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The correapondent of the South Australian Register, at 'J cetulpa, writing on November 1, says :-'( When writing to you laat night I mentioned that certain rum- lira wore in circnlation roapectiug heavy-weight nuggeta, but that I had not buen able to prove any of them. To-night, however, I am glad to state,on the anthon! ty of the warden, Inspector Bosley, and one of'tim partners of the lucky finder, that u nugget of solid gold, weighing 30oz., has been unearthed. AB evidence to show how secret some of these finds are kept, I may say that this nugget was fossicked out on the 22ud of Outobet, and there can be no doubt that a great deal more gold has been obtained on this field than ia gene- rally known. This particular nugget lias been sent to town. In size it is aa big as the palm of the hand. One edge is about an iuch and a quarter thick, and it shelveB off to a lesser thickness. This is tlie largest nugget yet found at Teetulpa, but there is reason to suppose that others may yet be found to cclipae it. Thera can be no doubt that tho upper part of Brady's gully promiaes to be ricli in gold. Small quantities have baen dry-foasickcd in many claims, and two men, Hennessy and Forth, have obtained over an ounce each, and Kelly the same. Parsons, Shields, and Flaherty got a 2oz. nugget and some smaller ones also, and from five bags of wnshdirt inz. was taken. This addition to the field extends the area of payable gold to a distance of quite a mile and a half. The men are working steadily and systemati- cally, and claims that had once been worked by novices during the first mad rush, and then abandoned, are now being made to yield their treasure."

The warden of the goldfield haa tele- graphed confirming the news of the finding of the 30oz. nugget, which was found by Mr. Vincent Hornett, of Gladatone, and baa been named " The Joker."