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The day of meeting of the Legis lative council "forglispatchl of busi ness" has 'at lengtf been fixed-the 209th day of July being the time appointed for that purpose. It is not supposed, however, that the Governor "has received any despatches of a definite nature, or that lie has deter niined upon any unalterable line of conduct; but rather that he will enter upon the campaign with a 'watchful observation of his enemy's mniotions, and lay his stratagems ac sordingly. FOSSIL REMAINS.-We have been favored by Mr. Menzies, with the inspection of a petrified bone, found on the shores of Lake Timboon, to the westward of Lake Colac. The bone is apparently tile head of the tibia, or lower joint of the knee; the articu lating surface is as distinct and com plete as if the bone had never under .gone the petrifying process; the frac ture where the shank of the bone has been broken, is also very little ehanged in appearance, and displays the double channels of medullary mnatter which are peculiar to the tibia. The dimensions of this frag mnent of a bone, are of the most co lossal nature, measuring as it does 30 inchies .across the front of the knee joint, (in diameter, not in cir cumference). The thickness from front to back, however, is not in proportion to the width, and it has not the roundness of the same bone in ordinary animals. We are not sufficiently versed in geologi cal or anatomical science to offer any opinion as to the dlescription of ani mal of which the bone at one time formeda part; anti, having no works on comparative anatomy to referto,we cannot say whether any living ani mal possesses bones of the same di mensions. The Blacks have sorim tradiiionof a large animal inhabiting the district, but really nodependence can be placed upon thir testimony. The bone will be taken to Melbourne, and submitted to the scavans of the Mechanics' Institution, who will nb doubt give a nmore decided opinidn as to its history. SuIcIDre.--On Friday afternoon, a man named Alexander Dyer, a scr want in the emplloynment of Mr Fer rers, conlnmitted suicide, by cutting his throat with a razor, in the lodging house of Napoleon de la Ray, Corio street. He had just returned from Melbourne, where he had been drinking to excess, and was about to proceed to his master's station at Wardy Yallock. The unfortunate man committed the act in the most determined manner; his hand was grasping the razor, still in the wbund, when discovered although all sense sand power had ceased; and such was

?the consternation of those who first saw him, that they had not even the presence of mind to take the instru imeat out of his hand until the arrival ofthe surgeon, who sewed up the wound, and adopted every other means of preserving life. The patient afterwards rallied a little; a person was left in the room to watch him, and he was getting so composed, that further danger was not anticipated, and he was left alonejfor a few min utes, during which time he seized the opportunity ol tearing off the ban dages, after which he lingered in great misery for half-an-hour and then expired. No motive can be assigned for the act, the only exciting cause being a fit of the "'horrors," or delirium tremens. Mr. Addis held an examination into the cause of death; but nothing transpired to throw further light upon the occurrence. From letters found in his possession it ap peared that he was respectably con nected (his brother holding a govern ment situation of £;800 a year), and that he had at different times held the rank of mate in merchant vessels. SALB OF KSTrEAM COMPANY'S STOREs.-On T'hursday last Mb?sts Brodie and Cruikshank offered for sale the above premises, (a weather board building erected on crown land). ''he conditions were that the whole of the materials should be re moved from the ground withiin twelve-months, so that only one year's occupancy will be enjoyed by the purchaser. Under these eircumstan ces, it was not anticipated that a large sum would by realised; and it there fore created no little surprise when the lot was run up to £200, at which figure it was knocked down to Mr LRaleigh, the principal proprietor of the Aphrasia. GovRaNMLNT LAND SALR.-On Wednesday last the sale of Geelong Suburban Land, was held at the Treasury Oflice, Melbourne, when, owing to the preposterous sum fixed upon as the upset price, no compe tition whatever took place, the only three lots sold being knocked down to Captain Fyans at £5 per acre. Of the Mlelbourne suburbans not an acre was sold. The following were the lots purchased; 11. Grant, 41., 3r., Fortyioae acres and three roods, parish of Moorpanyal, portion 1 of section 12; bounded on north by portion No. 2, bearing east 30 chains 20 links; on the east by a road hearing south 15 chains to the River Barwon ; and on the south and west by the Iliver Barwon. Upset price £5 per acre. 12. Grant, 33a. 3r., Thirtythree acres and tlhree roods, parish of Moorpanyal, portion No. of seaction 12; bounded on the north by portion No. 3, bearing east 37 chains 32 links; on the east by a road bearing south 10 chains; on the south by portion No, 1, bearing west 30 chains 20 links: and on the west by the iliver Barwon. Upset price £5 per acre. 13 Grant, 44a. 3r., Forty acres and three roods, parish of Moorpanyal, por tion No. 3 of section 12; bounded on the north by portion No. 4, bearing east 44 chains 7 links; on the east by a road bheaing south 10 chains:; on the south "y portion No. 2. bearing west 37 chains 32 links; and on the west by the River Barwon. Upset price *5 per acre. Lot 11 realiscd.... £288 15 0 Lot 12 realised.... 168 15 0 Lot 13 realised.... 203 15 0 £GI 5 0