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News In Brief

Execution Order Sold For £330

PARIS, Thursday (A.A.P.-Reuter). — The manu script of the order to set up the guillotine for the exe cution of King Louis 16th of France in 1793, was

knocked down for £330 at a Paris auction.

Six pages in King Louis's handwriting fetched


Talks On Snowy Postponed

ADELAIDE, Thursday. — The conference which was to have been held in Canberra to-morrow to dis

cuss the Snowy Waters Agreement, has been postponed


This was announced in Adelaide to-day by the South Australian Premier, Sir Thomas Playford. U.K. Stocking H-Bombs

LONDON, Thursday (A.A.P Reuter). — Britain's growing stock of atomic weapons was beginning to be  

supplanted by megaton (hydrogen) bombs, Lord Gos ford, Foreign Under-Secretary, said last night.    

He also said, during a Lord's debate on the R.A.F., that the past year had seen a further increase in the hitting power of the British V-bomber force.

Sputniks May Relay T.V.

MOSCOW, Thursday (A.A.P.-Reuter). — A Mos  

cow newspaper, in a glimpse of the future, last night envisaged international co-operation in launching  

"stationary" sputniks to make world-wide television possible.          

"Evening Moscow" described the imaginary, launch ing of' three sputniks — each equidistant from the other, to a height of about 22,500 miles — in an article  

headed "Report From The Near Future."

Investment In Thailand Urged

MELBOURNE, Thursday. — The Vice-Premier and Minister of Economic Affairs for Thailand has sugges

that Australia should increase its investments in Thailand, according to a statement issued by the De partment of Trade to-day. ,

The Minister, Sukit Nimanhemin, made the sugges- tion to the leader of the visiting Australian trade mis    

sion, Mr. R. W. Swartz, Parliamentary secretary to the

Australian Minister for Trade, during the mission's  

stay in Bangkok.

Drought Hits Cattle Country

DARWIN, Thursday. — About 6,000,000 acres of the Northern Territory's richest cattle country has been

hardest hit by drought, the Administrator, Mr. J. C. Archer, said to-day.      

Mr. Archer said an interim report from tihe drought   area so far indicated that 9,500 square miles of coun- try between Helen Springs and east and south-east through Brunette Downs, Alroy Downs and Eva Downs   was "the worst area."        

Digitisation generously supported by
Ms Christine Courtenay & the late Mr Bryce Courtenay AM
Digitisation generously supported by
Ms Christine Courtenay & the late Mr Bryce Courtenay AM