence of the bride's parents, by the Bev. E. Vaughan, : - Kobert Jaye, second son of Alfred Thomas Perry, of ' Separit, Lake Hihdmarsh, Victoria -Iate of Yorke town),vto Clementina Mary Fraser, eldest daughter of Robert Froser Wilson, Esq., 4.P., of Curramulka. HURLEY— HALL.— On the 3rd June, at the . fioman Catholic Church, Mount Barker, by the Rer. i^tiier Landy, assisted by the Rev. Father Martin, . - liaurance Hurley, fifth son of the late Mr. John Hurley, Oeelong, Victoria, to Margaret F., youngest daughter of the late Mr. Patrick Hall, Mount Barker, EDWARDS- MOORE.--On the 2nd June, at St.   John's Church, Adelaide, by the Bev. F. S. Poole, John, only son of J. Edwards, to Mary A. Moore,     second daughter of H.L. Moore, both of Meadows. BICE-HENWOOD.— On'the57th May, at the resi     fleaoe of the bride's parents, Bowden, by the Rev. H. D. Smith, 'William Charles, youngest son of Mr. Henry Bice, to Ellen (Nellie), second daughter of Mr. John D. Henwood, both late of Moonta.       COWLING— PLAYFORD.— On the 20th May, at the Msidence of the bride's father, by the Bev. George Hbgben; James Henry, fourth son of Captain T. Cowling, J.P.,ofN6rwood0ateoftlieHamley Mines), to 3ane Perry, third daughter of the Hon. T. Playford, M.P. of Norton's Summit.   WHITERS— ATTERSOLL.— On the 2nd October,   1890, at St. Oswald's, Parkside, by the Rev. F. H. Stokes, Alfred H., fifth son of J. Whitters, to Sarah, second daughter of H. P. Attersoll, of Glenelg. NELL-SMITH.— On the 23rd May, at the Bible Christian Church, by tire Bev. J. Thome, Horace : Simons, third son otGeo. E. Nell, of Barnet, England, to Florence Amelia, eldest daughter of Mr. William Smith, of Adelaide. HAWKER— McFARLANE.— On the 9th June at St. Andrew's Church, Walkerville, by the Ven. Archdeacon Dove, Michael Seymour, fifth son of the Hon. G. C. Hawker, The Briars, Medindie, to Eliza beth Begg, third daughter of. Allan McFarlane, Esq. Wellington Lodge, Lake Alexandrina. ^^ HANN— DILLON.— On the 9th May, at St. Ignatius Church, Norwood, by the Bev. Father Peters, S.J., Charles Emannel, eighth €on of E. Hann, of Payne Jumu to Norah Gertrude (TottieX second daughter of - it Dillon, of Paradise. GREGORY— WICKHAM.— On the 25th May, at St. Peter's Church, Glenelg, by license, by the Rev. Canon French, M. A., William Robert, eldest son of   Robert Gregory, of Brighton, to Phoebe Maria,   youngest daughter of James Wickham, Port Pirie.   HAWKER— McFARLANE— On the 9th June, at   St. Andrew's Church, Walkernlle, by the Venerable   Archdeacon Do ve, Michael Seymour, fifth son of the   Honorable G. C. Hawker, M.P., The Briars, Medindie,     UW *o Etizabctii Begg, third daughter of Allan McFar- ' mW , -lane, Esq., of WelUngton Lodge, Lake Alexandrina. MARTIN— DILLON.-On the 4th June, Henry   Martin of Sydney, New South Wales,, to Rose Ada, youngest daughter of the late John F. and Eliza Dillon.

MACFARLANE— BARRY.— Oh the 10th June, at St. Cuthbeifs Church, Prospect, S.A., by the Rev. Canon Dendy, D.D., Charles Henry, fifth son of   George Macfarlane, of Glasgow, to Marian, youngest ' daughter of C. J. Barry, of North Adelaide* SCHELL— BARBER.— On the 21st May, at Draper Memorial Churcti, UUbero-street, Adelaide, by the Bev. P. C. Thomas, leoree. eldest son of Mr. G. Schell, Commercial Hotel, Morgan, to Euphemia (.tme), eldest daughter of Captain W. Barber Morgan. HUTCHINSON— WOOLST0N.— On the 10th June, at Mount Mary, by the Bev. John Wills, John James Hutchinson, third son of the late James Hutchinson, to.Emfly Harriet Woolston, eldest daughter of George . Woolston, of Mount Mary. WARREN— FRENCH.— On the 11th June, in. the   W.esleyan Church, Quorn, by the Rev. John Watts, 'Edgar' H., voungest son of the late J. R. Warren, Esq.,rof Saddleworth, to Agnes E., eldest daughter of H. iYench, Esq., of Willochra. JEFFREY— SKITCH.— On the 1st May, at the resi   dence of the bride's parents, George, youngest sou of George Jeffrey, Hawick, Scotland, to Annie, eldest daughter of John Skitch. Beulah-road, Kensington. DEATHS. BOWMAN. — On the 5th May, at Port Elliot, John .Bowman, late of Yarraville, Victoria, aged 88. BARWICK.— On the 6th June, at Adelaide, Mary Barwick, widow of the late John Bartvick, of North terrace, aged 77 years. WOODWARD.— On the 6th June, at the Adelaide Hospital, from the effects of an accident, Charles, beloved husband of Jane Woodward, and affectionate . eon of G. and E. Woodward, Wright-street, Adelaide, aged 32 yean. BRUMBY. — On the 3rd June, Henry, the beloved husband of Hester Brumby, of Margaret-street, North Adelaide, aged 39 years. Deeply regretted. NORTHMORE. — On the 7th June, at his residence, Harrow-road, College Park, John Alfred Northmore, aged 61 years. HARRIS. — On the 1st June, at the residence of his niece (Mrs. J. Mincham), Woodside, Jame3, beloved^ husband of Mary Ann Harris, of paralysis, aged 75 vears, formerly of Redruth Highway. Cornwall, late of Kamnantoo. Arrived in the British Sovereign, 1847. Safe in the arms of Jesus. FERN.— On the 7th June, at tie Adelaide Hospital, Francis Bath Fern, of Bon-den, aged 33 years. TAPLEY.-On the 7th June, at his residence, oS Einsr William-street -south, Richard Edward Tapiey, in his 80th year. MADDAFORD.— On the 2nd June, at her late resi dence, cross Koads, Moonta, Auuie, cue deany beloved wife of W. Maddaford, and the youngest daughter of the late W. H. Morgan, of Selby -street, Adelaide, aged 37 years. . BIRD. — On the 22nd May, at Chain of Ponds. .ToTin, the dearly-beloved husband of Mary Bird, aged tS years. Respected by all who knew nun. Not dead ! Ah, no, his body sleepeth. And we, though left to mourn and weep, Doth know that God his spirit keepeth — He giveth His beloved sleep. TERNAN.-^On the 7th June, at Carrieton, of con vulsions, the infant sou of Frank' and G. Ternan, aged four months. CAMPBELL..— On the 3rd June, at Boolcunda, Edith May, the beloved infant daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Campbell. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. HARDING.— On the 7th June, at his residence, Nairne, of cancer, Charles Harding, aged 76 years. Arrived in tie colony ship Britannia, 1848. Respected old colonist. SEARLE.— On the 2Sth May, at her residence, WMnvFarnv Bruce, Julia,, relict of the late James Searle', ot Seedbeds Pinerv. aged 73 years. leaving six sons, two daughters, and 36 grandchildren to mourn their losa. A colonist of 51 years. HAWKEN.— On the 7th June, at his residence, Caiherinefltreet, North Kensington, John, the beloved ' husband of Jane Ann Hawken and second son of the late James Hawken,-aged 32 years. BLAIN.-On the 8th June, at Torrens-road, Wood: ville Park, John Chippindale, beloved husband of - Mary Blain and father of Mrs. N. Hawke, Wood- - ville; Mrs. W. F. Sharp, Kent Town; and Mr. John Blain, GlanvHle ; aged 68.' i _ A colonist of 37 years. GOOD.— On the 9th June, at Franklin-street, Ade laide, Frederic, the dearly-beloved and only son of B. T. and E. L. Good, aged 9 months. WOOD.— On the 6th June, at tie Broken Hill Hospital, Samuel, fifth and beloved son of J. and H. Wood, Moonta, and affectionate brother of Mrs. S. Eerrison, Alberton, and Mrs. J. H. Hollis, Exeter. HORN.— On the 9th June, at the Broken Hill Hospital, of inflammation of the lungs, August Horn, aged 51 years. GLANVILLE.— On the Uth April, at the Broken Hill Hospital, result of accident at Block 11, John, the beloved husband of Elizabeth GlanviUe, Wallaroo Mines, formerly of Kapunda, aged 62 years. . HODGENS.— On the 5th June, at TothUI's Creek, alter five weeks' severe suffering from inflammation of the lungs and whooping' cough, John, the second dearly-beloved son of James and Mary Hodgens, aged 6 years and 2 weeks. CROOT.— Gn the 5th June, at the Burra Hospital, G. B. Croot, eldest son of Captain George Croot, barque Ariadne, aged 29 years. BASEDOW.— On the 7th June, at Caltowie, Doris Alice Gordon, dearly-beloved child of E. M. and W. Basedow, aged 15 months. LAWRENCE.— On the 23rd May, at Kingston, of apoplexy, Samuel Lawrence, the 'beloved husband of Ann Lawrence. Somersetshire papers please copy. THOMAS.-TOn tie 7th June, Hilda Beatrice Stella, the. beloved infant daughter of W. and II. A. J. Thomas, at their residence, Dudley-street, Kew, aged 8 months. BERJEW.— On the 9tlr June, at his residence, Flinders-street east, Samuel A. Beijew, \u his 66th year. DONALDSON.— On ' the 10th June, at George street, Parkside, Jennie, only- surviving daughter of T. and M. Donaldson, aged 3 years and 9 months. Broken Hill papers please copy. CHENEY.— On the 18th May, at his residence, near Templars, Thomas Cheney, dearly-beloved husband of Eliza Priscilla Cheney, aged 81 years and 7 months. He leaves a wife, two sons, and three daughters by a former wife to mourn their loss. A colonist of 38 years. His end was peace. Melbourne papers please copy. DUNN.— On the 1st June, at Parkside, Thirza, the dearly-beloved wife of Thomas Dunn, aged 40 years. Deeply regretted by all who knew her. WATSON.— On the 5th June, at Nailsworth, after a long and painful illness, Ann, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Watson, of Dry Creek, aged 73 years. New Zealand papers please copy. DOENAU.— On tie 23rd May, at 63, Preston-street, Geelong West (Victoria), of cerebral effusion and con vulsions, Margaret A. F., dearly -beloved and only daughter of H. F. and A. Doenau, aged 2 years and 2 months. SYMES. — On the 28th May, at Gawler, of conges tion, Ernest Thomas Reid, dearly-beloved fourth son of Thomas and Sarah Symes, and grandson of Mr. R. Hatcher, Virginia, aged 6 months. FARNDELL. — On the 10th June, at her residence, Bundle-street, Kent Town, Margaret, relict of the late Edward Farndell, aged 51 years. BUTTERICK.— On the 8th June, at her sister's residence, at Mile-End, Esther, the dearly -beloved daughter of Elizabeth and the late Daniel Butterick, of Morphett Vale, aged 24 years and 10 months, after five days' terrible suffering with inflammation of the MILLARD.— On the 4th June, at Port Wakefield, Charles Frederick James, youngest and dearly beloved son of J. and C. Millard, of Kulpara, after 24 hours' illness, of diphtheria, aged 6 years aud 5 months. We placed his hands across bis breast,   We kissel his cold, cold brow, And in our aching hearts we know We have no Freddy now. WOBNER.— On the 31st May, at Watervale, James Worner, aged 76 years. INGRAM.— On the 10th June, at Sylvan Park, Maclaren Vale, Mary Ingram, relict of the late William Ingram, sen., aged 79 years. Her end was peace. CORRELL.— On the 19th May, at Beynella, Florence Eliza (Flossie), the dearly-beloved child of A. M. Correll, of croupal diphtheria, aged 5 years and 8 months. Another bud to bloom in Heaven. McLEAN.— On the 1st June, at Wallaroo, Janet Eveline, the youngest and beloved daughter of W. and E. McLean, of hydatids on the brain, aged 12 years and 11 months. God knows best. CREMER.— On the 3rd June, at Goolwa, Alfred, the fifth son of Edward Cremer, accidentally drowned off the barge McIntyre, aged 23 years. In the midst of   life we are in death. BOWLEY.— On the 27th May, at her residence, Clare, after a short illness, Rose Helena, second dearly-beloved daughter of J. H. and S. Bowley, aged 25 years. Rest in peace. JOHNCOCK.— On the 9th June, at the Cottage Hospital, Yorketown, the youngest and beloved daughter of G. J. and B. L. Johncock, of Edithburgh, aged 13 months. An angel in the Book of Life Wrote down our infant's birth, Then added,'ere he closed the book, Too beautiful for earth. And when the angel Death passed by He saw the words and smiled ; Then folded in his arms Our lovely little child. McLEAN. — On the 1st June, at Wallaroo, Janet Eveline (Jane), the dearly-beloved daughter of W. and E. McLean, and loved sister of William George and Eliza McLean, of Wallaroo, and Mrs. Bradshaw, Strangways Springs, aged 12 years and 11 months : Farewell, dear Janet, a long farewell, With us on earth no more you'll dwell ; But we hope to meet you by and bye, Where peace and love and joy can never die. CARNEY.— On the 11th June, at his sister's resi- dence, Ifould-street, Adelaide, John, the dearly beloved son of the late James and Maty Carney, County Heath, Ireland, aged 29 years. Home papers please copy. HUNT.— On the 12th of May, at Minlaton, after three days' illness, Mary Huut. the dearly-beloved and eldest daughter of M.J. and W. Hunt, aged 15 years and 2 mouths.     Oh, why should we regret you When we know that all is o'er, And you are in your glorious home With loved ones gone before.

EDIS.— On the 11th June, at his residence, Chapel street, Norwood. William, the beloved husband of Martha Edis, aged 53 years, after a long and painful illness. FULLSTONE.— On the 8th June, at Forrestone, Emily, the dearly -beloved wite of Ezra Fullstone, and eldest and dearly-beloved daughter of R. and M. Stan- ley, of Mount Crawford, aged 20 years and 10 months. Oh, why should we regret you, When we Know that all is o'er ; And you are in your glorious home With loved ones gone before. How happy you are there No human tonsrue can tell, But this is our assurance, God doeth all things well. Also, on the 10th June, Waiter Ezra Fullstone, the   infant son of the above, who died in Jesus. IN MEMORIAM FERNELEY.— In loving memory of Kate, the be loved wife of John Austin Ferneley, who died on June 6, 1888, aged 28 years. Gone, but not forgotten, Never shall her memory fade ; Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger Round the spot where she is laid. — Inserted by her loving sister, E. Slater.     HESELTINE. — In loving memory of my dear mother, Mary Heseltine, who died at Carborie, Joli- mont-road, East Melbourne, Victoria, on June 6, 1890, aged 42 years. — Inserted be her loving daughter, May Benda. PURRMANN. — In faithful and loving remembrance   of my dear grandpapa, Johannas Godfred Purrmann, who died on the 3rd June, 1890, at Peter's Hill, near Riverton. Gone but not forgotten. — Inserted by his loving granddaughter, Miss C. A. Hennig, of Par- naroo. HAMMILL.— In loving memory of our dear Auntv Emily, who died at Cobalt-street, Broken Hill, New South Wales, June 9, 1888. O, call it not death ; it is life begun, For the waters are passed, the home is won. The ransomed spirit hath reached the shore Where they weep and suffer and sin no more. She is safe in her Father's home above — In the place prepared by her Saviour's love. —Inserted by her nieces and neph&ws, E., M., A., and P. Gully. HARRISON. — In loving and affectionate remem- brance of our dear father, John Coromandel Harrison, who departed this life June 10th, 1890.   Great was our loss, great his pain, But in heaven we hope to meet again.       — Inserted by his sorrowing daughters.   HOLLOW.— In loving memory of Charles Hollow, who died 12th June, 1890. ' Go back my friends, shed no more tears, I must lie here till God appears ; Short was my life, long be my rest,     God took me when he thought it best. His toils are past, his work is done, And he is fully blest ; He fought the fight, the victory won, And entered into rest. Not our will, but Thy will O Lord be done. — Inserted bv his loving wife and children. RILEY.— In sorrowful remembrance of my beloved hu&tiand, James Philip Riley, who died June 12, 1889, at Block House, Willaston, aged 33 years. Lord Jesus have mercy on him. Inserted by his sorrowing wife, R. Riley.         LADD. — In loving memory of Joseph Onesimus Ladd, who died the 12th June, 1882, aged 64 years.   Gone, but not forgotten, Never shall his memory fade ; Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger Around the spot where he is laid. — Inserted by his sorrowing family.