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[Argus, September 15]

The German steamship Procida, of Robt.   M. Sloman's line, arrived yesterday morning with passengers and cargo. The Procida is from Hamburg, Antwerp, and London, with cargo from all three places for Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. She came by way  

of the Suez Canal and Adelaide, and has   made a very good passage in point of time. The weather, however, was not all that could be desired, especially in the southern hemisphere. The Procida on this trip is as much of an immigrant vessel as she is of a  

cargo carrier. Her 'tween decks were taken up with berthing accommodation for over 200 passengers. Of these 23 were left at Ade- laide, 37 were for Melbourne, and there were also 121 Government immigrants for Tas-

mania. The latter leave for their destination

to-day. In addition to the foregoing there are 30 steerage passengers for Sydney. Very good health was enjoyed on board during the passage. There were three deaths. One was that of Mrs. Scheele, who died from heat- apoplexy, and the others were two children, who died from natural causes. An inspection of tho vessel was made by Mr. E. G. Figg, health officer, and Mr. T. D. Hammond, senior immigration officer. The passengers' quarters were in good order. The Procida is again under the command of Captain D. Leese. Of the voyage he reported leaving Hamburg on July 5, and Antwerp on July 12. After taking in the balance of her cargo at London, the Procida left on July l8, and had to steam cautiously down channel for two days, owing to thick foggy weather. On tho remainder of the passage to Port Said the weather was fine. The canal was entered on the 3rd ult., and a departure was taken from Suez on the 5th ult. The Procida then entered upon a long stretch of steaming, and after quitting

the Red Sea to the run from Aden to Adelaide was marked by some very lively weather. Strong S.W. monsoons were encountered from the Gulf of Aden to the equator, and

in the S.E. trades the steamer had to contend

with strong winds and a heavy head sea. The latter broke over the vessel repeatedly, but no damage was done. In the vicinity of Cape Leuwin the wind blew a hard gale from the eastward for two days, and the weather was very severe. The Procida reached Ade- laide on the 11th inst, and after discharge of 200 tons of cargo left for Melbourne at 9 p.m. same date. Fine weather marked the pas- sage along the coast until arrival off the Heads on Sunday night, when heavy squalls

of wind and rain were fallen in with. The Procida came up to the anchorage yesterday morning, and took up a berth off the railway pier, Port Melbourne. After discharge of cargo for this port she will go on to Sydnoy. The Procida is announced to leave these colonies next month with a wool freight for Hamburg, Antwerp, and London.