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CREMORNE GABDEKS. Sole Lessee ? Leonard Davis. TO-NIGHT. TONIGHT. MR. HARRY RIOKARDS' COMPANY. Absolutely LAST NIGHT of Absolutely LAST NIGHT of - PRICTC & REVOST, FIRST APPEARANCE of the Australian . Mimic and Comedienne, FANNY POWERS. FANNY POWERS, —On TUESDAY— The Famous English Musicians and Comedians? SEELEY and WEST. —And— SEELEY and WEST ? The English Society Ladv Juggler. v MDLLE. RHODESIA. * MDLLE. RHODESIA. Prices— 3/.. 5/, and I/. Plan at Herman's. ? ?? CREMORNE GARDENS. - TO-MORROW (SUNDAY). GRAND PICTORIAL ENTERTAINMENT. ' New Moving Pictures. . Now Moving Pictures. ? ? Collection. Start at S.-15 p.m. ? ^ ? \~T I C T O R i A PAR K. KALGOORLIE ? BRASS ? , ? BAND GEAND CONCERT, SUNDAY NIGHT. HARRY McMAHON, Conductor. GEO. McCELLAND, Secretary. ? SILVER COIN COLLECTION. ? .~O O U L D E R RECREATION RESEBT E* TO-MORROW EVENING. TO-MORROW EVENING. BOULDER CITY BAND will give a grand Concert Programme: — March. ''On Guard'- (Ord Hume); Waltz, 'Dreams on the Ocean' * (Gungl) ; Selection, 'Fra Diavolo' (Auber) ; Chorus, ''The Gloria' (Mo-; zart); March, '-'Momentum' (Hames). God Save the King. H. McM'ahon, Conductor. ? Jas. Harris, Secretary. .TyTECHANICS' INSTITUTE, BOULD EE, FEB. 17 (MONDAY), FEB. 'l7™ FEB. 17 (MONDAY), FEB. 17, And EVERY EVENING. First Production of that Remarkable- and Truly Exquisite Series of Moving Pictures — 'ROBBERY. USDER.ABMS.-' 'R0BBEHY UNDER 'ARMS.' 'ROBBERY .UNDER AlOIS.' 'ROBBERY UNDER ARMS.' Based upon Rolf Boldrewood's Famous Novel. MANAGERIAL. The management wieh to point out that this is the original film which created the present boom» and which showed for 12 weeks ia Melbourne. Prices: 3/, 2/, 1/; children, half-price. Doors open 7.15; overture at 8 o? clock... ? B. A. LEIX- Manager. T7TVIAN . STREET METHODIST HARVEST FESTIVAL. Y SUNDAY NEXT, at 11, 3, and 7. Anthems by Choir, led by T. P. Shaw, Esq. Soloists : Miss A'. Francis, Mr. J. Todd, Mr. J. F. Stephens, Mr. Will Roberts. (See Church Notices). Fruit Soiree Tuesdav, 7.45. Programme by Misses Harris, Nicho las, Hendry, Mesdames Jon-es, Spangler, Firancis^ Messrs. Yerran, Lathly, Robinson, Harris, Spangler, and others. TMT ORRIS3 SUMMER GARDENS. TO-MORROW NIGHT. TO-MORROW NIGHT. GRAND PICTORIAL CONCERT. The City and Suburban Fire Brigades in Full Working Order. 1 , First appearance of Miss Cundall, the Bendigo Soprano; also Misa Emmie Lewis. Silver Coin Collection. No children admitted unless accompanied! by parents. ? TO-NIGHT. TO - NIGHT.. And During All Next Week. A Tk/TTTQTT1 Yourself and Friends by Competing for Prizes in __i_lYL UOilJ HINDE'S LIMERICK. 100 prizes. No Charge,. ^'^ CHEMISTS' All Customers, past and present, get a copy (free) of Hinds's Lime rick, at all Hinde's addresses, and share the prizes.

T~OST7GoId 'ChaiiTsnd MedaUfcau J J set pearls, rubies^beWeen Han nan, Addis streets. Reward. 'Miner' Office. ? f OST, Monday, one Gold Medal, JLJ inscribed. Reward returning same to J. Scott. 48 King-st., Boul der ; or Baxter's Bicycle Agency. T~OST, Wednesday, between Hob § J art-street, South Mullingar* and Hannan-street, Gold Cross; keepsake. Finder rewarded. This Office. ? L ABIES, ensure your Brcccbss against loss by having them fitted with Tbomas' ZEP [Bro'isda keeper -ptd. ) ; cheap, simple* iMe&- fcive. H. Trantum, Jeweller JEIaa nan-street» Sol© Asent. ? EDlTCAHQaiAL. ? T7STICKLYFFE Ladies' Sch-a& ¥V Claremont. — Miss Carroll has Vacancy for one boarder. Pnpila prepared University and music ex aminations, and have all the advajQ tages of home. , Reference kmdly: permitted to Mrs. J. Kay Hail* Coolgardie. ST. ANTHONY'S CONVENT ©£ MERCY, Coolgardie.— Board- ing School for Young Ladies. For particulars apply to The Mo^ss Su^orior 7k IT ERTON SCHOOL* XVI Jewish Hall, BROOKMAN-STREET. CONDUCTED by MISS WATSON. SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on Mon day, February 17th. Prospectus on application. ' TQINANOFORTE aru] Singing.— .17 Mrs. R, A. Bennett (certificat ed Royal Academy of Mttsic, Lon don), Maritana Buildings, 73 Mari tana-street, Mondays, Wednesdays* Thursdays, and Saturdays. MISSING FRIEKDS, 'T^/jTRS. J. V. Robinson, iinporfcaaii JJ/JL letters for you P.O., Kalgoor iie and G.P.O.. Perth. Anyone* knowing whereabouts kindly in form.