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10,000 KILLED BY DNIEPER DAM When the giant Dnieper dam was blown up 10,000 people were killed, and 3,800,000,000 cubic metres of water were released. These details come from Berlin, and the account is written by one of Gec many's soldier reporters. It states that a cavity 000ft. wide and iOOft. deep was torn in the dam, and people were killed either by the ex plosion or by the subsequent rush of water through the vast breach in the dam wall. The reporter who claims that his In formation came from "Russo-Germans" who were present, declares: "One would need the perverse imagination of an Edgar Allan Poe to describe that grue some sight. "The explosion itself killed 3300 refugees who were on or around the gigantic dam trying to cross and follow the Red army eastwards. The Lower Dnieper rose 271t. "In a short time houses on the banks were swept away, islands disappeared, and the locks were destroyed. "Describing the scene at a later stage, the reporter states that the bare tracks of the railway hung undamaged across a 200-yard breach, and a heavy train was still perched precariously on them,