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ARRtVED.-April 10 and H.

Fairy Rock brig, 190 tons, E. McFie, from Adelaide. Agent, H. F. Armstrong.

Loongana, barque, 2S4 tons, Geo. M. Evans, from Mercury Bay, Now Zealand. Agents, M'Gregor, Piesse, and Co.

Coptic, s.S., 4,448 tons, \V. H. Kidley, from London, ria the Cape. Passengers.- First saloon-For Hobart: Miss F."Gordon,.Mr.. F.-McQuadc. -For Melbourne: MraThipra and child ; Mr. and Mrs. Robertson and four children; Mr.-B. Y. Dunno. For ' Sydney : .Mrs. H. Mapplebeck aud maid. Second saloon-For Hobart : Mr. S. B. Vanderpump. For Melb-urno : Mr., T. Lehman, Mr. E, Meir, Mrs. B. Meir. For Sydney : Mr. J. Dando, Mrs. H. G. Hill, Miss Evolyn Hill, Mr. H. Hill, Master Stanley Hill ; Mr. Joy, Mrs. Joy, and infant ; Mr. B. Bauer, Miss Wooton, Mr. W. Skene. Third saloon-For Melbourne: Messrs.D. Annear,T. P. Smith, ,E. G. Bushell, W. Tonkin, C. Godfrey, E. Dclla?eiux, Mrs. Dellaseaux, Messrs. A. Mitchell, John Seaton, Jos, Rea, Ales. Couts, W. Hughes, Alfred Goldsworthy, ,Robt Reid, Jos. Davidson. For Hobart : Mrs. Albert Tremlin, Messrs. A. Tremlin, Master B. Tremlin, Messrs. John Wield,

Frank Horner. From tho Capo-For Mol- J .bourne : Messrs. Sheoman, Caminitl, Shac kellj Butterfield and wife; W. James, O. "James, Broadberry, Curtis, Corthen, W. 'Smith. ' For Sydney: Messrs. Carlton, Scott, Browne ; Folfiaise, wife, and child, Lovy. *? For Brisbane: Mr. McCarthy. 14 first

ealooD, 20 second saloon, and 55 third saloon for New Zealand ports. Agents, \V. Crosby

and Co.