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By onscRvri!.

The association was a week, earlier than the league m opening: the ecaßon, and there was in opportune of cslinnting how Ur the altcntlona Df nile which cone into effect this season are likely to be bcncfcial to tlie game fliese first mi

pressions »re, so far, saü=í_ietor\, as promising moie mt crest ing: and open phi, though until the lra_-ue clubs meet it will be difiicult to say whether the oj on p]a> noticeable on Mturthj waa entirely due to limiting the little nur!, to 10 ¿ard*-inste id of ibout len inches ns fonneili-or whether it lrnj not Ime been ln.rgt.Ij brought about by a reduc turn of the association temi*, to l8 men In tltc dispo ii ion of their men, cull ciptaln took two out of tlie ruck-and there w is none of that crowd ing on the ball which spoiled BO nia._> matches J ist Bcison Hie open pi ij wjll I fine), become mo-e pronounced a.s tlie season adnntc and drop kicking will become once more an attractive fei

turo of tie phj Other indications were thit fi^t liun will hud their «jwed more iul\ unla^eous -ind strong plaiers get more benefit ft oin their btrengtii \s jet, however, it is a little too »on for pro phecy

Urunsuiclr, the new club in the ic oeiation met Richmond on tho M C C ground win re the _,ite wa. much larger than either M-cittirv anticipated The Brunswick uniform in red and black btripes w> mut h like Port Melbourne s red und blue how c\cr, that there will be great diíüculn in elis»

tiiifeui'-hing the pla>cr_i when tim meet tor the tlrot three quarters there wis M.T\ little to ehoo=e between the teams although mimili as a result of the exertions <f buch lund wurkera ns IIickhoiiM! and I'urkcr, Richmond lud nlw i>s » little the best of the central pin, and in the last quarter the} rittled in the feoiK for a good kid ihcMCC ground was noue\er so hird tint the piners» found the leather btud-i tin.» usually weir quite usclc s in helping them to keep their feet and nothing hut the cricketers (¡pikes- not i cr nutted m foi tb ill-would have bien of any ao hist mc c As i consequence e.m nnn who tried to turn flnrplj found his feet iblng from un 1er him is thou-rh he \\tre phung I urle^quo football in a skiting rink In this wai the gime w13 to Bonie o\teiit ipoilcd though the (ne Hignitlciut fut that thire wis hardlj 1 Ecnmmuc li oin le ginning to end of it lould not be overlooled The umpire \ns rareh ol li^ed lo till up the ball, uti the yowl tifert of ia) id pacing was alwiis manifest iho plovers dro.ipcd into the ne \ sislem rapidli enough 11 d with the oj cn ctiarictcr of the phu uuieh of the lo.ivhness »hi appcired l<r tlie winners loth Unekh iuJe and Parker pla.ed a line gnuie while Watson Hi m and Hu ris all d'd gotd umlaut \ ork finnis wick H best min wis Tohn_.on who wis foiintr_> tried In 1 sandon 1 ut Mm¡ 11 for a li_,ht mm also showed good ill r.und pi i\ Ihcj hi\e a nir of llt^t late lads in til^ghhn ((ho cup tun) and M Drmnld, while M Nunn mid llirn wtie ii o prominent De len ind Lldcr each t t two (.cils for Hiehmond

With the fcoft, sundi surface it Tort Melbourne the piners in the mat« Ii \. »rth \ I'jrt were better able to keep tlieir feet and sim their good point.« lort Melbourne, in leed [I ned u alu-il

ing trune, and though a ghnee at ti o h orea will show tint the wind w UM n important futor thire DLUr wis n\ dMibt -us t> whit h wi the butter train rheir def( nee w i m if ni il h strong *Ihc\ hell ed each ether ahl\ ml tiicir lund lall

-winch hi llie-b>c will b 1 1 unie of tht ic

modelled game - was undennl U ih\tr in the third quarter r**petiill\ N rth Melbourne in the other hind «.howed home g_« d iii h\nhill 1 hi, but lickid tobe ion Ihtj \ cn. slower ti ni then 01 poncnts to ) 11 though j ace wemed to be theil forte Iaht FOIS n In the &ec. nd qiurtu the Ports wire a long time in getting m n than MIIJC points for ti o scored fa behind-, with 1 mn, md then four g ils without a 1 mik Tho e wh> t i\v IV rt Mollioime win this g*une so deci nch were linprn»d with tie belief ti it tie b-M. of Vu letgue leiins of H t sea on w uld hue Ind a pix»

f. und Miipri^e lind thci met the It< 1 nd Mut tn Sa turdi* lor the winn rs loth Johnson and 0 linen ph\cd 1 fine gain while tai »tal foot Hil

w is also tht unod from Henderson a new nun M Crcpor liobtrt-on, :nd Uah - the last named 1. ttm" three («oils while Kow m (cored two Uth muh N rth Mi.bourne lal a wup L of it-* smirtrt-t phwrs ib ont II l_a iwler dueran ItriHi Snow 1 Launder, and Stuekei, all did good work for their colour^

I cm <ui little of the in ileh 1 et ween I 001ser 11 and Willi mist own «*ne tint l>oth ternis put most of tht ir old 1 lui ore afield, tint ti (.nie was more rjM.11 thin J io miteh hrtwitn tlc-c keen inuls for \PTTS j v»t *»M1 tint 1 OOIM m .. liad oî a nul ni hilf time gne tin ni 1 niriuu \ielon After hilf time three behindâ ojiK weie bc-orcd 111 a Iii oh f ught g* me

In tin following table of score«, the points ire computed nt mt for n j,oal and one for each be lund according to the new nile


T(t 2n I *h 1

Mitch f_tr f>tr Qtr Tinal Pt^ Port Moll* umo 0-2 A-10 -t-10 S-10 (17 North Melbourne 1-2 1-2 2-0 2-C l8

11 U T \H \T, Sundi*

Tlie Tlallarat Iootball Club phi ed Oecloug on Sitnrdai and won hy 0 gells to 4 The g-iim w i-, 1111 el under the new niles, which worked nd 1111 rah I>