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OLD DAYS REVIVED. CAPTAIN STARLIGHT. A splendid opportunity will be affor ded the residents of this district, on Tuesday evening next, at the Theatre Royal, Bairnsdale, of making themaelgs acquainted with the famous Captain Starlight, who will be impersonated by Mr. Alfred Rolfe. He is well worth knowing, for never was there a more gallanit outlaw, and though no one likes to he relieved of their property, still one would prefer handing it over to a gentleman like Starlight rather than to a ruffian like Morgan. These two charna ters are continually being brought into contrast through the drama, to the' marked disadvantage of Morgan, or Moran, as Boldrewood calls him in his story on which " A Gentleman of the Road " is founded. Thus, when the mail coach is held up on the Rocky Rises, Morgan, intent only on plunder, robs a pretty young girl of all her sav ings with as much indifference as if he had just `taken the purse of a mil lionaire squatter. This does not suit Starlight, and he " persuades " Mor gan (using a revolver as an argument) to hand the young lady back her mo ney. When he learns that her purse is a light one, contains all the wealth she possesses, Starlight takes it from her again, puts in a little wad of bank notes, and then restores it to her with a polite bow. Like the other incidents, this, too, is taken from real life, and it is no wonder, therefore, that Starlight was such a favorite with the ladies. One of the most dramatic scenes though it is painfully realistic,is that in which Morgan has Sir Ferdinand Mor ringer tied to a tree in order to make him confess where the money to pay the troopers has been concealed. Like the brave man he is, Sir Ferdinand will not betray his trust, even though his life will probably )be the cost of his silence. Morgan first lashes him across the face with his whip, and as this will not make Sir Ferdinand speak, the ruffian strikes the helpless officer re peatedly with his clenched fist, until he is almost insensible. " Tell me where you've. hid the money or I'll shoot you, - you." Morgan is about to commit murder, when he suddenly finds himself helpless in the iron grip of Starlight. Having choked him nearly to death, Starlight flings Morgan to the ground like a sack, and then he releases Sir Ferdinand Morringer. Sir Ferdinand never forgets this good turn. Later on when Starlight and Dick Marston are condemned to deathl, he uses his in fluence on their behalf, and with such good effect that he secures a free par don for both of them.