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FASHIONS FOR, JULY IN PORT* PIILLIP, OR JANUARY IN ENG LAN D. Velvet is the universal favourite material this winter. Morning dresses, carriage dresses, and evening dresses are made of it, the style being adapted to thb use required; some high, with buiitons; other, with revers, and others with pointed bodies with berths of Icce, jet or chenille it is equally used for trimming dresses of satin and other materia Is. Lace and gimp form almost indispen sable accompaniments for every article of dress. Point d'Angleterro is used for satin and damas Pompadour and pointd 'A lencon for velvet. Tunic dresses are very fashionable; made of crape, gauze, organdy; with the latter several rows of gold or silver cord, intermixed with silk cord, are often introduced with good effect. The redingote form is also advantageously used for evening toilettes in satin or pekin, trimmed with gimp, Black preserves its favour; dresses of black tulle are trimmed with satin fringed ribbons, forming what used to be termed volants a la Ninon. Robes, Redingotes of serget de soie or cloth, are made with the corsage caseque; that is tight demibusque in the waist, with jacket all round rather deep. The Amazon form is much adopted for walking dresses, and admits of various modifications. As double skirts will be much worn, besides the ornaments of flowers hitherto in use to raise them, a new style is in troduced; very small flowers forming a chain, made narrow, anud terminating in large flowers are placed on each side, and the body and sleeves corresponding Furs are much in favour; sable man telets palatine, and pelerines echarpes of ermine and marten fur, with long square ends, and rounded behind, ate used for the promenades. Velvet manteaux are edged with marten or ermine, and hate collars forming pelerine to match. The bonnets are now all of velvet or satin, ornamented with biais and lace; some are made of velvet, with crowns of satin lulled under a biais: those of velours epingle are fur nished at the edge with biais of satin, and another round the crown; others are ornamented with a plait of satin ribbon. Capote a coulisses are orna mented with lace laid at the edge of the first runner, and another on the crown. The petits borde Regence, the turbans Roxane, the Druid coiffure, coiffures a la Vierge, Ondine, or Cetito, are all fashionaboe. Little caps of silk tulle are trimmed with two biais of tulle, and a wreath of blue flowers. Muslin caps are deep at the sides. and trimmed with several rows of narrow lace very little full, and separated by small toques of red velvet, each. side being finished with a clcu and ends of velvet. Caps are still worn small, but the crowns are more ornamented than they were. For evening parties little cads, toques, or turbans are very much worn, placed more or less backward on the head, but always very short at the ears, with long ribbon.ends drooping on pompons, or branches which spring from flowers falling on the neck. These coiffures are made of velvet of every colour, inter mixed with saFpete of lace or wreaths in feuillage, placed on the foundation of point lace; of gold resilles, with bunches of beads falling at the side, or with fringes of bugles, black, green, or white terminating the scarf which en circles the face.-London and Paris Ladies' Magazine of Fashion. Iigcl