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Since the temblé voleinic iniptions in the AAcát Indies culv ni Alnv last theie hive been few lnteivnls between iepoits ot ciitlupiake shocks or signs ot voleinic activitv ni various pmts of the woilil Quid lv following the incidents at Alni hinque md St A inccnt in Ma) cime ne counts of cirtliqu il es in P»an<e and Spun and olbei pints of Em ope mil in Honda . vole ino in the Rivicin which lind been quiescent foi conciiiies give foith sid pinn ona gises nul an old volcano on the Pairiic coast of Anienci boc une ichve During lune theie weie mote eutliquilc shod s m líame ami Spun mil m Com

wall mil t volemo m llussi i was bend from "Vext volcanoes in Centi al A mel it i, luthcito supposed to be extinct 01 donnant, cune into plav and theie w is a temlie caithqiulc ut kingston in Jillian'! Cab foi ni i was i isittil bv shod s so seveic that a town numil Los Alamos sullen,! veiv seveidv Aftci i quiet spell ni neill» i month Alont Pelee again In ol e. out into violent el option about linee weet s ago and i week 01 two Intel it was found that the (?ulf of Alexico hail been eomplctclv cliaugcil bv the tilth movements tint hil been going on sliillows existing wheic the vvatei had foi mel h been half a mile deep On Hu 2nd mst fmthci ei upturns took phce at Alont Polee followed bv euthquike shod s at \ enc/nel i mil a lenewal oi ne tiutv b) Lu ".oufueic J hen vesterdavs e iblc news coineveil m nitiin itioii of out

bleaks of »ole une eiieig» fiom »»ldel» sepnr.itedpnits of tin »»oild, tlie gleit »ol c ino of Kdniicn, m Hawaii, the »olcano in the islund of Stiomboh, in the iledilei

lanenu, uni t»io »okunois nt -\lnsku lim- ing nil got into ,i state of intuit»

One gi eat cuthqiinkc shod, ol one tremendous »olcann el upturn shakes the whole it list of the eu Hi," leiuarkcel Pio ftssoi (liegon »»hen ihntting on tile subject »esteuln», "and »oleumi mtion o»ei other poi lions of the globe is s» nipnlheticall» I in used The pieuous gient »OILUIIL ciup

tion m the »»cat Indies »»ns pieteded in .1 gleit em thqunke at Cuneas, which shook the whole of Hie »»estcin patt of the (_n uhlii an Se 1 W hen I »note au uitiele 111 .The \igus some time ago eleni nig willi the MnitiiiMpie disnster, 1 »».is not nw.ire of nu» gleit c.uthepi.ikc lining happened just Intott Hint ouihienk 'Ihcic liad been slight lefeience to one 111 (.unterniii but in«! nfter Hie aiticle nppeaied 1 mci»id a let tci »»lucli showed tint the distuibatiic in Gil item lln lind been mote sciions 111 in »»'as npoitid, the town ot Qnesalten.ingo In»

mp bein complete]» destrond Hint was onl» 11 month bcfoic the Jim Unique out Ineik in Ala» 1 lune now little doubt Hut the stihtcumunn moiement felt us the Cut

tcinitl III ciith.piiikc was Hie tause of the el upturn of .hu Unique '

Pioli-soi Guyoi. thinks tint, upon Hie whole the Jim I nuque euiptions lune lol

lowed 1 fan I» normnl oom se foi the »Vest Indian senes 'Jhe» seem now, lie»sn»s, to be dung do\in The» ln»e stnifed the iiio»emi1nts in olhei puts of the »»mid, and tln«e in ionise of time ma» uibmitntc m mole nupoitanl »olcanie distillhanec I'heie is, as 11 rule, no dist class eiuption without some small« nio»cminl piecetlmg ii "I do no1 Hunk ' he added. ' Hint theie is an» d.itn to indicate that Hie distiub ancca no»» îepoited nie no1 -imp]» faint eiboes ni the gunt \\ __t liidmn nulbieil.s Hut again, the» nu» be pieinonitoi» s» mp toms of big »olcuinc explosions 111 the fa- cilities in which Hie» ate otiiiuing '

Xo signilicnnce need be ntt.iehid to the repoit icgauluig Miomholi Piofes«oi Gie- go!. e\pkuncd is the »oltnno has ,d»va»s been known us the lighthouse of the "Modi

tel minan mid is saul to lune lind two et options 1» en quiitei of nn horn foi moie Ulan 2,000 »ems The outliicnl. nt Kdauen is »en nib testing, bemuse it has n]wn»s been statid that theie 1« a eel turn Min pith» between the lluw.iuui gioun and Hie Italian senes Mun ti» aftei the .lattin que ci option 11 small oui lu eil, oteuiicd ni .1 ci.itei m Uni» long supposed to be c.tuiit in 1 elation to the nihill» it lluw in, it is inleiesting lo note that \ esti» ins »»as ic pot lui to be showing lite la«l -»»cek

Asked about the small local contribu-   tion to the histoty of prevailing earth movements, contained in the reported       rumblings at Mount Buckrabanyule. Profes- sor Gregory said that strangely enough, at about the same time that the noises were   heard at Buckrabanyule he received an ac- count from Mount Buninyong of similiar subterranean sounds having been noticed   then. The weak element in the latter case was the fact that mining was going on in   the district and the sounds of explosions in the mine might sometimes travel consider- able distances. There have been reports also, Professor Gregory observed, of rumb- ling in Central Australia, called by the   natives the "desert sound." These noises   are heard in many different pats of the       world in regions where there is reason to   think earth movements are going on. A     slight slipping along the line of move- ment that formed Lake Torrens, and runs     away to tha south and west of Lake Eyre, is   still going on, and is probably creating these noises. The earthquake in Guatemala was       probably due to movements along the great   line of fracture that runs along the western     side of America, and it is not surprising, Professor Gregory says, to find volcanic ac- tivity starting at the northern end of the   fracture in Alaska.