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? ' .(rj^.\'nnOMW.i;:;.u.; t.-s

Tho Very Rev, Charles Loalio Dundas was installeäÄesterday as-Doau-ot St. David's .Cathodraf. 'At 11'30 a.m. Holy Communion,

was celebrated, and tho installationvccre-| monytofijt placb ,in tho afternoon Àtî pro

soiicB pjji very largo Congrégation, , Bishop, Sandford,, elad in full robes, presided, at- tended by Rev. J. B. Woollnough, bearing tho pastoral staff, and on tho lopposito 'sido of tho ohancol sat tho now Dean. Ocou-' pyingithOircspootivo stalls assigned to them wore :-The- Ven. Archdeacon Davonport, -Canons Banks Smith, J, Brooke H. Bailey, A. N^fason, and Mr. R. 1\ Adams, chan-

cellor of tho diocese There Was a full choir, and tho Rev. H. C. Hancock presided at 'the organ. Tho proceedings took tho

form of the usual sorvico observed at Even- song, the installation taking place after the second ' lesson. 1 The ceremony, as it pro- ceeded, was Bolomn and dooply improssivo. Catt'on ' Brooke Bailey conduotod the ' first portion of tho sorvico, Canon Banks Smith reading tl.o first . lesson, ) and Archdeacon Davonport tho Beoond. i j r

Then tho, Rev, Mr. DUNDAS, tho Dean to bo installed, IOBO and handed to the Bishop tho documents coitifying his nomination add .appointment, saying-Right Reverend Father m God,-I prcsont unto you, as Bishop of this Church and Diocese, and to tho Chapter, theso letters and deeds, certi- fying my nomination and appointment to tho ofllcu and dignity whoreuuro I have boon called, and entreat you in virtuo thorcof to admit, ¡natal, and induct ma into the Deanery of this Cathedral Church.

Mr. R. P. ADAMS, Chancellor of the Diocese, thou stopped forward, and read the papers presented to tho BIBIIOP! Tho papers set forth that tho " Reverend Charles Leslie Dundas, MaBtor of Arts, lato scholar of Brasenose Collogo, somo timo Follow of Jesus College;, Oxford, and formerly Vicar of Charlton, Kings, in tho Diocese of Glouccsterand Bristol," had been appointed to bo Dean of tho Cathedral Church and in- cumbent of St. David's parisli in Hobart.

.Tho BISHOP auBworcd, saying:-Wo ao cent.tho nomination and appointment thus duly made, and by these pi eseuts certified to us ) and in accordance with tho tenour of thom aro hero roady and willing to, accedo to yojirrequest. '.7 . [ " ' rThc BISHOP then invostod tho rev. contle

man as Dean, saying :-In tile nama of God. Amen. We, Daniel Fox, by Divino permission Bishop of Tasmania, in tho piesenco and with tho assent of the mombers of Chapter hore'assembled, receivo you and do admit and invest you Dean of this our Cathedral Church of S. David in Hobart, togethor with all its rights and appurtenances.

Tho Very Roy. Dean DUNDAS thon knolt boforo the Holy'Table, and tho congregation cngagod in privato prayer, ' tho Bishop sub- sequently leading audible prayer. t .

Canon BROOKE BAILEY certified that tho oath of qllogianco to Hor Majesty tho (¡noon, and of'canonical obodionco to the Bishop of TasmaniaJ rind''the declaration ' of faithful adherence,tp| the doctrino, discipline, ¡luid Ritual of.the Church, had boen duly'^made by tho'nc'vv Dean, ' ,

Dcap,p.Ur/''!i'À',lthcn mado and subscribed the fôl^w^aftdoçïaration,'which ,ho road out in hearing"oíñttu) congregation, and* aftcr wardsfpioonie,d'"to. tho Bishop :-I, Charles Leslie vDundAs,' Doan of this Cathedral Church'idóídeolnro that I will bo faithful to .thiá Church, and to tho Bishop and'chapter Of the sa/n"e., I will observo and ' maintain ?its statutes, ordinances, rules; 'and oustoms published or jicroafter to bo mado and pub liaficd"by lawful authority, and,will, causo thom_to bo' observed and kopfc by others. I will uphold and defend all its rights and liberties, bo a watchful guardian of its goods and fabiic, a zealous minister of its servicos, and a willing cotinsollor and assistant in tho business , of tho chapter. I ,will bo 'at all times roady with my presonoo'und .counsel to asBist tho Bishop, when and where ihe shall reasonably require this of mo ; and I will bear my part willingly and gladly, »and'will personally bo forward in promoting the good works of this Church and diocese, tho(oxtension and increase of tho ministra .tiona and teaching of tho Church, and all undertakings having for their object, tho glory of God,and tho salvation and,edifica- tion of tho souls of mon. And, further, I promise to obsorve lowliness and patience in i my own person and practico, and to oxhlbit ' justice, courtesy, and brotherly lovo to all those over whom I am set for governance and rule, So help me God. Amou.

The BISHOP then addressed Dean Dundas saying,-Almighty God, who hath given you a good will to do all these things, of His] fatherly lovo grant you UIBO strength and power to perform tho samo, that, Ho acoom-l pushing in you tho good work which Ho hath begun, you may be found perfect and irreprehensible at tho latter day, through'

JesuB Christ our Lord, Amen. ! , Afterwards the Bishop led Dean Dundas) to the choir and placed bim in tho stall . assigned to him, saying,-Wo ¡natal theo in-j

to tho stall appointed to thy dignity, and do Induct theo into the actual and corporal poa-¡ session and ocoupancy thereof, with all its' rights, privileges, and appurtonanccs. The' Lord presort o thy going out and coming in

from this time forth for ovormoro. Amen.

The DEAN thon said the Lord's prayer, and tho Bishop proceeded,-Almighty God, tho disposer of offices and distributor of all good things in Thy holy Church, Who hast'

eon pleased to instituto divorB order» and dignities for tho well governiug of the Churches, wo humbly beaeooh Thoo that

Thou wilt vouohsafo Thy gracn and protco-j tion to this Thy Borvant now admitted to the government and caro of this Cathedral Church Grant that Thy noly Spirit may so bo with him, that with tho increase of his honour may grow the fiuits of his faith, and obedience, and /cal in Thy blessed and glori- ous Bcrvica. Lot bim bo an oxamplo and pattern of uprightness, faithfully oxcouting tho ministry assigned to him, and so direct- ing tile ministers of this church that with them all ho may como to Thino Eternal

Kingdom, tluough Jesus Christ our Lord.j


Tho choir and congregation then sang Psalm 133, and, thereafter the sorvico pro-) cocded according to the order ' of evensong,

.J, 0 -W 1 'r',|j«l£ I

Canon Mason taking part, and, at ita conclu- sion, the Bißhop pronounced tho benediction.

j Afterwards tho Bishop, tho Chancellor, and mombors of chapter, returnod to tho vestry. Thora wero present, iii addition to tho clergymen already mentioned, Messrs. 11. T. Solly, W. LumBdon, and J. G. Steele, churchwardens, also Mr. W. Tnrlo ton and Mr. W. Cockburn Sharland, lay, members of the cathdral ohapter., .

! Tho BISHOP assigned tho Dean his rightful Ïilaeo, Baying, " Wo locoivo you, Vory

lovorond Sir, to a place and voice in chap- ter." Tho archdeacon, canons, and members of chapter present recognised and promised obedionco to tho Dean, after winch tho Bishop concluded tho piocccdings with