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DEATH BY BURNING.   A sad and fatal fire occurred on Tuesday night at Gambletown, Colac, about eleven oelock at a cottage occupied by Mrs. Ellen Gamble. wife of Thomas Gamble, green- grbcer, in Gellibrandl street. No one resided .'ithI Mrs. Gamble, except occasionally when one of her granddaughters about six years of age slept is the house with her. For the last three weeks this shild had been aleeping regularly ivith her, but on the night in ques tion the child did no go as Mrs. Gamble was lte getting home. She went to her son, George's place, and asked for the child as usual; but, fortunately, it.did.not go. She remalke'l to ier son that she had sixp'uce worth of rum in a bottle, and wanted' bim to partake of it, but he refused. Tkhe , ceasced then left to go home, and it is thought that the candle must have ignited thile bed clothes after she had gone to-sledip. Thie first alarm of fire was given by'Mr. William Heron, who in company witli his .wife were rqturning home from Colab between ten and eleven o'clock. They noticed the extraordlinary bright light in the house, and il a few moments the flames' hurst through the windows. Mr. Heron at once' ran to the house tor ascertain ,if, possible if there was anyone..inside: He" called out but received no response. Be then the door, bqt-as the build ing was one burning mnss he was ut:sable to enter. In the meantime Mrs. Heron hurried tosome of the neirhlior' plaicesi and roused up'the inimates,' but of 'course fiothimng 'could Ie ldone to check the flaniesi "Th'e report soon suread through the township, andn. a very short space of time a.largee Crowd had gatherad round thie smouldering remains., The body frightfully clharedl was soon dia-: coveredl,hithel debsis, lut it could, not:be :emoved' as' there was not a supply of.water at hanl 'Until' the flamnes had. somewhat. subsidled no attempt was recover: the remains, which hadl by this time been reduced almost to ashes. The only portion. of the body that:was not consumed,was the upper portion of the trunk, the head and limbs being i cmpletely destroyed.' .0 course the remains could not possibly,' be. idientified, but the chain of evidence leads to the supposition that the ,remains are those of Mrs. Ellen Gamble:: On Wednesday a magisterial inquiry was held by Mr.-Ednund Coopler, and the following evidende' was takesi :-'. . . Mary Anm Gamble,., wife of George Gamble,. son of the deceased woman Ellen Gamble, stated'--1 last saw the deceased alive between nine and ken o'clock last evensig.. Shi came to my house and asked me to let my littld, girl, aged about six years, to sleepi with her. The little girl Ihad ilbeen in the halbit of sleepitig: with'the deceased for the last fortnight. As the chilh had a cslsI.'efused to lIt her go. She then askled bhr'hihsband to go down to her house and have some rum. He 'efused to go. Sas 'no iiiore of her until Mrs. Hereon came to her about eleven o'clock and said that the place was oh fire, and askled him if hlie thought his motheir was in the house." Her husband got up and went to tie liouse: I am quite 'satisfieds that'the remnainhi now in an adjining room'are those of Ellen Gamble, for there was 'ho 'one else in the house. To Constable Magor-When she called at my house she was under the influence of liquor. She used to sleep by herself until within the last fortnight; then my child Annie slept with her until the night previous to the occurrence. ,', -.: George Gamble, son of the deceased, stated--I lhst saw 'the-deceased: alive on Sunday last, 22nd instamit; at heroowsi house. She was then in her usual state of health. Last niglht about '11' o'clock I wasg ii bhd, andi my wife called to 'me said said my mother's place was on fire. I got up in. mediately alid weht to the"fire.. Vhen' I got there the fire was issuing from the window, and the door was open. Mr. Heron was at the door. The firde was so strong I'bould not' entbr'thlie liouse. Heard no screams nor any noise. The fire had gained such a hold of the house I could do nothing. I then left to go and tell my father, who lives at his shop off Murray street. I believe' the remains now in another' 'iroom are those of my. mother. There is nothing on the body to assist my juldgmet. My mother called' to me last nighlt 'about eleven o'clock to go 'to? her place andl have a drink, as she had sixpence worth in a bottle. Declined, saying Iwished to go to sleep, and told .her to go home. Thomas Gaimble, husband of'the'dddeasd - said-I last saw 'her 'liF'e beitjeoi, five oud Ssix o'clock on Tuesday 'eveniihg last, 25tli instant, at my" shop, ,Gellibrafid streb,. There was tlhen nosign of drink on her and' shbi' was lookiing' well. She' asked I or a hbottle of hop beer1 Which I gave her. Shp asled for soiie, blead, and:I gave her three. I niuce id'get' a 'small oaf is sh, ;ieent hlbme. I She then asked for candles and vinegar; I I gave bel" bith. ' She left about half an hour afterwards in company with Mrs. Lennon. I have uit saw her since. She usually slept in her housd by' 'ierself 'in Gaidbletown. I believe the remains outside alb those of my wife. The deceased was about 55 years of age. Mary Lennon, wife of Patrick Lennon, a laborer residing at Colac stated--I last saw the deceased alive between six and seven o'clock yesterday evening at her husband's shop. Walked with her as far as Mr. Cooper's store, Murray street. She then left me. That was the last I saw of her. She was quite sober when I saw her.   William:I Heronh living at Barosgarook, stated-On returning from Cblac'yesterday ev?ciieg between ten. and;elevea o'clock I saw a bright light in the window of Gamble's ?housie, and drew my wife's atten tiin to it. On drawing nearer I noticed the fAiamies bir-ting, out. of tkie vinipn .. I at ril 'i raniaid gave ti al'arsm-cmi ?' ific ganim, t, the neighibors a ;hilst .I went C, thttiils Pisisg the di, fast 1 Isrst it opem, snd the interior wase enveloped in flames. I called out and received no answer; 1 corld not enter, the:flames wqrq so strong. ,My ea. (son fiorcalling iut was i thought?Mrs. namble miight; hIave been iri thehouse. i I wad speak ing to her about : piune o'clock ithe sarda eveniag not far from her own Bousa. She then seemed perseotly sober. I saw thb reinaihs of a body. 3lying on qthe. esbers 0f the fire about two o'clock this mo?rling, Ilitarinu a. X'.rh.. . ... r, a mouuonu constable stationed at olac, statedBdtetieen oish and two o'clock this morning, 25th inseat, I was informed that urs. Gamble's house had been liurnt down, and she was su~pposed' t.h burnt in ip. 'I prceeded to the ire. 'Whdii I got there the liouse was conipletely bs" ;iovn ; the embenars moulilering. : I saw somethisig in the debris that a charred body., I then prqeoceeded with; the assistance of some other persons to remove the remains. We brought them carefully to the house of her son, George Gamble; they consisted of nothing but the charred trunk. I afterwards madte a careful search at the fire but could find 'nothinig else. Remainied in charge of the body until this mornilnug. Dr. Adam, a legally qualified: medical practitioner residing at Colac, deposed-1 have this day examinedl the charred remains remnoved hence from Mr. Gamble's dwelling house. Although otherwise unrecognisable, I.helive them to be those of a woma? lrobitbhly about five feet in height. .'?From my examinatmon andl the evidence bf. the various witnesses I Ielieve them to be* the remains of Ellen Gamble, There is aO evidence if e~ternal violence. Th following verdict was returned bthe nagistrate:--I find that the Ellen Gamble, came accidentally -e. leath by hiren,