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THE 'CB:IRISTIMAS ::HOLI DAYS. The Christmas holidays passed off quietly in Colac. The weather was somewhat warm, but it was not sufficiently so to mar the outings of holiday-makers. Christmas Eve was never. so lively in Colae for many years. Murray street was thronged with people, the scene being rendered more at tractive by the presence of the Colac Brass Bands, who played a number of 'inmusical items. Business was exceptionally brisk at the various establishments throughout the evening. On Christmas Day the usual services were hold in St. Mary's and St. .John's Churches. The steamer Wanda was most freely patronised, people gener ally seeming to take advantage of the pleasant outing provided on the lake. The principal attraction on Boxing Day was

the COLAoC EACES, which wore held on the Colae Turf Club's picturesque racecourse, and passed off suc-" cessfully, and it would appear as if this once popular fixture is to retain much of the prestige it enjoyed in years gone by. The attendance at the course was very good, notwithstanding the very warm state of the weather. The secretary and stewards were well satisfied at the attendance, and the takings, if anything, were better than last year, the profit on the mneeting being something like £-10. Tho grass had not altogether -lost its greeness in parts, and the track was in splendid going order. A new starting gate was given a trial in the Maiden Plato and Selling Race, and proved a great success. The construction is much superior lo any other gate the club has tried, and it is the invention of Afessrs Taylor and Hearn, of Tocumwal, New South Wales. The listnamed gentleman is a son of Mr IT. M. Hearni. A numiber of improve ments were noticeable on the course. The publican's and hincheon booths wore run by Mr J. S. Marks, of the Prince of Wales Hotel, and provided an excellent luncheon under the stand, which was much appre ciated. The oifficials stuck unflinchingly to to their duties despite the weather. The secrctary (Mr 11. M. Iearn), with his long experience, had, as usual, everything in order, and there was no hitch of any kind. lHe was ably assisted by his son (Mr A. Hearn.) The other officials were:-Judge -Mr R. S. Murray; starter-Mr T. W. ]tancock; clerk of the scales-Mr W. H. l'Kean ; lin. medical officer-Dr Wynne; stewards-Messrs Everard Browne, G. H. 1 ills, John Wray, W. Taylor, C. Lorimer, John IHancock, F. Noylon, and M. Willis; clerk of the course-Mr J. Kemp. Pro ceedings commenced with the Maiden 'late, which resulted in an easy win for Mr J. Thompson's Miss Melford, who started at 3 to I against, the other places being filled by Main Royal and Cardoon. A protest was lodged against Thompson, the rider of Miss Melford, on the ground that lie had ridden on unregistered courses under the name of Wilson A jockey's certificate was produced by Thompson, and the stewards, after hearing the evidence, decided to refer the mattiler to the Victoria Riainug Club, as they considered the neces i;try information was not given when ob taining the certificate. Miss Thompson's L.T. went out a strong favorite for the 13.2 Pony Race, and jumping off with the lead, won easily by two lengths. The second pony, Dick, should yet be heard of to advantage. Tiberias went out favorite for the Christmas Gift, but had to give way to Lilydalo, a 3 to 1 chance, winning by about a length and a half. Tiberias at the turn into the straight made a mistake, and this interfered somelwhat vwith his chance, and seemed to put him out of the race. Thirteen sported silk in the Handi cap Trot, Bobtail being pretty heavily supported at even money. Madge, Clara and Iftfis had also a number of followers. The result, however, was an easy win for Bobtail from Madge, with Rufus a fair third. A protest was lodged against Bob tail for incorrect performances. As suffi cient erideuco was not produced against the horse, tilhe stewards decided to dismiss tie protest on the owner signing a declara tion that the performances submitted on entering were correct to the best of his belief. The Selling Raco brought out a fiold of three runnera, and it was annaxed 1.y Shrine, with a brilliant run at the I filish, winning by a neck from Lenore, with Sydenhami (late Charlie) third. A hoil-over took place in the 14.1 Pony Race. I Mr J. Neale's Tiger, who ran unbacked, managed to squeeze homo in front of Ice Queen by a length and a half. Nancy was leading on entering the straight, and looked all over a winner, when by some means she bolted, and lost all chance in the race. Erebus, in his usual style, won the Half-Mile Haudicap, benmg followed ihomno by Main Royal and Beelino. The Pony Trut resulted in a win for the favorite, pioun Kop, by a neck from Uima. A pro teat was lodged against Spiun Kop on the grounds that lih was not the pony repre acnted, and that hle had trotted under another namo. The -towards dismissed the protest. Following are the results of the racing: MhAsl;N PI.ATi-, 10 eOVS. Seven fturlngs. Mr J. Thempsou'k Miss Melford, by Nelford-dam. unknown, 7 st 11 lb (Trihoe liso ) "... ' . .. .', , .. 1 Mr E. J. M n' Main Royal, 8 st 11 lb ' (S'Dougall) .. . 2 Mr J. H1 Hindhaogh's Cardoon, 7 st 11 lb (M'Gowan) ... ... ... Mr J. G. Gost's Laura, 8 st 11 lb S(M ahon) ... - Mr F. Hills' Lyric, 8 st 11 lb (Dowling) 0 Mr U. Ritchie's (senr) Honoechase, 8 st '11 li( ".. ... ... 0 Mr Everard3 rowne's BDeacon, 7 st 11 Ib *(Scott) ... ... ... ... - ... Bietting-Even money Main Royal, 2 to 1 agst Cardoon, 5 to 1 agst Miss Melford. Lyric jumped off with the lead, closely fol lowed by Miss Melford, Main Royal, Car doon and Beacon. At the back of the course Miss Melford took command, and led the field at a good pace for a couple of furlongs," but soon gave place to Main toyal and Cardoon. At the distance Miss Melford miado another effort, and after ichallenging SMain Royal and Cardoon she iwon by about a length, with Cardoon a fair third. PoNY RACE, 5 sovs. For all ponies 13.2 hands and under. Half-a-mile, Hiss L. Thompson's L.T,, 7 st 9 lb (Thompson) ... ... !! ..... 1 MI W. Underwood's Dick, 8 st 2 lb (A. Hcott) ... . .. ... - . - e "Cr o. Dowllig's (seur) Ice Queen, 7 at " lb (3'Gowan))... ... ." . .. 8 Mir M. U. Willis' Congress, 7 st 0 lb (Dowling) ... .. 0 S1r J. Fitapatrick's Reolc, 7 st" 0 lb (MhMahon) ... ... .- - MrC.Kemip'sSunbeams,7s t2lb(Evans) 0 ilMr A. Hurst's Black BDec (BU'Bri) ... 0 hir $. Dunford's Lady Florenco (Dun ford) ... ... ... ... ... 0 Mr W. Kirk's Dudley (M'Grath) ... 0 'r J Jobhsou's Little May (M'Qougall) -0 a'sjti, -Eve- s ioiey L.T., 4 to l agsc o-0gr3s;: 5. to agt "Dick, 6 to "'agst Ice Qaoen, 5 to 1 agst Relic and Black Bess After some trouble a fair start was made. L.T. was the first on his. feet, "nd led all the way, winning by about three lengths; Ice (0ueen wa s a fair third. a_'i!i.. ";?as iT, 15 sovs, with a sweup of 1U for startar. a to go to second horse. SOne inile and a quarter. Mr D. Sadlei's Lilydale, by Annesley- Lass o' Gowrie, 9 st 7 Ib (Kclvey) ..1 1 Mr J. Key's Tiberias, 9 st 3 lb (Sco t). - Mr G. PForter's Beeline, 7 .s 12 lb (i. Turner) ... ... . .. ... .../ . Mr Jt. i Hindhaugh's Castillians st a ib (H'Cowan) ... ... .. .. o seting-E-a.en .;aney Tiberi.s,' 3 to 1 .st LilydMal and Canstillian,. 6 t i agsoc' '.inc--.. A-ftr r. good start Lilydalh was th first to show in front;, with Tiberias close up, Castillian being next; with Bee line last. This order was not altered.until going .up the hill at thie back of thie course, whien Tiberias wont to the froit; and led down thie hill. At the 'distance Tibhrias atumbled, putting him out of his stride. Lilyd.alc then drew out and won easily by a lel ,,th and a half; Beeline was a fair third. . . . . " " ' : isrTANc H'nicAP Tito'r,' 10 so50 . Tivo ar Va lisrtleoy's "lobbilt'120 yds blu': ',? rV(O -wner) "'.,.;.: - . *' ...'.'. ;"'."**:;-1 Mr J. Goodall's Madg', 130 yda bhd sr- - (boodall) . ... ..; . : ,.;. ... 2 Mi C. T. Lutcas' ufus, 230 yds bhd scr 3 Mlr D. Holland's Sailor, scr (Ownur) .. 0 hMr C. W. Sharp's Tiehbourno, ser. ...:. Mr D. Irvine's Gunner, sea (Irying) .. 0 ir J. Shlieody's Jennie, 70 yds bhd .st ': ( aulsidy).,. .....: ...:-:**,../,- 0.

MI, J. Cuthbert's Clara; o yds bhd sei (Owner) ... ... 0 Mr W. Orchard's Skippe?, 100 yds bhd scr 0 Mr W. Kirk's Gloster, 130 yds bhd err 0 Mr M. Canty's Little Gaine, 220 yds bhd scr" . ... . . ... 0 Mr -V. Connos's Dandy, '30 yds bhd scr, 0 Mrs ]. Rowe's Romeo, :380 yd" bbd scr;.0 Botting-Even imoney Bobtail;-1 to 1 agst Clara and Ruftis, 4 to l aigst Madge and Romeo. After half-a-mile had been traversed, Bobtail went to the front, and was never afterwards troubled; winning by abotit 100 yards from Madgd, with Rufus third:.: " SELIMo G RACE, 10 sovs. Seven furlongs. Mr G. Vincent's Shrine, by Lonsdale Voatress, 8 st 11 lb (W. Haker) ... 1 Mr If. M'Leod's Lceore, 8 st 11 lb (A. - Scott) : ..: Mr J. Buckley's Sydenhain, S at 11 lb (V. Turner) .. 3 Betting-uO to :4 on' Shrin, even mioney Lonore. This was a splendid race, the three getting, off together. The first to show to advanbtgoe was Lenore. with Shrine very handy. This order was not altered until within 50 yards of' thewinning post, when a great finish took place between Shrine and Lenore tihe firstuamsed winning by a neck. Theo. winner was afterwards offered by public auction, and sold to Mr J: Dunford for' .27.. IfNasicar' PoasY Race, 10 .sors. For all ponies 14.1 and under. -Six furlongs. Mir J. Neoale's T'iger, 0 st (Turner) ... 1 Mr J. Dowling's (sen) oee Queen, S st 11 lb (.Dowling) ... Mr . Hillus' Ensign, 9 st (Scott) .. 3 Mir J. Dunford's Frisk, 8:st 11 lb . O 0 MeIssrs Carter r.ros' iNancy, 8 st 11 lb (J. Carter) ·..., ..: .... ... 0 etting-- Evenu money Ensign, 2 to 1 agst Nancy, 1 Tiger. Nancy went to the front from .tho.staret,.and led the field into the straight," when she swerved, this allowing Tiger td score an easy win from Io Queen, with Ensign a fair third. Frlnaso HANDICAr, 10 sovs. "Half-a-mile. Mr If. n'Lood's Erobus, by Lonsdaleo- Ada, 10 st (A. Scott) .. .. 1 Mr E. J. Moran's Main RoySil, st 3 lb (M'Dougall) ... ... .. ... 2 Mr C. Porter's Beeline, 8 st (Turner)... 3 Mr Everard Browne's Beicon, 8 st 9 lb (M'Gowan) ... ... ... ... 0 Mr T. Scott's Laureate, st 5 lb (Baker) 0 -Mr T. Keeghan's Franchise. 8 st 5 lb (M'Grath) "... . .. . .. 0 Mr V\. Kirk's Lulu, 8 st 2 lb (Dowling) 0 Mr A. S. Lucas' Lady Molford, 7 st 9 lb (Thompsou) .... 0 Mr J. G. Gost's Laura, 7 st; 9 lb (J. Deumead) 0 Betting-Even money Erobus, 3 to 1 agst Main Royal. The voteran, Erebus, jumped off with the lead in his usual style, and led all the way, winning easily froln Mlail Royal, with Beeline ;i fair third. l'orY 'TI'tor, 5 so0s. For ponies 14 handse and under. One and a half miles. Mr P. Carroll's Spion Kop, 4 sees bhd scr (iartley) ... ... 1 Mi r''. Talbot's Uia., ser (Ledgerwooid). 2 1 Mr C. Darcy's Royal Robin, 14 sees bhd ser (Owner) ... ... ... ... S H1r J. Brett's Garry; ser (Owner) O 0 \r .J. Cos.ello's Charlie, seor (Owner) ... 0 Mnr R. Ilyland's Blue Bell, scr (Whelan) 0 i Mr P. Pierce's Time, 2 sees bhd ecr (Owner) ... .. .. ... .. I Mr wV. Orchard's Pop Gus, 2 sees bhid sor (Collins) ... ... ... 0 1 MIr W. Henderson's Midnight, 3 sees bnd scr (Smiley) . .. ... ... 0 lr D. Irvine's Dolly, 14. sees bhd ser 1 (Owner) ... ... ... ... ... 0 1 Hir J. llowarth's Susie, 19 sees bhd'scr (Owner) ... ... ... ... ... 0 Betting-Even nioney Spion Kop, 4 to 1 igst others. Uma led the field for about a I nile, when Spion Kop, who was going 1 great guns, moved up and took command. 1 When about 50 yards front the winning I post Spion Kop broke, and thon a good race ensued between Spion Kop and Usia, I the former gainiag the judge's verdict by 1 about a nock; Royal Robin trotted well, end was placed third.